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Jennifer Williams Speaks On Evelyn’s New Personality: ‘You Wanna Take That Halloween Costume Off?’

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  1. Rae says:

    Tick Tock . . . Goes the Clock

    1. i'm me who you? says:

      this is going to be the premise of yet another brawl and imma start tuning out like i did bad girls club…not saying im not beat for the drama at times but dont assume that because the viewer continues to watch these ratchet-ass shows that we are all void of any intellect and reasoning and wont get bored wit the same formula and sh!t being spewed without any real ground (like if they beefing they need something to substantiate it especially for evelyn who is going oh-so-hard at Jenn…) can so tell Shaunie’s alliances and she is so not the voice of reason/ neutrality that she tries to portray to be

      1. i'm me who you? says:

        and secondly i do not like the new editions to the show…we people who would stand up to the triumvirate (shaunie, ev and tami) and not be such b!tch-asses in front of them…i know they have strong personalities but there is many of a b!tch who they can not step to like that without being popped…then again no respectable chick will join that cast so oh well!

        1. i'm me who you? says:

          *additions/ *we need

          1. HunE916 says:

            I simply want to know why does Jennifer stay telling Evelyn to get her life and stop talking about her, yet she CONTINUES to talk about Evelyn!? Why not just say, “I’m over that! I’ve got my new business…”

            POT, meet KETTLE!

          2. Just Felt Like Bugging says:

            Real ish…why wont she just shut up? Stop talking about it. Stop letting interviewers get you smacked. If you have issues with someone address the person if its suppose to be your friend. Stop making slick comments and then acting like you dont know why someone has an issue with you afterwards. Just like she couldnt understand why Eric threw a drink BACK at her. Action = reaction. Fake ass broad. Y’all dont like Evelyn…cool. This chick is foul tho. I dont expect anything from strangers but I expect simple respect from my friends. Dont blast me out to the world regardless of whether you agree with my decisions or not. They are both wrong.

          3. C'MON NOW! says:

            They asked her about it.

            Anyway these older women act like children everyone
            can see what’s going on here.

            Tami wants to fit in so she tries hard not to upset
            Evelyn, even when Evelyn is chargin her ass up. Evelyn
            doesn’t want to end up in the hospital so she tries not
            to cross the line too much. Tami is putting her personal
            childhood business on the street to get sympathy from
            viewers because if nobody likes her she can’t get

            Evelyn is like one of the women who have low self
            esteem and can’t be told nothin as soon as they get
            a man, so they act a hot ass mess, and she’ll do
            anything to keep that man so that she can have his
            credit card in her wallet.

            Yes, Jen is bougie and self-centered but whatever.

            That one who’s trying to make a Music career, whatever
            her name is, is trying to capitalize of off connections
            like Kim on RHOA did, even though we know Kims ass
            can’t sing but it brought in a check so she’s begging
            them while tryin to be proud at the same time and its
            a hot ass mess.

            Suzy is messy and she knows it, she thrives off watching
            drama, actually they all do, “peacemaker” my ass. They
            let her get away with stirring the pot because she’s
            white or something, but if one of the black castmates
            do it it’s a problem.

            Shaunie is “motherly” MY ASS. She is in it for the
            ratings and nobody wants to make her mad because they
            know they’ll get kicked off the show. Shaunie is messy
            and she thinks these fools gettin into fights is hilarious.

            Royce is acting, moving on with her career, good for her.
            The fact that almost nobody on the show likes her but she
            managed to stay on, be nearly drama free and still get
            filming checks shows that she’s a smart one. Hope that
            stuff with her baby daddy works out. Tami is different
            around Royce btw and Jen needs to be quiet about giving
            her a makeover…nobody cares. Royce looks fine just
            not good enough for yall fake asses.

            I wish we could see more of the other new girls business,
            she’s clearly just in it for the money. I don’t blame
            her, thousands of dollars to walk around and let someone
            film you.While teachers are struggling for decent healthcare,
            which would you choose to put food on the table? I don’t
            blame her for telling the rest of the caste how to act
            at her charity because most of them have no class,
            throwing wine bottles in restaurants, acting a fool
            at the racetrack? no.

            Anyway we see what’s going on…stop lying in interviews.

          4. C'MON NOW! says:

            Take my comment out of moderation.

          5. Alrighty Then... says:

            Please tell me what else do they have to ask Jen about in interviews? Evelyn, Eric, and… What else is there? The chick is boring. Lucid? lol… no one wants to interview her about her lipgloss line… IJS…

          6. I'm Not A Player....I Just Crush A lot says:

            I hate the way Jen talks, she talk like some stuck down her throat lol im just saying

          7. HunE916 says:

            Why I got hella Thumbs down though!? LMAO!!! Like for, real! If you’re OVER something/somebody you don’t need to talk about it, right? Like Alrighty Then… said, Eve keeps her relevant! She needs to take some tips from Rihanna and learn how to shut an interview DOWN once they get on that bullsh*t! To keep fanning the flames makes her just as “ghetto”. You can put Lucid lip gloss on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

          8. jayrell says:

            Because, she keeps getting asked the same stupid questions.

          9. BRANDNU says:

            @ HUNE916 I agree! I really like Jenn & I always think Evelyn takes it to far. But someone who has never had a fight or does’nt want beef need to shut-up. When you keep running your mouth you have to expect people to confront you about it. & when you KNOW the will confront you, you should really shut-up. I don’t really care for Evelyn like that but I’m starting to feel her on the shit Jenn be doing.

          10. HunE916 says:

            That’s why Eve told her, “You ain’t about this life!” That was hella funny though! Because Jen was trying to fat mouth back like she was Bout It Bout It, like Master P and got BOPPED upside the head with a clutch!

            So how does she expect the sympathy card when she calling someone crazy, angry and to take off their Halloween costume? So when Eve bop her ass again (which I do not condone violence, but then again, I don’t go around rabid dogs with raw meat either), she shouldn’t play the victim

          11. Vote for Obama says:

            How can you not have an opinion about a crazy 30 year old jumping on tables and throwing wine bottles! WTF I believe that heifer is smoking a bad batch. And the worst part Shawnie and Tammy sitting there not even sayin….”girl get your life”.they should be hella ashamed at her. And every time Ev mentions Jen she always mentions that Jen has new friends. Wtf u bad cuz da bitch don’t wanna b seen wid your raggedy ass no more…

          12. Jennifer… Jennifer… Jennifer… all ima say is.. i really feel bad for u… and i all i keep
            thinking is… you need to get some hoodrat friends in your circle if u aint gonna pop
            a bi*tch who smacks you because EVERYTIME I SEE the clip … i have my fingers crossed
            like i wish a biccchhh wouldddd… and get away wit it… wooooooo i get riled up thinking
            about it… Secondly i like Evelyn to an EXTENT but she is ACTING extremely EXTRA
            wit this Jen Situation… and when Tami was about to get that ass, it was all hugs and kisses
            extra quick… I don’t like Kenya.. she is just too much… but Royce and Keisha are my fav’s this
            season.. i even like Tami crazy tail… but as GHETTO as TAMI is.. AT LEAST she will really
            slap the ish outta a bitch with her hands… This season tho she is being an instigator OD THO
            oh yeah s.o tO SHAUNIE who be faking it… like she
            everybody’s friend… smh… i see u girlll

          13. Yokya says:

            Uh because who would want to interview her if she didnt speak
            about it?? Jennifer is a snotty BORE.

          14. debbie says:

            Girl that is so true!! She keep saying that she is over it but yet when she interview she is talking about it!! She too need to keep her mouth shut, because Jennifer got a lot of s— with her too. Talking she come from the SUBURB well people from the suburb also. She is still talking about that situation and she just need to keep her mouth shut also!

        2. YOUR MOM says:



          1. pink says:

            Eveyln is over 40. I wish she will stop telling that lie that she in her 30’s

          2. YOUR MOM says:


          3. WE THE ROSES says:

            Lmfaoo girl you got me rollin’ of here. *dead*
            but you told no lies, Ev know that clock is ticking so she’s making the most out of what little bit of time she has left. smh

          4. WE THE ROSES says:

            *over here

        3. yea says:

          I got a lot of respect for Jen. Stay classy girl. Ev wasn’t going this hard on Tami??? Grow up, you bout to be somebody’s wife!

          1. Firework says:

            I respect Jen but I still think she did Eve wrong with that blog. Eve is acting like a fool for Tv but I can understand why she is mad at Jen. If my own “Homegirl” I have known for 10 years had a whole article on her blog that is dissing me , I would be mad too. And Jen keeps acting like she doesnt understand why Eve is mad. The blog is true, Ur publicist wrote it, then apologize and move on. She doesnt have to be friends again with Eve, but when she was starting her divorce situation Eve was there for her but since Eve got with Chad, she never supported her.
            Even when you don’t approve of sth your friend is doing, You can’t publish it online, at least before you tell them how you feel. So all that innocent talk about “I dont know why she is acting like that” , I don’t buy it Jen: You are messy.

            Same thing happened with the Eric drink throwing, she threw her drink first and he replied by throwing it too. I totally do not approve of what Eric did, but Eve did throw a glass athim first. I don’t buy that innocent talk she is trying to sell.

          2. Just sayin says:

            You feel exactley like I do. Jen was dead wrong. Especially because she had not told Ev those things first. And why isn’t Jen apologizing for what her publicist wrote if it was not her thoghts. She just was talking about somebody admitting when they are wrong but she can’t do it. I would not fool with her if I was Ev but Ev is really being extra. If you don’t like her then don’t deal with her. That bullshit toast was uncalled for. That type behavior is so 12th grade. I am not crazy about Kenya but I really wish she would dust Ev’s boots. Why do you keep baggering her about what she said. Tammi is getting to be so annoying. She’s always talking about someone wanting to be in that raggedy circle and she is so happy her and Ev are friends that it is sickening. When the hell is somebody going to pop that messy as Suzie?

      2. dontmindme says:

        & I bet you Evelyn will bring this up at the reunion to start a fight…She needs some growing up to do!!! (Evelyn I mean)

        1. dontmindme says:

          has some*

        2. Niecy says:

          I agree! I know Evelyn is going to use “You wanna take that Halloween costume off? What’s really going on?” comment as a reason to fight.

    2. WeFoundLove says:

      I just wish Jen would just stop doing interviews about Evelyn PERIOD. I mean, I am not Team Jen and definitely not Team Evelyn, but come on now. If you don’t understand why she’s mad then just leave it at that, and let Evelyn rock the boat. Evelyn just needs to stop acting ratchet all together. And I have no idea why people hype of Evelyn’s attitude when she has yet to throw HANDS. All she does is pick up items and throw them. Therefore, Evelyn is not about that life herself. *SHRUGS*

      1. pink says:

        Like royce stated before “people who throw s*** can’t throw hands”.

        1. Geena says:

          Amen to Royce for saying that because it’s so true. I agree with what Jen said but I don’t trust her she’s been following around Eve for ten years so she knew what kind of horrible person she was. Hell, after watching her for one season I know she wasn’t a good person to hang around. As for Eve she makes me sick and as y’all say I do believe she’s not about that life. I have yet to see her touch anyone she’s just trying up be a Tami copycat. The way Shaunie and Tami baby her on the show is sickening .

          1. Geena says:

            I meant knew instead of know and she’s just trying to be a Tami copycat.

      2. TruthHurts says:

        I can’t so many people especially Evelyn, donot understand the freedoms and privileges of this country…It is not only my constitutional right to freedom of speech…BUT MY DIVINE RIGHT AS A GROWN ASS WOMAN TO SPEAK HOW I FEEL…IT CALLED FREEDOM…Let it ring.
        I can’t stand people who feel like you shouldn’t have an opinion or say anything about them but they can talk about you like a dog.
        Evelyn made a lot of nasty comments about any and everybody as if she’s the Queen of England…only to discover she needs to get hook on phonics. “Youn gotta talk about her 2 bedroom apt”…and want to cry. She sounded like the goon that she is and its sad because she such a pretty woman but tasteless, nasty, histrionic and mean spirited. I agree with “Your Mom” …Ev sold out for Tv… and messed over her best friend for a freaky, nasty, self loathing attention whore…in a minute its all going to bite in the a**.

        1. TruthHurts says:

          Side note: Please excuse my typos. I can’t see how (line 1) who donot understand (2)

    3. Alrighty Then... says:

      Uh oh….everyone knows every time she mentions Evelyn’s name, there is a problem… lol… But on the other hand, no one really wants to know about JEN in particular because she is boring. Hate Evelyn or not, she MAKES BBW’s (and Tami is a close 2nd)…

      As far as not being a fighter – there’s a first time for everything, and that SLAP HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD was the perfect time to start.

      S/N – I wish she would find another word to use besides “ghetto”, she says it way too often…

      1. sin says:

        Being violence is not a guaranteed success story…at some point its gets old and then what??? Not eve Tammy is running to fight everyone now…for instance, LaLa show and braxton family values don’t have physical altercations and their shows get huge ratings…not even Toya and Tiny sho had physical violence and that hoodfab ish was popular….I just think evelyn is choosing the rat route to portray, so tragic, she has potential for so much more!!

        1. sin says:

          *violent* *even*

        2. pink says:

          I evenlyn just acting ratchett bc of money. She probably the highest paid one under shaunie of course. Who ever bring in the most drama gets the most money.

          1. pink says:

            *I believe evelyn*

        3. Sip says:

          Bless thier hearts… even Frankie and Neffe has more class than these angry chicks. And Neffe has the right to be angry. She had a hard azz life.

        4. Alrighty Then... says:

          and I like both of those shows A LOT, we need more diversity! However, the formula for BBW’s is completely different. It’s based in and around drama and will continue to be until the show ends. If you watch BBW’s it’s NOT for intellectual reasons, it’s for the drama. And in that case, Evelyn DOES make the show. ALL of the drama is centered around her in some way. It’s FACT. Not saying I support Evelyn’s antics, but I DO tune in every week to see what she’s gonna do next.

        5. (-_-)(^_^) says:

          Potential for what?

    4. too lazy too think of a clever name says:

      Jennifer voice is mad annoying tho…

      1. BellaMia says:

        Lol it is, and I want to tell her Jen I don’t care if you were raised
        with the Queen herself. If a B#tch smack you in the face you better
        smake her ass back!!! You keep licks from your parents not from hoes and
        defend yourself no matter where you were raised!
        Eve is a cheap dental work cheap broad. All those ballers
        all those years and it aint safe to visit your moms just by
        looking at her crib. Bi#ch worried about what people wearing and
        not where her MOMS live. Girl down roll over play dead you to much for

        1. And Somewhere Drake Is Crying In A Corner... says:

          “You keep licks from your parents not from hoes and
          defend yourself no matter where you were raised!”

          right?! this comment all day!!!!

          i ain’t about that life either but i wish a b**** would just try, just attempt to hit me and like Rochelle from “Everybody Hates Chris” she would have been slapped into next week.
          “Where’s Evelyn?”
          “I slapped her into next week, she’ll be back on Wednesday!”

          the ONLY reason Evelyn and Tami get along is because Tami beat that @$$! maybe if Jennifer and Kenya beat that @$$ she would calm down.

    5. CaliKid says:

      Evelyn claims shes bout that life, but She ain’t about sh*t! The only thing shes about is keeing her legs OPEN!!!!!

      1. Tameka says:

        RIGHT!! I don’t care what anyone says.. I am #TeamJen cause she is GROWN & about her damn business! Evelyn is too damn old for all this nonsense.

        BUT if I was Jen i wouldn’t have been able to let all these people get away with putting their hands on me & disrespecting me.. I’ll have to show that other side and start taggin some ass!! And I BET you Evelyn will find out who really “about that life”

      2. Gem says:

        Evelyn is the main person who ain’t about that life. The situation
        with Kenya was a perfect example wasn’t nothing but space and opportunity and she acting crazy then pick up a bottle. Please Man.

        Then jumping over a table? when it she was really “bout it” she would have followed up right behind her “assistant”. It’s all a bunch of bull. Grow Up

    6. No Ma'am says:

      Yes, because I think most of us here can give two farts as to why these two don’t like each other, but are puzzled as to why they keep each other’s names in their mouths.

    7. Brownish says:

      Evelyn has ALWAYS been crazy & angry, when she was throwing water & glasses at other people
      that never stopped Jen from still being friends with her.
      But only now Jennifer’s eyes have been opened to who Evelyn really is because she’s turned on Jen just like she turned on everyone else.

      1. dee says:

        I’m feeling Jen for two reasons. First, I used to love Ev…her anger used to be somewhat tempered, she was a ride-or-die friend, and her anger (when it erupted) seemed like misplaced pain or hurt so it was easier to forgive. Now, she’s more like Tami – just angry all the damn time for no darn reason and acting like a clown. I do think Ev’s failed relationship with Chad is the reason. And YES it’s a failed relationship when you sign up for monogamy happily ever after and end up settling for a open relationship where HE is the only one getting ass on the side. I hope she cuts her losses and moves on soon, that situation is killing her inside.

        1. Mama T says:

          that’swhy she’s angry for real. Her marriage!

      2. CocoaSoul says:

        Thats EXACTLY what i was thinking.

    8. Reyna says:

      i seriously can’t take evelyn this season nor this show anymore.

    9. Donna says:

      I would be ashamed to be anywhere in a circle of “friends” that jump
      on tables and make complete fools of themselves. I applaud jennifer
      for “keeping it classy” why would u want to be in ur 30’s acting like
      a 2 year old. I think Evelyn is a bad example for women and should
      be pulled off tv. she is a bully, always wanting to fight, come on I
      guess when you have been a hoe for so long, u have no idea what it is
      like to be a lady. Jennifer should be able to say what she wants and
      not have to worry about some idiot like evelyn smacking her. i hate
      evelyn and can’t wait to see chad make an absolute fool out of her he
      only messing with her to make himself relevant and the same with her
      Evelyn is a bafoon maybe she on some coke cause it does cause mood
      swings and makes u very angry, plus it is miami. Evelyn go away and
      let some real women on the show, plus maybe she hates jen because she
      IS and actual basketball wife, not an almost!!!!!!

      1. rita says:

        I agree, though most of them are almost wives or divorced. shaunie chicken head, tammi, jen, keisha & kenya. its jealouly, eve gave her life to some dude that dumped her after 10yrs gave her a store to shut her ass up, and she’s bitter. She’s gonna go down that same road with chad cause h’s a whore

  2. CakeCakeCake says:

    She needs to hush, cause she know if Evelyn tap that @ss she won’t do a damn thing.

    1. CLASSY says:

      True she would not, its not in her nature. Keep it grown and classy! Voilence solves nothing!

      1. CLASSY says:


        1. CakeCakeCake says:

          I’m not saying go out in public and start fights. But when
          Evelyn hit her with that clutch, Jennifer should of got on
          that @ss. Classy woman or not, don’t go out like a punk.

      2. dee says:

        I’m also a suburban girl and in my late 30s…I’ve also never had a fist fight though I also don’t let people punk me. Jen said what we’ve all seen – Evelyn has gone from yelling and thowing an occasional drink to all out violence. Not cool on any level. Jen may have talked ish about Chad on the radio but all of Ev’s shenanigans are all out of proportion to what happened.

      3. TeeTee says:

        Yeah, but if somebody hits you sometimes you just have to
        be ratchet and beat that ass

    2. Risamac says:

      If you think that acting that Evelyn does like she can fight then you might be right about her tapin her @ss. Evelyn aint doing nothing to no body and we all know Jen don’t want it.

    3. Bonnie Williams says:

      Evelyn won’t tap anything. If you’re REALLY trying to get at someone lets be real who’s going to be able to hold you back. I could understand if some MAN was holding her, but it’s the girls she could have easily shook them off and got at Jenn. She’s a cornball

      1. MoniGyrl says:

        Exaaaactly! Because when Chrissy popped Kimbella’s a$$ she didn’t say anything, she just did it. Ev took that super long sip from her drink to give security enough time to
        get in between them. She is such an actress.

        1. Geena says:

          That’s why I’ll take Chrissy over Eve any day

    4. The rent is too damn high says:

      Actually Jennifer WOULD do a “damn thang”… She would take legal action like a grown and classy woman is suppose to do!

      1. CakeCakeCake says:

        What legal action did she take? She was scared to go outside
        because Evilyn was out there. SMH.

      2. Just Felt Like Bugging says:

        A grown and classy woman would have shut up by now.

        1. Jen Is Not That Innocent says:

          Evelyn shouldn’t act like she does; however, I honestly think she feels betrayed by Jen. How many of you would HONESTLY not have a problem with what Jen did or ALLOWED to be said about her so called friend of 10 years. Even if she felt a certain way share that with your FRIEND and not the media – they have ALL let the show to change them OR show who they really are. Jen’s defense is that she didn’t say it her publicist did – but if she was Ev’s real friend she would have ‘checked’ the publicist and not let it go any further. That publicist (side eye) was made to feel comfortable or that it was ok to talk about Ev. Either their friendship wasn’t real or they let the fame and envy of each other’s lives get to one another. Jen constantly keep saying how she grew up and where she grew – but her actions to me, IMO is sneaky as she ‘plays’ innocent. Her husband even said she has changed. She needs to own up. I believe Ev knows very well that Chad is playing her which doesn’t feel well – but she’s in search of – and then on top of that, the one person on the show (maybe two if you count Shaunie) that she deals with crossed her – that can’t feel good. We all know an Ev and a Jen.

          1. debbie says:

            Jen DID tell Evelyn that she didn’t think Chad
            was the best choice for her. She said it to her face
            and Evelyn admitted that Jen did.

            That’s not the reason she is mad though, like others
            have hinted, there is something more to Evelyn’s anger. I’m guessing that she is mad
            because Jen has more going for her than Evelyn ever
            will. That Jen is a more of a class act than Evelyn
            will ever be, even if her stanking ass life depended on
            it. Ev is a project girl, doing way too much to
            ever get the kind of man who will love and respect her.

            She is about money because she has nothing else.
            Absolutely nothing. She isn’t intelligent, educated,
            beautiful, creative or charming.
            Not appealing in anyway other than what her ass can
            get her and who can’t slang ass from the

            What Evelyn has is an empty store-front
            shoe store on a strip mall next door to a
            Supercuts and a Dollar Store. Evelyn is and always
            has been jealous because Jen has more money than
            Evelyn ever will have and that Jen actually had a
            marriage — the only things that Evelyn values.
            She only respects that because that is the only thing
            her simple-minded ass can relate to. All the time
            she was in her 10-year relationship, she never bothered
            to take her ass to college and get an education, sock
            away some of the money he was put on her, or even to do
            something other than open a shoe store in a world where
            shoe stores are as prevalent as liquor stores. I
            would have had more respect for her if she had opened
            a Liquor Barn or financed a beauty store.

      3. Dee says:

        Thank you!!

    5. snowflake says:

      Evelyn only get out of pocket bc she know security wont let get passed a certain point if she was in the street i wonder what she would do then

      1. nay says:

        We all know Ev wouldn’t do jack shit if she was in the street…
        And then she wants to talk about ” I’m about that life”…
        What life??? She’s a couple of years from her retirement age… Have a few seats!
        Look how all she could do was throw a bottle @ Kenya?? When she was seating right across from her??
        Please if she was really going to do something she would of done it by now…
        And then they want to act like Tammi stopped her???
        Really??? That did not seem too difficult…
        Ev is all bark!

        1. WE THE ROSES says:

          & absolutely NO damn bite.

  3. dee ball says:

    @cake.. well she doesnt fight sooo, why would she do anything?

    1. CakeCakeCake says:

      She needs to learn how to defend herself though. She’s letting Evelyn
      and all the other people punk her. Take a self defense class or
      something Jennifer.

      1. cami says:

        i cant stand jen or eve but jen is not a fighter..some
        people are like that will just get they ass beat and not
        do anything..ev seems jealous tho..leave her alone if she
        doin so much better…eve y u so mad lol

      2. Chloe says:

        Whether you were raised in the suburbs or not , you should know how to defend yourself! Let a bitch try and slap me, I dont care how “Suburban” I am. The HOOD wouldlve came out !!!

    2. Alrighty Then... says:

      You can’t be a punk your whole life… can you? 0_0

      1. Beautiful...Gorgeous says:

        definitely not.

  4. autum says:

    Dang Necole jacking your news from Bossip now!! You extra late! You hiring by any chance?

    1. Marisol says:

      I’m saying!!! I’m a journalism major and I need the job. Hey Necole!!

  5. Guhhhhh!? says:

    Lil’ girls show their a$$ like they do. Except their getting paid…. so its okay right?
    Shuffle ya feet and tip your hat. Pay them bills! smh.

  6. REALLY? says:

    I think Jennifer needs to stop answering questions regarding Evelyn. It’s obvious that Evelyn is very angry. You think if I am getting married to the “Love of my life” I’m going to be worried about some damn females and some blog? Hell no, I will be picking out my wedding dress and getting everything with my wedding together. Screw everyone else. Evelyn is putting on a show and it’s making her look very bad. She is a grown woman and a mother. You can take a female out the hood but you can’t make her classy. She is living a totally different life than she had in the Bronx, she should be happy and grateful. Instead, she is bitter and insecure.

    1. SHEENA says:


    2. chellyp says:


  7. hahahaha says:

    Did Jennifer really just say she’s never seen that side of Evelyn? Evelyn’s been a crazy, drink throwing bitch since season 1. It’s only a problem now cause Jen’s her target.

    1. Phoenix says:

      She’s know her for 10+ years. She’s not judging Evelyn based off the show like we are. She’s going off of Evelyn’s overall personality. The show, Season 1 through now is still only a small snippet of their lives and who they are. She knows Evelyn doesn’t act that way.

  8. ANNDDD says:


  9. LZ says:

    Who? What?

  10. Shamiria Morten says:

    Evelyn is so unhappy… Go Jen!

    1. gogogirl says:

      Yes Evelyn is very unhappy. I have to say that I respect Jen a little more this season now that she is out of Evelyn’s shadow. Although she does act a bit bougie here and there. I love the fact that she pointed out all of the cast members are in their 30’s and are way to old to act out of character like that. I’m still going to need Jen to take some self defense classes lol there is no way in hell someone is to touch me and I’m going to sit there and be a pacifist. I’ll hit you right back and be on my way *flips hair* lol

      1. chellyp says:


  11. NickiNicki says:

    jen is so classy and fashionable. she’s my fav. Evelyn is a childish hoe who thinks that throwing shit makes you a bad bitch. Evelyn has no Hands, she’s not about that life!!!! Jennifer is above these hoes and i’m so proud she keeps it real with herself, no pretending with her

  12. Misha says:

    Let’s be honest…aside from Tammy, none of those girls on BBW’s are “about that life”. Everyone quick to call Jen bourgeoisie, but I guarantee if A REAL BITCH was to come at their asses…Everyone will adopt a uptight persona. It will all of sudden be “I’m so above this nonsense”. Jen is a grown ass woman and if she wants to voice her opinion on Evelyn foolishness, she can! Regardless of whatever “pending ass-whooping” she may have coming her way. Ever notice how Evelyn and Tammy say whatever they want about a person and then are the first one’s to lose a nerve when its done in reverse???

    1. Miss thing says:

      lets be even reaper in four years has anyone ever seen Evelyn ever make contact with her fist to someone else’s body???

      1. Miss thing says:


    2. Honesty says:

      Tami needs to be DRUNK to be “about that life.” She bully people she considers weak. She became Ev follower for the past two seasons. The only person I actually like is Royce.


    Jennifer is right, if she was as happy in her personal life then she wouldn’t be acting so crazy. The fact that she saw the blog before the reunion and is still acting like this, leads me to believe Ev is just trying to remain relevant on the show, how else is she going to be the “breadwinner” when ocho “retires!”

  14. sin says:

    Very classy comment, I’m glad she can use her words instead of fist….womn ain their 30’s first thought shouldn’t be violence…usually u have too much to lose for silly nonsense. I’ve been thinkin the same thing about Evelyn, she can’t be as happy as she wants everyone 2 believe when u get violent and hostile with a bottom chick! Lol

  15. 504DEE says:


    1. CakeCakeCake says:

      Those Caps are killing me sweetie. I’m not the “fighting” type unless
      it’s necessary. I just wish Jennifer would get a back bone.

      1. 504DEE says:


      2. 504DEE says:


        1. Niaja Rules says:

          @504DEE I love the term internet gangsta and your quote about opinions.
          Great stuff. Caps do make it harder to read though
          even if you making a point.

          1. 504DEE says:

            Ikr I was upset LOL!!! They kille tryin 2 b internet gangstas

    2. SHEENA says:

      True: I think Jenn too classy for that and Evelyn just starting ish for ratings and that check. You see she aint fight Tami she squashed it with Tami real quick. Evelyn a nut and she aint about that life

  16. I’ve always found Jen to be classy. The most classy, IMO. She is far more mature than Evelyn.
    It’s ridiculous how many women are #TeamEvelyn, because Jen is absolutely right; women in their 30’s should not be constantly fighting, cursing like sailors, throwing bottles and jumping on tables. It’s not a good look. You are someone’s mother, about to be someone’s wife….is that really the image you want to portray? Evelyn definitely needs to cool it and come down from whatever the hell she’s on, and I love Tami to death, but she can be a bully too, and she’s also too old to be acting like that. The Basketball Wives franchise doesn’t really promote anything but trashy women with money who happen to date/sleep with a BBall player, and act like high schoolers. How many of these women are actually MARRIED anymore?? I can’t lie, I definitely keep up with it, but it is for PURE entertainment.

    1. benzo503 says:

      So true, women in their 30’s+ look stupid and damn right rachet for fighting over things that shouldn’t matter when your “Happy”….. I’m proud of Jen for keeping it classy, there’s nothing classy about a women fighting. And she don’t look like no punk either. Here my thing, the same reason why Jen is hangin with NeNe, NeNe has changed up her ways as well from the begining of AHW’s, she saw that acting crazy gets you NO WHERE!!! But keeping it classy does, that’s why she’s done Trumps show, Glee and more to come, she’s looking at the bigger picture. Who wants to deal with “Crazy”, so if Evelyn is happy with just being labled as crazy and just good enough for reality tv, so be it, Jen is looking at the BIGGER picture and reaching for more then just reality tv, we’ll see more of Jen on things then we’ll see of Evelyn. Jen is smart.

  17. KendraDendra says:

    WTF does living in the suburbs have to do with nnot fighting. IT’S HOW YOU’RE RAISED NOT WHERE! And she needs to get real because One close person flipping out on you: its them Two ppl flipping out on you: Most likely its you. GoodDay!

  18. ALICIA says:


  19. Rara says:

    Lmbo at Jennifer telling Evelyn to take the Halloween costume off!!

  20. DamnBitchie says:

    Jennifer is not is not gone do shit……My advice….if you SEE that a person don’t mind hopping on tables and slapping your ass upside the head then you need to separate yourself from that situation and that environment and keep your mouth closed and go one about your business.

    1. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

      Its a contractual obligation, if Jen doesn’t show up, she can be sued.
      And Evelyn swears she doesn’t want to be around Jen, but you see she didn’t
      refuse to film with her like they all did Royce last season. Jen should stop talking about Ev though, she’s gonna pull another stunt over these comments, please believe. I think I’m done after this, I just wanted to see the real Jennifer this season, the one who made over Royce and helped Tami outta that hospital bed when Tami got that liposuction.

  21. Che says:

    Jen is a true lady. I’ve HAD to fight my entire life because if the schools I went to. But don’t think for a second I would behave like that as an adult. That is the behavior of a child. A GROWN UP can make rational decisions and their BRAIN to get their point across, not their hands.

    The urban class needs to rethink their lives. (I do not specify a race) My friend called Jen a lil’ bitch and Evelyn a “G”.. Typical. You better be careful with those quiet ones you pick on, esp. if other people are picking on them too. THose are usually the one that have inner turmoil and will relish their fury on the world. o.0

    I wish Jen much success, she is setting a good example for the youngins’ that watch the show.

    1. Sip says:


      Thanks for saying that. What you shared makes so much sense.

    2. Che says:

      Ooops I mean *release lol

  22. Che says:

    Jen is a true lady. I’ve HAD to fight my entire life because if the schools I went to. But don’t think for a second I would behave like that as an adult. That is the behavior of a child. A GROWN UP can make rational decisions and their BRAIN to get their point across, not their hands.

    The urban class needs to rethink their lives. (I do not specify a race) My friend called Jen a lil’ b*tch and Evelyn a “G”.. Typical. You better be careful with those quiet ones you pick on, esp. if other people are picking on them too. THose are usually the one that have inner turmoil and will relish their fury on the world. o.0

    I wish Jen much success, she is setting a good example for the youngins’ that watch the show.

    1. BlessedDiva says:

      I agree! Being amped up and ready to fight shows true “issues,” and is a cry for help. Real women understand how to act.

  23. Jaestarr says:

    ………Ummm jenn I know you are from the suburbs and what not buit for someone to physically do you harm…um no whether I’m a fighter or not all types of hell on 30 different levels would have took place……and then jenn you say you never knew evelyn acted like that may I remind you of susie,gloria,royce,&meeka who all caught hell from the dragon know as evelyn

    1. CakeCakeCake says:

      and add Kenya to the list now. lmao

  24. Millie says:

    I agree women over 25 dont need to fight anymore, its not classy whatsoever. Eve needs to get some anger management seriously at least Tammy doing something about her anger.

    1. Millie says:

      I know she said 30 lol

  25. Karma says:

    I don’t understand Jen’s comment about how living in the suburbs is equivalent to not fighting. Look, Jen, I’m a city girl and I don’t fight. Has nothing to do with ‘living in the suburbs’, it’s about how you were raised!

    Otherwise, I like her…she seems to be more mild mannered and less psychotic than the others.


    please if EVILYN could FIGHT she wouldnt be pickin up shit and throwin it she would be using her fist like normal person i.e. TAMI ROMAN!! :)))) EVELYN is a ratchet hoodrat and she will forever be label like that! Like #1 HOW OLD ARE YOU!!?? bitch you have a daughter who is in college that seems to act way classier than you. EVELYN has had an altercation with every female on that show TAMI,SUZIE,JENNIFER,ROYCE,KENYA,GLORIA,KESHA and its just a matter of time before SHAUNIE wakes up and drops this trash bag because you could really tell she was fed up with her on that last episode shakin her head and whatnot and i really dont see how TAMI can be her friend after EVELYN confessed to sleeping with her man while he was still married that still BLOWS MY MIND! TAMI girl get ya life smh

  27. ShaySole says:

    I love how people stay calling Jen boring. So because she chooses to hold her seat and not entertain the childish BS in front of her face…she’s boring? Well I’ll be a boring, yawn-worthy chick all day.

    Jennifer is my fave…if I had to pick one. Because her personality reminds me a lot of my own. I don’t entertain people’s drama and bullsh**. You keep your miserable ass over there.

    1. sunshyne84 says:

      And that’s why Evelyn is mad, because Jennifer is no longer cosigning her bullshit.

      1. benzo503 says:

        Right, she’s mad that she not reacting the same as her, that she can’t get under her skin. Evelyn knows Jens demeanor, knows she’s not a fighter that why she goes so hard. And she’s (evelyn) also mad Jen spoke the truth in the blog. Chad won’t be faithful for shyt, their marriage won’t last, if Ev was my girl i’d tell her th same thing, and maybe she should of spoke face to face and not on a blog, but I’m sure there were things happening already that we don’t know about and that’s why she couldn’t speak openly with Ev……

  28. Jae says:

    Call me crazy, but she’s one of the ones I actually like (i like royce’s “character” the most). She doesn’t SEEM to be about all the bull and she’s not a fighter, but she admits that. What is the point of fighting anyway? What problem will it solve? I agree, evelyn need to go plan her wedding and stop being so dang angry. I’m 23 and when I don’t like someone, they don’t exist!! You just don’t acknowledge them…whats so hard about that? Move on and live life, jeez!!

  29. OMG_SMDH says:

    Evelyn really mad because she on that Haterade. People always assume that dark skin girls hate but sometimes they get hated especially when they get some attention. Evelyn has a entitlement issues. As long as Jennifer in her shadow she good but people actually watching so now she salty Its just like the police pulling over blacks in nice cars they just not suppose to have that nice car well bishes like Evelyn have the same mindset WTF you dark get rid of that self esteem.

  30. my hair is laidd like a felon aka marlon hampton says:

    I’m proud of Jen for keeping it classy and being a lady because no adult woman over the age of 21 should be on tv fighting and acting this ratchet However there comes a time when you have to take a stand especially with wanna be bullies like Ev! She’s the type that’s loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, notice how she only pops off when her flunkies are around which is always. And that bish know security not gone let no real fight go down. I say all the time drop that broad off in the hood and we’ll see all that toughness disappear. If Jenn get in her face 1 good time and check her that will be enough, bullies only prey on the weak.

  31. Flygirl41 says:

    I totally agree with Jennifer. She is too old to be fighting over some nonsense. Who fights anymore other than hood rats. I say call the police and let that chick catch a charge. I bet she won’t be jumping across no tables anymore or so quick to throw a punch. A criminal record and those lovely silver handcuffs will sit any wanna be thug, bully 40+ year old fighter down very quickly. Thehehehehehehe

  32. KingPhoenix says:

    Jen is a grown ass woman.
    If she’s asked a question, she can answer it. Who Tha f– is Evelyn?
    And EVERYTHING she said is sooooo true, all these Rah Rah Sh– Evelyn is on with not only Jen but Kenya as well. Is because she’s angry with her situation with Chad…and Evelyn is def not bout THIS LIFE. All she do is throw sh–, c’mon now…Jen I know se sleepin on ou, but CONTINUE TO DO YOU.! Keep it Classy and Cute, and drown her in your cash flow.!

  33. TeanBean00 says:

    I refuse to support these lame a$$ black women..including RHOA.. these shows are so scripted and ghetto .. I cant .. and the light skin guy who’s interviewing jennifer in this video has the ugliest beard strap ever..if you cant grow a full beard dont settle for a chin strap..u look a fool

  34. KingPhoenix says:

    Jen is a grown ass woman.
    If she’s asked a question, she can answer it. Who Tha f– is Evelyn?
    And EVERYTHING she said is sooooo true, all these Rah Rah Sh– Evelyn is on with not only Jen but Kenya as well. Is because she’s angry with her situation with Chad…and Evelyn is def not bout THIS LIFE. All she do is throw sh–, c’mon now…Jen I know se sleepin on ou, but CONTINUE TO DO YOU.! Keep it Classy and Cute, and drown her in your cash flow.!

  35. Beautiful...Gorgeous says:

    Jen…she’s cool and she is very lady like and I grew to like her a little bit in season 2 because she reminded me of myself, quiet, calm, and classy. She carries herself as a lady and speaks when necessary. Evelyn is just over the top for no reason because she wants to be so down with Tami when Tami could care less. I don’t understand how they can be friends with each other when Evelyn slept with her husband while they were married (could NOT be me). Any way, I will continue watching because it is entertaining.

    SN: I wouldn’t be surprised if Evelyn doesn’t get married.

  36. COURTS says:

    Okay, I am mad they named themselves “The Money Team Radio” Lol. HILARIOUS!

  37. letitbeme says:

    Its OBVIOUS that EVE is TRASH!! she has no tact or class and no education. I admire Jen keeping it Classy, as u can definitely tell she is the BETTER PERSON. Much Support to JEN, Classy will ALWAYS beat TRASHY in the END. Eve will always be a CLASSLESS, RAGGEDY, Sorry ass WHORE. period point blank

  38. maxxeisamillion says:

    Evelyn is just a big bullying the main reason she goes so hard at Jenn is because she knows Jenn is not a fighter and will not fight her back.

    Evelyn is the weak one if you ask me…

  39. INeedRealMusic says:

    Evelyn aint bout that life.. she knows where Jen lives.. if she were bout that life she wouldve went to her house and beat her ass.. smh… but their friendship was a clear example of misery loves company.

  40. Coco says:

    I think Ev is mad b/c Jen looks great this season. She’s probably used to being the most attractive one and Jen is keeping is classy and fly and hanging with a more focused group of folks. So many black men tell white/Latin women that they look better than black women so she’s probably shocked to realize that ain’t true. I’m glad she is not denigrating the black woman image like so many reality stars do.

    1. Jovi says:

      I hear you girl…because somebody done told her wrong..MR.ED

  41. Breeb says:

    I like both of them, having said that both of them continue to stir the pot. I was upset with Evelyn all season until I saw how hurt she was. She hadn’t sent out invitations for her wedding due to their beef. Ev is still wrong as two left shoes, but imagine you getting married and not having your bestfriend there for support. Ev’s downfall is that country bumpkin she calls an assistant. Why did that brawd get into their fight? I need for her to get some edges and a ponytail that’s the same color as her hair. They’re both wrong at this point, they need to drop it before its irreconcilable.

  42. sportstalk23 says:

    Jen can answer however she likes everybody got stuff to say about her but when she started speaking up then these old hags wanna fight. Why should she go no comment,the rest of the bitter brigade dont in their interviews. Besides the whole season has been about her dropping those chicken heads and they cant stand it, Evilyn was the one who declared her and Jen enemies if thats the case then deuces but you dont have a right to attack anybody and all these people physically attacking Jen is wrong and last time I checked counts as assault. Glad she’s suing that broad Nia who need to worry about them lack of edges and them 1990’s 10.00 store gear than who Jen rolls with. Shaunie and Tami,Suzi are snakes I wish those bottles and plates hit them, just to see if it would still be cool beans with Evil. Notice she didnt even care that her girls almost got beaned lol

  43. LAMI says:

    Evelyn is soo annoying and too hot tempered, she needs to cool down. Jennifer always had her back, i don’t know why she’s going all crazy this season, i can’t stand her anymore.

  44. Cookies says:

    I kind of hoped Eric and Jen would work it out.

    She’s very pretty here.

  45. Lala06 says:

    A.) Like a few other ppl sated prior, Evelyn needs to keep her ratings up! She jumped up got into this attention seeking relationship & to take heat off her and chad why not turn the attention to Jen? B.) Jen is always classy & let’s be honest what radio dont dig into the gossip??? C) At this moment Evelyn is sipping the same bullyrade juice that Tammy is on! She was once a fav smh! Last but not least Jen & Royce are about the coolest. Sn: they better leave that psycho Kenya alone! Something don’t sit right but i do like how she stand her ground in a weird way!

  46. Jovi says:

    First of All Jennifer is a grown ass woman she can say what she wants to say when she wants to. Secondly ppl like Evelyn only gets upset when the truth is being displayed. Thirdly she haven’t ran up on the right SISTER because if she did she wouldn’t be in any more seasons because her azz would be broke down…I honestly feel like the show is highly over rated non of these women are with Basketball players….I guess we will see Evelyn next on football wives if she ever gets to put that wedding dress on. I really like Jennifer and I feel for her I wish I was on the show for one clipping just so I can get in Evelyn azz and her friend the slapped my girl!!

  47. Kamalla says:

    Dear Jennifer:

    Ev was never your friend. Eric was never your husband. You got played. Time to move on. Please stop with the blogs because you are starting to sound like Suzie.

    The Rest of The World


    I like Jen. Especially since I found out she’s a VIRGO!!!!!!!!! The only thing I would recommend is TAKE THE CONTACTS OUT. I know your a virgo your a perfectionist. But trust me, you don’t need them at all. That’s the only thing someone can say about you. So just take them out your a beautiful woman and its just a distraction from your natural beauty. Take this advice from one virgo to another. If your not coming out with your own contact line leave em alone. But like I said before I like jen she’s pretty, classy and she knows what to wear. Evelyn on the other hand I must say I like all the drama from a viewers perspective. But realistically. Your a grown ass woman. I know your working on your brand but is that what you want your brand to consist of…..reallly????? Fighting jumping on tables going hard on someone that you know is not a fighter. Grow up. Its really sad. U fine as shit Ev but grow up like jen said if your truley happy you would be above it all. But jenny jen. Stop letting those interviewers draw u into those conversations. Maybe answer a few questions briefly. Then move on to your buisness. Lucid and any other projects you have going on. Use that time to promote u and what your doing. Because you won’t always have this free publicity. Use it wisely I’m ruiting for you so. Take this oppurtunity and run with it in a good way. Show the rest of those unclassy ladies(Ev) how its done.
    And EV IF YOU TAKE A PEEK AT THIS.calm it down. We don’t need to see u act a ass any more we get it. Now work on gettin this spin off show and that book deal poppin….leave that girl alone. And fight somebody who actually wants to fight u……….EY….BUT ILL B WATCHING ANYWAYS LOL…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SHAUNIE…

  49. DMisses says:

    I agree with Jenn if Evelyn was supposedly so happy why does it seem like she has a huge chip on her shoulder, and why does Jennifer keep saying she’s from the suburbs like it makes her better than everyone else? And is it just me or does it seem like Evelyn picks fights with certain women who she knows won’t react with ignorance? Let’s not forget when Tami was about to tap dat azz when she told her she slept with her ex while they were married. She didn’t wanna fight Tami but she’s ready to throw down with every other woman on the cast…she’s weak, fake and all of this is just for ratings! These bitches don’t have it on their minds for real.

  50. Renae says:

    Why is Jen still answering questions about Evelyn…apparently Evelyn is keeping her relevant.

    And Jen has become bolder lately with talking *hit about people:).

    Evelyn and Tammi are some angry females…they need to just let the bitterness go, I like them both so I hope they change their attitudes soon.

  51. Kid*n*Play says:

    i wish Jen could gain the courage…and…jus punch the s*** out of Ev…literally

  52. lets be honest if it wasnt for ev and tami this show wouldnt be as interesting to watch. ev needs to do something to keep her time in the lime light and sad to say acting like a mentral show just happens to be it.

  53. letitbeme says:

    Jen is Classy and like i said Classy will always win over TRASHY which is what EVelyn is….her anger will catch up with her and her 15 will be up soon. Then she can wallow in filth all she wants. Jen handles herself Very well and is not at all intimidated my Evelyn, she jus won’t stoop to that trashy heffas level. GET IT JEN!!!!!

  54. Lovely1 says:

    Jen Jen Jen stop even talking about her….just live your life and find some non crazy friends YOU TO SCARED TO HIT EVELYN IN THE THROAT ……soooooo just stay away from her crazy ass SMH the chick need her a*s whooped 1 good time and I promise you she will calm the F down……..

  55. heidi says:

    but if she is so dumb how did she manage to become a multi millionaire while u are working at wal mart??
    LUCK..All celebs are famous and rich because of LUCK…NOT HARD WORK…..IF it was hard work more HARD WORKING people would be famous…PONDER that!

  56. Gailanita says:

    One day Evelyn will jump at the wrong person and she will get knocked out.

  57. Artemis says:

    EVELYN is only acting this extra cuz her spin off show is coming up and she want’s viewers. The situations she is reacting to don’t require all that. she straight putting on for the cameras. She hoping ya’ll tune in for her show with Chad.

    1. disceyes says:

      her rlnship wid chad seems like a joke so i defo wont b tunin in

  58. Necole Bitchie STOP Deleting MY COMMENTS says:

    A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous- CoCo Chanel

    Kudos to Jennifer !!!

    God forbid if something happens to Jen (ref to death) but if it happens Evelyn better NOT cry and act so remorseful. She should patch up the issue before its to late.

  59. disceyes says:

    kmt y do my comments never show!? but like i sed until i c real blows being thrown n nt objects eve aint about dt life eiva, she da weakest bitch on der, only has mouth wen shes surrounded by her cronies or with sum1 dat dnt like 2 fight n shaunie a punk

  60. BLKPPLRLOST says:

    i still dont get eve’s attitude??? she didnt go that hard at royce and she called a hoe to her face so there was no misunderstanding or third party needed tami smacked the ish outta her then came to her shoe store tryna sue her but yet jennand kenya (the weakiest ones by default) she wants to hit wit clutches and jump on tables all becuz of a blog that wasnt even saying anything bad about herand becuz she heard she called her a hoe…long story short she def knows who to eff wit and who not at the end of the day the trick aint about nothin but a fuggin check!!!!!

    1. Kelly_Bitchpleaseeee says:

      YEAH ALL ABOUT MONEY.. I know Royce might me small but Im sure she’ll put her fight in Evelyn ass. I watch the show some times and I get so annoyed with the way these grown ass women acting on television, I can see why they all divorce. They husband’s got tired of been embrassed.I’m 22 years old and aint never acted like that, not even as a teenager..

      1. Kelly_Bitchpleaseeee says:

        FOOT.. I MEAN

  61. Maria Faulk says:

    I actually grew up in the suburbs as a african american women and I agree with Jenn. We didnt fight like that in the suburbs yes we had agurments and such but never crazy like that of what eve and that ghetto new assistant she has. Jen is very educated she can fight with a big fat law suit against that stupid slap in the face. Fighting is stupid and not classy at all, what is that girl and eve trying to prove with using physical force. Be an adult and have a converation because at the end of the day they look really bad and being friends for a long time to get over that they need to talk to each other by themselves with no other influences and work it out with good manners. It saddness me that for exposure for black and spanish women which I have both, have to make a dollar by being like that. Its embrassing! Can we have an eposide with the ladies not having drama and working together to advance their business!

    1. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

      What slap in the face? It was a cheap shot to the back of her head with a clutch… Evelyn only does half of the things she do, because she knows security will intervene… little punk!

  62. Britt says:

    One thing that bothers me the most about Evelyn is the fact that she prides her self on loyalty but yet she finds it ok for Chad Ochocinco, her fiancé to sleep around with other women as long as she knows about it. Contradictory much? How is that ok? You say that Jen is not loyal but you’re willing to accept uloyalty from the man that you’re going to marry! That’s just ridiculous

    1. Kelly_Bitchpleaseeee says:

      Im Sorry but I cant stand that damn Evelyn she a slut and dont know the mean of loyal. Because if she did she would not be treating Jenn like that after 10+ years of friendship no matter what the blog said….Like you said RIDICULOUS

    2. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

      She has low self esteem and is desperate for a man, more importantly, desperate for Chad’s money, he is soooooo stupid! Why would he want to wife her after he knows how easy she is for any man?

  63. Manny420 says:

    its scripted folks….Jenn gonna keep mouthing off about Eve because Shaunie pay em to do it…with them and the Boxcutter and Tami thats the show.And seriously,Jenn Classy……
    nope,not on a show like this. And like many have said,she was right with Evelyn first season
    on Tami ass……she classless. Yeah ,thats what yall meant.

  64. Kelly_Bitchpleaseeee says:

    I love Jenn and I feel like she aint did shit to that Ghetto ass Evelyn.. Evelyn is a grown woman and she have no business putting her hands on nobody. Bitch gain some control and close your damn legs you got a daughter that you need to lead by example. I can see why this bitch is unmarried and trying to remarry. Jenn good luck on you divorce hell you can do better. Evelyn putting on a show for television, because how you been knowing Jenn for all these years and now you got the balls to swing on her. Really you petty and deserve to be beat by the the biggest man ever. This show is not entertaining, Evelyn always picking on the weak, not calling you weak Jenn but I know fighting is not your way of handling things. I mean you 30 something.

  65. Just sayin says:

    Shaunie is a big punk. did anyone notice how she kept trying to get in the conversation that the bottle almost hit her and Evelyn was paying that shit no attention. Shaunie really had a problem with that. I would have to. I am going to need you to make sure that you are going to get your intended target and you are no where near me. But that difference between me and Shaunie, I would have let her know. She wouldn’t have kept skipping over that.

  66. Just sayin says:

    Shaunie is a punk. Did anhyone notice how she kept trying to bring up the subject of the bottle almost hitting her and Ev kept talking right over it. That bothered her. Hell, it would have bothered me to but I would have made sure she knew. You need to know when you are doing shit like that, that no one is in danger but you intended target. Who is Ev to be scared of?

  67. Pride says:

    Why do anyone cares and waste their time if u really believe in God. All latino’s are DEMONS, I live here with all of them in Tx. but, no one believes me until what happen to Trayvon Martin. Now, they see what I’m talking about. It’s about time.

  68. CiCi says:

    I do not get, why there still carrying on about this shit. Like nobody cares anymore, it was interesting around the first time, but now it’s getting plain childish. If you don’t like Evelyn, and Evelyn doesn’t like you, then stay away from each other, & don’t continue responding to questions like this, because that’s how Evelyn will beat your ass. & Evelyn really needs to stop it to, she’s an adult & she acts like she’s 16, I mean sit your old ass down, & shut up. She’s only trying to be tough, to stay on Tami’s good side.

  69. Jersey says:

    Jen why even bother about making a comment about Evelyn. You know she is a loose cannon right now. You have other friends and you don’t need Evelyn. Besides Evelyn maybe going through something right now. It may have something to do with ocho cinco (how ever he spells his name 8 5) Evelyn maybe thinking that her relationship may not be up to par. NEXT!!

  70. Let That Be The Reason.... says:

    Evelyn thinks she is the baddest trick… she knows who to mess with… I bet she wouldn’t be on Tami like that, Tami will tap that a**…

  71. Donna says:

    Jennifer is a damn fool for thinking that crazy-!@# Evilyn was ever her friend especially after seeing how Evilyn treated the other women. Doesn’t she remember what Eric tried to tell her about Evilyn ? “you don’t know Ev like I know her.” These chicks act worse than middle-school girls. I’ve heard Evilyn mention more than once about Jennifer being different after getting new friends. WTF ?! Jennifer has always acted like a bougie bitch, what in the hell is Evilyn talking about ?! How old are you supposed to be again, biatch ?!

    Anyhoo, Ev hasn’t rolled up on the right check. She’s gonna mess around with someone she thinks is weak & she’s gonna get her azz checked and I hope cameras are rolling when it happens !

  72. Light says:

    @Drake is somewhere crying in a corner, first off, your screename alone got me ROTFLMFAO!

    Secondly: “the ONLY reason Evelyn and Tami get along is because Tami beat that @$$! maybe if Jennifer and Kenya beat that @$$, she would calm down.”

    THIS^^^^^^^ is so mf true! I’ve been saying things like this for decades about all the “Evelyns” of the world. I do not condone violence in the least bit, but with some people (like Evelyn for instance), ASSWHOOPING seems to be the only language they understand. Sometimes you gotta stomp a bitches head into the concrete for them to REALLY get the picture. With bullies, that’s the only way you can get them off your azz. Otherwise they’ll keep f*cking with you. Which is why Eve’s friend smacked Jen, because she wants a piece of the action too. She already has it in her head that Jen is soft and won’t do nothing, and that’s how bullies (& their gangs) think. If they think you’re weak, they’re gonna keep trying you, UNTIL you beat the breaks off them b*tches. Me myself….I’m not “about that life” either, nor have I ever pretended to be. Matter fact, I’m alot like Jennifer….Only when it comes to confrontations, not the bougie part lol. Like Jennifer, I too am not down with that angry-hoodrat behavior, especially as an adult, but you best BELIEVE, I’ll crack a b*tches skull with a brick if I have to. I probably can’t fight that good, but b*tch, if you throw a bottle at me, or smack me, I’m cracking skulls like that dude did those lesbians in McDonalds. I agree with Jen….All that unnecessary drama is pointless, especially when you’re a GROWN AZZ adult (who’s about to get married, mind you)! Idc who says what about Jennifer, this BBW season & this^ interview just makes me like her alot more.

  73. Alexandra says:

    See this is why you keep getting your ass beat jen, stop running your mouth!

  74. Ms Trae says:

    Well I’m say this eve is a hot a** mess for this reason she talked about Eric like a dog not only that Jen been said she didn’t write the sh** eve is super messy. N over the top she not bout that life I would beat her down if Jen was my friend ram use to by girl but then she turn ed into a follower them messy bi*** @ eve knew exactly what she wanted to do that y she had her assitsmt there n tami u just the fake as Susie n I like Kenya m misshapen need to get off eve nuts

  75. DATRUTHHURTZ says:

    Jen i liked you BUT damn you’re talking out your ass. i went from sleeping in a shelter full of rats with my mother to living in the suburbs majority of my life. how you’re living doesn’t make your actions IT’s the decisions you make that creates consequences. A smart person would know. i can’t STAND Evelyn please she would never HIT A WOMAN WITH HER OWN HANDS she’s always grabbing things and having her stupid friends do the fighting or excuse me slap boxing for her. Jen said how she felt and i agreed chad and Evelyn are fake. chad pulling more females and Evelyn just wants more money because she too lazy to be independent and get her shit together. Bottom line :Evelyn can’t handle the truth because look at what happened with Royce with Tami basically everyone. she talk so much about their love lives their issues but when someone wana tell her how it is she wants to grab glass. PLEASE! vh1 don’t have to pay me i just want to go on the show clothesline Evelyn deform face to the concrete and move on lol.

  76. paintgurl40 says:

    Jennifer is really showing her true colors this season. Jen and Ev’s assistant was real tight. Jen would spend the night at the girl’s apartment and has keys to her place…then she got nasty with her at the racetrack BEFORE the assistant got up and slapped the chat out of her. She’s got these NEW celebrity friends now and the old friends are out with the trash.

  77. Chris says:

    Jennifer is such a lady. The most stylish reality star in reality tv history. She’s such an class act. Evelyn is beyond jealous of jenn. I’ve even noticed this on previous seasons. She wants to be in jenns skin and that can cause alot of drama. Ive always been raised to always defend myself when under attack, but in this particular situation jenn is doing things the correct way. She has once stated corporate america wont take her seriously if she was to be seen fighting on national television. She’s very smart. Everyone wants to get on jenn because she’s “Bougie” or whatever. What’s wrong with that ?? … Thery’re all jealous. Even tami. She Claims she’s friends with everyone but her actions show otherwise. Let alone she’s tacky along with evelyn. This show is really taking a turn for the worse. While filming, if they were to stop giving the camera’s these sad antics and foolery, then they will have nothing to work with. Therefore, this way only real positive things can be shown.

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