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This Is How You Juggle Multiple Jobs Effortlessly

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  1. Cassidy says:

    I currently work in an office full time as a lab tech and work weekends for a delivery service app. I don’t really have an interest in either of the fields but the extra money lets me try things that I would not be able to afford on one income. Lately I have picked up painting as a hobby and I find it completely relaxing (when not stressing over how my ‘art’ looks, lol!) I think it’s important to have your second, or third for the real hustlers out there, job have a very flexible schedule to get things to work. The delivery service app, like uber, allows me to build my schedule with them around my other work schedule and that’s how I maintain balance. Some weeks I don’t even work the delivery position to give myself some time to rest. It really is all about balance.

    1. Brittani says:

      Balance is definitely everything; I totally agree Cassidy.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Latoincline says:

    This is so my life I have a day job that I never turn my phone off for and then I have a business and have multiple clients plus damn dialysis so it’s like I have 6 jobs. It’s beyond tiring but when you have a job that you’ve been at for six years that offers no benefits and a salary under $25,000 a year I have to stay on a crazy grind to make close to $60,000 a year because these people I work with ain’t about sh-t but I’m stuck there because of my stage 5 chronic kidney failure and the flexibility to come and go as I need too. It’s depressing as f-ck…. Done lost every ounce of faith, patience and drive with this life.

  3. Kristi says:

    I guess I kind of have multiple jobs I teach 4th grade, I’m also working on a principal certification, I’m interning as a principal, and I’m a doctoral student. I try to be very organized I have a planner where I write everything down Myleik the owner of Curlbox has a system of journaling where you highlight things in different colors based on whether you have touched them or completed them I love this system. I also meal prep on Sunday’s it’s time consuming for the day but saves a ton of time during the week to do this I plan my menu by Thursday and grocery shop either Friday or Saturday. I have a personal trainer which forces me to workout at least twice a week my goal is to at least add one more day. Myleik also has a new journal going on sale next week 🙂 which may help some of us busy bees lol

  4. Katrina says:

    This was right on time.I just started a PT job this weekend and I need to start planning out my weeks and ensure I still take care of me. On the way to get a planner today!

  5. kim says:

    I currently work two full time jobs and I am in grad school PT. I’ve always held two jobs at a time, the only thing I regret is not giving value to my relationships. I’ve never been a party working allot doesn’t bother me. Especially since my income is 6 figures. I save allot of my money and I don’t go buy things just to do so. What’s most important to me is being in my life is being able to sleep in my bed at night. Sundays are MY day, to watch TV relax, catch up on shows. Go to church and unwind. I try to start every morning with meditation and if I ever feel swamped or worn out trust me every few months I’ll take a sick day. I’m blessed to have so much balance with this schedule I choose. Its been almost 3 years strong. I have time for Amy and everything I need to do, I complete school work on my evening job and weekends. As I’m growing I’m hoping for more time to attend bible study and other events around time, but its not that big an issue because I can always schedule off. I tell anyone who needs to or wants to work multiple jobs pray for balance and focus and take vacations.

  6. This article is on point! I especially like the tip about being sure you are passionate about your side hustles and they develop you in some way! I’m a big fan of people learning what they are good at and finding ways to make money that align with that!
    Great article! 🙂

  7. 4thewire says:


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