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Why I Love Traveling To Dangerous Countries

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  1. Star says:

    I’m afraid of everything so I’ve never really stepped out of my comfort zone. However, my boyfriend is a dare devil so he’s working on me lol

  2. Fix it Jesus says:

    Don’t end up like the white dude that got sentenced to labor camp in North Korea. It’s ok to travel to “dangerous” countries but Americans have this attitude that the rules don’t apply to them. John Kerry will not rescue a dumbass from prison or a whipping.

  3. Wendy Ngcobo says:

    Love this!!!! I wanna do this

  4. Mzkelly703 says:

    THANK YOU for this post! Traveling is my passion, and Egypt is number one on my list! I have always had a fascination with ancient Egypt! I keep going back and forth on planning a trip there, but this has gave me motivation. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. If it’s going to happen when I’m on vacation, I just hope it’s the last day lol.

  5. Belinda says:

    Evelyn what is your Instagram handle? I love this article and totally think visiting so-called dangerous countries is something that everyone needs to try. For example in South AFrica, our country is considered one of the most dangerous in the world and each time I visit other countries people always tell me how scared they are to go there. As a resident of this beautiful country I can say that it has a high crime rate but only in certain areas. I’ve lived here for 23 years and have been a victim of crime once in my whole life. Its safe to walk the streets and the police roam often. On my bucket list I want to visit Turkey despite the acts of terror right now. I think its a very culturally and religiously rich nation and I can’t wait to visit!

  6. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    This article is so timely, just before the attacks in Brussels I booked a birthday trip to Europe and literally as I was watching the news I started to get texts from friends that were like I think you should cancel your trip now. I’m like there is NOOOOO way I’m cancelling, I’ve waited to go to Europe for what feels like all my life! And even though this trip is limited to just 7 days exploring 2 countries, I plan on making the most of each day and living fearlessly! There’s a lot of beauty going on both in and outside of USA. Go travel and get enlightened by different cultures and experiences.

  7. vuli says:

    I would love to visit Namibia…

  8. DarkEmpress says:

    There is a difference between travelling to a dangerous country and a country that has experienced security incidents. A dangerous country is one that your own country warns you not to go to and countries where you are at risk of having your human rights violated by the government. Egypt is at times a dangerous country. A Canadian professor at my Canadian university was imprisoned without charges in Cairo for weeks. He was freed after a prolonged campaign by the University’s students and professors. I specify Canada, because most of the time Canadians are not the targets of political anger the way Americans are. I travel alone frequently, and I have learned to have an emergency plan. No Escape is a really good exciting film on Netflix about an American who visits an East Asian country and gets caught up in a military coup. I think tourists have to be well-informed and prepared to be a part of their own rescue, but travel anywhere you know you are prepared to go.

    My tips:

    1. Have a backup passport (everyone can’t do this, but if you have dual citizenship or can get a passport from the country your parents or grandparents were born in, get it)
    2. Memorize all the emergency numbers in the country.
    3. Only book flights that land in the daytime.
    4. put a spare credit card in the sole of your shoe in case you are robbed.
    5. Know where your country’s embassy is. Know the location of one embassy other than your country’s that you can go to.
    6. Check back in with someone back home regularly who will raise concern if you are MIA.
    7. Carry a small knife. SERIOUSLY.

  9. God is Love says:

    I always check the Dept. Of Security when traveling abroad for countries on high alert. Also there are medical alerts regarding epidemics like Zika that one should at least be aware of before traveling. As a mother I can’t take the chances I might have taken when I was childless. Nothing wrong with living to the fullest but be safe while doing so.

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