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How Lip Bar Founder Melissa Butler Went From A Shark Tank Rejection To A $400K Brand

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  1. What GOD has for you IS for YOU!!!! Love this story!

  2. Meli Mels says:

    Those jerks said they look like colorful roaches

    1. Yea I remember lol. That was so rude. But the good thing is that the show gave them exposure!

    2. Meli Mels says:

      They definitely didn’t let them break their spirit

    3. But when Kylie Jenner rrleqsed her line it was all the rage. I wish we owned more banks and media outlets

    4. I missed that episode.

  3. Gemia Loyd says:

    I love them. Their purple reign lipstick is my favorite. I was following them before they were on shark tank

  4. She did good by just getting on the show to show off her brand that all she needed

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised that they (Shark Tank) will be like Kanye and say they made her famous.

  5. Tata Siddell says:

    Never heard of it,where do they sell it

  6. I remember her and how furious I was at the Sharks for their remarks and pettiness. I’m glad to hear her business is thriving!

  7. I remember watching this and hearing the feedback by middle aged white men who just didn’t/couldn’t get it. Sometimes it’s not a rejection, just a redirection.

    1. Yup I saw this one .. Damon turned her down as well .. I’m glad she didn’t let that stop her 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    2. Jadel Rowe says:

      Yep, my thoughts exactly!

    3. Yes I also seen this episode and felt bad for them
      God had the last say , God bless them😍

  8. LaToya Bell says:

    #FAMU #blackgirlmagic

  9. Ali D Myrick says:

    I watched that episode….Congratulations to her

  10. I’m glad they were able to still be much more successful after those jerks made fun of their products, jokes on them!

  11. ReBe says:

    yay!!!! i’m so happy for these ladies. I saw this episode of Shark Tank and was absolutely DISGUSTED with the way the investors talked to the ladies. None of them had a clue about emerging beauty trends and they used most of the time to bash the ladies. KUDOS TO YALL!!!

  12. Shar says:

    While I thoroughly enjoy these entrepreneur articles, I feel that I’m not finding what I’d hope in them. As an entrepreneur myself that is launching collection, I wish their were more articles for women of color on literal steps to do this. Tell us about manufacturers, give us them incubator goods, cities with the best factories, the hardcore startup details that are hard to find. I request this because what black people don’t have have access to is connections and upbringings that provide this at our fingertips. So we are left to rough it out and figure it out on our own. Yes, all races have to figure things out as they launch, but we are always 100 times behind. So I just push or challenge xonecole to provide more of that hard to find details. Real secrets instead of just the fluffier areas. Tangible things we can apply to our niche industries of food, beauty, fashion, financial businesses etc..

    I do love coming here, so this was not a bash at all!!

  13. Je Ssica says:

    So glad they are successful after the feed back they received, and the way it was delivered. Success is the best payback, no sass or neck rolling which im sure they expected, these ladies walked out w/thier heads high and used that platform to elevate their business. Kudos

    1. “Always stay gracious”…

  14. Girl, I been on to this yrs ago! I’m on their email subscription list. They just recently lowered their prices…u should check em out. I’m pretty sure u did already 😊

  15. I saw the show and was disgusted by that troglodyte. Glad to see they didn’t allow his negativity to mar their dreams.

  16. I’m sure if she were of a different persuasion they would have thought her idea was terrific! Ppl need to start realizing that Black ppl have BEEN on the natural / organic care trend… Anyway their loss

  17. As a fellow entrepreneur it’s so refreshing to hear of stories like theirs. I too saw that episode and was excited just to see someone that looks like me and that’s in a similar industry as me on the show. Congrats ladies! You give us hope.

  18. I stopped watching the show after that and brought a black and orange lipstick after that. The roach, bozo, and clown comments were too much for me. And Damon sitting there like a coon…no thanks.

    1. Wow! I didn’t see it but now imma find it on YouTube. Not a consistent watcher but if they act like that I won’t be watching at all!

    2. But he acts like that with everybody.

    3. Mr. Wonderful say stuff like that to anyone, I honestly didn’t think it he was being racist to these ladies

    4. He actually wasn’t saying that until after this episode. I was a faithful watcher…

    5. Terry Smith says:

      After the comments from that episode, I stopped watching it too.

    6. I was a faithful and still am a faithful watcher, I actually believed he has become more conscious of things he say compared to before. Plus you wouldn’t know if you ‘stopped’ watching after this episode

    7. I never heard him call anyone roaches and bozos especially the girl with the fro. He said it, I was offended, I’m good on that show.

    8. I thought those were the women he said that to… Look at them now!

  19. Rachel Hill says:

    Proud of you Melissa!!

  20. Lucy Ball says:

    I will never forget how they treated these young ladies. The remarks were distasteful and just plain rude. Anyhow, congrats to them!

  21. I’m so happy to hear this!! I saw the show and they were cruel and disrespectful to her!!!! Way to go girl!!!

  22. I worked on set with the girl in blue, pretty damn amazing

  23. Hell yeah. I think they were the ones that wanted to do a lipstick truck or something

  24. I remember watching! They were rude to them and they’re comments came off as being very racist!

  25. God will continue to bless you, Supa! Melissa Butler

  26. Jadel Rowe says:

    I’m SO glad this worked out in her favor. I remember this episode and I I felt demeaned for her. Good for her, what a great turnaround

  27. Wow never heard of this

  28. Regina Brown says:

    Kudos to them!!! I remember that episode and the way those men put them down. Love to hear that man’s no didn’t stop them from reachin their dream.

  29. When the world says no, Jesus says yes!!!

  30. Thank everyone so much for the love and support! I feel so blessed.

  31. I remember this episode. The Sharks clearly didn’t get it. I kept screaming at the TV that she was going to prove them all WRONG!!! So excited for her and her company.

  32. I sure do remember this episode. So happy that these ladies are prospering. Obviously these white middle aged men don’t know everything.

  33. That’s awesome. I actually remember watching this episode. One of the panelists even aid something that was lowkey offensive to these ladies. Glad she did not get discouraged.

  34. I don’t even watch television but this was an episode I caught and I was SO appalled by the shark tank feedback. Just sooooo uncalled for. Very very very happy for them! What a blessing!

  35. I remember this episode omg I was so mad at the panelists for being so damn narrow minded they just couldn’t even wrap their head around the concept! I knew these ladies would go far regardless of Shark Tank lol now look at them

    1. Angel Kirk says:

      The exposure from shark tank was what they wanted and needed. They were not the first that were criticized for their ideas and won’t be the last. It is not about race.

  36. Such an inspiring story! A constant reminder that when you get knocked down, get back up and keep going! ❤️ #nevergiveup

  37. They gone get this black girl magic we have to serve up! Whether they want it or not! Go y’all!

  38. Turner Quita says:

    Jokes on them!!! Go ladies!

  39. I surely remember watching that episode. Im too proud of her mission and accomplishments. Keep growing!

  40. Adrienne Fivehouserocks says:

    This is exactly why we need to start and support more of our own businesses-like 5House Fruitcakes…the best Caribbean fruitcake outside of the Caribbean!

  41. Simone Cooke says:

    Wow! So proud of you Spec! ❤️ Melissa Butler

  42. How do I apply for this show?

  43. I’m glad it worked out for them but I did agree with the Sharks. Only because I’m not the customer for this product so I can never see the vision of it.

  44. Lisa says:

    Colorful cockroaches? I have been dragged off that show. God bless those ladies, I going to buy some lipstick.

  45. Lisa says:

    *would have been

  46. Just being on the show is a form of marketing for the business. Free air time.

  47. I saw that episode…Mr. wonderful was SO rude and disrespectful! Kudos to her for not giving up and proving them wrong.

  48. love life says:

    Damon is a coon

  49. Rita Serrano says:

    I love this lipstick brand and was able to meet the owners myself at the Makeup Show they were so sweet and you can see how much they love their business so happy they fought thru the rejection and made it happen.. God Bless!! The Lip Bar

  50. Brittany M. says:

    ❤️ so proud of you Melissa!!!

  51. Lalessey says:

    I am so happy to see her succeed. I used to watch shark tank every week, until that episode. I never watched again. The way Kevin talked to her was totally disrespectful. I am so glad she is doing well. Everyone knows that women of color are the biggest spenders. I have already made a purchase. Wish her well.

  52. Cara Stampp says:

    Best thing that could have happened to them, that show is not always right! Sometimes pure ignorant comments, this is the female team with a rejected.

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