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Janet Jackson Shows Off New Body In Nutrisystem Commercial

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  1. Lorena Lovelace Twitter@LetzTalkLorena says:

    She looks Fab! She petite, so there for she’s going to look pretty small. #Haters!

    1. Lorena Lovelace Twitter@LetzTalkLorena says:

      Then she still looks curvey, so she doesn’t look thin skinny.

      1. ♥ Hoodies says:

        I actually didnt think there was anything wrong with Janets weight, however the woman looks amazing. Always does. coughcoughMs.Jacksonifyanastycoughcough

        1. Janet always looked good in my opinion… damn i want her stomach sooo bad.

          1. uhhh says:

            whenever u see a Solid Color background in pictures or video and very clean Lines just know there was some PHOTOSHOP. to thin out that waist. Don’t believe everything u see , till u can see it in Person.

          2. ToniA says:

            Yeah, it’s definitely been photoshopped. I prefer her old look, now she just looks scary. Women do not need to be size 00 to look good. Sigh

          3. Lakisha says:

            Janet had surgery! As she always has. Years ago she had her ribs removed and just about 4 years ago she was overweight and got down quick again. Any Janet fan knows her weight goes back and forth and she uses surgery to fix it. I have been a Janet fan forever and love her but this is bill. She has always gone to surgery and always acted like it was something else that did.

            I know y’all ain’t fooled by this. She obviously had work done!

          4. Lakisha says:


          5. dont shoot! says:

            am i the only one who started singing… *and im feeling goooooooooooooooooooood*

      2. Jeniphyer- Phaedra's Edges says:

        she looks curvy still and she lost wealth like shes supposed to, im sure she had a award winning trainer with her but 10 pounds a month is the safe amount ur supposed to lose providing u lose around 2 pounds a week

        to me, thickums or not, Ms Jackson will always be the baddest, cnt tell me different

        1. Who Cares says:

          You dont need an award winning trainer or even nutrisystem or weight watchers to look good. We all know what we need to eat to be healthy and what we need to do, as far as exercise. Its the choices you make that affect your weight…for most people.

          1. Join a gym (Planet Fitness is only $10 a month so theres no excuse)
          2. Drink plenty of water a day. (not only will you feel good and lose weight fast but your skin will look great too)
          3. Stay away from bread, but if you must have bread make sure its whole grain wheat.
          4. Stay away from the sugary foods and drinks. No soda!
          5. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.

          That’s it! All of this and you dont have to spend money on nutrisystem or any program just to look your best.

          1. ♥ Hoodies says:


          2. ToniA says:

            Better yet, don’t conform to society’s model of beauty. Making you do all that work when you’re a perfectly healthy being. So many pretty girls have low self esteem, it’s kinda sad.

          3. AND. . . . says:

            I agree!!! I like Janet though do not weigh myself, I only know I am losing weight by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting.

            For anyone looking for exercises to do, I have been going to a website called http://www.bodyrock.tv. It was created by a husband and wife (Freddy and Zuzana) but they are now divorced. He still runs the sitre wwith his new gf Lisa and his brother Sean. Every day they upload new exercise challenges and they are awesome. I have been doing this for over a year, I watch the short video of how to do the exercises then go to my gym in our building and get going. They mix in, insanity and create their own styles. Its amazing and FREE, yep yep all free so hop on board!! Also Zuzana has her ZWOW videos on youtube and she is crazy with it. . again FREE (nope not being paid to tell yout his..lol) I just love what they have done for me and how good I look. My muscle coming in, ass forming nicely, energy staying and all for free. . .I suggest anyone to log on and try it. . . .give it a try yall. . i promise you you will love it and its mostly bnodyweight. . .

      3. Londoner says:


        1. Kay1st says:

          I hope it’s photoshop and that Janet is not that skinny. Curves, I don’t see any curvs ? All I see is Janet doing what I do in pictures. Stand kinda to the side, one foot back makes your bum look bigger/curvy.

          1. LENA says:

            LOL Janet is going to have everyone going there like
            Jennifer Hudson had people going to Weight Watchers.

            I think they all went under the knife to touch up things
            that the gym, or healthy food couldn’t do.

  2. dee ball says:

    wow her waist is so small, but she still got booty

    1. MahoganyMars says:

      Haha!! As long as she got that booty and that gorgeous face, she’s fine with me 😉

  3. CakeCakeCake says:

    Curves for days!!

    1. ImSoChi_RihannaNavy4Life says:

      I want a lap dance from Janet then I will go lay down in the corner and die with a kool aid smile on my face.

    2. She’s virtually perfect! She looks fab!

    3. arielle says:

      Damn Janet!!!! After I deliver, I’m on the “Ms. Jackson” weight loss

      1. C'MON NOW! says:

        She’s not too thin, this looks photoshopped.

    4. TeeTee says:

      I want her body so bad 🙁 I seriously need to go to the gym and work out

  4. Pretty1908 says:

    janet has always been fine

    1. CaliKid says:

      I still don’t understand when she was fat???? Lol but she looks good!

      1. sit cho a$$ down says:

        im sayin @cali…what weight did she have to lose? imo they need to get the girl that played prescious to do a significant weight loss. That would be a good look cuz shes a HUGE woman.

        1. Che says:

          Im going to hell for laughing at that.. 🙁

          1. GIRLFROMGUYANA says:

            Me too CHE, straight shot to HELL!!

        2. Welly St.James says:

          She gained 60 pounds for a movie that got cancelled.

  5. F*** U says:


  6. my hair is laidd like a felon aka marlon hampton says:

    Tiny or not she looks good! Janet stay giving these young chic’s the blues! Werkkk Ms. Jackson

  7. Keeps It Real Since '85 says:

    I’ve always adored Penny Woods, I mean Janet….lol

  8. ALLBooTyoopsALLBeauTy says:

    Ladies love your curves, everybody wants to be skinny…. So tired of all these diet commercials. Love who u are it’s no need to starve or over eat, just enjoy life. This stuff is designed to take your money and u will NOT look like Janet in the long run.

    1. Geena says:

      WhY did you get a thumbs down

    2. mel says:

      Its not about being skinny, rather everyone should want to be healthy. If you are as short as Janet is, around 5’3 or 4 you should not be 200 lbs. That’s not healthy. If you change you diet and exercise you can lose the weight. I’m 5’3 and I just went from 156 to 125 doing just that. Exercise and eating right. I love my new look!!!

  9. OVERit_ says:

    Nooo Janet nooo. She looks better a little thicker.

    1. Too Cool 2 Give F**k says:

      yea i think so too but hey whatever she wants lol

    2. Jayy says:

      I agree.. Some women are meant to be a lil thick!!!

  10. LLS says:

    Her constant yoyo dieting can’t be healthy.

    She looks amazing though.

  11. RocketBlair says:

    lookin GOOD! GO J

  12. AI says:

    Everyone has to be comfortable in thier own body. Too skinny for who? When Jennifer Hudson lose weight everyone seemed to be so against her and I know we will see the same Back Lash towards Janet also. I think she looks great nobody wants to carry weight that they feel is so uncomfortable. In the black community we mistake fat for “Thick” My heavier friends calls themselves “Buffy” or “Fluffy” to make the fact that they are fat sound sexy….A lot (not all) black women don’t like to work out. We don’t eat healthy and we don’t do enough walking and running. It’s 2012 we have to take better care of ourselves, it’s not funny being obesed or sloppy. It’s nothing cute about having a huge stomach and love handles. I see the biggest girls in the tightess clothes, it needs to stop. Now I am not saying skinny is best, but an unhealthy weight isn’t good either. I am 5’4 and 170 pounds. The only thing that is keeping me from not looking fat is the fact that I have no stomach and a very small waist, but I am still overweight. I started the gym and I feel very good about myself. I praise any woman who says enough is enought let me get my butt to the gym.

    1. CakeCakeCake says:

      I agree 100 percent. I know women who are pushing 350 and stay
      calling themselves “thick”.

    2. ALLBooTyoopsALLBeauTy says:

      I hope you are brutally honest with your friends and not calling them fat behid their backs. Trying to make yourself look like the cutest one out of the bunch on a blog…

      1. AI says:

        @ALLBOOTYOOPSALLBEAUTY What are on Earth are you talking about?
        Your name probably fits you well cause you have not brains. Not once in
        my post did I imply that I am the cutest one out of my friends. All my friends are cute.
        My friends know their heavy and the joke among us is that they call themselves fluffy. I don’t need to talk behind anyones back, I am a grown ass woman. We all say what we feel on a blog, just like you. Unless your going to give me your real name and address so I can say what I need to say to you in person, please go get a life. Like I said before it’s 2012 we ALL NEED TO GET HEALTY…My big behind is in the gym atleast 3 times a week. Have a great day and Blessings to you

  13. Jen says:

    C’mon now, dont get used to this look anyway yall, before u know it shes be chunky again. Thats just how shes always been. We all know that.

  14. ShaySole says:

    She still looks curvy. And Janet has always had a small frame (i.e. That’s the way Love Goes video). As long as SHE is happy and she’s losing weight the healthy way…then that’s all that matters. When I tell people I want to lose and tone more…they give me the crazy face. But only I know what my goal is. And it’s not for everyone else to agree or disagree with.

  15. thetruth says:

    i wish i have such body,skin,face and all at her age smh ..amazing !

  16. VIVALAPINKY says:

    “Doesn’t matter what they say” *Miss Jackson’s voice* but Janet looks good no matter her size, some people beauty shines when they have a little more meat, or when they loose weight, but sh’s one who can pull off any size and still be flawless.

    I know this isn’t relevant to the post, is it me, or does this site gets its info from thatgrapejuice, secondly Beyonce, has joined twtter. The devil is a lie, I thought out of all the celebrities in the world Beyonce would not confirm to the twitter saga, we all know twitter is the devil…I wonder how she’ll put it to work.

  17. Taj says:

    Janet Jackson looks beautiful

  18. Stanning Myself says:

    Hard to believe she’s going on 50 looking that delicious.

  19. verna says:

    I wish they stop using spike lee’s crooklyn camera for these shot. She is not that narrow!!

    1. ShaySole says:

      LMFAOOO @ Crooklyn camera…the view was crazyyy after Troy went to visit Aunt Viola in VA, like all the characters looked super slim…lmfaooo I always wondered WTF was going on with the camera angle/view.

      1. GirlBye says:

        lmao SN:When Queenie ass popped out that couch a part of me dies every time.

    2. Crayola says:


  20. verna says:

    I wish they stop using spike lee’s crooklyn camera for these shots. She is not that narrow!!

  21. Adri says:

    Janet is gorgeous.

  22. imjustsayin says:

    I dont remember her ever having weight problems

  23. IMO U MAD? says:


    1. Ms Kayjelly says:

      i love janet and all shes an icon but i think its hypocritical to see people are overlooking how her face looks terribly false but if it was other female artistes in the industry they would have persecute them

  24. goodoljay says:

    Just saw the commercial today, and um…okay. I worry about Janet sometimes. Insecurities can be the death of you. I’m not saying she’s showing her insecurity by losing weight, I’m just sayin’…c’mon now, that’s enough, Miss Jackson.

  25. Tiny says:

    Janet looks good, but I think she was fine before the weight loss…

    1. Jayy says:

      Amen! hopefully she lost the weight for health reasons.. cause she looked good to me!

  26. Geena says:

    Well at least she didn’t get scary skinny like others have

  27. iluvMzStar says:

    ummm… am i the only one who heard she had got some ribs removed a couple years back??… ijs

  28. Crayola says:

    I didn’t think she needed to lose any weight at all but it’s her body so if she likes it I love it!

  29. raplh says:

    in a few months she’s gonna be fat again, then she will diet and get skinny, then will be fat again. It’s a cycle…

  30. MahoganyMars says:

    That’s my boo thang right there!! Get em Miss Jackson!!

  31. TiaGata says:

    Not that I need Janet to be fat, but a woman in her 40s needs a little bit more body – in my opinion…
    Kudo’s to her for doing her.

    I prefer to be at least a size 8-12 (if I could loose the excess weight I have), and the men in my limited world would love that.

  32. Sofa Kingdom says:

    *puts down pop tart*

  33. DARLING NIKKI says:

    WEEEEERKK Miss Jackson!!!

  34. QW says:

    The Queen Of PoP looks FAB as usual!!! Love Janet!!!

  35. life says:

    Janet is dope i jus hope that we get some new music thats unexpected

  36. QW says:

    The Queen Of Pop looks FAB as usual!!!!!!!

  37. billi says:

    Both pics above were photoshopped.

  38. Lourdes says:

    What was wrong with her weight before? o_O

  39. RoniReports says:

    Janet will forever look amazing! Too bad I don’t think she sees it 🙁

  40. vanessa says:

    i love u janet ur numba one fan here i just wish she would release an album enough with the weight thing

  41. koko says:

    she looked great so why the need to lose weight ?…….

  42. KandiKane says:

    Janet looks good and I’m not hating on her or her progress at all but any doctor will tell you that with weight loss, losing anything over 2 pounds a week isn’t safe. I wish her continued success with her weight loss.

  43. Niaboo_ says:

    She’s known for having a great body abs especially. I’ma need these magazines and websites to lay off the photo shop though. People know when its real or not!

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