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Why This 6’6, 35-Year-Old Virgin Decided She’s Worth The Wait

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  1. Veronica says:

    “Overcoming the fear of being bold”, love it!

  2. I so have mixed feelings, I mean okay cool if that’s how u want it to be, but what I have seen is women waiting and when they get married have sex and find out hell no and dip, or like the women who waited and when she did her hubby member was too large so they divorced, again to each its own if that’s what u decide ,but I definitely wouldn’t define a woman’s character because she was or was not a virgin

  3. I’ll be honest with you. One of the reasons why I’m still a virgin is because I know once I start, it’s going to happen constantly,” she confesses.

    “I want it to be with one person because personally I don’t want to be with multiple people, but I know if I had started, that would be the case.”

    lol she kept it real I understand her I really do I think what happens is after a certain age if you’re still a virgin you have to decide to make a decision if you’re going to stay a virgin and wait until you’re married or if you’re just waiting for the right person and I think the smartest thing to do would be to wait until marriage and the reason why is because you’re already halfway there that guy could be right around the corner I feel like if you made it this far as a virgin you might as well just keep on going and wait till marriage. All the other stuff about not being a match sexually and everything like that you can find out if you’re a match sexually without having sex just having that chemistry with that person also through conversation

  4. Jay Sims says:

    I wish i was still a virgin……it’s worth it to wait…too many men are unworthy of your body

  5. I think sexuality is personal. We don’t wanna know of you’re a virgin & we don’t wanna know it you’re “promiscuous”. Keeping it personal allows neither to be put on a pedestal and the other to be put down.

  6. Adrian Sean says:

    I have nothing against girls that wait. ..but don’t sit on a throne and shame those of us that didn’t. Life is a journey and a lesson. Just because you wait doesn’t mean you have your ish together and not every girl that gives it up before marriage is a hoe ✌✌

    1. Hrh Jelly says:

      I did not detect any shaming in her words nor in the tone of the article.

    2. Diva says:

      Adrian I don’t think she’s shaming anyone, she simply shared her experience and there is nothing wrong with that.

  7. T says:

    Honestly, I feel it’s a great thing. I think if I would’ve waited til I was in my 30’s I would’ve never lost my virginity, society is too cruel n scary right now. It’s hard to get to know real people these days because everyone wants to portray an image, plus STDs are realer than people. Do you strong black woman and hold on to it until you are ready, at the end it’s worth more to you than anyone else!!

  8. not impressed says:

    That’s my story too except I’m shorter and a little bit older. It’s nice to know that I have company. 🙂

  9. I think it’s wise to ensure a man is worthy of your love before having sex. I think the concern is that women have this notion that if you wait for marriage it’s guaranteed going to work. I understand waiting to have sex and kids until after marriage is ideal and more reassurance than before marriage. It’s still no guarantees. What happens after that~ will she be like the rest of us

  10. Let’s not forget about Angela Simmons,who claimed to be a virgin and waiting just this January. Her belly tells us that was a lie!

  11. She use to be my boss when I worked for the warriors

  12. Kyla Ky says:

    “I want it to be with one person because personally I don’t want to be with multiple people, but I know if I had started, that would be the case.” I agree with that. I’m a 24 year old virgin and don’t want to share my body with multiple people. I’m surprised she’s lost friends over it though. Only two of my friends know but I can’t imagine losing any friends because of it. It’s definitely not easy waiting but I’d rather my future husband be my only partner.

  13. I wonder if the person she marries will be a virgin as well…

  14. Hopefully she finds a man who feels the same way and gives all of him too.

  15. I’d be her if I had more willpower. Smart move.

  16. Deeny says:

    I love this story.I am currently seven months into celibacy.Pause.I do understand that Virginity and Celibacy are two different terms,with separate meanings.I wish now, that I would have kept my virginity until marriage,but it did not work out that way.Not to discredit the struggles of virginity,but I feel like celibacy is harder.Cliché,but you can’t miss what you have yet to experience.More women should speak up, and be honest about topics like this.I have so much respect for anyone who says,”I am not condemning what you choose to do,but as for me, this is what I’ve got going.We’re so slow to speak on these things publicly, if it goes against a societal norm,but aren’t those ever changing trends anyway?

    1. Diva says:

      I’m here deeny. 32 year old virgin. It’s not something i talk about much because most people dont believe me and i hate being called a liar. I’ve also heard that celibacy is harder and it makes sense. But Hang in there. It is a challenge. But just like challenges come, they also go. Thanks for sharing and I wish u well.

  17. Jessica Williams says:


  18. I wish I was still a virgin. I just found out today one of my coworkers is 34 and a virgin. She kinda hates it tho…

  19. Phoebe says:

    Alicia, God bless you and thank you for sharing this story. God will bless you for it. Keep on in your journey and all the best to you. You are such an amazing role model!

  20. So she around huge men all day and nobody scooped this Amazon up yet. that’s hard to believe. Stay strong girl. We out here. Lol

  21. Becoming_Bryna says:

    Wonderful!!!! Much respect!! Thank you for sharing your life with us!! We’re so used to folks sharing the multiple partners, or “regular” way of dating, it is most awesome to hear about someone who is waiting. Kudos!!!!!

  22. Ashley Sy says:

    How come when women talk about being a virgen then it’s “keep it to yourself” but when women tal about when they sleep around then it’s “empowering”.

  23. I can’t answer that question. I lost my virginity a couple of decades ago and I’ve never slept around. When I was a virgin I kept it to myself. IF I chose to sleep around,I would have kept that to myself as well. That’s ME though….

  24. Deeny says:

    Thank you Diva,for the encouragement!I think that everyone should stop and hear this person’s heart.
    Example:I don’t like gardening.However,for those people who LOVE gardening,you should have the opportunity to thouroughly think of gardening favorably.We’ve,myself included,have become accustom to,if you reject something for yourself,then that’s a diss to someone who consciously decides to partake in it.That has more to do with your perception and how you intellectulize things more than it does to the person who has only shared their stance on their choice.I am not a virgin,however I believe in what she said.She’s not calling anyone out.She’s calling you into awareness,accountability,into consciously acknowledging that,”Hey!I am accomplished in my career,and this is what I believe.This is what I believe God’s intent for me/my life,and although it has not been easy for me,I press toward my goals and this thing that is bigger than me.Because,what lies ahead of us,is far more than what is behind us.The way in which she speaks about her virgunity is bigger than an orgasm or sex itself.”If you thought the article was solely about sexual intercourse,then you totally missed the message.”Be slow to anger,and quick to listen.”

  25. Deeny says:

    Lastly,in respect to Angela Simmons.I do not know her personally,but on behalf of Preacher’s Kids everywhere,please stop placing us and our families on a pedestal.You all,place us higher than you would your ownselves,and for what?I do understand that there is a level of expectation from clergy,but in the end,God holds us to the same standard that He holds you all to.No more,and no less.I have no idea what’s happening in her life,or what parts she chooses to share.How funny is it to critique,glorify,or worship someone you do not know personally at all?People were not created to be worshiped.People were created to worship.

  26. EmpressSC says:

    Necole I’m done with your site. I don’t know why my comments get erased. I guess because I don’t do that popular vote and have my own opinion. You have favorites and it’s obvious. What do i say thats so bad? It doesn’t matter because I’m done.

  27. YeahRight says:

    What happens when you do get married and your stuff is garbage. Waiting and the virginity bit doesn’t mean its going to be good. It’s not wine. Not to mention sweetheart there is a shelf life on the that thing. At some point in the very near future you’ll need some lube. Her best years are almost behind her…lol.

  28. Lee says:

    Why is her virginity being put on display? I feel like this is only gping to make it harder to find “the one”.

  29. Rae says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing, it’s hard when you virgin in your 30s with all the highly sexual content out there, making it seem your a freak. Think it’s a personal choice and just cause someone expresses their choice doesn’t mean they judge other choices. As women we should be kinder to ourselves and support each other.

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