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Do The Paparazzi Overstep Their Boundaries When Taking Pics of Celebrity Kids?

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  1. Poor baby they need to leave that baby alone

  2. Ali Griff says:

    But they parade her around like a prop so that the paparazzi can get picks of her to keep the West family relevant. I agree, it’s disturbing. Children should be able to be children. Why would you want and allow random men to just photograph your little girl? Sick

  3. im sure thats a milestone in her career disturbing as it is…

  4. Kim probably called the paparazzi & told them where North was going to be

  5. Poor baby looked like she was running for dear life… I think I would have picked her up and not let her have to do all that. I guess the one with her is not a mother or she would have that instinct…

    1. Meka Rose says:

      She was just strolling like she’s taking a walk in the park. Poor baby

  6. Why is the nanny walking so fast? If that’s the case pick the child up!

  7. Her nanny was walking way too fast, she should had pick North up. And, why there wasn’t a security guard with her?

    1. Labella Ray says:

      I said the samething why wouldn’t she carry her smh she prob fired after that

    2. Meka Rose says:

      Right! They planned this

    3. My guess is that the nanny was told to allow North to walk. Makes for better better papp pics.

  8. Why the nanny dragging her?

  9. There’s a limit to everything!!! It’s sad that she already knows when to say “No Pictures”

  10. OMG would yall stfu about her walkin fast clearly the papp are in the damn way what is she suppose to do walk like a turtle smh people always complaining

  11. Kim loves it! She posted pics letting everyone know her daughter was wearing Balmain .

  12. Where was her security

  13. Bianca says:

    That tells me before they got out of the car it was a conversation, North probably new cameras would be there…’s almost as if she was stating “we talked about this and I said no pictures!” Lol!

  14. Nicole Reed says:

    When a small child is saying no pictures, and you keep following and filming, I think you should be arrested. Regardless of who her parents are.

  15. Shoot they probably told her not to pick her up, gotta get a good pic of that cute little outfit lol!

  16. Even at 2 years old she is realizing enough is enough to bad her parents live for it

  17. Roger Smith says:

    They keep her in front of the cameras so much that the photographer probably thought they wouldn’t mind

  18. Kim posted on of the pics and write “my Balmain princess” I’m convinced she called them and she told the nanny not to pick her up so her jacket can be shown.

  19. SistaSoul says:

    So, let me get this straight…

    You wrote an article about how bad it is to take pictures of a little girl, while using (and paying for) said pictures of this little girl and funding the paparazzi responsible for taking the pictures in the first place?

    You’re (blogs are) part of the problem. You can’t on one hand say how ‘wrong’ and ‘disturbing’ it is for these pictures to be taken when sites like this (and others) are the ENTIRE reason this happens.

    This seems very hypocritical, XO staff.

    By using these photos and using North as a headline, you’re not only making money off the child but exploiting her like all the rest. “North West Says No Pictures and We Should Respect It” …so then why aren’t you?

    1. Soraya Joseph says:

      Thank you for expressing your take on the issue @SistaSoul. I don’t know if it is so much as hypocritical as it is “ironic” that there is a post on it. Hypocritical is me turning around and doing the same thing as the photographers by playing the role of an aggressive paparazzo. “Irony” is being open to the idea that I may be a part of the problem by using the images. The same way it’s ironic that you would click into– and contribute to– the views and popularity of the post by commenting on it. Or the views and popularity of said “problematic blogs” overall.

      It’s tricky you know? That thing called irony.

      I’m just trying to use something that already went viral– for free and before me, FYI– to bring awareness to an issue and propose an intelligent question, while sparking a healthy debate. But I digress, mama. Thank you again for expressing your opinion and reading. Appreciate you!

      1. SistaSoul says:

        It would be ‘ironic’ if I were the one raising a fuss about this ‘problem’, however since I’m not the one making the argument (that would be you) I’m free and clear to click into – and contribute to – the popularity of the post. You’re proposing an ‘intelligent question’ as a thinly-veiled attempt to throw shade at Kim & them and call their parenting skills into question.

        There’s an overarching message here — should kids be allowed to be filmed by the paparazzi? Absolutely not. There’s nothing right about it…but you know that. You knew that when this post was written.

        This ‘healthy debate’ and line of questioning could have, and should have, been done more tactfully…instead of using The Kardashians (North) as the poster family for bad celebrity parenting and creating this space for fellow readers to judge and talk about how ‘awful’ The Kardashian family is. I’m not even a Kardashian fan, but sometimes I do think all the judgement is unfair.

        Kids have been stalked by the paparazzi since the dawn of celebrity. MJ had his kids wearing masks. Blue Ivy can’t go to a restaurant without people flashing through the window…yet this post is focused on ‘Kanye’s mini-me’ and ‘North’s comfort level’…before those slight edits were made. But I’m not mad, you (like most gossip blogs) wanted everyone to see these pics & clips of North and found a way. Get those clicks, girl.

        1. Soraya Joseph says:

          @SistaSoul- The fact that you already went into the post assuming I was throwing shade at Kim Kardashian (who couldn’t be any further removed from the topic at hand) already let’s me know that you have your reservations on entertainment “bloggers” and our motives.

          But again– I appreciate you reading and expressing your views for the third time in the post, mama. You take care and stay blessed now.

    2. Sarah says:

      Well this is hilarious. We inherit a lot from our parents. Good and bad. Nori inherits her comfortable lavish lifestyle while she also inherits the constant press attention (which btw built her parents careers). Its terrible but that’s the price.
      And why aren’t people so concerned when Americans, Chinese, Europeans etc come to Africa and take pictures of sick hungry kids there like they’re zoo animals. Kids humiliatingly covered in dirt. I’ll wait…

  20. SistaSoul says:

    I forgot to say, I love the new direction. Just, instead of finding a problem with everything and masking it as a ‘lesson’ or ‘good practice’ try to stay positive. Truly positive. There’s no need to use this platform to throw thinly veiled shade or question other’s parenting (even Kim & Kanye…they’re human) for clicks. You’re better than that.

  21. Jasmin Tapia says:

    Oh well…. Anyway I find it odd that she’s always wearing her ballet shoes in the street. My daughter never wears any of her dance shoes in the street. They’re taught to take care of them. Whatever…. That’s all I got. I’m sleepy.

    1. Yes! Im always thinking this! Ballet shoes are like walking in your bare feet outside!

  22. Poor baby and those grown men think it’s funny, and still filming *sigh*

  23. Helema Lewis says:

    This is disturbing. Poor little girl. Smh all those grown ass men!

  24. Why is she walking so damn fast??? And smiling for the camera all big Hummmm

  25. I SAID NO PICTURES….She is indeed Kanye’s mimi version! Hahahaha! On the real though, at least one bodyguard should be present with North when it’s just her and the nanny! Way too risky! I’m just glad it was the paps following them and not a psychotic fool!

  26. India Allen says:

    Hmm it’s actually extremely disturbing to me.. Becuz these are grown men literally following a child snapping pics. If her parents did call the paps up to do this then that’s disturbing too

  27. Damn, the baby can’t eem go to Ballet class with her Nanny.

  28. This makes me so sad….

  29. If somebody was so concerned with that child she would’ve been picked up, not being made to walk so she can pose for pictures. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are disgusting.

  30. Labi says:

    Her parents are doing this on purpose. They crave attention. Do you notice their is a Kardashian-Jenner news EVERYDAY? Has anyone ever been addicted to a soap opera? There is a correlation. These people have control of the media and are pushing their soap opera on all the Sheeps!!!!!! The Sheeps keep feeding into it and their actions are crazier and crazier. They made this child FOR THIS. So there is no reason to ever ask why.. They are attention slores!

  31. Thought a law was passed against papa and celeb kids

  32. Sarah Lisa says:

    The Kardashians are sick, sick people. This was staged. What kind of mother calls the paparazzi on her own child. Kanye is a damn fool for having children in that family.

  33. Detroit2dallas says:

    I’m not sure I agree with your article, on this one @xonecole . Kids often mimic what they hear from adults and this family has a strange and manipulative relationship with pappoz’s. She was probably only reciting what her grumpy dad, had yelled out. It’s been reported that they will call the paparazzi to make their whereabouts known and they’re known for being photographed. While the bill was passed in California, to protect children, I think it was written so that the paz’s couldn’t do it in a stalking manner. At any rate, the family that loves the camera, selfies, silly shows (about how themselves) and making home movies, can’t pick and choose when/where their pic is snapped. They carved out a life in front of the camera, they must deal with it….

  34. Whatthefuqua says:

    And just like that, Lamar Odom is off the Kardashian headlines…

  35. Blame her Mother for exposing this poor baby to this torture all for fame.

  36. Poor baby. She’s so cute tho

  37. Honestly Kim K n her family are known to pay the paparazzi so idk what to think

  38. We are a sick society…..poor child

  39. Daphne Brown says:

    I couldn’t live following around a child. It’s too much. They need a bodyguard

  40. Mee says:

    Why is the caretaker walking way faster than the kid could?

  41. Asha Smith says:

    You don’t see then paps doing this to Blue. Why??? Because like someone said above she isn’t being used as a child. North is being used to get more attention, more designer clothes, more views. Let her be a child 24/7. They also don’t follow Courtney’s kids around like this either!

  42. People say the nanny should pick her uo, but when celebs carry their children people say they should let them walk….lol irony at its finest!

  43. Tanya Ebule says:

    I think everyone can place a judgement of what is and is not being done the problem is this child is being displayed like an object. Why are they at her class?!? There need to be some laws against the paparazzi and what they can do. She is a child and should not be subjected to this mess.

    1. mom of three says:

      That was my thought as well. Why are there paps outside a child’s ballet studio? If I was a parent, I would be pissed. Kim has had that girl as a prop since birth. She is becoming a bigger pimp then her mother.

  44. aura says:

    I am sure the paps know her dancing school schedule and North’s parents didn’t tip them off. I find this disturbing on many levels. First, how is this safe? The jacket alone is worth thousands and the baby is only with some nanny, no parent or bodyguard. The paps and the public are obsessed with her = Bad. The child herself knows to tell them to back off – they don’t. There are grownass men stalking a baby. Many of them. Look at this from another day – scary, no? There is a bill passed in Cali that prohibits this I believe but it’s not enforced. Celeb’s kids should be left alone no matter what.

  45. Sable Watts says:

    I saw this clip earlier. They need to leave that baby alone.

  46. Nikki Jones says:

    There needs to be a law in place. Kids need to be off limits and there was an article today talking about Blue having too much security. Smh

    1. Kat says:

      I believe there is a law in place. Halle Berry was a big advocate for it after the paps harassed her child at school. smh. But Halle is not in the business of having her child on display like that. This family has to be seen to be successful, not an insult just they and their children are hyper-visible because realistically if they aren’t who would check for them? That’s their claim to fame.

  47. Kim loves all this sh-t, Kanye not so much. If Kim was bothered she would took to social media to show her displeasure. Instead she posted the pic and shouted out the blazer designer. Petty!

  48. all aboout the you know says:

    The kardashians hire the paparazzi, its a known fact! And even diane sawyer confirmed it when she was interviewing caitlyn and analysing their wealth. Paparazzi take their photos, then sell it to blog sites like daily mail and TMZ, and construct articles with it and It keeps them relevant The kardashians end up split profits from the pictures. So please spare me ! I’ve always said that if i was a celebrity and had a child i would act like micheal Jackson and best believe you would never know their identity. The kids would be allowed to go out with their nannies to the park etc… Like what the hell happened to enjoying YOUR OWN KIDS and their childhood and not sharing it with others ! Privacy is everything

  49. Li says:

    North has worn this blazer before and the nanny was carrying her so you can kill the blame Kim theory. The paparazzi also know exactly when North goes to dance so you can kill that theory too.

  50. Li says:

    Kourtney’s kids do get followed like this and at this very dance studio too @asha smith

  51. Wonderboy says:

    You can clearly tell that this was staged !

    1. I’m sure even a Kardashian could sneak out of the house unnoticed if she really wanted to.
    2. The Nanny is not protecting or shielding or holding the child – she’s clearly parading her around to be in the spotlight and to be photographed.
    3. Who dresses their kid up like that to go to Ballet practice… ??

  52. Kat says:

    That child is never going to have the average childhood and her father should have known that as he made the decision to have a child with someone who is famous for being famous like ????? The video and the article both had me like :/ , it doesn’t sound like a baby is being talked about. I don’t think there is a serious concern from her family as this is the family business like this is normal for her. I will say though, one of the other sister has children but you rarely see them as much as her because they’re father is not famous, I would reason.

  53. Nekkid35 says:

    Staged!!! You can’t convince me otherwise. The Kardashians are known for calling paparazzi. Plus, I’m pretty sure this place has a back entry. 2nd, the nanny or whomever was parading her around. Anyone with good sense would have picked this baby up when they saw all the cameras. You sure wouldn’t catch Blue Ivy out there like that.

  54. 4thewire says:


  55. Love says:

    Yet you publish all the “too personal” pics…

  56. rosesplease says:

    I don’t think that the paps were called there to take pictures of that child, thats a little excessive. They clearly follow every single car that leaves the West home and follow them whatever they go to get the best photos. On regards to the nanny walking fast, i think she was just trying to get where she needed to be without anymore pictures being taken. Everyone is saying why didn’t she pick the child up.. I’m not sure if any of you ever tried to pick a 2-3 year old up. They LOVE TO WALK, i have baby cousins that you can’t even try to pick them up cus now they know how to walk/run thats all they love to do. She was probably avoiding a scene trying to carry her. Poor child, enough with the pictures lol

  57. Cris says:

    Totally agree with the first post and that’s exactly what I thought while reading this post .
    Without the papz photos this blog post couldn’t exisit , so yes it is quite contradicting .

  58. kiolahG904 says:

    The kardashians pay the paps. Period.
    If kim and her familyddon’tccare why should we?

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