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‘Famously Single’ Jessica White Opens Up On Love: ‘I Want A Man Like My Father’

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  1. Lynne says:


  2. Lynne says:

    Just a narcissistic personality disorder! Girl bye!

  3. Ash says:

    I agree with her on asking the universe for one thing accepting everything else. I’m a firm believer that God will send you what you’ve been praying for when you are ready and open to receive it. However, I also believe that he will test you…in the meantime. Just to see how ready you really are. Lol. We just have to be aware what we are wishing/praying for….sometimes we arent mentally ready to handle all that we ask for. In the meantime, work on you self…and someone will fall in love with that work!

  4. I love Jess! She seems like such a flowy, earthly gypsy soul! Best of luck to you ma’am! It can be a struggle, even for the most beautiful of women!

  5. I just don’t understand why all these beautiful black women can’t find / keep a man. All those toothpick Victoria Secret white women KEEP a man. Think Leo….Adam… As beautiful as Naomi is, she has to SETTLE for a married billionaire who won’t divorce his wife. Don’t get me started about Halle. Tyra….look at her. Elise Neal….Taraji….I’m sure all of them will claim…I choose to be alone…WTF-ever. We’re human….if anyone has a choice, they’d choose a life with a spouse.

    1. It’s a choice for some.

  6. Genese John says:

    It truly makes my butt itch when single women get on their soggy soapboxes!

    Naomi (or anyone else for that matter) does NOT “[have] to settle”. She is making a choice. Good, bad- whatever.

    As stated, he’s a billionaire. For all any of us know- she’s about that life.

    It’s interesting how some comments seem to direct the fault towards the women. I highly doubt that Halle, Taraji, etc. have any issue finding/keeping a man- Hell they can afford to pay someone else to find, screen, drug test, FBI polygraph, or anything else that needs to be done to ensure he’s even WORTH keeping.

    What about the trifling men who were raised by trifling mothers who showed them that being treated badly was acceptable? But I digress…

    In the spirit of keeping the discussion to this young lady’s CHOICE…..
    You attract what you are. That’s how the Universe will indeed respond.
    Also, subscribing to any form of ‘Group Think’ about what any woman should do (have a man, get married, have a baby) or have at any “certain point” in her life can lead to depression or worse. Especially if that woman feels less than due to people who preach mess like that!

    Do you have a man?

    Is your relationship perfect?

    Has every man you ever dated been perfect?

    If you can’t truly answer Yes to ALL 3 of those questions…. There is surely something to learn from reading this – other than the “no perpetually single black woman narrative”

    #tuh #geesh

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