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(Watch) A Peek Inside Lance Gross’ Wedding

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  1. Iamro says:

    Lance is a great actor

    1. Femme says:

      How about turning down photo shoots that show your crotch? Stop being hypocritical. How you showcase yourself as a man is going to have just as much effect on her as a human being.

      1. Q.U.E.E.N says:

        What the hell are you talking about? You could always tell Lance was smart and dignified. He’s not sitting out the with his d–k out in the photo shoot, he had his legs slightly open and his arm in the middle. I swear some of yall can’t let anyone live. If his child grows up messed up and it’s pinpointed back to a photo of her dads crotch being out, then I’ll come back and say you were right, but as for now he seems like an amazing father. Especially if you follow him on Instagram, you can just tell he loves those two. Just let people live, damn.

        1. Femme says:

          Smart and dignified? He’s like a 15 year old kid. I liked his comments on being a father but the photo shoot is hypocritical IMO.

        2. VH says:

          Please marry that woman Lance don’t make her a statistic! Oan I like the pics he sure is talented!

        3. Q.U.E.E.N says:

          @Femme ….how? He didn’t even say anything about not doing certain photo shoots. He said he turned down a gig because it was going to take him away and he didn’t want to miss his baby being born. How in any way is that hypocritical? Or did I miss something in the interview?

        4. Lia says:

          I can’t help but think about how Eva lost out

        5. Sleepy One says:

          At times I wonder what’s really going on in other ppl’s lives when they can find a negative in even the most beautiful thing. Its sad! You can tell that his love runs deep for his family, kudos Lance. #fineself

        6. Bertha says:

          VH, she is already a statistic. She is part of the 72% (and rising) of black women having children out of wedlock. They can go on and get married, but for whatever year the kid was born in, the OOW statistics for black women have already been taken down. With that being said, she is currently a “baby mama” because she is not yet his wife. I hope that they go on to marry and raise their family together, but there is no saving the statistics with this one.

      2. Severe Lee says:

        EXACTLY what I was thinking @Femme, when I saw the “turn down certain roles spiel” YET THIS TACKY suggestive photo shoot is fine HUH…LOL

        1. ..... says:

          He meant turning down specific roles because of the location and amount of time he’d be away. Not because of content.

        2. Irma says:

          Before you go off on some tangent, read the article. SMDH

      3. Tam says:

        No parent will ever be perfect in this lifetime. He seems to be an amazing father. His penis isnt out. Hes not grabbing it or tonguing down some woman in a chair. Relax

        1. Annie says:

          Thank you!

      4. Irma says:

        What a ridiculous thing to say, with the way women these days flaunt their nearly naked bodies all over social media. Someone sounds a little bitter or jealous. These pics are sexy but tastefully done. Get a life!

    2. kelly Denise says:

      He definitely is a great actor and seems like he has a great personality to match…and they say nice guys dont finish first.

    3. Ms Gabby Knowles says:

      I admire him. He’s not in it for the money. He enjoys his craft yet understands the importance of family and being a father to his daughter. And the way he proposed.. Awesome!!

    4. LP says:

      Congrats!! I know you can’t believe every thing you see and read when it comes to celebs, but his guy- I just believe him. Eva girl, you really made a big mistake, now look at you. Well every thing that’s suppose to be will be….

      1. Sleepy One says:

        She did and I love Eva, but I’m wondering was she the reason their relationship didn’t work? If so, he’s the one that got away.

    5. k.dot says:

      Lance seems like a great man, but no means is he a GREAT actor. I see almost a hundred actors perform/audition every week he wouldn’t rank among 75% of the talent I come across. His skills as an actor are pedestrian…basic….passible but that’s an improvement from when he first hit the screen so he may grow as an actor. But right now his work is pedestrian and passible, and that coupled with a great attitude and work ethic and handsome face and figure will get a man far in Hollywood.

      1. Q.U.E.E.N says:

        Aries Spears was doing stand up one time and he said he’d want to be an actor but he’s not handsome enough and after that I REALLY started looking at the acting in movies. And I have to admit, as much as I love lances beautiful self, he’s just not a great actor. But like you said it’s his whole package. I just want him to make it because he seems so genuine and like he loves what he does.

      2. Circ1984 says:

        You’ve just described 97% of black Hollywood actors. Majority of them can’t act worth a dayum & heaven forbid you try to tell them to get some acting classes- they quick to yell crab!

    6. Tam says:

      Lance clone yourself and give me him. I will name him Vance….Rebecca and Berkeley are blessed!

  2. Layla says:

    Eva had a respectable, handsome, dignified man… Smh… kudos to Lance

    1. Court says:

      Child, she f-ed a good one up. I’m still salty about that.

      1. just say says:

        They were not meant to be! They were probably in two different places when it came to personal growth and evolution! She was still stuck on thuggish men and Lance was too mature for her. She sure lost a good guy!

      2. Ms Gabby Knowles says:

        Everybody ain’t for everybody. That relationship failed so this one could prosper!

    2. Say What? says:

      I was thinking the same thing. She’s probably super salty right now.

    3. A. says:

      What exactly did she do? I never knew they were ever together but people always make that comment that she messed up. Did she dump him or cheat?

    4. Donny says:

      That’s the thing. Eva is neither dignified or respectful, so that’s probably why they didn’t work out. She’s so hood. I want to college with Becca and she’s so smart and chill.

  3. Coley Cole says:

    Loved seeing him on Greys Anatomy last night.
    Fine as hell !

  4. NooWayHoeSay says:

    Love seeing him on Grey’s Anatomy! Hoping to see him on there some more.

  5. I'm Booked says:

    There’s Nothing Distasteful About These Photo’s, I Swear Some People Just Breathe Negativity! Stop Reaching Cause Your Unhappy In Your Own Life! Anyway I Love Lance, Seems Like a Stand Up Guy, & He’s Great At What He Does!

  6. Ladylike says:

    I want to find a great guy like Lance and you best to believe when I do I will hold on to him.

  7. Vpprinces01 says:

    The way that man speaks of his family and his woman. Beautiful! I couldn’t imagine having the task of carrying a live human in my womb & having the man who put it there mistreat me and not want to support & be 100% in love with the life he created.

  8. Tam says:

    Rebecca keep a vice grip on that man!

    1. Donny says:

      I don’t think she needs to. What they have seems to be true love and respect for each other. We should all be that lucky.

  9. DeeDee says:

    Yes Eva lost out on a beautiful black man who knows what he want in life which is rare especially being a celeb. Eye candy for daysssss 😉

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