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Charlamagne Tha God On How He Balances Being A Husband, Father And Executive Producer

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  1. Yo! Charlamagne Tha God is married? And has children? Wow.

  2. Asha Smith says:

    I agree with showing little girls love and spoiling them. But not to the point in which no man can compare. She may have a hard time dating/ finding a husband due to her fathers. I was and still am a spoiled only child. My father showed me much love but most importantly he showed me how I was supposed to be treated. Should/ told me I had value. But not to the point that I expected men to bow in my presence. There has to be a balance.

  3. Asha Smith says:

    It’s not folks making things harder then they need to be its a personal preference. He felt convicted in his ways. That’s his choice his feelings. He may have been thinking I don’t want my daughters to live this way. Not once did he put anyone down or say this is the right way and there is no other.

  4. Asha Smith says:

    It’s not folks making things harder then they need to be its a personal preference. He felt convicted in his ways. That’s his choice his feelings. He may have been thinking I don’t want my daughters to live this way. Not once did he put anyone down or say this is the right way and there is no other.

  5. Gina Wallace says:

    Asha Smith What’s a personal preference? Giving an honest and educated answer to your children? And I never said anything about putting anyone down or about his convictions, so I don’t know the relevance of your last couple of sentences?

    On another note, that’s something else I find funny, how some people will think how they don’t want their kids to live a certain way, but that’s how they live. Some parents are so hypocritical lol.

    (Not trying to argue, btw. I’m an attorney, so a lot of times my speech comes off as argumentative when I’m really just making conversation lol)

  6. I love Charlamagne! He is so funny to me and I totally understand his thinking and how he moves. You gotta watch and listen to him more to get IT. He is def. in his prime right now

  7. BinkiBianca says:

    I love this article. I’m definitely a fan of Charlemagne. I like that he just says what a lot of regular people feel. He doesn’t kiss a$$ to be in the good graces of artists. He loves his career and his family not industry parties and it shows.

  8. “Love is something you have to witness.” ❤️

  9. Despite the unnecessary comments, I read the whole interview and it was really good. It makes you look at him from a different perspective. I love the comment that he’s letting his daughter be “as strong as she wants.”

  10. Good interview! I like Charlamagne Tha God, everything he says about raising his daughters and being able to empower people is great! I wish him all the best.

  11. He’s the truth ! Everything he said I agree on

  12. I am a huge fan of Charlamagne. Loved the interview. He has grown since his start in radio. I’m happy he is raising his daughters to be strong and independent. I take his statement about spoiling his daughters so no man can compare to mean that they shouldn’t be looking for a man to fill that role. They have a dad and he is raising them to do for themselves. Only man a woman NEEDS is her daddy. The same way my daddy raised me. Kianna Williams Brian Urbs

  13. You did? I knew he had a child… didn’t know about the new one, but i don’t remember him being married. He really keeps them out of the spotlight.

  14. Yep he sure does. When it was said on the radio. I was like oh wow…

  15. Charlemagne saying something positive about a relationship, that’s surprising! Good for him!

  16. He JUST got married in 2015 folks LOL…Y’all aren’t THAT late LOL. Listen to his podcast “the brilliant idiots”….it’s GREAT!!! And u could’ve even found out sooner about his family 😉

  17. Jay Sims says:

    At some time if you truly appreciate the mother of your kids for the love and dedication she gives out to her children and you then you have to marry her.

  18. Babbs says:

    Great interview but I’m giving his responses a side eye since he constantly talks about legalizing polygamy…how he going to explain that to his daughters

  19. Oenz says:

    Although, I have a love/dislike for ‘Cha’, I really enjoyed reading his responses during this interview. The definition of growth and dropping some goodreads’ (he should set up a book club for men).

    I love that he is unapologetically outspoken (he had me tearing up with that Matthew Knowles interview) chuckles just thinking about it.

    Dislike, because he can be rather insensitive about the way he phrases things. He also has more reading to do, as all of us because sometimes his political, societal, and cultural views ….major side eye

    I don’t know what happened btwn him and WW, but it will be nice to see him be part of Hot Topics.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Hilary says:

    I noticed a minor error! It isn’t Don Miguel Louis; it is Don Miguel Ruiz. I love his books. Great article by the way.

  21. Sara Santiah says:

    It’s never about the money, it’s about the bigger picture. Free opportunities open doors.

  22. Keya Devane says:

    I’ve always loved him

  23. I want to thank XoNicole for extending the olive branch(so to speak) to a public figure like CTG. A lot of people hate him(sometimes understandably) but I’m the type of person who loves to gain insight and knowledge from all types of people. Everyone has a story or an opinion we can take something from.

  24. Interesting to say the least…I’m encouraged.

  25. Now, THIS IS AN INSPIRING STORY! Thank you for being one of the few and rare bloggers (especially these days) that insist and consistently strive to set your work and stories at a higher standard than “smut-of-the-hour’ I appreciate this truly!!!!

  26. kiki says:

    Charlemagne is a hypocrite in every sense of the word. How can any woman like him when he disrespects women in such a derogatory
    way especially black women. So he talks about his family in a loving way…who doesnt? Stay woke

  27. And that’s why I love CTG!

  28. Some people simply can’t afford to work for free. It doesn’t make them too ignorant to seize an opportunity. Most people who can afford to intern for free are getting money from their parents or some other benefactor so they can eat.

  29. Gina Marie says:

    Great morning read to be inspired and motivated. Thanks for posting Nicole!

  30. Sophia Hoyte says:

    He does nothing for money, however, he’s “selling out shows”? Sounds contradictory to me. How does he financially support his daughters? or is that mummy’s responsibility? Makes no sense to me.

    1. Sophia Hoyte says:

      When you love what you do, and it brings no financial gain, I don’t care who it is, if you are not a multi millionaire or sitting on a trust fund, you cannot adequately support yourself or your family. I am sure he signs 6 figure and above contracts. What he chooses to do is not fo the average everyday joe. Televangelists do what they do because they “love God” and according to them not for the money, however they are billionaires while their congregation go hungry.

    2. Sophia Hoyte says:

      There is absolutely nothing wrong, but do not give the impression to up and coming pennyless young people that they should work for “Wendy Williams”, e.g, for nothing. I am sure that he had a signed contract somewhere when he did the “Wendy Williams” stint. He makes it sound like he does all his work pro bono. Just like Tyler Perry saying he was homeless while living at his parents, say he was not a home owner not homeless. Anyway, when I can afford to do what I love to do for nothing, I will understand, until then I would love someone tp pay me for what I love to do.

      1. Drappa says:

        great interview

  31. Keandra Ratcliff says:

    The books are by Don Miguel *Ruiz if anyone is interested in reading. Definitely a great way to start off 2016!

  32. Quiana says:

    Great interview. I love him. He is putting in work and it shows. Good inspiration for those who are starting out.

  33. Lauren says:

    I don’t always agree with him, but I always have respected Charlamagne. This interview makes mme respect him even more.

  34. 4thewire says:

    love cthagod….awesome interview

  35. Che says:

    Isn’t he the same person who talked about how he cheated on his girls so many times but he married her I guess

  36. Latesa says:

    I loved reading about this side of Charlamagne. I loved it so much I even just went to Amazon & bought the box set of (3 books) by Don Miguel Ruiz. I also love how he mentioned MANY times how Wendy Williams is the person who gave him the opportunity to really get his start. It’s awesome to see people give recognition to those who have helped them. #Reach1Teach1 #PayItForward

  37. Leslie B. says:

    I am a huge fan of Charlamagne. I know a lot of people think he’s a butthole, which he is lol, but he is also very intelligent. I believe his appearance on the show with Tommi really gave evidence and allowed people to see him in a different light. This article is great in continuing to showing a different side to him. A lot of people are guilty of only seeing famous people at face value for what they portray, but fail to keep in mind that they are people too. There is more to them than what they put out for people to see.

  38. Erika says:

    I’m sorry but Charlamagne is so immature. The stuff he says and his attitude discredits his success. He is extremely talented. I’ll give him that but he’s just embarrassing. I’d never listen to his show in mixed company and forget — not to mention what he posts on social media. Anyway, I’m sure the future has great things in store for him b/c he does seem to work hard.

  39. Erika says:

    Che, I agree. It’s only accepted because he’s a man. If his wife did the same we wouldn’t be congratulating and boosting her for finally settling down. It’s messed up but to each his own.

  40. Britney says:

    What a great interview. I have been watching The Breakfast Club on YouTube for a couple years now and recently watched the interview he did with a young republican lady recently and I was very impressed with his responses. He can be a little mean at times, but this interview most definitely shows another, more positive side. This interview is actually very encouraging for me! Also, I’m glad to add some good books to my list to read this year 🙂 Thanks Zon!

  41. D. Jay says:

    I’m late to the party but some of these comments are ridiculous! Lol. We live in a time where everyone takes everything so personal. What a lot of people have to understand is that “Charlamagne” is a radio personality for “entertaining” purposes. He clowns women a lot because women in this generation do stupid stuff to get clowned about. As a woman I can confidently and unemotionally say that. It doesn’t surprise me that he is a family man and he is very wise to not allow his children to go up on social media. All in all, he’s highly intelligent and if people didn’t wear their emotions on their sleeve, he could be acknowledged for the innovator that he is. So many people dislike him, which is great, that means he is serving his purpose in truth. Salute to Tha God!

  42. love life says:

    C that God can be a jerk at times. But I like how he’s steering his career. A while back Damon dash was on his show talking about the importance of ownership and c tha God took heed to what Damon said. 48 laws, the 50 the law by 50 cent. Secret to success by Napoleon, why we want you rich by Russell Simmons, the Martha rules by Martha Stewart, and the DNA of achievers by mathew knowles are some good business books

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