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[Video] David Otunga Dishes On Relationship With J Hud On Wendy Williams

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  1. LibraGirloo says:

    I tried to like him. But the fact that he went by PUNK, #icant

    1. The fact that he was on I Love New York #BARFS

      1. melessa says:

        The fact that he kissed Tiffany “New York”

        1. CLEET FOOT says:

          So that defines him? Ch… shut UP

          1. LIES.COM says:

            Thank you! Smh

          2. PoisonIvy1908 says:

            The fact that his eyebrows are snatched more fabu than mine. . Smh. .

          3. A PROUD NIGERIAN says:


        2. PoisonIvy1908 says:

          The fact that his eyebrows are snatched better than mine. .

      2. I'll say it... says:

        At first I was like ewwwww how cn she dye. Guy who “dated” new York but guys remember all those people on the show were aspiring actors. “reality” shows are not real just good ole cheap entertainment, so I no longer judge ‘punk’ it is what it is was whatever.

        1. I'll say it... says:

          Damn iPad and it’s typos!!! Lol I meant how could she date him, not dye ugh *sighs*

    2. Must Be Nice says:

      Maybe it’s just me… I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s gay. *Shrugs*

      1. (-_-)(^_^) says:

        You don’t? Girl please. Now you know damn well…

        1. Queen says:

          So why do you think he’s gay?

  2. mimilovee says:

    i used to love him and who was the other guy i forgot his name? on i love new york? hated tailor made lmao that show was hilarious remember when tailor made spit on the big dude HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. rozay says:

      lmfao, that was THE funniest sh-t when Buddha bounced Tailor Made’s head off that wall and then he yelped like a puppy. ahahahahaha! that show was tooo funny.

      1. jordanna says:

        Lmaooooooo!! omg yes that show was hilarious!!

      2. Mimilovee says:

        Yessss buddha!!! Loved his bald brolic ass. Chance was hilarious too. That show was comedy

    2. PantiesJustDropped says:

      Whatever happened to New York? She was all over the TV at one point. Now she’s gone.

      1. causeisaidso says:

        Thank God!

      2. Jojo Says says:

        Her 15 min. finally expired.

  3. JustHad toComment says:

    I really wish he would have never allowed that New York Chick to call him Punk! It’s the nickname no MAN should ever want or take pride in smh…

    Anywho… Best of luck to them 🙂 They have such a bute son!

  4. SAY WHAAATTT!!!! says:

    he looks like a fruitcake in the first pic…and the name punk isn’t helping either.

  5. Brittany says:

    sweet that she feels he saved her life…

    but he just seems awkward.

  6. shar says:

    I think he is a great guy!! However, I am afraid for Jennifer because I don’t know that he is 100% a straight man. He seems a lil suspect, but regardless I am very happy for her. I hope my hunch is wrong.

    1. Awkward Blk Girl says:

      Whenever he pops up on my TV in those wrestling commercials I just think GAY GAY GAY
      it’s just suss any straight grown man wants to grab other oily muscled men

      1. LIES.COM says:

        Nobody is calling John Cena gay for wrestling. Some of you blk women really have issues.

        1. brownsugar says:

          I don’t think he’s gay but I’m sure some White girls think
          he’s gay too, lol chill on that sweetie. Just my opinion.

  7. Philly11 says:

    I watched his season of the show and I just kept wondering why this well-spoken, educated and level-headed man wanted New York…but hey, to each it’s own. As long as Jhud is happy with him and he’s a good father I wish them the very best.

    1. BEBE_DE_MOKA says:

      please, he never wanted new york. y’all keep forgetting that these “reality” shows are fake & scripted. people get on these dating shows for the exposure. they don’t get on them for love. i thought everyone knew this by now.

      1. RainJAYG says:

        @ BeBe_De_ Moka..Thank you…I was about to write this and saw that you took
        the words right out of my mouth. There’s always comments on
        here that seems to say exactly what Im thinking.

      2. yost says:

        Yeah. They’re super scripted. I have a friend who’s an actor and you audition for these shows the way you would a real drama series. They tell you the archetype they want and you try to fit it.


    I am sorry but I think JHud’s annoying ass is married to a homosexual. … He’s always seemed a little sugary sweet to me ever since the ‘ I Love New York’ days. Seriously what grown ass man allows NEW YORK out of all women to call him a ‘PUNK’. He was defintely trying to futher his career but now he’s JHud’s Boo Boo Baby Daddy..

    1. msgeegee says:

      they arent married.

  9. blah says:

    So let me get this straight, he’s on a trial period before he gets married and yet, he decided to have a child? So supposed one of them turned out to be a nutcase and he brought a child into a relationship he wasn’t completely sure about? What then?

    He should have had the trial period first, made sure she was the one BEFORE he impregnated her. This is what is wrong with the world. People are always having babies when they are unsure about the relationship itself. If people took the time to nurture the relationship before deciding to have babies, more families would remain intact.

    1. Girl Stop says:

      he was talking about the actual murder trial of her family not a “trial period” for their relationship

      1. blah says:

        Thanks for the correction.

  10. Just the Facts says:

    That boy sweeter than the last swig of kool-aid left in the pitcher…This is Terry McMillian/Fran Drescher/Star Jones all over again

    1. Must Be Nice says:

      I disagree with the homosexual accusations but this made me!

    2. what the.... says:

      lol u r soo wrong! u knw that last swig of koolaid be the sweeetest! lol

    3. Seriously says:

      Star Jones was exactly who I was thinking about.

      You know…like everyone in the world saw the signs but her.

      HOWEVER, if they like it…I love it.

    4. causeisaidso says:

      Omg, “Sweeter than the last swig of Kool Aid????” What?????? DEAD…. Almost spit out my wine…

      1. Pretty1908 says:

        that stupid sweet but yes i do get that im a queen vibe from him

    5. I'll say it... says:

      I think I may steal your quote, lmao wow that IS sweet…

    6. Ange says:

      I disagree, I do not get the gay vibe from David Otunga AT all. However, I do find him exceptionally handsome and I do understand why some ladies may be jealous of JHud because she has this gorgeous, intelligent fiance, who has a good career and is a great father.

  11. Capricorn says:

    I use to wonder why would a Harvard law graduate would want to be on I Love New York. Anyway, I think he’s handsome and I wish him and Jennifer the best.

  12. StayC says:

    Oh guys come on, ‘the fact that’…’the fact that’, really? I mean what about the fact that they’re happy family or ” Husband and Wife?
    Forget about the past and wish them good luck for the future.

    1. BEBE_DE_MOKA says:

      black women on the msg boards stay hating & accusing. damn!

      1. rihluvr says:

        That’s why most of them are single & bitter. Who would want to be with someone so damn negative & hateful all the time? Just ewww.

        1. brownsugar says:

          *peter griffin voice* who hurt you?
          Lots of black women bashing, sheeesh.

          1. rihluvr says:

            To answer your question nobody hurt me but these women hurt themselves by being so closed minded & ignorant. To actually accuse someone of being gay for the stupid reasons they have given is just ridiculous & I stand by exactly what I said.

  13. Vee says:

    I like David Otunga, I love Jeniffer Hudson. I love this relationship and I wish them all the best. Why cant people just be happy for others when they have something as good as this? Whats up with all the ‘he’s gay, he kissed new york, he blah blah blah’?
    People kill me sometimes

    1. Milan says:

      I agree. I think he is very attractive, well dressed, articulate, educated…just the type of man I like. I guess if his pants were sagging & he called women bitches then he wouldn’t be suspected of being gay *rolls eyes*

      1. Ange says:


    2. BEBE_DE_MOKA says:

      just look at my reply above…lol! it’s sad how black women are constantly accusing & hating on others on these msg boards. i know i’ve been guilty myself & we all have our opinions, but i don’t get the gay vibe from him that was so obvious w/al reynolds & why do so many black women not like jennifer hudson? they have a beautiful child together & they’ll get married when they feel like it. this is america where you can do things backwards all day long.

  14. JessMicki says:

    His eyebrows are snatchedddddd

  15. MiamiBeautyQueen says:

    Huge JHud fan! Love her & wish her the best of luck! Their baby is the cutest :)!

  16. B says:

    aww i want their love:)

  17. Melinda Beckinville says:

    I don’t care if he kissed New York, London or got damn Egypt!

    If he loves Jennifer then that’s all that matters. With all the awful things she’s been through, that woman deserves to find true love and I hope they have an amazing life together.

    1. rihluvr says:

      Amen! I don’t understand why she gets so much venom thrown her way from women on this site. It’s really a shame. I admire Jennifer for being able to stand strong after such a horrible tragedy. I know I couldn’t do it.

    2. Pretty1908 says:

      but im sorry anyone who has the status and assets jennifer hudson
      has needs to be wary of anyone who was on reality tv…clearly he
      has some desire to be in the limelight regardless of what he is doing

      1. Lena says:

        But why is that a bad thing though? He has aspirations. Big deal. She knew he was an actor when she saw him on that scripted reality show. It didn’t stop her from wanting to meet him. The important thing is that he is there for Jennifer & his son when they need him.

    3. Keesha says:

      I absolutely agree!

  18. Kevah says:

    It’s the ones that don’t “look” gay that women need to be worried about. Anywho…. I wish them much happiness!

    1. LIES.COM says:

      Thank you!

  19. Roshaya says:

    I wish them the best. He seems like a nice guy. Intelligent and supporting. That’s a good look.

  20. INeedRealMusic says:

    Oh i thought they were already married lol

  21. Keys says:

    The thugs with their pants hanging and acting all tuff and hard are the biggest ones on the down low…. I’m happy for JHud love her

  22. Blessed says:

    I think David did a great job on Wendy!!! He’s articulate and easy on the eyes. I don’t for one moment believe his is gay! Just because he’s handsome, intelligent, and articulate doesn’t make him gay. Does he have to be all hard with his pants sagging? You know there are gay thugs, don’t you. Quit stereotyping folks!! That’s how that young man in Florida got killed because some nut was stereotyping him. Y’all need to stop.

    I wish them the best!

  23. DollFace says:

    His eyebrows tho?? … i cant

    1. Pretty1908 says:

      snatched and plucked for the gods

      1. msgeegee says:

        LMAO “plucked for the gods”….. DEAD!!

  24. curlysue says:

    he seems sweet, we’ve all done stupid things lol. I bet you the name punk is something they laugh at all the time!…half the women on here would love a man like “punk” so stop it. bitter heffas. J hud can get any man she wants so im sure she knows whats right for her…..go girl!

  25. liza with a Z says:

    Idgaf what anyone says that ninja is fine af!

  26. +100 says:

    It says a lot about a man’s character that he would shamelessly go on a nationally televised “reality” show, allow himself to be called “Punk”, and convincingly proclaim and fake his admiration and affection for a woman who could pass for a drag queen – all in the name of furthering his acting career? What else would he fake in the name of securing fame and fortune? I hope it works out and that he isn’t the type of man he LOOKS to be, but he truly seems self serving and VERY contriving IMHO. #nicoleshrug

  27. NANA says:

    i just dont understand where everyone is getting the “gay” vibe from….i honestly think hes just a well put together, articulate man who likes to look clean….wtf is wrong with u guys O_O

  28. SpringBreeze says:

    Ok # 1 he is a professional wrestler. It’s his job to always look sharp and clean if it comes to his image, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to ask why are these ladies calling this man gay? Seriously? Has we as black people been brainwashed that much? No wonder black woman end up being the most bitter, stereotypical, self-justifying women out there. And I’m not saying its all of you, I will always put my sisters on top before any race, which is also why I’ll be the first to criticize you all as well. It’s like you’re living in a catch 22. You claim one that means nothing, then claim none that means everything. Ladies, let’s end the madness. And NO I will not talk about the foolishness of white or Spanish women. I’m a black man and it’s not my job to speak on any race but my own.

  29. The Untouchable says:

    They make a great couple. i like them Wish them the best.

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