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Magic Johnson’s Son EJ Johnson Shares His Weight Loss Journey

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  1. Shawn says:

    I absolutely adore how supportive his dad is to him no matter what. I am sure Cookie be right there to but there’s something about the bond between a man and his son that tugs at my heart strings. LOL. EJ looks really good! Glad to see he is working on a healthier lifestyle. He also looks fabulous as always. 🙂

    1. someone stole my name says:

      ok Good for you EJ but now that you have lost weight you can buy clothes in your new size

      1. Anonymous010 says:

        He looks fabulous!

    2. hopeaa says:

      Shawn, I couldn’t agree more. Magic is such an amazing father and it so refreshing to see how supportive he is of his son.
      And I’m pretty sure EJ is enjoying the other perks of buying new clothes.

  2. chacha says:


    He has to be feeling good about himself and accomplished.

    1. YODA says:

      I just love how supportive Magic Johnson is of EJ’s life choices.

      1. yupswp says:

        Lol im.confused at why yu got thumbs down. Anyways, though I don’t agree with weight loss surgeries because of the risks that accompanies it, I am.happy for young Ej! Nothing feels better than gaining confidence in yourself, so if he likes it, that’s all that matters.

        1. Chichaze says:

          Teaching his son to be even more lazy…Hope he understands how much work it’s going to take to keep it off?!

        2. Carida says:

          I know I may get thumbed down but my brother died at the age of 36 yrs old from a gastric bypass surgery. He did everything right & still died from a blood clot almost 2 weeks after the procedure. I’m so angry that the doctors kept pushing him to do this even though they knew he was cutting back & trying to lose weight on his own. He was basically healthy aside from being obese & high blood pressure that he took meds to control. When he died a part of me died too. These surgeries can effect the family in major ways because you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. The best thing to do is eat right & exercise. Even acupuncture has helped a lot of people with obesity. I do wish EJ the best of luck because it was the decision he felt was right for him.
          Sorry for the long essay.

  3. miss thing says:

    random but, I would watch fashion police if EJ was hosting it

    1. KettleNic says:

      Now that you said it, I probably would too. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up on Fashion Queens.

      1. YODA says:

        My vote would be a duo EJ & Wanda Sikes, get rid of kelly but i’d keep guiliana

        1. stacy says:

          @YODA actually, that literally sounds like the most annoying show ever.

    2. Heffa Say What says:

      I would too but Wendy Williams said that Nene Leakes got the job.

      1. silverhgma says:

        Then I won’t be watching. Throughout the course of the series I really have felt that Nene’s personality has either declined, or she is revealing her ‘true nature’. It may only be on camera, not in real life (because I don’t know her), but she just seems to lack humility. Like she has always known she should be better than others, and not that she is, everyone should recognize her as such…like her celebrity is revenge against people who did her wrong, not as a trophy to shine on others with….If that makes sense.

        1. MercifulLove says:

          Maybe…but Nene stays booked….or so it seems…….ijs

        2. Krissy says:

          Exactly!!, on point.

      2. lovefaces says:

        If Nene is hosting, I won’t be watching! I miss you Joan!

  4. DarkEmpress says:

    Andre Leon Talley must be his fairy godmother!

  5. Don't Shoot Me says:

    Wait, he had gastric bypass and were celebrating because he took the easy way? I’m sorry, he wasn’t even that big before. He could have went the old fashion route. #SpoiledRichKids

    1. anon says:

      Your ignorance is really sad. Not everybody can loose weight so easy, when your stomach is twice its normal size you cant just eat healthy and exercise and loose weight. The EASY way out would be lipo and a tummy tuck. Unless your his physician and know his reasons for having to go this route congrats is all thats necessary

      1. Please!! says:

        OH please!! the people on the biggest loser lose weight without the surgery and most of them were way bigger than EJ, stop making excuses for him being too fat and lazy to get up and exercise! I agree with @ Don’t Shoot Me.

    2. Jolene says:

      If you were wealthy and had kids I’m sure you would spoil them too. Get over it folks

    3. unfilteredtruth says:

      So we shame people for being fat and we shame them for losing weight…through gastric bypass? Make up your mind society on what you want to be an a**hole about.

    4. Diva says:

      First off he had gastric sleeve not a gastric bypass there is a difference.It’s a tool not a magic pill and damn sure not a easy way out educate yourself before speaking on things.

  6. CallMeCrazy says:

    I love that in all of this Magic Johnson is supporting his son, it’s rare for a father to support their son being gay, wanting surgery and dressing feminine.

    1. Please!! says:

      its because they are Rich and Magic has no choice but to support him, hell his family supported him when he contracted his disease.

  7. Honesty says:

    I wish ya’ll would stop trying to make him “happen.” So annoying. Another talentless, spooled, privileged kid thrown in our faces. He has stylists the dress him and he takes pictures… so what?

    1. JOhn says:

      The fact is that he’s interesting. And we like him. Get over yourself.

  8. HUNT CUNTY!!! says:

    A big fabulous queen! Lol I approve! Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a good show too….I’m glad he choose a healthier lifestyle choice now if we could just get Gabby S. On the same tip it be golden! 🙂

  9. Chels says:

    I dnt understand why people encourage this smh

    1. YESISAIDIT says:

      Me either, I don’t get it why it’s such a big deal or why we care, or why people encourage this. Oh well going back to sipping my tea as I read more foolery. 🙂

    2. HoneyDipper says:

      IKR ! There are no good black men on tv lately they are either cross dressing gays or habitual cheaters and woman beaters. Ugh! this is sick. Something is going on with that family. The dad had HIV, the daughter looks weird as hell and looks like a lesbo and the son carries a purse. #WTF

  10. Life says:

    You can accomplish and buy anything with money ! If i had money i would like to reduce my thighs. Am tired of them rubbing each other every time am working and creating painful pimples.

    1. Elle says:

      Not to get all “technical” but most insurance plans and even medicaid cover gastric bypass. You also have to go through mental health evaluations and your doctor has to sign off on it. Not saying his money didn’t help him but you don’t have to be rich to receive weight loss surgery. And i would too reduce these tighs!

    2. Please!! says:

      You don’t need money to reduce your thighs, its called exercise its free! Stop making excuses.

  11. Meg says:

    Good cause he looked like a plum fool trying to pull off high fashion.

  12. Shelly says:

    ej needs to stop trying to make fetch happen

  13. Michelle says:

    he look like an eagle in that pic ready for takeoff

  14. DOTTYSADE says:

    What weight loss he got surgery. I tired of ppl say weight loss. When it what surgery to suck tuck dip skip fat whatever. It not natural. No effort sorry. Had a moment im on my journey to weight loss and hard work no short cut…Ok so he proud he didnt have a problem swiping his black card should swiped a trainer and nutritionist i would with that money lol okay i m done

    1. Elle says:

      Im sorry but where did he indicate he got fat sucked away? He said he had the surgery. He also indicated he still has to work out and eat right. Weight loss is not the same for everyone as our bodies are different. Why be upset because his journey is different. He’s not discrediting yours so why do it to his? And there are insurances that cover the procedure.

  15. DOTTYSADE says:


    1. MercifulLove says:

      But it is weight loss. If you end up weighing less pounds than you did when you started, no matter what method it is that you used …it’s still weight that has been lost…..

    2. Mrs. Gama says:

      It’s weight loss honey. You don’t go in for surgery and wake up 50 pounds lighter. After surgery you still have to diet and exercise in order to lose the weight. I myself had the same surgery 4months ago. It’s only a tool not some miracle surgery that instantly transforms you.

    3. Elle says:

      Well it is weight loss because he lost the weight. They didn’t take the weight the surgery just assisted him. Maybe weight loss assistance surgery would be a better name for it.

  16. Aspen Reneé says:

    Wow, since august?! Good for him!!

  17. I can’t with him. He’s so damn over the top lol

    1. I was just thinking that! ! Lol

    1. Alexis Lewis says:

      YOU have a seat. Don’t come at me ma’am sir. I said NOTHING to nor ABOUT YOU. #CarryOn

    2. no, YOU HAVE A SEAT. ignorance does not live here. so take it elsewhere. besides he looks 10x better than your ugly personality.

    3. Alexis Lewis says:

      Man bye ✌ You gays are HILAR

  18. George Smith says:

    why is this he/she famous? magic should be ashamed of this piece of crap

    1. UH WHY? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED of yourself for the negative comment you made.

    2. George Smith says:

      Why should I be ashamed cause I’m not going along with this nonsense of accepting fruity negros. What so sad this fruit is more accepted in society than a real black man. Black men needs to start acting like men not like women.

    3. yes you should be ashamed! FRUITY NEGROS? wtf? you sound FOOLISH. nothing is sad about EJ. you are sad. nobody told you to go along with anything! and your negative comments are uncalled for. what you define as a “man” is YOUR belief and not everyone’s else’s beliefs. gain some knowledge and learn to co-exist, and then speak because right now you sound like an asinine fool.

    4. George Smith says:

      Gays are against nature and they don’t support the black cause ,so they can fry in hell

    5. Men taking selfies are against nature..negative nancy men are too.

      We are not all knowing and it is not our place to judge the lifestyle of others. God makes no mistakes

    6. Kelsey Stone says:

      George, I understand you anger because yes, homosexuality is more accepted than black culture, but there is a way to still state your opinion without tearing down others.

    7. George is just salty because he can’t grow hair and looks like Little Bill #Oops

    8. Jade says:

      Your ignorance is UNBELIEVABLE. That mirror that you’re looking in, taking that selfie, stare at it hard and try to understand the person you are looking at because it sounds like you have your own demons based off of the hate you’re generating for how someone else chooses to live their life, proudly. Are you mad because your daddy probably won’t accept you? It’s okay, boo. Be free 🙂 *sips tea*

  19. He has no job, he’s a trust fund baby, so he had no time to actually go to a gym, get a trainer, and eat right? It was just easier to get gastric huh? Isnt gastric for the people who have reached their last resort and its medically necessary to get the operation. Sounds like he just got the surgery to look cuter in his jeans. Does he know getting gastric requires lifelong changes? Does he know the risks? Does he know lost of people gain the weight back plus more when they arent following the rules? Its not a magic surgeryI predict the weight will be back on within a year.

    1. Obviously he does obviously he has the funds to do it y wouldn’t he educate himself on such a procedure ????? Y u mad???

    2. No, but obviously you are. I didnt seek you out to reply to my comment so you need to chill

  20. I LOVE EJ!!! He is everything!!

  21. Alexis Lewis your kid’s should ashamed of you on here talking about this man child bye Felicia

    1. nah she just as ignorant. ALEXIS should be ashamed too.

  22. SorryAlexis Lewis. That was for George Smith

  23. George Smith your kid’s should be ashamed of you on here talking about this man’s child bye Felicia

    1. George Smith says:

      Quit following a group that don’t give damn about you. This fruity negro set us back

      1. Keke says:

        I agree.

  24. Always a big goofy CLOWN that Ej

  25. Damn…these negative comments kill me. I mean everyone has a right to their opinion but some are just downright mean.

  26. Yessss, I luv me some E J

  27. I really like EJ! He looks good! I’m a fan of positive people!

  28. Est87 says:

    He irritates me somewhat. I don’t like the way he dresses (most of the time) and I find him overbearing. But I can see where he’d fit in on TV.

  29. Ste Fanie says:

    I need that blazer, Chanel Clutch & pearls. Thank you in advance, EJ!

  30. What is the look the young man is going for?

  31. Man its some real ignorance on this thread, knowing good n well if half yall did the work magic did ud want to spoil ur kids…possessions do not spoil kids, mindframe does. In conclusion, if u posted a negative comment, I’m inclined to believe ur rausing little shits for kids, even without money.

  32. I love him! He’s the reason I watch Rich Kids. EJ is hilarious. He looks great now too.

  33. Something must have piqued ur interest to read the artucle….jealous of his style?!

  34. Be quite George Smith have seats

  35. George stfu. Please with YOUR fruity ass.

  36. Suuzie says:

    So happy he made this decision….now we can see how handsome he is.

  37. I just wish my pop was rich like magic johnson -_-

  38. Good for him and to those making negative comments remember you can NEVER read a RICH BITCH because your WATCHING them STUDYING them CHECKING for them and their not thinking about you #Thatsall do you EJ!

  39. When I see posts that I don’t like, or don’t have an interest in reading, I usually keep scrolling. Anywho, I’m all for positive change. I don’t watch the show he’s on and I know nothing about him but I like to see people doing well!!’ Good for him

  40. George Smith says:

    Gays are using civil rights that blacks died to get for their our agenda. Don’t get mad when real men start putting the little Marys in their place

  41. Kaye McCoy says:

    EJ’s face is contoured for the gods!

  42. Ummm how about the black people who are worried about bullshit and not a way to better our race are setting us back. I don’t see these idiots on Love and Hip Hop promoting family life, and ways to better structure the black community starting with the family. Talking about a man has the right to cheat, and women should accept it? Why don’t we focus on b.s like that and why SOME of our families are torn apart and our children are growing up without mothers and fathers?

  43. George Smith says:

    E promote this foolishness no wonder their rating are so low

  44. Toya Scales says:

    YAAAASSS!! He looks great!!!

  45. Larry Wilcox says:

    These comments are a KI congratulations EJ on the weight loss hope I makes you feel better and you did it for you

  46. Weight loss surgery when his big sorry ass should have stop eating so much and hired a personal trainer. EJ is 6’8 the same height as his father Magic. He has huge feet a men size 18 or 20. the only way he can get those feet in women shoes he will have to get them custom made.

  47. Now take off that dam glitter ,makeup and act like a real man there’s nothing wrong with being gay if that’s who you are but dressing like a clown is another thing.

  48. All the boy needs is good real good —-y.

  49. Nicky says:

    Still looks like a fat fag

  50. Reader says:

    Magic is taller than EJ …

  51. DarkEmpress says:

    I’m happy for him that he lost weight and is living a healthier lifestyle and has the support of his father to be himself. That being said,what I don’t like is people using ‘rich’ as part of their identity especially when they didn’t do anything to accumulate that wealth. Well what defines you beside being a rich kid in Beverly Hills ? What can you say about your character, talents or accomplishments ? Thats the image you should share with the world.

  52. Lese says:

    EJ looks wonderful!! His process was “his” choice. No one else’s. And all those sick comments about the way he chooses to dress & apply make-up? THAT IS ALSO HIS RIGHT!! I’m old enough to be his GrandMothet & I think he looks sensational! I support his choices completely!!

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