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How Getting Laid Off Was The Best Thing To Happen To Me And My Career

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  1. I know that’s right!!! I go fired from my job.. Went back to school.. Finished my bachelors… Got my new job in the field and I’m back in grad school… A true blessing!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Blessings in disguise. Congratulations, Shamika!

  2. Yasmine Simone says:

    I feel sooooooo inspired by this. I recently graduated with my B.A. and quit my minimum wage job yesterday because I finally feel free. Free enough to do what I truly love which is writing. I have some money saved to pay my immediate expenses & have the wonderful and gracious help of my parents to step out on faith, thank GOD!! It’s scarier relying on my own drive & hope to make money instead of a steady paycheck. I needed to read this & all congratulations to you! Have faith in God and yourself and you can exceed your goal!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      It takes courage to follow your dreams, Simone. Good for you!

      To help set you up for success, I recommend getting your writing out as much as possible – on blogs, books, articles, your work book, etc. I also recommend starting to learn about entrepreneurship and marketing so that you can be even more successful in your career.

  3. Great article. Very inspiring and motivating

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Appreciate that, Shantel. xo

  4. Rose A says:

    I loved this article! Sometimes God places you in an uncomfortable position so you can rise to a level you never considered possible.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Yes, Rose!! You get it 🙂

  5. Takiera says:

    I was laid off a year ago after being at my job for 8 years I won an appeal and went back after 4 months of being off . Today a year and 3 months later after being layed off I got fired once again smh .. Don’t know what I’m going to do

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Takiera – I think rising from a fall like that is about using your head and listening to your heart. Come up with a short term plan to get you grounded. Also do some soul searching and listen to what you really want to do with your life and your career. Dig deep… you got this.

  6. Syreeta Long says:

    I was fired from an unfulfilling demanding job. I was under employed for two years. It was one of the best things that happened to me. I found that I could live way below my means and still be happy. I started paying for everything in cash and I kept a closer eye on my expenses. Two years later I was in a position where the salary was double, benefits, travel, good friends, less debt, and a actually enjoyed it. It took me a while to reflect and realized that it had to happen. Did I mentioned that I also had the strength to end a disastrous relationship???? Won’t he do it?

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      YOU did it too, Syreeta. Good for you!

  7. Kristin B says:

    I so needed to read this! I recently just got laid off and I really have been having a hard time dealing with it. I’ve just been taking it day by day and applying to everything that I feel I can succeed in. This week, I signed with a temp agency and I’ve been getting some offers. Since I’ve made a conscience effort to be positive and not depressed, I can feel a difference and I PRAY that this next job of mine with further me on my career path ultimate goal. Good luck to everyone and once again thank you for this article!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      We can’t always choose what’s been handed to us. We have to choose how we want to handle it. It takes a whole lot of strength to choose optimism, Kristin. You’re on your way. Stay focused.

  8. Inasia Pelle says:

    Yes! Got fired from a place where the administration treats it’s employees like scum (didn’t wana be there anyway but bills don’t quit)..a month later I was hired to work for the best private organization in a better position and have since been promoted! $$$ Not to mention at the time it worked wonders for my full time mom/student/employee schedule.. It truly was a blessing in disguise

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Blessings all around Inasia!

  9. Kyla Ky says:

    This is inspiring because I’ve really been thinking of starting my own business lately but I have no idea what type of business I want to run. I’m already tired of working for people and I have many, many years of working ahead of me. I’m just waiting on that “aha!” moment because I want to do something that’s never been done before but I feel like I’m stuck.

    I’m going to start reading more career/business books to try and get my creative juices flowing.

    I’m glad you were able to accomplish so much more after being laid off, turns out it was a blessing for you.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I’ve sooo been there, Kyla. Sometimes I think I’m still there.

      Yes – read, delve into stuff, try things. I’ve attempted 4 different businesses and it’s truly a journey. But if you keep searching, eventually you’ll find it.

      A few books I recommend:
      – #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
      – The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
      – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (comes out in September)

      1. Kyla Ky says:

        Thank you for the recommendations!

  10. Bella Fonte says:

    I’ve quit a job and didn’t have another job waiting…. That led up to me doing what I do now and what Im going to do in the future. Why be at a job if it makes you unhappy?

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I agree, Bella. However, I also speak from experience in that it takes some people a lot longer to trust in their heart and their instincts. Some people do jobs they don’t like because choosing something else is too scary. And that’s ok too.

  11. Rachel bennett says:

    Thank you so much for writing this . I was just layed off 3 weeks ago . But now I have the chance to go to college and start the career I have always dreamed of . It hard when your a single parent . But I’ve been keeping the faith and God been taking care of us as always . Have a blessed day !

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Good for you, Rachel. Saving yourself and caring for your child. I’m sure it’s not easy, but you’re doing it.

  12. Tierra Mason says:

    Thank you for this article. It really inspired me to continue in my faith in believing God has something better for me. I just recently lost my job and let me tell you the struggle is real! But I am thankful and humbled. This really helped me. Continue telling your story to others because you never know who you will bless!


    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Appreciate that Tierra. For you to lift others in your time of need speaks volumes about you.

      Dig deep, take a risk, and keep working on yourself. I always tell my clients to work on themselves more than anything else.

  13. Anna Zubarev says:

    What an amazing example this story covers, throughout any obstacles in life there is a way out. All we have to do is really put our mind’s to it and get to work and hustle!

    Brilliant Post Britney!
    Love ya girl! {{{Hugs}}}

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Thanks, Anna. I always appreciate you! xo

  14. Airecaa says:

    Reading this article is probably a sign I need to quit my current job and step out on faith but I am scared as hell! I want to be a real estate agent and a business owner. I have my business idea but I don’t have the funds to establish it. I just finished a real estate course but I’m scared of failure so I haven’t been studying like I’m supposed to and pushing my test date back. I have test anxiety. I am taking a business class trying to grasp the concept so I can make smart, educated decisions. However, I’m still scared and I want to step out on faith but I’m scared! My job is annoying and I don’t have a passion for what I’m doing. advice? 😱

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Stepping out on faith doesn’t always mean a drastic move like quitting your job. It can mean deciding to take your real estate license test in 3 months. It can mean deciding to re-do your budget and save an extra $150 a month.

      I recommend taking baby steps. I wouldn’t quit your job. Having income coming in and starting your real estate business should be a slow, gradual process. Take your time, keep learning. It’s awesome you’re taking a business course.

      Start by committing to a date you feel comfortable with to take your test, study, and take it. If you fail, study some more and take it again. And again. It’s all a process and you’re already on your way, Airecaa.

  15. It’s amazing to read these comments. It sounds like we’re all in good company 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story and to share yours.

  16. Kina says:

    I been layed off for 5 months now. I also cried when I got the news. I’ve been looking and putting in multiple resumes; but I only had one interview so far for a job I really wanted. I really am getting discouraged. Thanks for writing this article. I really needed some encouragement.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Don’t give up, Kina! Make sure your resume is on point and directly speaks to the positions you are applying for.
      Keep focusing on what you do want, as opposed to what you don’t want.

  17. Toya says:

    I have been here too. Being laid off was the best thing to ever happen to me. Rejection is God’s protection.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      High five, Toya. xo

  18. Chloe says:

    For those of you who have recently been laid off, stay encouraged. I was laid off from my job after working for the company for 5+ years. Everyone reacts differently (and everyone’s situation is different), but I didn’t cry.. mainly because it makes me grossly uncomfortable knowing that people feel sorry for me. I applied for unemployment right away, which I strongly recommend and began my job hunt immediately. I made the decision up front that I would be selective, only apply for jobs I was genuinely interested in, and above all things – stay positive. Layoffs especially are one situation you have to mind over matter because hiring manager can spot a depressed desperate candidate a mile away. It took me much longer than I expected or anticipated (almost a year!) but I finally received multiple offers from prominent companies, paying nearly double the salary I was making before. Everything in due timing. You’ll come out on the other side, I promise! Don’t rush, don’t worry, trust the process, and remember, God will not forsake you.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That’s awesome, Chloe. Thanks for sharing your story. Good for you. A year is along time, so I’m sure it took a lot of patience and persistence and look at you now.

  19. Bxxxy says:

    Okay guys, I’m 26 and I’ve never had a job. I’m currently studying for a masters degree and I ran a personal business for a year but that’s it. I really need work experience as I feel it will be a learning process for me. I’ve been trying to get a job since the start of the year and I’m no where close so now I’ve started volunteering. What else can I do? Any tips? I’m going to be 27 in December and I don’t want to overcome this before then. Thanks

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      What about an internship in your field? Or a professor’s assistant? Volunteering is good too. If you’re just needing any work experience, you should be able to get a retail or even an assistant position to someone who’s willing to help you out.

      Stay focused on the job you want. You have to get to the point of knowing that it will be your reality. And leave the how it will be your reality up to higher/other powers. You can make it happen!

  20. Bxxxy says:

    Want to overcome*

  21. Dave says:

    This article did so much for me.

    These parts:
    “While there’s something to be said for putting in the right work, why put in so much work that you burn yourself out? Why sacrifice parts of your life? Why make yourself miserable doing something you don’t want to do to get to somewhere you want to be? That kind of thinking just never appealed to me.”

    “But because this was my opportunity to find a job that I actually wanted to be at, I listened to my heart when applying. If a job description felt like more b.s., I wouldn’t apply to it. I practiced listening to my heart, instead of the “right” or “logical” thing to do when it came to my career. “Right” and “logical” do serve their place in my career… but so does my heart.”

    I’m in school right now and I REALLY don’t want to be here. I was basically forced by family (long story, some serious stuff). And I find myself getting more depressed by the day, being here. I have let the decision to do the “Right” and “logical” thing put me behind in life, both professionally, and personally. I feel so drained. And the 1st quote I quoted from you, it’s like here they want me to do so much just to secure a career, even past all the work I put into studying, getting good grades and understanding the material, outside of my own obligations I need to do throughout the week. And I’m learning that I have to put myself 1st, go with my heart, and do what’s best for me. Thanks for this article. I truly love this site.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I’m so glad this resonated so much with you, Dave.

      You’re right – you do have to listen to you heart and do what’s right for you.

      I do recommend a 4-year degree to all of the students I work with. A 4-year agree is pretty much the equivalent of a high school diploma these days. It’s needed to get any decent job if you do go down that path.

      If you don’t want to the work in corporate world, that doesn’t mean a degree won’t be a big stepping stone to what it is you want to do.

      I wonder if switching majors to something that might better serve you could be an option, especially if you have plans to be an entrepreneur or to own your business. Business and marketing degrees, while not always the most exciting to learn about, are generic degrees that will teach you some good basic skills.

      Knowledge and education is critical in any career or endeavor. What you do with the knowledge and how you apply it is up to you.

  22. Karrla says:

    Thank you for this article. I got laid off 2 months ago and have been very depressed trying to figure out what to do next. I really want to change career paths and start my own business but I havent figured out what that is as yet. This article gives me hope that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Keep going, Karrla. If you aren’t sure of the business you’d want to start, I recommend to start learning and trying things. Educating yourself and reading, talking to people, and taking your time.

      I always recommend a source of income coming in/a job when starting your own business, if it’s a business that won’t turn profit right away, so keep looking. You’re getting closer!

      A few books I recommend:
      – #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
      – The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
      – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (comes out in September)

  23. Janise says:

    Love this article. I happen to come across Necole’s ig page by her lovely dog. Followed her and since then have been hooked! I started following her and quite often she would post things that would make me feel like ” this girl understands “. I am daily thinking and researching different career paths and yes, fear, often clogs my vision. I have a bachelors in speech language pathology and have been a speech therapist for 2 years. Although I enjoy working with kids for a home health agency I often feel I need to be around people. It scares me thinking of what path to take , if I should go back to school, etc. I need to find a way to listen to my heart and figure it out . Thank you so much for this post. It’s inspiring . I wish you all the success in your upcoming endeavors . Also thanks to Necole’s for creating this platform to hear stories like this !

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I love everything about your comment Janise.

      Try envisioning what your dream life looks like. What your days look and feel like. And base your decisions on how you want you life to feel like. That might help you get at least one step closer in figuring out how you want to move forward next.

      Starting reading books, talking with people, researching, and following the heart bread crumbs. If you keep listening, you’ll get there.

  24. Nelly Nellz says:

    I really love this. I heard from a co worker my position is getting cut very soon at my company and even though I don’t have a job lined up or a plan. I feel so relieved. I’m grateful for this job but I’m not happy here and have been looking for a couple months now. I’m just not fulfilled at all and recently just been feeling like i’m wasting time being here. Although I’m nervous and anxious to start a new journey in life. I’m also excited and have complete faith and I know everything will be just fine. Thank you for sharing this story it really gave me a boost of confidence.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Good for you Nelly Nellz. Yes – it will work out.

  25. STREETCHIC says:

    Ladies and gentlemen this is why xonecole exists. To give us stories like this. Thank you so much Brittney for this story. Similar circumstances as yours in terms of being laid off and realising that it could be a good thing. Trying to stick with that feeling, even though it’s quite difficult sometimes. Thank you!!!!! xoxox nuff love 🙂

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Streetchic – Yes, it can be very difficult. But when you commit to you and your dreams, it makes things a lot easier to push through. Because there’s a certainty. Best wishes on your journey.

  26. Cerah says:

    I was thinking to myself earlier. Wishing I could apply for jobs, but cannot because I was left at notice that I need two more classes to graduate. Following these thoughts, I realized, why should I let a job have so much power over me and hold the determination of my failure and success. These jobs can lay you off at anytime. You can slip up and get fired also. Then I read this. I believe we need more than one stable income. What do you think? I believe there is no security anywhere; besides, within yourself– you will never fail.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Cerah – I do think multiple income streams are the way to go – passive and leveraged income particularly. I advise my clients to start with one additional stream of income at a time and to be open as to how those additional streams of income can happen.

  27. Brittney Pappano says:

    Keep going, Karrla.

    If you aren’t sure of the business you’d want to start, I recommend to start learning about and trying things. Educating yourself and reading, talking to people, and taking your time.

    I always recommend a source of income coming in/a job when starting your own business, if it’s a business that won’t turn profit right away, so keep looking. You’re getting closer!

    A few books I recommend:
    – #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
    – The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
    – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (comes out in September)

  28. Nubianne says:

    I was laid off on May 15th, 2013 in the same manner. I shed some tears for the end of a regular paycheck but not so much for the job itself.I was escorted out out and I bawled some more on my way home. I immediately started looking for jobs but nothing fell through.
    In July 2013,I got the last severance pay check, I decided to launch my travel business (click on website link for a sneak peak) that I have been putting on the back-burner for years. I have since moved to Europe for grad school and completed my masters’ and been traveling non-stop. I couldn’t be happier. I do not have a 6 figure salary but I have been so happy the past 2 years, doing what I love the most. Traveling!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Nubianne, that’s what it’s all about. You’re doing something that lights you up, which is travel. The more you doing the things that set your soul ablaze, the more will come your way. Congrats to you!

  29. Giselle Andrews says:

    I have been doing nails for the last eleven years. During that time, I decided to get my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Television Producing. There was an asian salon that I worked at for 2 years. The money was good but because of the language barrier, I literally ran the salon because the owner was never there. My unlicensed counterparts were making a higher commission although I was the only licensed nail technician. State board even came in and fined the salon for $2000. I decided to leave. Once you play with my money, I’m done. I drive 32 miles to this new upscale salon where everyone speaks fluent English. The advice I have for anyone laid off or fired is don’t prolong the agony. Just leave.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That’s great you’re at a place you enjoy now Giselle. Sometimes it takes the right circumstances for us to leave and move on.

  30. JenH says:

    Soooo inspiring! My layoff was two years ago and I’m now working on starting my own business. I was supposed to see your story this morning! God bless.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Good for you, Jenh. Keep moving forward and doing you!

  31. Sharon F. says:

    Everything is not for everyone! September 5th made 14 years at my desk job. I’m only 32. My passion has and will always be fashion. I have ran my own business off and on for 11 years never giving it 100%. This story is a wake call to not only myself but to everyone out here dragging themselves to a “job” that they hate. Listen to your inner voice and fulfill your dreams. I have been listening to mines a lot lately which is making me a truly happy person inside and out. Kudos to you and to everyone our here living your dreams. God bless and may God continue to guide you!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Yes, Sharon! It honestly takes a lot of courage to follow your heart and your dreams. And we aren’t taught how to do that or to be a business owner. It’s something we have to take upon ourselves to learn. Keep going and listening to your knowing.

  32. Diamond says:

    loved this story, brittney you rock. so inspiring for a current college student

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      You rock, Diamond. Get your degree and do what you really want to do with it!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I saw the title to this post and clicked INSTANTLY! Funny that this girl was 28…so was I when this happened to me. I was a manager in retail after I was given the opportunity from the store manager who believed in me. I knew into week 2 or 3 that the job was NOT for me! But, of course I had bills to pay so I dealt with it for 10 months, trying to find better opportunities while busting my butt as much as a I could…until one day, I was fired…not even laid off…FIRED! It was a rough job situation and to be honest, I saw it coming. I think I cried for about two minutes until someone reminded me about this thing called unemployment, lol (I totally forgot this existed because I have always been a working girl). The day I got fired was the BEST day of my life! I was FREE and also decided to become an intern at 28 (never say never, folks). Hey, I had the opportunity open up, so why not? My goal for obtaining the horrible job in the first place was for me to relocate near the NYC area to work in clothing and apparel/fashion, which it allowed me to do. So, I started interning for a celebrity fashion stylist in the city while collecting unemployment checks. I was travelling for projects and events (expenses paid by her, might I add), spending days with actors, music artists and top executives, while also making great connections and also learning the ins and outs of the industry, which I have been wanting to do and never knew how I would. To try to make this already long story short, lol, I took all that I learned from that internship and landed a great full-time job once my unemployment ran out with a very well-known online luxury retailer. Talk about things happening when they are supposed to, this offer came right on time! I have just celebrated my 1-year anniversary with this AMAZING company which provides me a better salary, benefits, working in the right area of fashion I want to be in, and so much more to be thankful for! To sum it all up, my previous job termination pushed me to the point I am at now, and I have never been this happy =)

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That’s the best, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing your story. It felt good to read. Sounds like you’re a hustler too, makin’ it happen!

  34. Brittney mitchell says:

    This was such a touching story , I’ve been feeling sad and depressed about my job now which I am a phlebotomist and I don’t like it , I work all day do the same thing over and over again just to get a steady paycheck I prayed for this job thinking it would be better than the rest because the money was better , which isn’t true I still feel sad and just not wanting to do it the only thing that makes me happy is traveling to new places and fashion , but I want to have my own business , but trying to decide what to do next is the hard part

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Brittney – I can relate (love your name!!). When I graduated college and got hired with a very prestigious firm, I thought I had made it, only to find out two week into it that it actually sucked.

      Needless to say, I’ve realized that, although I’m not super passionate about my corporate consulting career, it has been very good to me. It’s been the path I’ve needed until I’m fully ready for another one.

      Keep exploring your passions, let your heart lead you while making smart financial choices (aka don’t quit your job just because you don’t like it, until you have another paying gig lined up).

  35. Tionna says:

    Your story is truly inspiring. I am 24 and struggle with the “my life should be figured out” syndrome. I have worked for the same company for 5 years. Foolishly trying to convince myself as I elevate in the company things will get better. Your story made me realize I need to trust my gut. It’s time I leave and really find something that I and passionate about!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Tionna, I’m 32 and feel the same way. We never have it fully figured out, ever. So give yourself a break.

      If you’ve tried to make your current job better and aren’t having any success, then maybe it is time to move on. But don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out. Appreciate what you’ve accomplished and take it day by day.

  36. Krissi says:

    As I read this story I’m lying in a small town in Austria. I was officially made redundant the day before I left to go on holiday (Wednesday 23rd September 2015). I giggled as I wrote this. I read this article a few back and I was like shoot I’ve never been made redundant, I’ve left a job but never redundant. I honestly felt like a failure. I cried a little, more out of ego, than actual pain.

    But I read this story again and think about my situation and think wtf…I either go in the directions of what I really want to achieve with my life. Or … I dim my light even more so everyone else is a little safer around me. I say my life comes first!

    TBH, when I was told I was being made redundant I didn’t feel stressed out, I felt a level of thank jeez’s it’s over. I enjoyed the job but in all honesty the environment had become toxic and negative.

    But you know what this situation taught me a few things about myself. That I will eternally be greatful.

    As of now, the only thing that is really holding me back is me. I have to be bold and know that every thing works out for the best. Always

    It’s weird but your article rang true to me before I was made redundant, now it hums like a perfect melody to song I haven’t heard before.

    Cheers to a new type of life!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      It sounds like you’ve got it figured out, Krissi. The peace you have with your situation is great. With that outlook, you’re sure to come upon the next right thing for you soon!

  37. Symone' says:

    I was fired from my job right after I Came back from leave for the birth of my daughter..unemployed for 4 months, finally got A new gig after I lost my apartment, but very unhappy. It takes everything in me not to quit but I have bills and a babygirl. Every day I want to let the job go and find my destiny but I don’t think it’s that easy. This is inspiring so I’ll continue to pray for my time to come.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Your life as it is IS your destiny, Symone. It’s part of your story. Yes, you do have bills to pay and a baby girl to care for. It’s not easy, I’m sure. But if you are determined, and you work on yourself, you can be more happy in living your destiny and in raising your baby girl. Pray and, also, take action toward the life you desire.

  38. Nikki says:

    I read this a few weeks ago and shared it on FB….knowing that I was about to lose my job. It finally happened last week, and thanks to this article and all my amazing entrepreneur friends, I am probably a little *too* happy about this! LOL.


    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That’s awesome, Nikki. As someone told me when I got laid off, Congratulations. Onward to the next, better thing for you!

  39. Bride2mum says:

    Inspirational piece! I have never had a job but I do different businesses that I love and I blog, though the growth is soooo slow. My goal would be to own my business, grow my blog and work in a media house soon an of course earn 6 figures by the time I clock 30. #Ambitious

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      If that’s where you want to be, bride2mum, you can absolutely be there. Keep taking actions that will get you there and be open to possibilities.

  40. SimplyAshleyG says:

    I actually quit my job on Sept. 23 and flew out to VA from CA the very next day. I loved my job, I was assignment editor and then Segment Producer in the top 20 market in news and television… But the environment was atrocious and the level of disrespect was tremendous. I’m on a completely different path of (w)holistic health and wellness and expect to own my own business and be outsourced through hospitals! Sometimes I miss the glam life and free things, but my soul was dying, and there seemed to be no medium. Thanks for the confidence boost!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I know the feeling, Ashley G. Move toward that dream and those goals to the thing that sets your heart ablaze. That’s the real reward.

  41. Janaè says:

    I’ve had a similar experience, only a little more dramatic lol. But I truly appreciate this post because it helped confirm the fact that I made the right decision by quitting the job that “saved me” last year. You can read about it here:

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      I read your article, Janae, and it is very inspiring. It sounds like you went through hell and eventually realized the only way out was to save yourself. That takes so much courage. Keep being vulnerable and sharing your experience, and keep going. Life is for you.

  42. E says:

    I am glad I signed up for this site. About two years ago I had lost my job at a premier advertising agency. I immediately moved back home with my parents before my bills became overwhelming and cut my phone off for 3 days. The day I cut my phone back on there was a voice message for a temp job that I had applied for months ago (because the agency job had laid 500 ppl off worldwide at that time). I accepted the offer and started the gig. They loved me, and kept me. Within six months I went from a temp secretary to executive coordinator, to Purchasing director. I became good friends with the owner’s wife (that nobody liked), and two other black women, making the most money I had ever made. There was tension in the office about how fast all of the promoting happened. Because I took a liking to someone that essentially nobody liked I was socially railroaded. No matter how friendly or available I was, it didn’t matter. I would be ridiculed of my appearance (natural hair)by the HR director and nothing would happen but more insults and belittling. I was even told once by a colleague after sending an email that I lacked the capacity to write in such a manner. Fed up, I told the COO (my boss) he spoke with the HR Director and allegedly she promised to make things better. My Bff of 20 years gma died of cancer and unfortunately this occurred out of state. I couldn’t make the burial but I coordinated for all if the friends to chip in for rip shirts for the memorial service to take place when they returned to NY. on my lunch break I sent PayPal invoices to my friends (named: pissyassfriends since that’s what she called us). This was Thursday. Friday I took off. Saturday was the service. Monday morning one of the black cooworkers was fired. No reason. They just told her her time was up. She was happy about it because the same person had made her life hell. After lunch the HR director comes into my office smiling and says I was terminated effective immediately. Because I had sent those invoices I was accused of running a business using company resources. She also had a print out of a picture of Beyonce I had saved to the computer. Again I came from advertising so we used to do fun things like photoshop our faces onto celeb bodies and put it as our screensaver. I fell into the worst depression ever as a result of this. Like you said I really didn’t see this coming. I gave my all to this job, and my all wasn’t good enough. For months I couldn’t even apply to work for the fear of that happening again. All i did was sew. In December I tried to take my own life. Obviously that didn’t work and things became more promising after. I moved, was offered a 1 year contract at a job (not a desirable job but it pays the bills), and got a car. Last weekend I was in a terrible accident that I could’ve died in but walked away with a few bruises. Unfortunately as a result of this my commute to work that was once 40 minutes is now 3 hours. Last night I slipped into a depression again. Not to mention the my last needle broke on my machine the night before last. Yesterday I left work early (after the 3 hour commute) because I just couldn’t take it. I used my last $20 to commute home and purchase more needles. I woke up to your story. I know that I am not alone and it’s OK to keep going. Thank you.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      E, I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing what you’re going through. It sounds like life is presenting you with one of the biggest opportunities you may face – to rise up to be the person you are meant to be. I’ve learned that when life falls apart, let it. Because aspects of ourselves have to die in order to rise to who we really are. And that process can be incredibly painful.

      I hope you will seek help from a qualified professional because you need support as you go through this time in your life.

      Keep going. Keep listening to the thing in you that says there is another way, there is more because there is.

      Wishing you the best, a lot of courage, and a lot of love.

  43. This is such an awesome story and I can relate BIG TIME. I was fired from a job that I detested a little over a year ago and it lead me to discover my true passion in teaching and mentoring youth and young women, it also lead me to switch gears and forced me to step into my own and start working on building my own motivational entrepreneurial brand. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve stuggled with my finances, but I know I’m only on the verge of blowing up and being blessed even more in living my God given purpose.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Taliah, if you know you’re on the right path for you, keep going. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Keep learning, keep trusting your gut, and keep moving forward.

  44. Maisha says:

    Making the “best side of superb” a reality is what I’m experiencing now. A great and Encouraging story!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Appreciate the love Maisha. Blessings to you!

  45. ms tee says:

    I have been working for NYC department of education for the past 9 years it is very stressful and very unrewarding position, especially as a teacher educational assistant.There is lack of support and also the pay is not so great this story really touch me because I am following my heart and I want to own my own business especially in the vending machine business and now I am researching and learning how to obtain my LLC. Once everything is put together I will give my job a resignation letter and tell Them thank You it has been an experience… MY dream and is waiting for me.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Yes it is, Ms Tee. Your dreams are waiting for you. Good for you for taking the steps to make them happen, as opposed to waiting around for it to happen to you! Put some healthy snacks in your machines for us, will ya? 🙂

  46. Cortney says:

    Idk where this blog site came from but it kept popping up on my Twitter TL so I decided to click and I’ve been reading articles for an hr straight! This one in particular spoke to me!

    When I graduated the end of last year I had a job lined up to start a few weeks later. There was a two week paid training and at the end I got sick and it led them to let me go before I ever finished.
    It was a hard job working with kids with disabilities, but I actually liked what I did. It was hands on and in my field and a constant check so I was distraught. I also had a trip to Europe coming up that was already paid for but I didn’t have much spending money.

    Afterwards, I allowed myself to be unemployed for some weeks before I started to hunt. This is when I panicked. No one called me back and I was running out of money! I applied to a lot of places but one day I saw the opening to teach/live in China for a year. I applied, thinking there’s no way I would do this right now, but I would love to learn more about it.

    Well after an interview and listening to my heart, I thought to myself why not. I’m young and I love to travel, this will be dope! So here I am now, 3 months after the interview, an English teacher in Changzhou, China! Teaching wasn’t really my career choice but I love what I do! The kids treat me like a celebrity everyday and are excited to learn anything I teach. I’ve met so many people from all over the world and the people I work with are like my family, even the ones who can’t speak English. God set me back for a major comeback! Months of being broke, unhappy and unsure led to something way out of my comfort zone that is an experience of a lifetime!

    I basically wrote my own article; but like I said, this article really spoke to me! Also, congrats on your major setback, comeback situation!!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      What an awesome story Cortney. So many lessons in it. Good for you for honoring your inner knowing and following through to apply for a job that logically didn’t make sense, but your heart knew. The heart always knows. What a blessing to those kids and to you.

  47. Ticia says:

    Hi Brittney,
    Reading your story was great and I wish my career can eventually flourish as yours did. I am 24 years old and I graduated with my BA in May 2014.I have applied to many jobs and haven’t managed to get any positions except for temp jobs which are basically positions where I feel like am doing the job people do not want. The sense of feeling useless isn’t going away and my current position is ending in about 3 weeks.
    I am currently in a master’s program but I would love advice on finding a job that I enjoy. I thought a desk job would be great but at this point I hate it and I honestly don’t know where my career is going to. Before I became jaded, I loved politics, international relations, law. My BA is in International studies by the way and my Masters program is in Healthcare Admin( something am doing out of job security).

    Thanks for any advice you give me

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Ticia – I understand where you’re at. Temp jobs, and to be honest, many jobs leave a lot of people feeling heavy and unfulfilled. That’s why it’s so important to follow your heart and move toward what lights you up. A few things to get really honest with yourself about:

      – What could you be resisting about looking for and applying for jobs in your field that might be unconsciously getting in the way?
      – Deep down, what is it you feel you are meant to do?
      – Could there be something else you feel you are meant to do?
      – Are you taking all the steps you can?

      Life is short. Make it happen. You can do it! 🙂

  48. Vee says:

    This was a great read. I recently quit my job to pursue a career in photography and it is a daily struggle to maintain a positive spirit. I know this is what I am so meant to do. Thank you for the read and renewed encouragement!

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That takes a lot of courage, Vee. Good for you. Entrepreneurship and business ownership are beasts, so give yourself time to learn the ins and outs. Thanks for blessing the world with your images 🙂

  49. Christina says:

    Long story short, I weant on leave for stress 6 months ago. I filed for the leave due to pressure, discrimination and just general evil deeds being thrown at me left and right daily by my unqualified bosses. It was terrible. Worst experience ever! But! Over the past 6 months I’ve felt more enlightened and motivated than ever as well. I’ve searched for jobs just too keep me a float. I’ve landed one that has an environment 10 times better than the one I was in. The icing on the cake is that I started my own business! Which is my passion. If I would have stayed at my last job I would…..well still be there miserable. Thank you Lord. I’m feeling blessed.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      That’s awesome, Christina. What a blessing. Lots of love your way.

  50. Albie says:

    I had to read this article because just the title alone resonated with me. Just shy of a month ago it let go from a job after a year of being there. During that year, I was pregnant, had my daughter, went on maternity leave, and got married. By the time I got to this point, I found that I was doing a very sloppy balancing act between working and being a mom & wife.

    In 3 months, my husband would be leaving for the military, so we spent weeks trying to figure out what to do about childcare, etc. I decided the best thing for my family would be to take a leave of absence because between the cost of childcare & just finding trustworthy childcare, it just wasn’t worth it.

    God had other plans for us. I wasn’t supposed to stop working in Feb; I was supposed to stop working now. The day I got let go, I took that as a sign. I went home and bought my domain. I was going to continue working but on my terms. I refused to have to choose between my family & my career.

    I am now in the throes of launching my e-design business and reading this article was reassurance that all things happens for a reason & as they should. Thank you for sharing this story 🙂

  51. S_Patrice says:

    Thanks for this inspiring article! It was just what I needed. I was laid off 2 weeks ago and after submitting countless resumes I’ve started to feel drained. After reading this, I think I have enough motivation to get me through the next 2 weeks (lol) and start writing on my blog again.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Hang in there S_Patrice. After the holidays tends to be slow for most businesses, so keep applying to jobs. Keep asking for whatever opportunity will support your highest good to come your way.

  52. Brittney Pappano says:

    It sounds like you’re pretty head strong, Albie. And you trust your inner knowing, which is probably the biggest strength one can have, especially in business ownership. I hope your business gets kickin’ soon and you keep fulfilling your dreams!

  53. I was laid off, last year right before a huge trip Mission’s Trip to Africa and for me it was also devastating. It happened the Friday we returned from a company retreat in Cancun at that. I thought that was my dream job especially because of the money but after getting laid off and thinking about the turn around the position had (personal assistant) I should have known. Some people only care about themselves and while being a personal assistant is like being a second version of that person you’re assisting there lack of care for you as an individual is crazy.

    I too took it as a time to take a leap of faith and really trust God. I went to Africa, still did what I was called to do and used my situation as a testimony to those we were able to encounter. God blessed me and it all worked out; I work closer to home, make more money then I did at my new job and I have time while at work to build my business on the side. What I thought was my “dream job” God quickly let me know that I didn’t need to be there or get too comfortable.

    1. Brittney Pappano says:

      Good for you Jazmyn. It sounds like a win/win in all aspects. When we surrender to what is often something bigger reveals itself.

  54. Leslie B. says:

    I would love to get laid off right now. Collect an unemployment check to cover my expenses and Intern at all of the places I could to get all of the experience possible to land the job of my dreams!

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