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How I Handled Being Pregnant In College

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  1. Naturalroni says:

    Great article. I know this has to be helpful to soo many women and girls out there. You are an inspiration to many!

    1. Ashleigh Hardin-Jones says:

      Thank you for reading and your kind words!

  2. Alana Marie says:

    Giiiiirrrrl!!!!! Why do you know my life?!?!!? I got pregnant at 19 over winter break of my freshman year and found out on the day of Obama’s inauguration. My child was made on “purpose” and me and her father couldn’t even make it throughout the pregnancy before we broke up. I left the campus at 5 months to move back home and get help from my parents but kept up with all my credits by taking online courses and going to community college. When my daughter was 15 months, I went back to Mizzou and finished ON TIME! I was President of the Student-Parent organization on campus and intern at a parenting resource organization affiliated with campus. They use me and my child’s graduation picture for promo to this day. Addy walked across the stage with me in December of 2012 and I worked for Americorps for 2 years before going back for my Masters in Social Work. Family support, WIC, TANF, SNAP, and God most definitely were the things that carried me through. #unashamed. Congratulations to you. I find it amazing that our stories are so similar. God Bless Love!

    1. Ashleigh Hardin-Jones says:

      That’s what I call motivation!!! You are a true inspiration and I think it’s cool that they use your picture for promo, you better WORK! I always say that there’s someone out there going through something similar to what you’re going through. So glad to be able to connect through xoNecole! I wish you the best and continue to be a role model to your little one, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the story when she gets older. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jerikà Wren says:

    It didn’t stop me… But it postponed me a bit Now I’m going back for everything I wanted!! #onedegreedown #mastersdegreeinprogress

    1. Jerikà Wren says:

      I finally graduated this year. My oldest son is 11, im 31. But I did it. I was so proud of me. Lots of long hours, blood, sweat, tears went into that degree! Now I’m in the master’s program. Wouldn’t dare complain about something I been waiting for the opportunity to get. ❤️

  4. Gina Marie says:

    Associates- first child
    Bachelors- second child
    Masters degree in progress – pregnant.

  5. Didn’t stop me either…postponed me for one semester because she came early!

  6. Awesome article. First kid my last year of undergrad, second kid first year of masters. Currently working full time and my second (last) is almost out of diapers! It was tough but there’s this weird feeling of being in the career of my dreams and being done with newborns! Lol

  7. Brittany S says:

    Great article! I got pregnant my sophomore year and had my daughter at 20. I moved back home and that move led to the breakup of my daughters Dad and I.*Shurgs* My parents were devastated. My Dad especially. It hurt me because I hurted him. We didn’t speak for 3 months… but we’re living in the same house! Anyhoo I jumped back into school taking on in classes while working my full time job. 7 years later, this upcoming spring semester is my LAST semester of undergrad! It’s not easy but can be done! So glad you decided to share your story so other young ladies won’t feel like they are the only ones in the world that’s going through it!

  8. Tiff Marie says:

    This is the best article I’ve ever read thats so inspiring. Having a child while trying to pursue an education and lifetime achievments is heavy but God teaches us lessons about life.

  9. Crystol says:

    I feel like you’ve been watching my life through a microscope. It’s exactly what I’m going through right now. I’m currently 6 months pregnant and I decided to go back to school just because I don’t want my daughter to have a mother who doesn’t have a education. I’m with my boyfriend and he’s been so supportive with everything including me going back to school. It took me two tries at an abortion and 5 months to tell my mom that I was pregnant and she honestly took it 100 times better than I thought she would be. She’s been very supportive and I’m just thankful for her and I feel so comforted knowing that I’m not the only person going through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. Wanda says:

    Eventhough this is not my case, but I have to commend you for this wonderful inspiring article. It really touched me. My prayer is that any young lady going through this type of situation just know God is with you and prayer is the key. Dont give up..

  11. Erin says:

    I got pregnant my first semester of college, as well at the age of 19. The day after I told my mother I was pregnant, she passed away. I stayed on campus my entire pregnancy and sometimes went to sleep hungry because I had zero dollars. My dad was upset, especially after he had just sent me out the country for a senior trip. My major was biology, so trying to study with a baby was impossible. Finding affordable child care was impossible. My daughter’s dad went to school 2 hrs away and wasn’t able to help much due to his financial situation. But finishing school was the only thing on my mind. I had advisors tell me to stop and go to a community college, but I had to prove to myself i could finish in 4 years. I graduated in 5 years with a BA in Biology last May at 24 with my 4 year old daughter.

  12. Vpprinces says:

    Just wanna toss in how important comprehensive sex ed is. Majority states don’t mandate it & even more schools ban it. Then parents just preach “fire and brimstone” abstinence. Research shows teens & college kids who are least likely to have an unplanned pregnancy are those who have been taught EARLY about condoms, IUD, the pill, STD’s, abortion, & social responsibility.

  13. LadyE says:

    Yes! Pregnant at 19, had baby #1 2 weeks before start of junior year, began classes and took zero time off. Finished BA w/ teacher license in original 4 year plan (just added a baby and a husband). Then on to law school. Second baby had fall of last year of law school. Now 30, with 3 kids, and an attorney.

  14. Mari says:

    This was/is my life! !

  15. Sharmisa says:

    Man! This sound like my life! My story is rather long so i’ll do my best to keep it short. When I was 18 going on 19 I found out i was pregnant by someone I considered to be my first love and at the time i was ecstatic because we were so in love! Having a baby was we thought we needed to tie our life of love together. But once I descended from my brief moment of euphoria i realized i had to tell my parents and they will kill me! Especially my mom who had me while she was in college and had to drop out to care for me. So there was no way i could let my parents down by telling them I was pregnant. However I did tell my dad who was shocked but ended up supported me with my idea to have an abortion. Although, looking back, I felt it was the worse decision of my life, it’s one I do not regret (everything happens for a reason). Fast forward to exactly a year later with my new boyfriend (first love was also an unambitious cheater..) and I’m pregnant again. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson the second time around but hey we too thought the pull out method was working.. lol yeaaaah. Anyway i was going into my sophomore year once i found out.. i moved into the dorms as if everything was normal.. I figured I would tell my mom i was pregnant about around the time i was in labor to give birth.. but It didn’t work that way.. She found out from the prenatal appointment call that was made to my family’s home instead of my cell.. once confronted by my mom, i told her through my sobbing tears i didn’t want her to be disappointed in me. In a motherly voice that was unfamiliar to me she says how could I be disappointed in you for doing the same thing I did at your age. At that moment i was relieved to know that my mom was my biggest supporter. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of East Carolina University, located in Greenville North Carolina, with a BA in psychology as well as a mother to a beautiful 10 year old boy. I currently serve as an officer in the US Army. Gotta make my son proud as well as set and example for him 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story. it’s nice to know someone shared a similar experience and made it to success. 🙂

  16. Dhall says:

    I became pregnant my senior year of high school. I had my daughter 10 days after graduation. I enrolled in community college the following semester….and now 13 years later, I am working on my dissertation for a doctorate in educational leadership.

  17. Alex says:

    I also got pregnant the Fall semester of my freshman year. I was 17 and I thought my life was over. I ended up stressing so much I delivered prematurely (at only 25 weeks) and dropped the spring semester for my daughter. My daughter is fine now, thank God everything came out ok and she left the hospital with no problems. I am now about to start my last semester before graduating this May with my bachelors in Political Science. Anything is possible!

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