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Is Grey The New Black?

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  1. Mahogany says:

    That trend needs to die now.

    1. Leecy says:

      I concur.

      Black is the new black.

      Why would anyone sign up to prematurely age themselves? It’s cute on some, but an epic fail for others!

      1. kelly Denise says:

        This hair color is over exposed!!! Like stop and rewind.

        1. Wowzers says:

          When the real gray hairs start coming in the tears will be rolling lmfaooo, but Kelis did it first ..

        2. lola says:

          Old trend Olori swank rocked this last year n so did Ri ri.. But they all need to retire this look. Not very appealing!

        3. Draya says:

          Kelis started it. Rihanna trended it. The rest copied it.

        4. Circ1984 says:

          Kelis didn’t start anything. If anything, she recycled a trend that singer Joyce Bryant started – dying hair gray

      2. VarSpeaks says:

        I think its cute, but everything isn’t for everybody. So some people cant pull it off. I really like it on Sevyn Streeter.

        1. Skye says:

          I actually like it, it’s just like every other color it doesn’t look good on everyone. I enjoy it on Rihanna, Dascha, & Sevyn. If you’re young I don’t think it ages you and my Grandmother’s long grey hair is beautiful. I might dye mine.

      3. Panty Raid says:

        I mean im about to put a jet black rinse on my hair cause I spotted like 6 gray strands. It looks cute on some, but it age all of them.

      4. Remyy says:

        I really hate this trend. Everyone looks like they’re dying and Fantasia knows she needs to give her grandma her wig back.

    2. Girl whet says:

      I’ve hated the grey trend every time its tried to creep up and I still hate it now. It’s stupid.

    3. Bmore Love Thing says:

      I meeeean this trend isnt new by far its years old. Kelis has been there done everything lol. Thats my baby and Im not even into girls IDC IDC lol. Anyone that can hook Nasir LORDT!

      But back to the topic @ hand sorry…lol Its cute on some…I never judge a chick trying new things who am I to judge, switch it up ladies! Shoot ”w” women can color their hair every dang color of the rainbow & look like a freakin mermaid, we do it & all of a sudden we are ghetto lol.

    4. dee says:

      Damn, why do they all want to prematurely look like old ladies?? I like natural grey hair not “hey I’m 68 today” grey hair. No bueno 🙁

    5. nonmah says:

      kelis was wearing grey before all of them

      1. dee says:

        And Kelis looks like an old lady with it.

    6. Coy says:

      The trend is alright, I like Teyana’s faux dreads. Did not recognize Fantasia, in fact, my thoughts went like this. She likes like Fantasia only lighter. :/

    7. Indigo.M says:

      Kelis is the only one.

    8. Silly girls says:

      Toya please put down the make up and photo shop! She doesn’t even look like herself. This trend is ugly and everyone copying it needs to set trends not follow them they look silly!

    9. Faf says:

      Kelis really started that look out of everyone

      Keyshia always gets bored and changes hair

      Toya looks pretty

      I don’t like them in dreads @Teyana

    10. Remi says:

      It better be….As a fashion forward black male, i think this platinum silver hair color looks MUCH better than blonde hair on black women…..those days of blonde weave and blonde hair dye are gone..its a new day…its about time black women let go of eurocentric hair standards…..i cringe when i see black women with blonde hair……i’ve seen black women with black hair and silverish grey highlights….looks very sexy to me….far more sexier and edgier….out of all this pics, toya NAILED it….the right shade if silver….very very sexy and 2015…I think black women are going thru a phase of hair enlightenment…..alot of yall/you all with this hair color remind me of STORM from x-men…and i’m very proud of that….Storm is an iconic image in black pop culture and i’m glad to see my beautiful black queens paying tribute to STORM…..Its a beautiful thing…..slowly but surely, we are finding ourselves….we’re defining our image on our own terms and that brings joy to my heart.

      1. Asia says:

        I agree with u! Although certain shades of blond do compliment black skin tones some don’t. I think the grey is just another alternative color and I like it best on Toya.if ur young it doensn’t seem to age you. Hair color has become a simple accessory! And I guess the fact that most of these are weaved in thy can be changed easily! But everyone should not wear weaves, everyone can’t rock blonde,blue, lavender hair etc! Soo u should understand what compliments you and what does not.

    11. INWHYSEE says:

      Let the record show…. Kelis did it first! Gray hair was her look for the album FLESHTONE, which debuted early 2010. It shouldn’t matter, but your script isn’t in chronological order.

    12. bfashion58 says:

      I concur that this trend can’t die fast enough!! Believe me, the time will come for the grey and then they’ll be trying to die it another color!

    13. says:

      Style is style and style can’t spoil…..

  2. mimilovee says:

    its a stupid trend. and absolutely NOT to teyana dreads.

    1. dee says:

      You’re really cute.

      1. mimilovee says:

        you sho sweet :o) thank you

    2. Lola010 says:

      I really love the look on Teyana

  3. jdough says:

    I hope that trend leave just as quick as it came. I don’t like it. Some people are confused. One minute people want to look young the next minute they do things like this to look like a grandma. At the end of the day though it’s their decision.Gotta respect it. I guess!!!

  4. The Judge says:

    No one is original these days! I think it looks good on the girl from OITNB, I forgot her name.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    I would just like to say that Kelis did it before all these people….in 2009.

    1. Bmore Love Thing says:

      Hey now somebody gets it! Kelis is always lightyears ahead of these heavily styled girls, no shade (I would love to have one) its just usually someone elses vision.

  6. GoinRightBack says:

    Gray is the new ratchet.

  7. jane says:

    late!!!! this trend is old!!!

  8. W says:


  9. Esehombre says:

    I think the better question is if grey is the new blonde.

    1. Jay Roge says:

      She look like she stole her granny good church wig

  10. Keem Jones says:

    All of them look they were doing hood auditions for Storm in a high school play. #lookafool

  11. This has been a trend for at least six months. Even I tried grey in 2014.

  12. I’m not a fan of this hair color

  13. I'm Tryna See Thru Unbiased Eyes says:

    It looks cute on some (like Toya, Kelis, and Rihanna), and older women rocking their natural shades of grey are killing it. HOWEVER, I am not tryna rock Grey hair before my time…no ma’m

  14. Sarcasm maybe? says:

    My GRANDMOTHER rocks it better!!!!!!!!

  15. Shan1117 says:

    Monkey see, monkey do. I’m only 24 but this generation bothers me.

  16. Rihanna did this last year, they late.

    1. Autumn. says:

      She looks great in it, but Kelis started this.

  17. Over it… Olori Swank did it first… Last summer

    1. bossy says:

      And Olori rocked it better can’t believe she wasn’t an option

  18. Toya & Teyanna looked ok , but no, black is irreplaceable lol

  19. Rae Faye says:

    I personally don’t like it and would never try to rock it, but more power to ’em. It looks good on some and horrible on others. #ijs

  20. No thank you—- I love my youthful appearance

  21. I’m not of fan of this color!!! Hell I’ll be grey when I get old

  22. Darling Page says:

    i don’t like the trend but more power to them. it’s their head and life.

  23. And here I have been covering my grey hair all of these years.

  24. Alisha Green says:

    I’ll wait until I have no choice but to have gray hair…

  25. Oh lawd…now everybody gonna go grey

  26. I’m loving it on Toya

  27. Lola010 says:

    Im loving it!! Its fun and obviously temporary. Not a good look for Sevyn Stretter and Fantasia..unfortunately not everyone looks good with this trend. But most of them do!

  28. Fay Anella Z says:

    Umm when they reach that age when it’s not by choice they will spend big money to color it any other color than grey. Looks so ridiculous

  29. Is this hair coloring considered trendy because young people are wearing it? It’s naturally trendy amongst the crowds between 40-80 years old. As the old folks say…”Why would you want to look old before your time”? So true.

  30. Fox Candee says:

    Kelis had this style years ago but she never gets credit… it be the same “pop stars” copying!

  31. Lisa Dennis says:

    Kelly Osbourne taught them she was First

    1. CrazyMTF says:

      Yeah Kelly and Kylie Jenner was the first people I seen do it and folks where dogging them.Kelly was the one who I saw have it on tv and red carpet.She had it on the show Fashion Police and people we’re saying it was ugly but I love even the purple hair she has now.

  32. Crys Tal says:

    I don’t keep up with fads but if they needed grey hair I could easily pluck mines out and donate lol

  33. No Ma'am says:

    I liked it on Rihanna.

  34. Mya Leavy says:

    Love fantasia but she just looks like some jail niggas babymom sending him pics

  35. It’s so whack how everyone will just jump on bandwagons. Should I be proud of the silver strands that I have popping? 🙂

  36. Jazmyn says:

    Grey is used as a name whereas gray is a color.

    1. thatfriendlyblackgirl says:

      no both spellings are correct in either reference. go away and be a spelling nazi elsewhere.

    2. charlene says:

      Macy Gray??

  37. It’s stupid cause when they are really grey they are going to be dying their hair another color

  38. Mya Leavy says:

    Toya and dascha looks nice

  39. The only person i’ve see that does grey justice is Olori Swank

  40. Che Mack says:

    No Kelly Osborne and Nicole Richie started the trend!!! ❤️ the gray!

  41. Alina Newsom says:

    Not for me but to each his own!!!!

  42. India Renee says:

    But who wants to walk around looking elderly though? But that’s none of my business

  43. Wtf trying to get rid of my gray and these chicks..

  44. I like it. Not many can get away with this look though .

  45. Tee Lanae says:

    Kelis wore that already. It isn’t new..

  46. Marcus Bowie says:

    Stop this absurdity!!!

  47. I just cant get with this. I dont like it then with the black roots. Not for me

  48. I think this may be my next color -_-

  49. Well says:

    I will only support this trend if it teaches society to embrace aging. I love the idea of your hair naturally graying. It does look nice on Rihanna and Toya though.

    1. sia says:

      word! i look forward to going gray as i get older. it is so gorgeous.

  50. sia says:

    living in colorado, it is the norm. has been. for YEARS! i love it, but i myself am still into the pastel hues…

  51. When I get 65 I’ll rock it

  52. Shaunda Ward says:

    Toya is serving the hell out of that Gray. People please be real

  53. Sean Albrow says:

    Well I still can’t handle my natural grey.
    They can gladly have mine.

  54. late Kelis had gray hair for the longest time but because she isn’t as popular she ain’t get the credit she’s due but that ain’t new either

  55. I love it…. Fantasia tho….ummmmmm.

  56. Nope, don’t like it. I will not willingly go grey!

  57. Ryan Barr says:

    They look like old women trying to be hip

  58. Black women and these ratchet antics. Come TF on.

  59. Fantasia looks like someone’s grandma

  60. mel says:

    i think it’d be great ombre

  61. m in love with all but fantasia looks like she could b starring in hood rats the movie

  62. Toi Renee says:

    Gray used to be for when you aged gracefully. Nothing sexier than an older sophicated lady with gray I think it ages them a bit and not in a good way but that’s them. It’s not for me

  63. Toya look like an old, rich, black lady, with a great makeup artist… #SitDown

  64. Why??? Smh. When that gray happens forreal they’ll spend all kinds of money for the reversal. #whenboredomstrikes

  65. I hate it, makes no damn sense and it doesn’t look right no matter how pretty the female is. I wonder if these same females will embrace their natural grey hair when they’re older

  66. Urbanpsycho says:

    I’m doing this to my weave when it comes in the mail. I’ve been an ing to do this for some months now. It’s a little annoying that everyone is doing it now. But I really don’t care. I hate how people are like oh it’s a trend and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon but everything is a trend. Wearing weaves wigs curly short long dreads etc. if you aren’t doing anything to you hair it is all a trend a style so wo cares. It might not be for everyone but shrugs if you like it I love it. And this is nothing knew white people been doing this to their hair for years so nothing is really knew. Everything recycle itself

  67. Not feeling the fifty shades of gray look.

  68. when I get older I’m rocking the heck out of it!!

  69. Somewhere Sisqo is feeling mighty satisfied as he has been waiting years to say he was the first to rock grey hair

  70. Dee says:

    I actually really like this trend. But with some black. Not entirely grey

  71. Fantasia prolly shouldn’t. 🙁

  72. Shanna Woods says:

    If you look older then this may not look too good

  73. Ive been dying mine blk for yrs. No grey 4 me. And Fantasia hun…..smh

  74. child please i am 40 plus have started to see gray hair and Im covering it up

  75. middle look good. Fantasia look like her own grandma..she look like shes about to audition to play Madeas mamma…she look like she did when she played the OLD Celie in the Color Purple play….

  76. Ima do it soon just need someone to dye the hair for me

  77. MagMile says:


  78. hahaha says:

    Kelis is always years ahead of the trends. Let me go check her instagram to see what’s next.

  79. princesstoya says:

    The shade under fantasia photo epic lmao!!!!!! “This is probablu one of the more shorter looks we seen”

  80. The Judge says:

    I got a couple of gray strains in my head and I hate it, I couldn’t imagine a full head of it.

  81. BILL COSBY says:


  82. BILL COSBY says:


  83. what is the point, im not trying to have grey hair at damn 30 on purpose. f-ckk they do that at? and Fantasia I cant with this super bowl cut. and Toya wright carter looking like a damn old ass tranny. im not even about to *logs off*

  84. Sasha says:


  85. Chrizzz88 says:

    I LOVE IT! I love when people tries something outta the ordinary. I especially like it Toya, Rihanna, and Dascha in that order. I hate when people always tries to compare everybody to Rihanna, she is a trendsetter but she doesn’t start every trend I’m just saying.

  86. Anita Mann says:

    More like 50 shades of cruella de ville

  87. Jordyn says:

    Dascha Polanco is my wife.

  88. LynnLegend says:

    KELIS was 1st

  89. ccc says:

    i don’t like it but to each its own i think rihannna was the first i saw rocking it

  90. baby Bye says:

    Who cares which one of these ladies did it first? I’m looking to see which one will stop wearing it first.

    I mean really. It is so sad to see that people aren’t happy with what they’ve been given. All of this skin bleaching, plastic surgery, butt enhancements, and now this? Why not be happy with what your momma and daddy gave you? If you’re ugly, it was meant to be. If you’re dark skinned, it was meant to be. Get Over It.

    BTW: I almost spit out my Pepsi when I read that Toya is now an entrepreneur. Is her hustle having babies by celebrities to maintain a steady income? The girl can make a complete sentence. I can’t image her doing a business presentation out of the 8th Ward. Baby Bye!!!

  91. hellifknow says:

    Oh you youngins. When you actually start going grey you will be running from it like the Ebola virus. These chicks are playin’ but when it’s real….it’s real….

  92. MRB says:

    Kelis was the first to really rock it but she did it for her album when it released!! The look was on the same page as when Janet Jackson had red hair for the velvet rope era! I think its hot on certain types of women! I cant say I hate the look because its edgy for the right type of woman! Just not a look that everyone can pull off! Kelis can wear a brown paper bag and make it fly! Real talk!

  93. E-Bae says:

    I think there is something extremely empowering about the concept of young girls embracing grey and making it their own. Grey hair is something that is feared for most young women and not only is a physical sign of our own mortality, but a visual indication of our age, which we are conditioned to be ashamed about in our culture. Young women rocking the grey is delightfully empowering, unexpectedly rebellious, and inspiring! BUT if you’re going to do it…rock it with confidence and DO IT RIGHT!! ✌️

  94. ATLGALadee says:

    I’m not crazy about this trend at all. It’s a mess! And I notice some are rocking black roots and grey hair. If you’re going to rock the color, rock it all the way, from the roots all the way to your ends. IJS!

  95. PolkaDots says:

    Gray is NOT the new Black. Gray is gray and that’s it. It looks very super heroine meets grandma…The antics of the desperate.

  96. Kris says:

    It’s okay to hate something, but to say that it needs to “go away” because YOU hate it, is a bit redundant.

    Who tf are YOU to say what is or isn’t relevant? If it’s what THEY like, then it’s what THEY like. It’s THEIR hair, not yours.

  97. K. Nichole says:

    Sevyn’s actually looks the best. Hers has more of a tint to it that’s really pretty

  98. LeenaChing says:

    I feel like at this point every style is a has been so it’s just a matter of taking the risk and learning from the mistake if it is one. I don’t like it on Fantasia but me saying that isn’t gonna stop her from wearing it if she likes it. At the end of the day, it’s how they feel comfortable because if they like it they gonna keep rockin it and we have to keep seeing it. But I think Toya looks nice with it. But again, every trend doesn’t work with everybody and grey hair is no exception

  99. babydawl says:

    To each their own but I can’t see me rockin grey / platinum / white hair purposely.I’ve had several strands of white hair since I was a teenager and I always cover it. makes for excellent highlights.

  100. says:

    Dascha is the only one that actually looks cute w/ this color and not look like storm!!

  101. trilla says:

    Kelis is so far ahead of these copycats. Kelis didn’t create it but she was doing it when no one else thought to do it back in 2009-2010.

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