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These 8 Plus Size Swimwear Pieces Are Sexy AF

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  1. Judaea Payne says:

    I got my top from rue107 and bottom from f21

  2. Torrid suits are sooooo hawt!!!

  3. I’m not plus size but I am heavy chested so I will be ordering one!!! Thank you!!

  4. These are hot! I’m a size 2 tho and I HATE the bathing suits in my size honestly! Everything is so skimpy and trashy.

  5. These are niceeeeee. Yasss honey!

  6. Dee says:

    Literally spent hours looking for cute swimsuits for my upcoming trip and came across gabifresh in swimsuits for all and was so happy to see such cute pieces. The plus size fashion industry has really grown throughout the past few years and a lot of its growth is because of these confident woman with voices who have such a great passion for clothing and style. PS I love the direction you took with the blog I’ve been reading since the beginning 🙂

  7. you cant tell me that one with the fringe aint cute as hell!!

  8. vuli says:

    gourgious women,I would like to see more women like this on the runway.

  9. Corine says:

    Asos is where I get my swimsuits. They have bra size swimsuits, which is perfect for me! I have a large bust but when I try to get plus size swimsuits, it doesn’t fit the rest of my body. I really like gabbi fresh designs too

  10. roseinweeds says:

    these r so flattering on these ladies! im high waist swimsuit junkie!! all gals should hv at least 1 of those suits!

  11. Teniese C says:

    Swimsuits for all has flattering swimwear! The worst customer service but they always have sales!

  12. Andrea says:

    I have the 2pc fringe one and I have a 1pc with fringe…..I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

  13. Dee says:

    Great Article! I went out and bought some of these swimsuits!!

  14. Kim says:

    Really love the colours and how you’ve presented the models. Very sexy indeed.

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