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Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriend Reveals Details Of Their Phone Conversation Up To The Moment He Was Killed

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  1. whereweare says:


    1. BlondeAtlGirl says:

      Seriously…they had better arrest this man before they “find” him somewhere stinking. Real talk

      1. BlondeAtlGirl says:

        And another thing, the one thing no one really wants to say is that had the reaches been reversed, this wouldn’t be an issue of whether to arrest or not. Sad.

        1. BlondeAtlGirl says:


          1. Fenty says:

            He needs to be in jail NOW!! sick SOB!!

          2. Fenty says:

            how can u say it was self-defense when u get out ur SUV and trail
            the victim, and shot him in cold blood?

          3. prettybadass_x says:

            My heart cant take ANY more of this. They need to arrest Zimmerman before someone gets him.

          4. BEY4life says:

            i have no words like my whole body moved when i heard this…
            this whole situation could of been avoided if Mr. Noisy Z didnt think he was top flight security.

            even though i hate bringing race in stuff but lets be real
            if trayvon was white the killer would be DEAD

          5. TeteNico says:

            Yesssssssssss! This is an outrage! That man needs 2 be in prision for LIFE./

          6. Where's the Justice says:

            Where I live you can get arrested for shooting someone
            trespassing on YOUR PROPERTY, what is going on in Florida
            that you don’t get arrested for 1. ignoring the police
            dispatcher and creating a situation on your on free will
            that ended in the death of an innocent young man all
            because of every single action you took that night.
            Every move Zimmerman made is the cause of Trayvon being
            murdered. It’s just crazy that he’s not arrested at the
            very least for CREATING the situation and IGNORING
            the direction of the dispatcher.
            Geez, black people get threatened with an arrest just
            for rolling their eyes at the police, Zimmerman murders
            an innocent boy and he gets to go home to his bed.
            And WTF, didn’t NeNe Leaks son go to jail for stealing
            a razor? Stealing a razor is worth jail time but Murder
            isn’t. Someone evil is making laws in Florida.
            This is just an awful story and can you imagine the
            terror and fear poor Trayvon felt as he was being
            stalked and attacked by this adult man, that poor boy
            had to be scared out his mind he found himself in a
            fight with a stranger he didn’t even provoke.
            Isn’t stalking a crime, was Trayvon not stalked?
            And…you know how police in other states will arrest
            you, even if it was an accident, but if there’s
            evidence that shows the accident could have been
            avoided you are reasonable. Like car accidents. Even if
            it’s slippery and wet the police don’t care, they
            say you should have kept a safe distance. So
            why isn’t Zimmerman being jailed for not keeping a safe distance
            and avoiding an incident?????????
            Florida police are shameful.

          7. Just HadToComment says:

            If he hadn’t called him a c**n, I would agree that this wasn’t somewhat race motivated. It very well may have been a vigilante act gone wrong but it was a vigilante act based on racial profiling. He also has a history of calling the cops on suspicious, I mean random black people in his neighborhoood… It’s said but RACISM STILL LIVES! WAKE UP! WE are viewed as savages and imbeciles! When will we a majority attempt to show other cultures something different. WE ARE A GREAT PEOPLE, we need to be treated as such! Just a disgrace….

        2. DominicaRocks says:

          A lynching by any other name is still inherently racist, nobody can tell me different. #justicefortrayvon

          1. Necole im Bitchin says:

            What I dont understand why everytime something like this happend to a Black Man or Black Boy we have to sign a petition for them to get justice? #RacistBullshit Im sick of this shit

          2. BEBE_DE_MOKA says:

            i’m just glad that trayvon’s case is now getting the attention it deserves in the media. i’m in fl & it’s been on the news a lot lately, but only because people are outraged!

          3. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

            Amen!!!! You are absolutely correct!!!! That man murdered that child in cold blood, only because he was looking for trouble, but did not find it, so he made trouble and killed an innocent human being, who had so much to look forward to in the future… The thing that gets me is the fact that they tested tested the murdered victim for alcohol and drugs, but not the murderer… Please sign his petition at I’m glad to see that many celebrities are getting involved and signing the petition. Thank-you Necole for posting this story!!!!!!!

        3. LadyLark says:

          Well they did say that on the Michael Baisden show (radio show).

          REAL Justice for all is soon coming to this earth and many people better pray they can get it together before then.

          Just saying.

      2. Tameka says:

        I just dont understand how police are saying that the man shot Trayvon in self defense if Trayvon was shot in the back??? That poor kid weighed 140-150lbs and the man weighed over 200lbs and he had a weapon… HOW WAS IT SELF DEFENSE??? HE went after Trayvon!!! This is just terrible! They have all they need to arrest this man.. Why is he still free??!

        1. Dee says:

          …he was shot in the chest.

        2. Jeniphyer-Patiently Waiting For The Put It In A Love Song Video says:

          They NEED to arrest this man now, and this time its for his own sake, remember the LA riots, it wasnt just because of Rodney, it was also because of the Harlins girl who was shot in the head by the Korean shopkeeper who also claimed “self defense” after shooting that poor girl in the back of the head, this is going to cause some ppl to get VERY angry and take the law into their own hands, just like Zimmerman

          and i feel for the girl, to kno that the last voice he heard was yours, and that the last thing he was going to tell you was that he THOUGHT he was safe smh

          the fact that Zimmerman lost him and then BACKTRACKED to make sure he found him, proves to me that he was looking for blood smh this angers my soul, ya’ll just have no idea

      3. Ball so Hard says:

        There are so many WHYs that just dont add up…

        1. WHY did the police department of Sanforford do a background check on Trayvone who was dead and not on Zimmerman???

        2. Why did the Chief of Police Chief Lee go on record to say that Zimmerman had a sqeaky clean background and no background checks were done on him ( Is he sleeping witht he chief?)?????

        3. Why did the police department work so hard to stop the attorney from getting the 911 report???
        4 Why did the initial police report not cite the blood on Zimmerman’s forehead and head back but it was only after public outrage they added it to the report.

        5. If Zimmerman was attacked as the police department want us to believe where is the medical report…Why didnt they follow protocol abnd call an ambulance for him???

        Fishy Fishy Fishy!!!! Take to twitter and facebook if you have to. My 6 year old brother has answers because he knows that this could have been him and the fact that he thinks that makes me PISSED!

        Also, comfort to the family. I know you guys are going through a horrible time.

        1. Ball so Hard says:

          *questions not answers

        2. Jeniphyer-Patiently Waiting For The Put It In A Love Song Video says:

          my temper raised to the roof when one of neighbors son begged me to drive him to meijer last night, his mom works nights and i look over him sometimes, he’s been following this story and refuses to walk the streets after 7pm now smh he’s 15!! upstanding student! but now HE’s afraid to walk the streets he grew up on cuz he doesnt know if he’ll be mistaken for a “suspicious person”

          THIS is what threw me over the edge smh

        3. Sha30 says:

          to you question 2 zimmerman’s background is not squeaky i copied the ABC News report where it states his record was exspunged so everything they say is bullshit. Trayvon was KID and didn’t deserve to die and the police are dumb asses i need to look up self defense again cause if u go after someone after being told by the police and you kill that unarmed person that is not self defense smh……………….(Two days later during a meeting with Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin, an officer told the father that Zimmerman’s record was “squeaky clean.”

          Yet public records showed that Zimmerman was charged with battery against on officer and resisting arrest in 2005, a charge which was later expunged.)

          1. Stanning Myself says:

            How do you chase someone down, approach them aggressively, and then claim self defense while they’re screaming for help and trying to get away from you? And what does Zimmerman having a clean record have to do with it even if it was true??? Everybody’s record is clean until they get caught. He’s lucky it wasn’t my child. I’m offended by how far they’re willing to go to say he did nothing wrong. It’s not simply about Trayvon anymore though. Now the Police are trying to cover up their own racism and incompetence. To everybody that was saying the Vogue cover didn’t apply to them this is an example of how we’re thought of as a whole and the effects of that thought process. If a popular and respected high end magazine can take condescending jabs at perceived African American traits without consequence from us why should they or anyone else stop? To me it’s the same thought process just two different ends of the spectrum.

          2. hauteness says:

            Seriously? you’re comparing this case to a freaking
            Vogue editorial? Sure hope you’re this “OUTRAGED” when
            you watch 90% of Tyler Perry movies filled with
            “perceived African American traits” (stereotypes as I like to call them).
            Hmm, bet you didn’t have a problem with Halle Berry in
            BAPS though, did you?

          3. Stanning Myself says:

            #1 I dont go to the movies and I barely watch TV. I’ve never seen BAPS.

            #2 I’m comparing the thought process. Not the murder to the cover. What they have in common is the perception of who we are and a lack of respect. When you have no respect for something or someone it makes it easier to dehumanize. My point was we shouldn’t overlook either situation. People we’re saying earlier that they didnt fit in that category and they weren’t offended because it didnt apply to them. You can be the smartest classiest most accomplished human of all time and alot of them will still just see a n****r. Anyway, they need to hear us or they have no reason to change.

          4. @Work_Bored says:

            @ Stanning Myself, I applaud your comment and response. I completely agree!

          5. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

            @Stanning Myself… which is an awesome name by the way! Love your comment, well said, you summed everything up in that paragraph… “Speak on it!” in my Denzel Washington’s voice! lol

          6. Logical says:

            Stanning Myself, don’t sweat from Hauteness. You must understand that people have different levels of intellect. I clearly get it that you are talking about principles (looking outside the box). Now for the sake of clarity, my next comment supports the witnesses different levels of intellect and I am not expecting most to understand.
            Stanning Myself, you came right on my street. For those who haven’t read the Bible, Jesus speaks on pprinciples and then provide examples. I have witnessed preachers and Christians missing the lesson or the principle because (As Hauteness) they get stuck or only focus on the example. I have been so amazed how the many preachers begin their sermon by having the congregation reading only the example and form their entire sermon based around the example. In fact, we know that one example can be viewed or support many principles, so you can not effectively begin teaching/preaching GOD’s prinicile by focusing on the example, alone. Get my point?

          7. Logical says:

            Oh Stanning Myself, I forgot to elaborate on another great point that you made ‘
            When you have no respect for something or someone it makes it easier to dehumanize.

            Again, I don’t expect the majority to appreciate my comment, but your comment relates to the Witney Houston case. I saw from day one that Whitney was not provided justice from the authorities and the public just because they had no respect for a drug addict, although if this was not a death of a drug addict, folks would not be so easy to overlook the many many suspicious evidence. The coroner’s report validated those suspicions and have surfaced many FACTS that would normally or reasonably prompt actions. You have witnessed, the authorities and public don’t think that this known drug addict is not worth due justice. In conclusion, as with Trayvon, laws have clearly been broken, laws have clearly been broken and I read the LA police report concerning Whitney that they felt there is no reason for further investigations. Is this not the same with Trayvon?

        4. Nic says:

          To answer question #1 – They were hoping this young man had a criminal record so they could try to support this RACIST’s fake excuse. And herein lies their problem – this young man was not a THUG and seems to come from a good family. As more and more pictures emerge it humanizes this kid and shames this community and law enforcement for their attempted cover-up.

          Not to mix apples and oranges but where is all the “RAGE” from the white community. Other than Anderson Cooper I haven’t seen anyone “white” speak out against this monster.

          1. Ball so Hard says:

            Good Morning Jo went in on them on his morning show.

          2. TexasCharlie says:

            Well, I’m a white guy, a redneck Republican,
            and a pro 2nd Amendment supporter. I believe in a
            right to protect yourself vis-a-vis concealed carry
            permits, castle doctrine, stand your ground
            legislation etc. None of that matters since I think
            this was a case of vigilantism pure and simple.

            This case sickens me for several reasons:
            First and foremost that an innocent life was taken
            without cause. Second, that race is being made an
            issue. Third that anti-gun nuts are making this
            a case for gun ban laws.

            Zimmerman should have been arrested, arraigned,
            and sent to trial. What he did had NOTHING to do
            with existing gun laws. What he did had NOTHING to
            do with race. What he did had EVERYTHING to do
            with his being morally, legally, and ethically
            WRONG. In my opinion, he should be charged with
            First Degree Murder (first-degree murder is
            defined as an unlawful killing that is both
            willful and premeditated).

          3. Just HadToComment says:

            If he hadn’t called him a c**n, I would agree that this wasn’t somewhat race motivated. It very well may have been a vigilante act gone wrong but it was a vigilante act based on racial profiling. He also has a history of calling the cops on suspicious, I mean random black people in his neighborhoood… It’s said but RACISM STILL LIVES! WAKE UP! WE are viewed as savages and imbeciles! When will we a majority attempt to show other cultures something different. WE ARE A GREAT PEOPLE, we need to be treated as such!

        5. Nikki says:

          You have just put into words what i was th
          inking..thankyou..I hope he is put to justice soon.

        6. Fabian says:

          Zimmerman’s dad is a retired judge. See the pattern of police coverup there.

      4. I really hope this man ends up for jail for the rest of his life are justice comes by someone elses hands…..I pray for the girl who had to go through that and Travons family!!!

      5. BEBE_DE_MOKA says:

        i hope everyone of those devils at the police station who covered this hate crime up is fired! the more this story unravels the more evidence we have. why the hell has this devil not been arrested yet?

        1. JPB says:

          Because he’s not White. do you have no brain cells left in your Afro?te. That’s why this “devil” hasn’t been arrested. He’s a Puerto Rican or something. R U Blind? Did you see his picture? If he was White he would be in jail I promise you that.

          1. ok... says:

            No, in this case its more than likely because his dad is a retired judge and his mom works in the courts. I smell a cover-up.

        2. RIPTrayvonMartin says:

          Well…… Because the devil is the mastermind behind all of this…. One day he will get his punishment and all the people that choose to follow him.

      6. yep says:

        Oh please don’t start that mess. No one is going to find
        anyone dead. The more you put things like that into the
        cosmos, the better chance it has of becoming a reality
        and we don’t want things like to happen because we all
        lose. I think we should all strive for justice.
        This case is a war of words and wit. Not violence.
        Victory is going to be based on how well the people
        involved can articulate events.

        1. yep says:

          How can you prove with your words that there is racism in world that believes
          racism no longer exists? That is going to be the biggest

    2. follow me @WardeLife says:

      it’s soooooooo messed up how we have to sign a f*cking petition to get trayvon martin the justice he deserves.. ahhhhh this whole situation has me HEATED!

      1. BlondeAtlGirl says:

        Me too! Dedicated my avi on my social pages to him

    3. ImSoChi_RihannaNavy4Life says:

      If punk azz man doesnt go to jail for this OBVIOUS hate crime I have absolutely 0 faith in the American justice system >_<

      1. Dior says:

        My faith in the American judicial system was thrown out the window long ago. Very sad but true smh

        1. Must Be Nice says:

          The American judicial system has been f*cked since the beginning of time.

          1. Shy says:

            It protects only those who set the laws in place.

        2. Leila K says:

          My faith has been gone way before Troy Davis, but that situation topped it for me.
          This is SAD! It’s SAD that anyone can call us suspicious, follow us, harrass us, assault us, and then shoot us in the chest and say it was self defense and just like that, it’s okay.
          I’m sick of this sh!t!
          I want to TORTURE Zimmerman! He doesn’t deserve to die quick. He deserves to SUFFER! I hope a crazy lunatic catches him, shaves his skin off of his body, and piece by piece take his limbs off! Then when he gets to jail I hope they rape him and give him AIDS! I just wish the worst for a racist son of a b!tch like that!
          He murdered a son, a brother, a cousin, a CHILD!!!! In cold blood! No remorse! No nothing! Just a “call the cops.”
          The justice system will pay! America, sad to say will pay! They have for TOO LONG, done us like this!

        3. Nic says:

          As a people we can lose faith or we can do what other races do to work the system. In a case like this where it is obvious what really happened all the black celebs we support should grow a pair and speak out. Back in the day there were non-profits that would help black families fight against injustice in court for nominal fees. This family should do like the Jews and sue everybody and their mother. I know they don’t need the money but sometimes hitting these folks in the pocketbook is all they understand. The Jews having a saying that their blood doesn’t run cheap, why should ours be discounted? Until we realize that if we don’t stand up our sons/daughters could be next, this will keep happening. If this family set up a fund for legal fees I would contribute. HIs precious home in his precious neighborhood that was worth killing over should be taken from him. Even when he is convicted the family should sue and take away as many of his assets as they can.

      2. LadyLark says:

        We have more occurances of these kinds of injustices at the hands of the so-called justice system than can be counted throughout AmeriKKKas (and world) history so I’m with you and DIOr on this one…”My faith in the American judicial system was thrown out the window long ago.”

    4. asunkee says:

      Only 16… and witness something like this… Poor girl. I can only try to imagine what she’s going through. Trying to put myself in her shoes sends chills down my spine. I hope she can recover.

    5. Dior says:

      It’s truly sad and ridiculous when we have to sign a petition and protest for this kid to receive justice!! & every-time I hear about them not having enough evidence, I’m like HOW MUCH F*CKING EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED? There are countless witnesses, 911 calls, and even Zimmerman’s 911 call to prove this guy targeted, followed, shot and killed that boy cold blooded!!

      And for that animal to claim self defense is truly bs. Trayvon was running away and he ran after him to catch and murder him!! There’s no way his claim of self defense can be justified!! I also can not believe this man is not only walking free, but he still has the freaking MURDER WEAPON on him.

      I’m boiling right now because this hits so close to home for me and I just hope Trayvon and his family gets justice

      1. Sha30 says:

        I agree with you and for the record Zimmerman’s background was not squeaky clean when he became a neighborhood watch person his record was ex-sponged.He had domestic violence cases

    6. Flohno says:

      I’m usually the first person to tell someone “go to CNN with all dat, all I come to this site for is Rihanna’s new hair color”, whenever people complain about non celeb stories not being posted on here, but this is one story that I’m glad to see on here. The more info that comes out, the more I’m heartbroken. He just looks so young and innocent, with his sweet smile and hollister shirt. He looks like my lil bro. We as black people, we’re not monolithic and we don’t all share the same views, but this is one case where should all stand united on this. Write into the police department and all of the politicians. We can’t let this murderer get away with this.

      1. token says:

        I have a son that around that age and had to teach him when was young that certain things you cannot do that other people will find suspicous. And to cooperate if he ever is confronted and call me and momma will go to jail for you if you are right.

        1. LadyLark says:

          I remember back in the day (early 90’s) my mom got on board with this trend of parents giving their kids something called the little black book with all your personal information in it like and elaborated ID card just for situations like this…getting stopped (and attacked or killed) while Black… Times don’t change in this system.

    7. Q314 says:

      seriously this whole story has me close to tears… like i could only imagine what this boy went through in his last moments, & what his family is going through now. I have a 17 yrs ole nephew who I helped raised, & to think he cant even walk in his own families neighborhood, because of evil racist ppl like him just P___ed me off. I dont care what anyone says this has ALL come down to race. every last detail is about race. from the killer to the fact that the police still has this evil man on the street. I seriously pray for Trayvon’s family, I pray that he rest in peace…& Because I am a christian I pray God have mercy on Zimmermans soul…& thats 100…

    8. AM says:

      I so hope his family and close friends will one day be okay. Bless them.

    9. StarBaby says:

      It’s heartbreaking that something like this would occur in 2012…Such a tragedy…truly heartbreaking…Please sign the petition.

    10. JusticeForTray says:

      Sad part is, Zimmerman isn’t even a REGISTERED neighborhood watch member.

      1. Honesty says:

        Just a wanna-be cop

        1. Leila K says:

          Who was to retarded to pass the acceptance into cop academy! A f*ck!ng moron, racist! I want his to suffer!

      2. LadyLark says:

        Woooooow! FAILED Vigilantiism at it’s worst.

    11. SmhAtSociety says:

      And what’s really messed up is we don’t know if this idiot has skipped town or kill himself before justice happens.What type of World we live in it just gets worse and worse.

      1. circ1984 says:

        Stuff like this really makes me hate yt people. This sick bastard needs to be locked under the jail. Now that Obama is president, the rednecks, racists have come out in full force. They are definitely proving that no matter how far black people come, they will always remind us that we nothing but n*ggers that can be killed, eliminated, at the drop of a hat, and dare anybody to say a muthaf*cking word. smh

        I truly hope Trayvon’s family gets justice.

    12. yo says:

      The fact that they gave Trayvon who was dead a drug/alcohol test & not Zimmerman is OUTRAGEOUS!!

      1. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

        Absolutely!!!!! We are fuming, here in Orlando… The police are trying to keep the neighborhood calm so there will not be a riot… But they better do something quick or there will be…

      2. BeYOUtiful says:

        That’s disgusting.

    13. Oh Welp ! says:

      Smfh that racism is still alive.
      I proudly signed the petition yesterday.
      Dude better hope he ends up in jail because im sure it will be worse for him out her on the streets.
      Florid has the worst justice system EVER !
      ie. Casey Anthony

    14. Must Be Nice says:

      There goes the last f*ck I ever gave about this country. Now I finally understand… I finally understand why some people of other countries despise us as much as they do. Not only do we roam about to f*ck over any foreign country we can… but we can’t even get our own sh*t together. It’s like we came so far without having gotten anywhere at all.

    15. bunny says:

      This boils my blood it just goes to show that
      Neither the government nor the federal system cares
      about us black people. Kanye was right.
      The fact that this man is running around free
      with SOO much obvious evidence! This makes absolutely
      no sense. This man murdered an innocent young person
      Because of not only racial profiling but unreasonable
      assumption. There was no reason for him to pull out a gun
      on someone who is not only younger but wasn’t even concealing
      a weapon, just a bag of skittles. Who ever still believes that this
      was a form of self-defense is an absolute idiot. I pray that this young
      Boy s soul rest in peace and that the guy who did this running around
      free gets a punishment worse than jail. This makes me sooo sad and angry!

    16. Any F*cking Way.... says:

      I hope when they put him in jail they put his punk ass in general population where they will eat him alive. I bet he won’t be so tough then, it gets real when your surrounded by people you hate and people who hate you. There are men and watching this can’t wait to get their hands on his ass. He’s going to get it either way and the police better hurry up because I sense a very violent rage coming. They’re digging a deeper whole by dragging there feet with this.

    17. LA Latina says:

      Of course Zimmerman needs to be tried for premeditated murder…but the Police Dept who suppposedly investigated this crime needs to be investigated! How could they believe Zimmerman’s claim of self defense??? Trayvon didn’t have a weapon on him and was trying to get away…He was a slight framed teenage boy! The PD also has the 911 call where Zimmerman says “these coons always get away”.

    18. Jamaul says:

      No one here could honestly say if you were part of a neighborhood watch program in your community that has had break in’s and robberies that any of you would just sit there. He didn’t run him down he followed him to keep an eye on him. his girlfriend said he approach Zimmerman and confronted him to ask him why he was following him. For her to say he then got pushed is a guess. it could have easily fallen out of his ear if he swung and punched Zimmerman. All these comments are just what they are speculation NO FACTS. Stop the witch hunt and lets be civilized Americans. A young man is dead and that is a devastating tragedy but, YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Stop all the stories and all the anger, if the facts prove that Zimmerman is guilty then he should rot in jail. If the facts prove otherwise, then he shouldn’t. For anyone to say an unarmed man can’t (at 17 years old he was a man) kill another man GET REAL.. If anyone was getting beat up and your head pounded on the ground you would do anything in fear of your life. Take race out of it that had nothing to do with it.

      1. why do it says:

        Go to hell with Zimmerman, JAMAUL! MY 17 YEAR OLD is not an adult, if a person is in highschool, and under the age of 18 they are not considered an adult! There is no WITH HUNT, just a HUNT FOR JUSTICE and you can forget about peace until the family of Trayvon and the deceased receive just that……JUSTICE!

      2. Ask About me says:

        lol i guess your right.. Because when the dispatch told
        him to stop following him, he continued. He is a volunteer
        neighborhood watch then he shouldn’t be carrying a gun.
        How he had a license to carry a gun in the first place and
        he had a previous record for attacking a under cover cop
        is beyond my understanding anyway because if where i live
        if you say something crazy to a cop u get arrested so i
        can only imagine if i attacked one. You Zimmerman supporters
        are dense and for sure undercover racist.

    19. Smith says:

      Wait a sec, the girlfriend stated that TM put his hoodie on while on the phone with after realizing that he was being watched yet the video at the 711 has TM wearing his hoodie. One those the posters said that if the situation was reverse then an arrest would have been made right away. Well if the situation was reverse, the county would not have heard about this case.

  2. Miss thing says:

    This is ridiculous this man walking around free as a bird just killed an innocent child a clear hate crime wtf is going on in this world

    1. Honesty says:

      I not even waiting for the justice system to come through anymore. They already failed America. I’m waiting till we here someone in that area hunts, stalkers, and murders Zimmerman just like he did to Trayvon. If he’s found not guilty he will NEVER find peace. He will either commit suicide ue to anxiety, sleepless nights, and trauma of someone finding to kill him or get killed

      1. circ1984 says:

        Justice & equality only exist for the non blacks

    2. londongirl says:

      racism never died, in the words o ye they just be still alive they just be concealing it.

  3. Bea says:

    This is the world we live in smh

    1. Mimilovee says:

      It is so sad how black people…african americans…are still not l.ooked at as being human…we havent gotten anywhere at all. Hidden racism is so much worse.

  4. Speechless says:

    I couldnt listen to the tapes because it would be too much. I feel terrible for him, his girlfriend and his family and friends 🙁

    1. applelite111 says:

      please don’t listen to the tape. you made the right decision. believe me! i heard the tape and i tell ya, til this day, my life doesn’t feel the same. i can’t sleep, can’t eat, i get scared at night and have to leave the lights on because the screams are so chilling that it would have a hold on you! you would never be the same again!

  5. mamacita says:

    this is so sad, an innocent kid gone because of some racist pig!

    1. Tameka says:

      If we dont start sticking together.. There’s no telling where we will end up!

      1. sheryl says:

        so true

      2. applelite111 says:

        exactly and which brings me to my point: black people stop the gang banging and killing each other in these drive-by’s. as you can see, these racist assholes are eliminating us as it is. let’s preserve our people because if we don’t and we’re our own worst enemy, the racist whites would think that we don’t care about ourselves anyway so why should they!

  6. HoneyChileBooBoo says:

    This is such a horrific story… Everyone please pray for this young man’s family and friends. Justice must be served.

  7. Mahogani says:

    My heart is really heavy over this .. I pray that Trayvon Martin’s family gets justice.

  8. :| says:

    how much more damn proof do you need?? throw that a**hole in jail, i’m so disgusted by this story, i can’t imagine what he’s family is going through 🙁

  9. Ursula says:


    This is just so so sad…My heart just breaks for Trayvon Martin’s family and his girlfriend.

  10. LuvMonaLisa says:

    Smh something has to be done! I just dont get why their not making any actions!

    1. lady says:

      This is when we got to stick together just like them. We need
      to powerful just like them.

  11. whereweare says:

    the 911 dispatcher clearly told the man not to follow him… if he walks free, my bet is that someone will be angry enough to retaliate. i’m not an “eye for an eye” person, but what he did is reprehensible and he deserves to be punished – by WHOMEVER…

    1. Fit2012 says:

      Amen and Amen

    2. JD says:

      If dude goes to prison for any amount of time, best believe someone will get him in prison.

      1. Honesty says:

        Yup! Especially with how this story is making headlines. I’m sure they are waiting for him as we speak

        1. Stanning Myself says:

          They’ll put him in solitary IF he goes.

  12. chocolates betta says:

    hmm…so i could just follow up behind little Jason Whitehead if he is in my hood looking to buy whatever & shoot him & have NO problems with the law coming after me huh??? NOT THAT I EVER WOULD!!!

    1. whereweare says:

      exactly…we’ll see how far you get with that one. you’ll be labeled a gang member and the motive will be robbery!

      1. Peaches says:

        that is so true, sad but true

  13. Kenyan. says:

    RIP Trayvon. Humanity needs to do better.

  14. Gabbys_mum says:

    They need to look at the impact this is having on his family, the community and now to hear about his poor girlfriend, having to live with those haunting images. Listening as her boyfriend was being chased and then killed. He needs to be brought to justice so this family can have even the tiniest ounce of peace!


  15. Cutie Pie Chelly says:

    Im to weak to listen to the 911 tapes. I couldnt do it. I cant even imagine what this little girl is feeling right now. I will continue to follow this story until justice is served.

    1. Ursula says:

      I’m with you…could NOT listen to the tapes. Just reading the story made me ill.

      It really is just disgraceful; the complete and utter disregard for this young man’s life. Makes me so sick. SMH

      1. lady says:

        What made me mad with this asshole said that was him yelling for his
        life. Poor mother was on the today show saying that was her son
        yelling Help me.

  16. chessica says:

    uuuugh!! shit like this!! like am ready for God to Blow this mofo up!! the ppl in this world fxckin disgust me!! like I dont even know if I wanna bring children into this world man…this is just too much

    1. Necole im Bitchin says:

      Ditto!! @chess

    2. TeteNico says:

      lmao, i agree. i literally almost spit out my soda! funny….yet true.

  17. MIMI says:

    Everytime I hear about this story I get so angry!! Every year its another hate crime and police cover it up!! I’m beyond pissed!

  18. That’s so sad I hope that fool gets killed damn the justice system it’s a blind white woman anyway! Rest in peace young man it’s ashame his life ended so prematurely because of modern day antebellum ignorance and prejudice or profiling. smh!

  19. Meme4rmHtown says:

    You Know if that kid had been white and that man Black he would have been locked up with no questions asked this is just sad !!!!!

    1. token says:

      token Submit on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 2:36:42 PM:

      FL has this Stand Your Ground Law that states bigotted trigger happy people can use deadly force if they feel threatened; DOJ is investigating this Repeal The Law!! after you lock up Zimmerman

      What gets me is that Zimmerman is Hispanic

      1. Ursula says:

        “What gets me is that Zimmerman is Hispanic.”

        *_* PLEASE tell me this is a mistake. Are you serious?

        1. Tasha says:

          /nope he is Hispanic such a disgrace that this sick man was a minority racist with another minority. Justice needs to be served. I cry everytime I think of Trayvon I hope his soul is at peace. I just wish he could have escaped this fate. RIP <3 <3

          1. StopTakingCommentsSoSeriously says:

            Ugh! I have been wondering about his race! He says he speaks spanish but with a last name like Zimmerman I just assumed it was a bilingual white person. This sickens me being that I am Latino. At the end of it though he committed a hate crime and needs to be punished severely either by the wack ass justice system or by the streets. Either or! There is no need to EVER chase an unarmed teen for walking! I understand to an extent because there was recently a murder in my city that affected us but it wasn’t racially motivated. smh if Martin had been white this would be a different issue. please sign the petition on! Something has to be done! Someone needs to make an example out of Zimmerman and show that hate crimes need to be taken more seriously

          2. Ask About me says:

            his mom is Hispanic and his dad is white

      2. LMAO says:


        1. StopTakingCommentsSoSeriously says:

          um I think I know that. Was the caps necessary? and I did say it was a hate crime.

          1. BeYOUtiful says:

            I agree the caps weren’t necessary but you said, “Ugh! I
            have been wondering about his race! He says he speaks
            spanish but with a last name like Zimmerman I just
            assumed it was a bilingual white person.”

            Hispanic is NOT a race and every Hispanic persons name does
            not end with a “Z.” So, I’m not surprised someone felt the
            need to whip out the semantics.

      3. Brooklynn says:

        I live 20 mins from where all this happened, & Zimmerman is Hispanic & White,
        that’s why people are referring to him as a white man.

  20. Bee'Jay says:

    R.I.P Baby Boy .,This is so sad. Pray for his family! Pray for JUSTICE!

  21. #ijustCANT says:

    Each time I read more on this story my heart gets heavier and I can feel myself wanting to cry. I pray for Trayvon’s family as well as his friends and family. May they find peace in the truth and prayerfully justice will be served.

  22. cece says:

    omg that is so scary and it angers me to know that this man is still out there. RIP Trayvon and my heart goes out to his family and especially the girlfriend who spoke to him before he was killed. Omg that just…. i would be traumatized too at such a young age this is horrible.

  23. Geena says:

    There so many elements to this story coming out and none of this things back up with the story of the supposedly neighborhood watch. This guy was a racist lunatic with a chip on his shoulder and he was ready to blow. The sad thing is he’s not suffering any consequences for his actions. He took someone life and was the aggressor at that. He should be in jail right now, not free to do this mess again.

  24. payndacost says:

    sad…sad…sad….How is it that this man is walking free is beyond understanding….just sad

  25. Valerie says:

    This man WILL end up in prison for this. It’s just a matter of time.. Tic Toc…. *looks at watch*

    1. Leaving A Comment says:

      You Have More Trust In The Justice System Than I Do

      1. Jay says:

        I have lost all faith in our justice system!!!!

      2. Shy says:

        They can’t ignore this…I can’t say I don’t doubt he will be acquitted, but I really don’t understand how this is justifiable. Come on, he went from claiming the boy was approaching him to chasing him. Then again, he’s hispanic, right? He may go down. He may not be black, but he’s not white.

        1. liza with a Z says:


    2. clarkthink says:

      I don’t know if this man will end up in jail….but, I’m positive he will end up in a bad place!!….if this man don’t go to jail this will not end pretty…for him!!

  26. nikki says:

    I was thinking maybe the young man was just as afraid as George.And i would too if i walk to the store and when i return i see a man following me and he watching my moves. But how the heck did the guy look like he on drugs..Was his eyes blood-shot..It’s just crazy that this man is free..I hope the truth comes out..This George guy is just ridiculous.I hope the law speaks for Trayvon Martin..Of course he can’t tell his story… If someone approach u and start questioning me…. i will attack or run..So Trayvon use that same law that George is standing by only differences he didnt have a gun..My only question to George is why the heck did you leave your car and chase him down if you thought he was on drugs and he may posssible have a gun..

  27. Realist says:

    This is why we need more civic leaders and less fashionistats, hip hop wannabes, hair architects,etc. They are making the laws to make it okay for them to kill black people. We have to be more aware of whats going on in law. So we can protect ourself and try to prevent these things.

  28. Ball so Hard says:

    I’ve beenm following this all day. The story on the Sanford Police department part does not add up. Why would they run a background check on the dead boy and not on his murderer????. Why would the chief of police go on record to say that Zimmerman has a squeaky clean background without running a check?????
    We need not sleep on this…We need to push for an arrest. Seems to me that Zimmerman is either sleeping with the chief or he has something on the police department. Soo sad for the parents !

  29. Milan says:

    The FBI & Dept of Justice have launched their own investigation now so that punk ass police dept is no longer in charge of things. Zimmerman is going down. It’s only a matter of time.

  30. ashley says:

    Ugh this is one time I hope they don’t prosecute. Give Zimmerman that street justice. No years n years on trial, no life in jail at taxpayers expense, just done. Hell if it does go to trial they’d find a way to get him off anyway. Maybe ignorant & morbid but oh well….

  31. kristin says:

    This story annoys, angers, saddens me. RIP Trayvon Martin <3 that's all I can really say.

  32. JAMILA says:

    This entire thing just disgusts me..this man had NO right to chase after this boy and gun him down..Neighborhood watch my ass..where does it say that a neighborhood watch leader can carry a gun and shoot somebody they THINK looks suspicious!!! Once this man is behind bars (and i pray that he does) they need to give the police department some kind of justice as well for trying to cover up the crime and not follow correct protocol…they let this man go because of what HE SAID!.Thats bullshit!

  33. Millie says:

    Everytime I read something about this young man I swear I want to cry. This makes no sense how he was basically hunted down and killed. Smh. If it were the other way around (black man killing a white kid) then that how statue that they are trying to pull wont work.

  34. token says:

    FL has this Stand Your Ground Law that states bigotted trigger happy people can use deadly force if they feel threatened; DOJ is investigating this Repeal The Law!! after you lock up Zimmerman

    What gets me is that Zimmerman is Hispanic

  35. Shabooya Roll Call says:

    This is just wrong! I hope people now realise racism still exist. This is why we should not just roll over and take anything from the Iggy Azaela’s, to the George Zimmerman’s. My heart stopped listening to that baby scream in the background of those police calls. It’s f*cked up man.

  36. Lovely1 says:

    Heart is heavy over such a senseless crime really smdh as to why George Zimmerman is still a free man make no sense…..JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED! ……..R.I.P Trayvon Martin

  37. jusj2u says:

    This whole Siuation scares Me!!! it’s makes me MAD how can these ppl sleep at night knowing there’s a child killer on the loose that’s willing to shoot an UnArmed child down in cold blood! not only did he shoot him but he heard the cries of a child pleading for his lIfe it’s sad as hell that Trayvon’s family had to bury their child at the hands of this idiot bastard that didn’t follow the directions of the dispatcher THEY WANT JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN!! AND SO DOES THE ENTIRE WORLD ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  38. Sheesha says:

    I feel bad for his girlfriend as well I could only imagine how she must have felt being on the phone with him until he got shot and killed. This is a terrible thing that needs to be brought to justice now!

  39. Mia says:

    I cried all the way through the 34 minute 911 calls…it was so sad. I feel that we should organize a march or something to defend this young man’s honor. It is a shame that we had to get a petition with 500,000 signatures just to make someone investigate this issue…SMH.

  40. sexxy says:

    May this young man soul rest in peace,my prayers are with his family and friends..

  41. My hair is laid like a felon aka marlo hampton says:

    And yet this mf is still free and at home safely! This made me sick to my stomach! I’m glad the FBI is now investigating the shooting I just hope this mf is bought up on Murder charges and not no damn manslaughter. Everytime more information comes out it makes me more angrier! This poor baby was hunted like a dog, I have to believe justice will prevail. RIP Trayvon

  42. Tracy says:

    May Trayvon Martin R.I.P. in peace and may this P.O.S. received the justice he deserved. To kill that young man like that breaks my heart. What I find disturbing is if this was a dog this gabage of a human being killed he would be in jail now. Something has got to be done about this shyt. If the justice system denies the people the blood of this fat P.O.S. then street justice has got to be served. Imagine this gabage is still allow to walk free and breath.

  43. lady says:

    I think we all should go to florida and rep for this young man or flood the internet. This ish got to stop.

  44. MissKrispie says:

    I have NEVER in my life posted on a blog site and I rarely visit them. But I couldn’t keep my composure when googling this topic. First and foremost…

    The justice system was made by white men for white men. Lets not forget that just 50/60 years ago it was perfectly legal to kill you a black person and get away with it. Segregation was legal, and if you stepped on white land then it was a death threat and it was okay to kill you.

    I am NOT a racist. But I damn sure have NOT forgot about all the things that black people as a whole have been through and are going through on a daily basis. We are NOT free, by any means.

    This child lost his life for BEING BLACK. In America BEING BLACK is suspicious, especially if you are a black male. Since when is it a crime to walk by yourself in the rain? It wasn’t like he was with a group of guys and they were perceived as a gang. Since when do Neighborhood watch rent-a-cops carry loaded weapons and shoot people who have done no crime! It isn’t like he saw him stealing or fighting some one. Looks can be deceiving and you can not kill some one because of how they look. If you ask me he just wanted to kill a “nigger” he probably got a rush from tracking him down. The fact that nothing is being done to provide justice for this young man is sick. They crated law so that they can help each other in times like this and so that if the roles were reversed, they could have us put in jail asap!

    God Bless his soul.
    You can escape the justice of man but GOD sees everything and you will answer to him and reap what you sow.

  45. Syd says:

    Justice must be served for Trayvon. Zimmerman will pay sooner or later. He better get ready cause he will be a black mans girlfriend in jail!

  46. Helena says:

    Poor Trayvon 🙁
    Our justice system is so messed up. Will there ever be a balance between blacks and whites? If a black man had shot an innocent 17 year old child, they would have arrested him on the spot. We would have heard this story, and his parents would have been all over the news condemning the black man for being a monster. I have literally watched an analysis on CNN where a white man said “we’re not exactly sure what happened so we can’t jump to conclusions and condemn the man” WTF!!!!!! No words, America

  47. GirlBye says:

    Either way Zimmerman will be dead in the streets or die in jail, but knowing our Justice System they won’t convict him of anything, it’s a shame what happened to Trayvon. Racism still prevails.smh.

  48. the anti idiot says:

    This just made me cry….just tears. Wow are we black people not valued at all? Just wow

  49. NikNak says:

    The Stand your ground law, STILL doesn’t give Zimmerman the right to stalk then assault a kid. What he did was illegal, and even the lawmakers says so.

    Don’t let these folk try and let you believe that it was legal. The SANFORD POLICE are trying to assist this racist by making up stories. Don’t believe it for a second.

  50. capricorn says:

    Enough is enough. Young man going about his business not harming anyone and the next thing you know he’s dead by some lunatic with a gun posing undercover as a night watchman. He killed Trayvon in cold blood and will be arrested for it… me.

  51. reece says:

    I’m not pushing for a race riot but I am so sick of being passive when it come to matters like this. This does not happen to Jewish people because they fear the financial ramification. This does not happen to White people because they wouldn’t dehumanize their own in that way.

  52. Lady 12 - Bend Dung Low says:

    The one true satisfaction I have right now is knowing that Zimmerman is somewhere fearing for his life. He will forever have to sleep with one eye open…Even if tried, convicted and thrown in prison he will still have to watch his back!

  53. @Char730 says:

    It seems like the only time the media will cover a issue about a Black man is if he’s the one doing the killing and not when he’s actually the victim.

  54. Real says:

    Its sad, we all want justice for this young man and his family, but justice will not come.
    Even if they decide to press charges. He will have a court hearing in this venue of prodiminately white area and be judged by a jury of his peers who will probably think like he does and think it was justified. While I hope that sick bastard roots in jail and gets what he deserves, it will never happen. First is was driving while black, now it’s walking while being black. Smdh!!

  55. Realist says:

    Let’s try to be more proactive and get involved in the law making process. Then we won’t have to sign petions for justice. The laws pushed by the NRA allowed Zimmerman to have a gun. The “self defence” law making it easier to kill” if you feel threatened shouldn’t have been passed.

  56. Realist says:

    ** defense

  57. me says:

    What i wanna know and what no one seems to realise is if this man was neighborhood watch shouldnt he have known who lived in the neighborhood? How was he an unknown person? He wanted to kill that boy for a reason and he did. So sad.

  58. lisa says:


  59. boom says:

    Even calm, reserved Black people like me are pissed the phuck off by this mess. This makes no sense. NONE! Somebody better get the wheels of justice rolling or Black folks are gonna have to take justice in their own hands. *rocking and trying to calm myself down*

  60. thetruth says:

    sick of this!!!!

  61. This story hurts my soul.

  62. Twilightey says:

    I wish it were true that on the outside of a jail Zimmerman is in danger. I’m not an advocate of extreme violence but how long are black people supposed to put up with this? How is this situation any different from the segregated, KKK, Jim Crow days when ‘night riders’ could come into your home, snatch someone up and lynch them and no one investigated or did a thing? Back then Black people were outraged and clucked their teeth and shook their heads and prayed for justice and intervention cause that’s all we could do. We’re still going through this and it’s 2012!!

    Where are all the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings (you’re profiled too) and host of other gangs that seem to have no problems pointing guns at each other for turf wars and perceived disrespects? You’re so willing to give your life for your ‘set’ why not live your life for a real cause?

    Where is the Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and other militant organizations? If Zimmerman were found hanging like an effigy somewhere in a public square it would give the world notice. If the cops who come into our neighborhoods and shoot our black males indiscriminately for holding wallets or sleeping in cars (real cases) were to end up missing, things would change.

    It’s high time for some organizing, not to petition the justice department but to recruit some ‘night riders’ of our own. We need to find them, train them, fund them, protect them and point them in the right direction. Because straight up this ‘we shall overcome’ ish right here? It’s not working!!!

  63. SAY WHAAATTT!!!! says:

    i love how a video about some warlord on a completely different continent went viral in less than a week and got attention from more than 80 million people but a child from the United Stated gets murdered almost a month ago a nobody’s sending anybody to stop this madness.

  64. Reese says:

    This man just allowed his prejudices ruin his life forever. Like some mentioned above, if he isn’t convicted and murdered in jail, he will be on the run or murdered on some street somewhere. It is sad that Trayvon’s family has to continue to face this injustice.

  65. kit says: all for the justice for trayton…so i wrote a email to the guy dealing with the case in sanford at the police department…and he wrote me back saying basically ‘there is more evidence and more about the story than the media knows that will be revealed in the next couple of weeks’ and that is the only reason this zimmerman guy hasnt been arrested…

    i agree zimmerman should be in custody at the very least until the new information is dropped!

  66. Lala says:

    How can people actually believe that racism doesn’t exist?

  67. Ebony says:

    To be absent from the body is to be present w/ the Lord. RIP Trayvon

    I read on Cnn that the shooter has called 911 …46 times since 2001. He was waiting on somebody to shoot. thats so obvious. I really dont understand why it is taking so long to get justice. #Racism

  68. standonmyOWN says:

    this is injustice & unfair. i dont wish revenge on anyone, BUT the fact that he killed a person & have no REMORSE & THE STATE ARE SIDING WITH KILLER MAKES ME SICK & I HOPE HE GETS EVER AD THING COMING TO HIM!

  69. NoStones says:

    Still heartbreaking. We have to demand better treatment for our people on the daily. This is what’s real, not reality tv. We’re more likely to end up like Trayvon then Oprah …that’s our reality. We can’t afford to ignore this, our brothers, cousins, fathers, and future sons shouldn’t die for walking while black.

  70. vanessa says:

    that’s so sad all around. i was on the phone with my friend literally 5 minutes before he was killed and i still suffer from that. it’s truly traumatizing.. i can’t imagine how his girlfriend feels.

  71. Can says:

    I hope all ya’ll signed the petition ( while yall talking…. love ya

  72. BlackonBlackcrimes says:

    I think it is sad that we can’t give the same energy when there is black on black crime. We murder ourselves all day every day and it seems to be getting pretty normal around the world. As soon as someone other than a black person kills a black person we are outraged. I lost three friends in one week and I did not see any petitions being passed around because hey who cares at least it was a black person killing another black person so that is ok. Black on black killings does not make the news as often because it is starting to be normal for us to kill ourselves every other day. My point is be outraged all the time not just when someone other than our own kills us.

  73. HoneyBeeSweet01 says:

    I still cant believe this scum is walking free. I pray the grand jury makes the right decision to bring choices against this fake top flight security jack @$$. I find the reasoning behind self denfense to be pure bull! Oh he had bruises and blood on him…it might be the fact Martin faught back…did you think he thought the guy was crazy and might try to kidnapp him…hell it happens! Lets see if I notice a man watching me as Im walking and he out weights me by atleast 100 pounds and starts to “confront me” Im going to defend myself…you push me Im pushing you back. Its simple this child was doing what all parents tell their children to do if a stranger approaches them, scream for help and kick and fight back! So self defense I think not. That peice of trash grabbed or shoved Trayvon Martin, he shoved him back the guy already a racist loose cannon pulled out a gun this poor child cried for help ( which ppl heard and called 911) and Zimmerman shot in cold blood this boy while he tried to get away. I have no doubt in my mind he murdered this child.

  74. Jen says:

    This hurts so bad…

  75. TJ DoRite says:

    This is just unjustified. When are we going to wake up people! The law is so flawed. If this was a young white kid, it would be going a lot different. They would have the person who did in jail until it was proven that it was self defense! I heard they don’t even know where this guy is now…

  76. Stiletto Vixen says:

    New crime of the century WALKING WHILE BLACK! SMH what a disgrace. He is only pulling that is that hispanic crap to get away from race charges. THAT LAST NAME ZIMMERMAN speaks volumes. I bet he’s never even been in touch with his hispanic heritage racists son of a b*tch!

  77. Stiletto Vixen says:

    New crime of the century WALKING WHILE BLACK! SMH what a disgrace. He is only pulling that he is hispanic crap to get away from race charges. THAT LAST NAME ZIMMERMAN speaks volumes. I bet he’s never even been in touch with his Hispanic heritage racist son of a b*tch!

  78. YEP YEP says:

    At the end of the day it comes down to him MURDERING a CHILD. Trayvon Martin was a CHILD that this man attacked. I am highly upset that the Sanford police Dept is refusing to investigate this case. When the first officer arrived after questioning him he was suppose to do a DRUG & ALCOHOL TEST. This man was overly agressive and he deserves to be put away for the rest of his. “standing your ground” and chasing some one down is two completely different things. On those 911 calls you can clearly hear in the background the voice of CHILD yelling for help. All the offices involved in this case who hindering the investigation and didnt abide by fed guidelines need to stripped of there badges. you have witnesses and 911 calls in which on one he calls him a “F*cking Coon!!! The dispatcher told him to back off and he still chased him down and thats not enough to justify arrest. I’ve seen people on First 48 arrested on less evidence. SMDH AT THE JUSTICE OF AMERICA!!!

  79. Someone says:

    regardless of color race or creed…law enforcement are required to identify themselves…i would expect no less from neighborhood watch…perhaps that neighborhood watch committee needs a redo or refresh in rules and terms of their duty and engagements…

  80. REMONA says:


  81. FlaGirl says:

    I just want to know since I’m Black, can I appoint myself as the Neighborhood Watch Captain, stalk a suspicious looking White kid after being told not to who only is “armed” with a can of iced tea and some Skittles and has on a hoodie b/c it’s raining, then jump out of my car, beat on him while he yells for help, then shoot him, claim self-defense and get off scott free?…….. *waits for responses*………… Yeah I didn’t think so…. this is some bull s**t on SO many levels and if this so called justice system doesn’t do anything to George Zimmerman, the Lord Almighty will deal with him…. Rest in Peace Trayvon Martin, we’re praying you receive justice on earth but you’ve already received it in heaven….

  82. Crazies in Florida says:

    First of all the whole case is crazy and why isnt the “rent a watcher” not in jail. He should have been arrested when the cops arrived. Secondly I am in the Sanford area/Orlando area now and I must admit they (Floridians) are extremely different. We as blacks dont acknowledge each other and basically the white people are prejudice. I have been called a “Nigger” to my face as I stood in line at Target. This place has decent weather and the beaches are 45 minutes away, but these people here are quite different and you can tell by all of the episodes of “Snapped” and all the cold case file like shows—-90% originate in the state of Florida. All the teachers having sex with kids 90% of the cases happen in Florida as well. Children being abducted happen in Florida. The state of Florida is POSSESSED with IGNORANT NEGATIVE people like George Zimmerman. Im glad that the Martin family has a african amrican attorney…but darn couldnt they have found one who could speak better and come off better prepared. Also the state representative Corrine (I forget her name) but she is an embarrassement to black people using all the wrong language and basically just sounding extremely ghetto. We Must do better…asap

  83. Daria says:

    Everytime i hear this story tears come to my eyes because a young boy (who was innocent) life was taken away FOR NO REASON! situations like this re ensures me that racism will never ever be over…this man should be put under jail for this horrid and crazy crime!

  84. Boiling Point says:

    I wish this fool did this act in my country where a mob of angry residents would break every bone in his body then tie him up and take him to prison themselves!

  85. WTH says:

    I listened to the 9-11 call a woman made who witness the entire thing. You can hear the young boy scream “help” and then a gun shot. Nothing like this has ever made me so upset. I dont even know this young child but I feel like I do. I’m 25 and I feel as though I’m in the 1950s with this situation. Its damn near Emmit Till again. Why isnt this guy locked away and his gun registration revoked? That couldve been my friend, my cousin, my little brother… hell, in the future my own son. I’m so happy that conservative stations like FoxNews and Liberal stations like MSNBC are ALL on board with this and agree that what just happened was wrong and this guy needs to be put away. This needs all the media it can get because it is absolutely disgusting and this man is disgusting.

    God help that man so that they lock him up real soon because if anyone if feeling the way how I feel right now and take it to another level, someone will play judge-prosecutor-jury-executioner-God to Mr. Z.


    I pray that this will be a lesson to the PD they are not doing things right towards Black peoples,they needs to get all of them out of there and hire a all new peoples,that going to be fare to everyone and not try to hide thats

  87. 2.26.12: JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! says:

    In the words of late rapper Tupac Shakur:

    Cops give a damn about a negro
    Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero..

    SMH! I see no changes. Prayers go out to the entire Martin family.
    As the biblical scripture states: “Vengeance belongs to the Lord!” (Romans 12:19).
    I pray that justice is served here on Earth but unbeknownst to Mr. Zimmerman, there will come a
    day in which God would have the FINAL SAY and his punishment is much more severe than what this judicial system has to offer!

    This crime will not go unnoticed!
    May God bless the Martin family, May his Holy Spirit bring them comfort, and most importantly
    May Trayvon rest in peace!

  88. Diedre' Jones-Stuart says:

    Isnt Jebb Bush the Governor there< or was? No more said!!! that is a Bush State!!

  89. YEP YEP says:

    sad sad story

  90. Sasha Starr says:

    Please sign this petition started on by Trayvon’s mother. This man needs to put away, this is sick that he is still roaming the streets. Now if the tables were turned and Trayvon shot this man and cried self defense, you know damn well he would’ve been strung up and prosecuted and hung out to dry by now. This is disgusting this murderer is still walking free!!!! Please sign, this boy and his family deserve justice!!! here is the link, just take a few seconds to sign! Thank you.

    1. Tommy says:


  91. Skittles says:

    I’m asking everyone to please call the Sanford City manager with the contact info that I have provided below to let him know that the Chief of Police did not handle this situation accordingly and therefore should be relieved of his duties.

    Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., City Manager Sanford, Fl
    407.688.5001 ext 5009

    Please leave a message on his voice mail. CALL NOW!!


    1. Tommy says:


  92. Tommy says:

    This kid was up to no good. If it was a white kid shot in the hood there would not have been an issue. This is just another IGNORANT AFRICAN AMERICAN THING ! The only reason they ( negroes ) came down here in buses & the local negroes gather over this is because most of them don’t even work. The kid was trespassing & was in the wrong place at the wrong time. White boy gets shot in the hood there would not have been all this. GO BACK TO AFRICA RACIST NEGROES !

  93. This isnt right at all says:


  94. Don Tulsa Boundd Jones says:

    Thats f*cked up mayne… the yungyen was talkin to his girl and a WHITE man wanted to just fuck with a lil BLACK boy? smh and racism is ova? hell naw, now his girlfriend in tha hospital and cant eat kuz of dat n*gga. Mayne i pray for his family and his girlfriend

    1. BL says:

      Hey genius, Zimmerman is a hispanic male not a white male. Try to understand the facts before you mumble.

  95. BL says:

    You contradict the GF’s statement, “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on.” Your commentary, “He put on his hood because it was raining.”
    Which was it? I find you to be very ignorant, thanks for proving it.

  96. najewels says:

    i cant believe that this bastard is still chilling in the street like he did nothing wrong walking with head up high we need justice from Trayvon what is this world coming too. i tell you this if he gets away with it he better go in hiding just like that murderer Casey Anthony bi**h cuz someone is gonna wined up murdering him!!!!! r.i.p trayvon you will 4 ever live threw the people that care for you and all the people in the world hearts you touch with this tragedy of your young short lived life ;-(

  97. Bobby Thomas says:

    Still don’t knw why zimmerman is still breathing.

  98. val/mercedes says:

    First of all, I’ll like to say to Trayvon Martin Family, and are in my thoughts and prayers. I don’t ever want to imagining walking in your shoes. this truely Heartbreaking to see another one of our young BLACK MENS killed because of the color of his skin…. wakeup PEOPLES the racialism is NOT going away, GOD sees and KNOWS everything trust me Zimmermans will pay, i pray that the walls of jerrico come tumbling down on him…

  99. niaboo says:

    America is trying to take us back to the “Martin Luther King Jr. Marching Days” (no disrespect) because he’s the reason doors have opened for us. I’m just saying though this is 400 and some years later why do we have to march and sign petitions for something that is CLEARLY against the law. Land of the free my ass! Racism will continue to be a ongoing thing, sad but true.

  100. Alvina says:

    My prayers goes and to the family and to the young lady, that had to hear it first hand my heart goes out to you, it’s not easy on the family or the community, sorry my wish and prayer is that Zimmerman hangs his own self before someone else does it. I can not believe this nut is still out enjoying his life, while the family is grifing the death of there son!!!! And the young lady has lost the one she loved at an early age. Zimmerman was totally in the wrong, cops wont do nothing because zimmermans father was or is a judge, the system is all messed up, he belongs locked up, he was told not to follow the young man and he was following the whole time, then lied and said the young man was coming closer, where is the woman that called 911 and stayed on the phone the longest, she said as clear as day that Zimmerman was on top of the young man, where is she? Why haven’t she come forward? I pray this family and the community gets Justice for this young man!!!!! Support means a lot, let’s help the parents as much as possible, check on them, call them, do whatever it takes to help them get through this Please do this as a whole community .

  101. LAX says:

    I get so Mad each time i hear about this story and its very sad!!!!!

    I hope there is justice

  102. betty says:

    God will work it out, I pray for his family and friends that thay have peace in this time of sadness

  103. djdave says:

    This terrible event will have incredible repercussions…
    race relations, global opinion of the US court system,
    status of the local police and the NRA, as well as any
    American”s freedom of movement….the list goes on
    of subjects slammed…all because wannabe cop
    turned thug wouldn’t follow protocol. God help us please!

  104. Me says:

    wow. that’s disgusting. how can you live with yourself after doing such a thing. just disgraceful! these are the people that need to be locked up…

  105. Ruby says:

    yeh I think something should be done on this matter, whether it be courtroom justice or street. If he wants to see a negro act a certain way well he can see it as the aftermath of what he just did. I hope he learns a lesson.

  106. Christy says:

    yeah, wee need justice for Trayvon Martin this man need to be in jail or dead. if this happened to Haitian ppl they would of get him the other way with voodoo or something!!! Trayvon’s parent don’t get discouraging we need justice

  107. why says:

    Another thing, why didn’t the cops test the blood on Zimmermans face and anywhere else? Aren’t they supposed to do that? When if some of that blood on Zimmerman was not his own? Okay, the blood from the gun shot from Treyvon could of been on there but I thought the police was supposed to take samples from people or maybe I watch too many crime tv shows.

    I want to know how much blood was on Zimmerman, where and whose all it was. This being because I don’t believe Treyvon turned around and followed Zimmerman back and punched him in the nose like Zimmerman claims. It does not make sense at all, according to Treyvons girl friend he said he was going to run from him he had no weapons on him, he is freaked out this man bigger then him is following him. Treyvon has no criminal record at all, yeah kids get in trouble at school we all did once so that don’t count. Why , in the dark, would Treyvon who knew he was being followed by some big man want to do a turn around and start a fight with the guy?

    His girl friend says she heard on the cell phone call that Treyvon asked him “why are you following me” and that was all she heard. Zimmerman claims as he was going back to his truck Treyvon walked up and said ” you have a problem” Zimmerman says “no” and Treyvon says “well you do now” and punches him in the face. I think Zimmerman is lying about what really happened. There was a struggle but who started it? I think Zimmerman did and lied about it when he realized Treyvon was dead .

    Zimmerman said to the 911 operator “those fucking assholes always get away”. After being told to NOT follow Treyvon anymore, I think he still did anyway and what the hell are you doing following some kid with a gun in the dark? Also while we don’t know that much about Treyvon, why would this kid be stupid enough to pick a fight in the dark with a big man following him around? Asking him why he is following him around is way different from walking up and punching him in the nose. I mean hell, Treyvon might of even wondered if Zimmerman was packing. Don’t make sense at all it is my observation that Zimmerman is lying.

    Zimmerman initiated all of this and he needs to be brought to trial NOW. We as whites, blacks latinos need to not let the media and others tear us apart as a people because the media and other special interest groups are only using our anger to promote their attention and publicity. I blame Zimmerman for not being a grown man and playing cop and having this country against each other right now as much as the ones that are aiding in all of this racial tension. Besides it is usually the law enforcement that promotes race and the POD over there are the ones being VERY RACIST and we are allowing them to tear us apart.

  108. Jolie says:

    “Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.”
    Malcom X

    “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.”
    Malcom X

    “I don’t mean to go out and get violent, but at the same time you should never be nonviolent unless you run into some nonviolence. I’m nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me. But when you drop that violence on me, then you’ve made me go insane, and I’m not responsible for what I do.”
    Malcom X

    “We declare our rights on this earth… to be a human being, to be respected to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”
    Malcom X

    “I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.”
    Malcom X

    “When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that he will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a man saying he wants freedom, but in the next breath he is going to tell you what he won’t do to get it, or what he doesn’t believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn’t believe in freedom. A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire… or preserve his freedom.”
    Malcom X

    “You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one is at peace unless he has freedom.”
    Malcom X

    “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.”
    Malcom X

    “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.”
    Malcom X

  109. Kym says:

    I tried not to follow this story because I knew how much it would hurt to here the detail of what happened. However, I heard his cries on the news and I can’t get it out of my mind. He was just a child, my goodness. As children in general we are taught to stay away from strangers, don’t stop and talk to people who you don’t know, run or keep it moving if a stranger approaches you or you don’t feel safe and to come straight home after-school or store runs. Until we are on our own as full fledged adults these are the rules that we follow to ensure our protection. As a child the last thing you are worried about is racial profiling, your simply trying to survive just like anyone else. You just want to live life and have a future doing something amazing. This young brother never got that chance. WHY NOT!? As far as his Girlfriend, I’m sure she is traumatized but her parents must caution her to tread carefully on any information that is released to the public because she is one of the key witnesses and Zimmerman’s Lawyers will do everything in their power to discredit her. Poor thing. God Bless her heart.

  110. R.I.P. Travon says:

    this is wrong you have proof that he did it so put him in jail and you cant just kill people because of a hod so if i put on my hod are you going to shoot me come on now and if he dont go to jail its not goin to be pretty.

  111. frank williams says:

    i dont know why its so easy for some people to just take a human life, a life that you did not create, my heart goes out to the families of trevor may his soul rest in peace, and for zimmerman he better be put in jail before he sees another black kid and do like wise, the man is a RACIST

  112. SouthernStyle says:

    Thank you Mr. Zimmerman Sir, for ridding our streets of useless wanabe gangsters. Who everyday, grow up without guidance or understanding of what it is to be an American. There are opportunities and chances in everyones life for us to succeed and be happy, and to make others happy. But people abuse the priveledge to LIVE. In our world today, you are what you look like, and you are who you associate yourself with. If you dont want to grow up to be a success, rich, and prosperous, then act like it. You would all be suprised what you will get in return, if you just stop trying to impress and imitate. I say chalk this up as a lesson to all the other little “Gangsters.” Maybe some good will come from this after all…….

    Oh yea, and you people are retarded for thinking, anything you have read online or seen on TV is reality…….If you want the truth, read the case files. If you did not personally know Trayvon, or Zimmerman for that matter, then just leave it alone. You aint got a dog in this fight!!!

  113. Lashaee Thomas says:


  114. So he steps out of the SUV, follows him, then kills him….. And it was self defense. SMH! WOW!

  115. Jennifer says:

    For all you bunch of racist on here who believe Zimmerman did the right thing. Think about what you are saying. Had it been your 17 yr old brother or cousin or uncle, or grandson, you would have been singing a different tune. Be so quick to pass judgement when your loved one is by your side.

  116. Laughing says:

    stupid little coon thugvon got what he deserved.

  117. Tonebone says:


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