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Why You Shouldn’t Have To Apologize For Looking Like Yourself

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  1. roseinweeds says:

    i dont gt why she apologized for doing what most women do everyday n why this should b a psa??? i like a good make up beat bt i dont do it everyday. n have yet to give a damn who thgt what abt it! be comfy in ur skin. no one is in charge of ur face bt u.

    1. Circ1984 says:

      But what’s funny is her hair is on fleek… #girlstop lmao smh

      1. Lin says:

        So true, we had to figure that stuff out back in the day and hope for the best lol

        1. Logic says:

          She’s Indian. How is wearing her normal hair “on fleek”? Or is it that Indian hair is by nature “on fleek”?

      2. Lee says:

        @logic I was thinking the same thing. She’s Indian so how is her hair “on fleek” her hair is naturally straight and she just brushed it! Lol.

    2. OMG says:

      My skin feels greater without makeup than with it.. like a relief and I’m glad I don’t wear it

      1. mK. says:

        It’s as if some women want an applause for not wearing makeup. Good for them, but I like a beat face. I don’t wear makeup daily, but when I do, I love it, and when I’m not wearing any, I love that as well because skin care is extremely important to me.

        There’s also this perception that we’re “deceiving” men when we do wear makeup. It’s not my fault or other women’s faults that men can’t figure out that gold eyeshadow or bold red lips aren’t “natural.” I’ve seen memes saying “This is why you take her swimming on the first date”, and I laughed at that because that Urban Decay setting spray is in place anyways so…lol.

        Bottom line, I feel great not wearing makeup and I feel equally great wearing makeup. Do what makes you happy, regardless of what anyone says.

        1. Yasss for the UD setting spray lol. I personally feel like women look down on others too much. Whether those who wear makeup knock those for not wearing any and vice versa, or women knocking those who wear weaves and vice versa to those that don’t…life is too short to not live for yourself. Do as you please.

        2. Coley Cole says:

          I dont wear makeup, and dont want an applause for not doing so.
          HOWEVER I don’t want to be held to the same standards as women who do.
          And there are standards.

          I had a convo with my bf yesterday about how I always feel like I look bland when Im hangin with my girlfriends who are painted, and he said that thats why he chose me — because in an industry where you LITERALLY do not know what someone looks like under their makeup, he does, and it was eye opening.

          And I do feel bad sometimes that I dont look as nice as my friends and then its like girl snap out of it ! Ppl can do whatever they want but remember that we set the scene for those who are coming after us. I didnt wear makeup because my mom didnt wear any and even now I only fill in my eyebrows. (Chinese eyebrows dont be cutting it)

          You see Kylie..

      2. De says:

        The less make up u wear the clearer you skin is . People with make up should apologized for fooling all of us .

      3. Lyla says:

        Yea I noticed that even when my
        Makeup is BANGING, my skin LOOKS and FEELS better without it. Ladies all of this contouring and highlighting is for celebs with photoshoots and drag queens anyway who do not have the natural contours of women. It’s an over-exaggeration anyway when Drag Queens do it. There is no subtlety in that. My suggestion is investing in good skincare and only wearing makeup when needed. You gotta believe that your natural face is beautiful. Plus most girls are covering up the natural highlight and contours of their faces just to draw it back on. Lol.

    3. Tam says:

      She already beat herself up about apologizing and explained well why and how its unwarranted! You still dont get it? Read it through next time.

      I agree 100% with her. I dont wear make up and won’t start. To other women more power to you but you better be ready for the atrocity that is your skin under it!

      1. Joanne says:

        I wear makeup, and trust me, my skin is not an atrocity underneath it. Non makeup wearers want to put down people who wear makeup so bad, even when they say they aren’t

        1. mika says:

          Don’t get mad BC u wear that war paint!!! i have acne sometimes but I’m not gonna put all that s*** on my face! I only wear it for special occasions and Tam just stated her opinion damn!!

        2. Ms.Bri says:

          Dang mika why so hostile. Agreed with joanne

        3. Lee says:

          That statement is not true. I’ve seen a bunch of women with craters, scares, serious hyperpigmentation without makeup. I personally, love wearing makeup and have been told by everyone that I know that I don’t need it; which is why people don’t get it. Some of us who wear makeup its because we actully like doing it, it relaxes us and we like being artistic. It’s not always because our skin is a mess. @Mika you sound crazy as ***k it’s not that serious.

    4. Peaches says:

      I honestly feel sort of deceptive when I have a beat face and people are staring at me because it’s looks pretty.

      Like, dude, I am flawed as f, I have bags and skin issues but that is me. That is why I do not wear a lot of makeup regularly, I wear concealer and may tint my sunblock with my foundation and that is it.

      We are real folks out here not barbies or porcelain dolls.

      I feel better when a man approaches me with no makeup.

      It truly is sorcery.

      1. mika says:

        Yes!!! I love to hear grown men say I have beautiful skin and look young for my age!

      2. Nosey says:

        I do appreciate compliments more when I’m fresh faced. I gave up on makeup…ain’t nobody got time for all that in the morning.

    5. Peaches says:

      This IS an issue and a big one.

      There are high school girls with a beat face nowadays. I was not allowed to wear makeup. They look like full grown women and parents need to monitor that.

      1. Booboo says:

        Yes girl, my mom almost beat my butt in grade school trying to be like my best friend who was white & unfortunately loss her mom at a young age, her dad didn’t know whys aw up & she always wore make up. But yes I only wear make up when I go out, I can not and will not wake up an extra hour early to beat my face for the public! When I have time & feel like it I will but other that naw! & yes I too feel deceptive when I have makeup on and a guy try’s to talk to me lucky for me I met my boyfriend before I even knew how to apply foundation lol

    6. Nina B says:

      Why was my comment deleted? This website is so annoying with that sh-t.

      Anyway, WHAT I SAID WAS,
      I don’t even wear makeup like ever or barely know how to put it on

    7. atikinmai says:

      Honestly wearing makeup everyday becomes a crutch…I used to wear eyeliner on a daily basis and when I didn’t I automatically looked tired but honestly you’re your worst critic…she looks pretty with and w/o and you’d be surprised that people wouldn’t really notice or care unless you’re makeup is over the top and it doesn’t just enhance but makes you look like an entirely different person

    8. Meliciousmelo says:

      You guys are missing the point completely!
      First of all, just because you wear makeup does NOT mean you have “terrible” skin underneath it. I wear BB cream (light foundation), but skin care is VERY important. Skin care is usually very important to makeup lovers because newsflash: you can still see acne under makeup! So you have to make sure you have a “smooth canvas” to work with, or else it looks like you are covering up something.
      Which leads me to my next point, that makeup is suppose to slightly enhance features that you already have, not hide and make you look like a completely different person. Some people go overboard.
      Her message was very positive but of course, people are tearing each other down in this comment section. Smh.
      OAN, you’re supposed to let your skin breath and go barefaced every now & then anyway! Your skin will thank you for it.

    9. EshaB87 says:

      I think what compelled her to apologize is the deception and altered appearance that comes with someone wearing make up all the time. Some people look like a whole other person without the make up. The drastic change from beat face to no make up can be a bit much. It creates a false expectation of beauty that isn’t maintained when the mask that’s worn constantly is removed.

      1. Tete Nico says:

        Honestly, it is a personally choice but when it is 100 degrees out and your foundation is melting and dripping onto your clothes, YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES. Nothing wrong with a little make up but when yall are taking to the streets looking like yall should be at an award show, it screams.SELF ESTEEM ISSUES.

  2. Chellz15 says:

    I only wear makeup on the weekend. I do feel bare without it, but my unbothered game is strong. I’m a nurse and beat face would look rather wierd. I do feel some women over due it. Like 5 layers of different foundations is too much. That only goods in dark. In the light it looks rather clownish. To each it’s own though.

    1. Nina B says:

      Lol right. I never wear makeup. Lol like ever. I barely know how to put it on 🙁

      1. Toni says:

        Thought I was the only 1. I am 29 and I have only had 2 full face make up sessions ever in the last year. I do plan to wear more one day once I learn to apply it Lol. Hubby hates me in makeup smh.

        1. Booboo says:

          I also only wear make up on the weekends but I can’t lie I’m bothered when I’m at a event where you dress up and lady’s don’t complete the look with some make up, it just looks incomplete like if they didn’t do their hair, but other than that do you lol .

      2. Peaches says:

        I used to be like that, I wish I could get back to that.

        The absolute most I would wear was concealer and some eye shadow and tinted lip gloss.

        YouTube has corrupted me. I had no idea I could hide ever single thing until I started watching tutorials. I also had no idea that the women I knew had all that makeup on.

        It’s cool though, I don’t knock it.

      3. Peaches says:

        Actually working on getting my face together with skin care products so I don’t feel like I have to wear concealer either 🙂

      4. Panty Raid says:

        My makeup is Carmax. And I don’t feel bad about it. Every now and then I’ll wear mascara and a light pink lip, but that’s about it. My cousins are always trying to come at me with makeup. I have nothing against it, i just think I look better without it. The girls today over do it. Talking about a “natural face” with ten pounds of makeup. Scratch their nose and finger nails would be dirty as heck. No ma’am y’all can keep that. These new eyebrows is not the business either.

        1. TrueBeauty says:

          Shoutout to all the ladies on here who understand women shouldn’t be shamed for not wearing makeup the same way they shouldn’t be shamed for liking to wear it! Makeup should be for fun, same as fashion. Your value comes from within! I recently have been getting into makeup because I used to work at Ulta but this year alone I’ve made it a point to take better care of my skin and purchase better products. My skin has never looked better and I DO NOT wear makeup everyday to work nor do I feel ashamed. I might look a little more tired but that’s it and I’m cool with that. I have days where I love my skin bare and days where a contour, some eyeshadow, eyebrows on fleek and a damn good lipstick make me feel like a million bucks and there ain’t nothing wrong with gettin prettied up or feeling good about me. I encourage you ladies to be kind and remember beauty is more than skin deep. Love what Keri Hilson said too she’s very right girls these days have a lot of help thanks to YouTube. Makeup is an art that must be practiced but I think she looks so pretty she’s gorgeous regardless. And happy Friday yall!

  3. Sin says:

    Ladies, do whatever the *bleep* you want!! <3

    1. AH says:

      This. Don’t apologize for not wearing makeup, and don’t apologize for wearing a face full of it if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. I honestly don’t think it matters either way. To each his or her own.

      1. naijababe says:

        Exactly, i wear makeup when i feel like it, which is not all the time and most time like at work i dont, because i dont feel like being careful not to stain my clothes. To me, you can still look a hot mess without makeup, a hot mess consists of several things beside makeup e.g how you dress for certain occasions.

      2. Jasmine says:

        Exactly. If people feel more comfortable in makeup, then so be it. the same way people go to the gym, get haircuts, shop for nice clothes, I wear makeup because I like it and I look great with it *shrugs* but I agree that we shouldn’t have to apologize for our bare faces. I tend to do that a lot but that’s my own insecurity. Something we all have..

  4. Jaimi says:

    Necole, thank you for featuring Superwoman!! And I agree with her. I wear makeup basically everyday because I go to work, and on weekends I want to go out and do something fun, however I do feel super cute without makeup, but i LOVE adding a bomb beat to my face.

  5. BrazilianBeauty says:

    I love Lilly. she is gorgeous.

  6. Shawn says:

    I may not apologize to others but if I happen to look in the mirror on a day when I am wearing nothing I do say to myself “Girl you look dry as a rice cake” LOL. At bare minimum I do like to at least have my brows on, some gloss and fabulous sunglasses but that’s just a personal preference on how I like to look and feel. It has nothing to do with the pressures of society to look “perfect” all the time. Another thing is that I do NOT want to run into an ex (or future prospect) looking like I just rolled out of bed and walked out the door LMAO!! I can do without makeup but I like my makeup accents :-).

  7. Cee says:

    This is pathetic. Find real issues to *itch about. It’s not revolutionary to not wear makeup, plenty of women do it everyday just fine. The world isn’t all Instagram models, celebrities, and video vixens. The world is mostly comprised of hard working women who don’t have time to set aside an hour and half for hair and makeup.

    1. K. Nichole says:

      I think the whole point is to tell women it’s OK not to wear makeup because society is pushing us so far from our true selves. Women like the one featured are held to a certain standard of looks. Some women literally can’t live without it. I did a walk with my friend and she had to have on foundation and outlined or she won’t feel beautiful. This message helps those that feel incomplete without makeup… Not the ones that can go without makeup daily.

  8. tash says:

    I am super into makeup and I have a beauty blog, I only wear makeup Friday and Saturday because…time lol. She brings up a good point, though I never feel like I am a hot mess without makeup I do slightly feel less girly…and basic smh.

  9. Love her. She did some nose job

    1. Contouring can give the illusion of a nose job…I do it all the time because I don’t have a good nose bridge so I create one through contouring.

  10. Dolce Lejla says:

    Lol me too! Haha love it ?

  11. Dana Rann says:

    she is so right about that! lol

  12. I remember those clips! Stayed with more than a few. Can’t forget about the chop sticks too lol. Those were the days..

    1. Yessss those chopsticks were EVERYTHING with that lip smackers roll-on gloss ???

    2. Yessss! Lord knows I wish we could go back to the simple & good life!

  13. Ive been foundation/makeup free for a few weeks now and LOVING it.❤❤❤

    1. meeee tooooop i didnt think i would but it’s amazing !w and with the use oc coconut oil every day ,its clearing what my blemishes right up

    2. My blemishes are fading naturally which is so funny because i tried everything to make em go away.

      I do have to get more coconut oil to keep hydration.

      Stay BEautifully blessed!

    3. I know it’s a cleanser…it keeps things from building up…and it has great healing properties for scars.

  14. Jaee Massey says:

    If this was a tomboy trying she sure didn’t have to try hard. Damn Keri looks good.!

  15. Nash Wanjau says:

    I had lip gloss.. Wasn’t allowed to wear make up.. 🙂

  16. Lizzy Maarie says:

    The way she looks now makes up for it , she’s gorg!

  17. Mesha Bryant says:

    Lol.@.. #sleptlikereginaking

  18. She was always pretty ! #MsKeriBaby

  19. Amy Nze says:

    absolutely love this article

  20. Omg, she just brought me straight back to 1998 with this picture lol Butterfly clips, chop sticks, camouflage, and swoop bangs like Aaliyah. Those were the days 🙂

  21. When you’re as naturally beautiful as Keri you don’t need to worry about any of that. Absolutely gorgeous then and now

  22. Deva says:

    Valid points made. I have too many girlfriends who won’t leave the house until their makeup is right despite the fact that they have amazing skin. I have horrible skin and should be wearing makeup but I refuse.

    1. I just cannot understand all the crap people give her. Sad.

  23. LuluBubu says:

    Roll-on lipgloss was the sh!t back in the 90’s….oooh how I miss that decade!!!!

  24. Tam says:

    Much love to women who love being Natural. I love EXACTLY how I am. My big pores and all…

  25. I’ve been bare faced for years, I save make up for when I go out

  26. nickityknack says:

    It’s a choice. Some days I do a five minute face…Other days nada. When I’m feeling myself. ..It’s MAC time baby….Full face and all. My hubby hates makeup but I love it. It’s about me loving the skin I’m in so whatever works for me and my inner being is all that ultimately matters.

  27. I don’t know what pressure society is putting on women. I honestly don’t pay any attention to that. I rarely wear makeup unless I am going out somewhere nice. I think I look nice without makeup. But don’t get me wrong I love watching makeup tutorials and all that. Women should wear whatever makes them feel good. Who cares

  28. OSHH says:

    I don’t wear lots of make up nor do I rely on it.
    The most I do it is mascara eyeliner and a lippie..that is beat as my face gets.

  29. Sade Bellamy says:

    I was in the 8th in 1998 and you couldn’t tell us nothing. From butterfly clips to pagers we were the shit. Say what you want about our style but we were still “teenagers” and some our mamas wasn’t having it. If you’re mother never told you “That’s too grown take that off” you won’t get it and probably too young. I don’t think this was a tomboy trying that’s just how people dressed

  30. Them clips to hold down that bang tho lol

  31. She was still pretty

  32. Michelle says:

    The issue is the difference in how y’all look without makeup. Some of y’all need to keep it on.

  33. ???… Soooo true! Still cute though ?

  34. Rachel Faulk says:

    The only thing I do is eyeliner and that is rare. I never where makeup don’t even know where to begin. Lol

  35. Wow! I used to use 100 of those hair clips in my hair, part down the middle and clips on the side lol. Also used lip liner and roll on gloss from the Korean store lol 1996-1997 ish

  36. He Cooked Me Breakfast and Then Dropped Me Off At the Clinic says:

    Keri took it back with the roll-on gloss had that in every flavor. I’m 25 and I barely know how to put on makeup, don’t have time or money to be wasting watching all those tutorials on youtube.

    1. BrooklynHippie says:

      She really did with the lip liner and gloss action lmao.

  37. BrooklynHippie says:

    I love makeup don’t get me wrong but to be honest, I hate putting it on! Then just thinking about removing all that makeup feels overwhelming. Also, let’s not forget about sleeping with it on too oh gosh, you will end up with 5 pimples and white heads but, idc how I look for work I’m at work plain face don’t have nobody to impress so yeah lol

    1. BrooklynHippie says:

      Oh yeah and I look 16 without makeup on. Once I “beat” my face, my age bumps up to about 25-30 lol

    2. K. Nichole says:

      Exactly. I have white linens and mostly wear white… It’s always such a Hassel to keep it off of stuff.

  38. SummerSKYE says:

    Whts true is that back in the day women were real natural beauties….no make up or very little…becausee a face full of make up was for prostitues..hookers…call girls…
    These women today look like prostitutes…

    The only way im wearing all of that stuff is if im getting paid to do so……all that time and effort and money for a man who doesnt care about that anyways…smh..
    The focus should b on maintaining that healthy youthful glow we have as teenagers…..so pretty so fresh so new……then we kill that by wearing paint on our faces …covering up exactly what we need to work on if we are going to be happy…our natural beauty…

  39. Every girl has a pic with like this… With the hair clip and the lip liner lol

  40. Bare faced at all times. I am simply me don’t like it oh well.

  41. I just screamed!!! Ignat

  42. I myself believe in true beauty. I’ve worn makeup before but its not for me. Also packing on makeup ruins ur skin after while. 25 years old with a 1 yr old and a have used make up since 16

  43. Chelia King says:

    Yasssss Keri! Love it

  44. I can’t do it! Not all of us are naturally beautiful and I accept this fact and have MARRIED MAC! ? lol

  45. Allynn Diaz says:

    My brows are all I really care about. I only wear makeup for special occasions.

  46. Make up is worn only when I go out… other than that eyebrows and eye liner are on fleek… and that’s half the time when I do remember

  47. I’m 23 years old I don’t listen to how society says I should look or wear

  48. Nneka Taylor says:

    That’s what you think then why you want your brows on fleek and wear make up? When make up is what society says women need to be beautiful. Not saying it’s a bad thing just saying that’s following society’s standards.

  49. I go bare face 98 percent of the time.

  50. I love being make up free during the week. Weekends are my glam days

  51. The clip ??? loved those

  52. ummmmm ok says:

    I agree. We are living in a day where if someone wears their natural look they aren’t considered beautiful. It’s really sad and to me (my opinion) it shows insecurity. I never wear makeup (well maybe chapstick) I compliments saying I look like I’m a teenager. The girls I went to hs with looks horrid w/o makeup. Once you become dependant on makeup it changes your natural beauty. I have had the same thing of MAC makeup for like 4 years.

  53. I’m not. Lmao I barely get my eyebrows done. I can count on my hands how many times I had them done. As a lady I’m not going anywhere looking raggedy. I keep myself looking clean. I only wore a face full of make 2 times. I don’t follow society I could careless. I don’t need “society” to tell me I’m beautiful or none of that I’m a confident young adult.

  54. YellowMood says:

    The funny thing is I receive more compliments when I am make-up free

  55. She was still beautiful.

  56. She is & was so pretty! #PrettyGirlsRock

  57. My daughter loves this “Superwoman “! She never misses her videos on YouTube. I am an Avon Lady and she has access to a lot of makeup; However, I am teaching her to care for her skin so that she won’t feel like she “needs makeup. ” Tell your girls that they are beautiful the way you brought them into this world. #Ivegotgoodgenes #GoodDNA #shegetsitfromherMama

  58. I ve been make free for a very long time and I don’t apologize for shit.

  59. Rae says:

    Funny coming from a woman who has an almost perfectly even skin. She just has beareble dark circles.
    I agree that make up is used to look better but can make skin condition worst. Yet i can’t get out without foundation even on weekends. My make-up is a 15 mn routine. Dark spots over exposed? I would feel so sloppy.

  60. Stacy says:


    I do not leave the house without my lip gloss, a little foundation and my eyebrows filled in. However, I look fine without makeup and don’t feel insecure without it. I just dont feel as pulled together. A good brand makeup will not mess up your skin. In fact, it will help (especially one with an spf)…as long as you wash it out properly afterwards and eat right overall, your skin will be fine.

    1. Rae says:

      I agree.
      Skin care and adequate diet is a must.
      But you also have to consider pollution, hormonal balance and the skin’s level of sensitivity, even when you use the safest mineral based products…

    2. justmeeeee says:

      Soooo TRUE
      I fill in my eyebrows religiously BUT people always think that I have on foundation because my skin care AM and PM routine is serious. I have good genes ( Thank God) but u also love rocking a nude lip with a hint of gold shimmer.

      The key is to Look like you are wearing make-up when you are not!

      I don’t knock any woman’s make up choices… whether you do a little, more than a little OR a lot. Because it’s about being and getting more comfortable with YOU.

      On most days it takes me 5 minutes max BUT when I’m feeling artistic…15 min.

      Say what you want BUT guys like it but more importantly I like highlighting my best features while down playing others too Balance Out My Pretty:)


  61. Ladylike says:

    Makeup is a fake face. I prefer my real face.

  62. Ladyluck26 says:

    Do what makes you happy. If wearing makeup makes you happy then go for it, and if it don’t then don’t wear it. People who don’t wear makeup shouldn’t condemn ppl who do, and ppl who keep their face beat shouldn’t condemn women who don’t. Everyone wants to give advice like we all subscribed to some self-help class of theirs. Like I mentioned before everything you learn isn’t for everyone to hear we hear it enough already. To makeup or not to makeup isn’t a coming of age enlightenment it’s 2015 people are changing genders.

  63. Barefaced 100 percent of the time. I just cant with make up… But i always watch tutorials for the transformations lol. A lot of talented makeup artists out there!

  64. Ladyluck26 says:

    And yes I’m aware ppl have been changing genders before 2015

  65. Na Talia says:

    Word #TeamNoMakeUp

  66. Skyy says:

    I used to ALWAYS wear makeup because I sing professionally. I got into the habit of always trying to keep a beat face so ppl wouldn’t catch me slipping. I took a break from performing as much to focus on studio and I recently realized that I barely wear makeup anymore. I think my boyfriend has seen my face beat about 5 times at max and we’ve been dating a year. I actually got lashes done for a photoshoot and he was like “you’re always beautiful but I think you look best natural”. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our natural selves! Makeup is to enhance!!! But we all have undeniable beauty beneath the foundation:-)

  67. Tina Jackson says:

    Naturally beautiful!

  68. ❤️❤️❤️ This! My skin has improved 1,000 fold since going makeup free 2.5 years ago! I use to believe I wasn’t pretty enough to leave the house without it but my husband confessed he did not like the makeup..not the look of it or the taste of lipstick/liner (and I was good at applying). I bravely abandoned it and now I love my natural look ☺️

  69. Shaye Rich says:

    I’ve never worn make up, Just lipstick or lip gloss.

  70. Nash Wanjau says:

    I wear make up only if am going out.

  71. I need to work on my skin (hyperpigmentation) before I feel comfortable going make up free 🙁

    1. ihatefoundation says:

      i feel u on that! i dont wear lipstick and i have naturally full brows, but the only reason i wear makeup is because of my uneven skin and hyperpigmentation–(you know those brown marks that stay on ur skin after popping a pimple). i would love to go makeup free but im insecure about my skin. i used to have beautiful clear skin in high school (i wish i appreciated it back then).
      i hate the feeling of wearing foundation, it feels like a mask. i have never had a professional facial, might try it to see if it helps with evening out my skin tone.

  72. Jaz says:

    Makeup is an enhancer. The same way we style our hair, we can style our face. I strongly dislike when women feel like it’s a badge of honor because they don’t wear makeup. If you don’t like it, cool more power to you but it DOES NOT make you better. I love makeup and I love skincare. It’s absolutely nothing wrong with being BEAT. ??

    1. ihatefoundation says:

      true. the only reason why most of these women DONT wear makeup is because they simply dont know how to apply it. If they knew how they would wear it and lets face it, most of these women NEED the makeup LOL.

      1. K. Nichole says:

        Wow… Hateful and mean. A lot of women don’t wear makeup because the feeling of it is horrible and it is simply too much for a daytime look for many people. Makeup is just as damaging to skin as too much sun. I hate the feeling of having on too much makeup and I love my freckles, but I apply it extremely well that my friends come over for me to do theirs. Applying makeup is not hard. If someone were to wear it… They would learn as you have.

  73. Neena says:

    I’m trying my best to lay off the heavy make up trend. I’ve been wearing make up for years but now it’s the sheer obsession about “beat faces” freaks me out. i liked the message of The video. Kudos

    1. Lyla says:

      The funny thing is that ALL of these women now look exactly the same with these “BEAT” faces and long weaves and the ombré and bodycon dresses. They’re manufacturing themselves over and over and over again. It’s very weird.

      1. K. Nichole says:

        The transformations are appalling. I would never not want to look like myself. I hate the bridge of my noise, but that is about it. My skin gets blotchy red sometimes… Loose powder foundation. All that cake is overwhelming for me, but if these women can tolerate it power to them.

  74. Mcluvin says:

    For the life of me I have never been able to apply make up, for the couple of times I did try I’m pretty sure I looked like a drag queen. But I’m pretty low maintenance in general, I don’t rock weaves. fake nails or lashes. I couldn’t do the make up thing every day. Most days I lip balm it up. I’m blessed to have a pretty nice bone structure & I use rose hip nightly on my face to keep my skin clear, glowing & rosy. Don’t buy into to that make up non sense, it’s an expensive habit & read the ingredients most times it’s toxic stuff. Women shouldn’t have to apologize for not wearing makeup. It’s a woman’s world!!

  75. Serialcommentreadee says:

    I love how the women who claim to be soo confident and not need makeup need to validate their looks without make by making sure to add that their hubby, boyfriend, or a stranger tells them how beautiful they are with a bare face.

    I say just do what makes you happy and always love yourself!

  76. rudym says:

    In your browsers enter


    Spread the word spread the life style

  77. Candy says:

    I’m not a fan of makeup I can’t wake up and put my face on everyday I’m happy with the one god gave me..honestly I think those drawed on browse look a Damn mess..

  78. Jen says:

    I won’t lie, I hate my skin. It has blemishes, and dark spots and it isn’t even. I haven’t been able to afford a great dermatologist as yet, therefore make up has done the trick. I don’t go all contouring on my face, however I do use two layers of foundation and my mascara, blush and lipstick everyday plus I work for a cosmetics company.

    However she is quite right, and I feel the same sentiments as her. Hopefully once I can get a good dermatologist and fix my skin I will be more confident going out without wearing make up everyday. But till then, I will stick to my paint.

    1. K. Nichole says:

      You don’tneed a ddermatologist. All they’ll give you is chemicals. Find a regiment for your eexact issues and stick to it. I have mine down to a science.. Hormonal blemishes I use green tea and an oil-free conditioner. Anything on my forehead comes from my hair being dirty so I just use a good astringent, toner and hold off on the moisturizer in that area. It takes work just like with natural hair, but you can do it. Just have to stick to finding what works.

  79. Orgasm Blush says:

    I hate the I wear makeup vs I don’t wear makeup. Me personally I feel like I’m too grown to be just wearing Chapstick to go out. I’m a lipstick girl lol. My lips are too full to be bare lol. But people who condemn the whole makeup thing, telling girls or women to be themselves, try being a woman with marks, acne, hyper pigmentation, etc. This woman has been getting made fun of since forever and when she finally finds something (makeup) that makes her feel more secure, people want to tear her down. I’m not that woman but I know A LOT of women that go through that. Sure you can tell her to be secure with herself and love herself but when people have constantly been giving you shit for what you can’t help, it’s hard. Bottomline, if you feel comfortable wearing no make up, good for you. If you feel comfortable all dolled up, then good for you too. Different strokes for different folks. Live your life and let others live there’s.

  80. CarolinaGal says:

    I wear makeup, but not everyday. Before I found the right product that compliments my flaws was when I then realized, this is just makeup. I don’t necessarily need it to make myself feel better. I suffer from adult acne, as we all may encountered in our early/late 20’s. I use to feel so insecure seeing women that have clear skin that I would literally isolate myself from the public eye. People would look at me and think I were sick because of my skin. When it’s my own fault for digging in my skin, popping my zits and pimples that could’ve been healed by washing and moisturizing my face. I did learn that most of the women in my family, on my mother’s side also have this experience with their skin. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “I am Beautiful. My skin may have scars and blemishes, but my glow is from within” I continued saying this everyday and it has help me tremendously. I’m more confident going places just as my natural self..no makeup. I may put on eye shadow or mascara just to bring out some structure, but i don’t put on any foundation. There’s not a routine I stick to when I decide to wear makeup/foundation. I just wear it when I feel like it basically,lol. But I didn’t watch the video..however the message I could relate to.

    1. K. Nichole says:

      Don’t feel bad… I’m destined to have acne all of my life. My father had it bad as a teen. My mother has had it badly as an adult since shortly before turning 30. Skin care has been my life since 12… Exhausting, but I pretty much have it down to a science based on my cycle, how clean my hair is, what I eat, the best outside, etc.

  81. kali says:

    ok people who clown people for wearing makeup often A.don’t know how to apply it well and B. don’t look good WITH it…yes some people don’t wear it well and are bitter…i look good with both now because i invested in good skincare…that’s most important ladies

  82. K. Nichole says:

    I stopped wearing makeup because I don’t to look like a zombie. Some days my skin is so free from imperfections people assume that I have one makeup. I don’t have to work about dark eyes or paleness from a lack of sunlight. Tyra banks and Kim K without makeup scared me to making a lifestyle change.

    I still have an extensive MAC stash for going out, pictures and doing my eyes daily.

    1. K. Nichole says:

      Major typos ?

  83. SooBitchie says:

    Yes good ?? cause chicks be getting beat to go shop in forever 21 lol

  84. LA Reid says:

    With all due respect Lilly , you can get it with or without make-up so no worries , babygirl. I’m just saying..LOL!

  85. Mya says:

    I watch tutorials on Youtube pretty often and I do often see women start off their video apologizing for not wearing makeup if they aren’t. It always bothered me that they felt the need to say sorry, so I am glad someone is speaking up and spreading some sense.

  86. Naima says:

    Concealer is life. Dark circles are the devil. The rest is just for play and I can do without but concealer? Nope. Yeah I need that

  87. EmpressSC says:

    I don’t wear makeup and I always get compliments but my skin is always clear and pretty which is one of the things I like about myself. I never judge women who wear it. I do not understand this hate between us. Is it because we are all trying to be what men like so there is competition. I love both sides beat and non beat faces. The only thing about beat faces is that be comfortable without that faces because it’s not all you. The make-up did a wonderful job. No shade. I think men have judged makeup wearers and it causes this battle between women who do and don’t wear makeup. Let it go. If you are comfortable do you ladies. Beauty is in both, beauty is in all complexion, beauty is in all sizes and ages and races.

    Uplift one another instead of being catty.

  88. She looks the same. The lighting in the natural pic just doesn’t highlight her chocolate skin tone

  89. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    It really should be not headlines if a celebrity takes off their makeup and post a picture. As far as Keke’s picture from the minute I looked at it, it wasn’t her lack of makeup that caught my attention it was the boob exposure just to reveal her tan lines. I had to read her caption to understand her pose but I was still like “but why and for what?”

    1. LoudestWhisper19 says:

      not be*

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