How Garrain Jones Went from A Homeless R&B Singer With Six-Figure Debt To Being a Millionaire Entrepreneur – xoNecole

How Garrain Jones Went from A Homeless R&B Singer With Six-Figure Debt To Being a Millionaire Entrepreneur

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  1. Meeks says:

    Thats awesome! I have got to get that book. Hes easy on the eyes too.

  2. Great Read #Confirmation

  3. I remember being obsessed with his song Mr.Ordinary back in the day! Good for him! Great read

  4. Great read. “Change your mindset change your life”. Love it!

  5. I love this article. This is so my life story! Congrats to Steph and turning his life around, mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

  6. Omg Steph Jones where has he been, I used to love him when he used to put music on MySpace back in the day!!! I’ve been wondering what happened to him and I don’t know if it’s true but he would say DeRay was his brother so whenever I see DeRay Davis I think of him

    1. says:

      Yes its his half brother.

    2. thanks for this post, I’ve been wondering what happened to him! Glad he’s doing great!

  7. Tan Rig says:

    Change your mindset, Change your life…Profound!!!

  8. Sacha Norman says:

    I am mr ordinary! No you’re not steph, that’s amazing to read! I always wondered what happened to him

  9. Lomd says:

    Wow. I can’t believe yall posted this. No comment.

  10. Isn’t Herbalife a pyramide scheme though? I barely come across any “good” articles.

    1. Lovely says:

      Yes I believe it is. People make money buying getting others to join herbalife as distributors and so on and so fourth.

  11. Amy Moreno says:

    I remember seeing him and following him on Myspace all the way to facebook. I remember him blogging and singing.. Even when he was in a relationship with jordin sparks.. He stopped making videos and started herbalife.. Wow im so proud of him!!!

  12. Dee Carrier says:

    He made some good music

  13. PalesaRSA says:

    Beautiful mind he has . Thank you for the share.

  14. Love This Story!!!Proud of him! Thanks for Sharing Y’all Conversation!

  15. I’ve been playing his music for years and wondered where he’d gone! Kyle Michael Williams

    1. I’ve heard of him. That’s one hell of an accomplishment. I love comeback stories

  16. Good for him…I remember his story

  17. Jeas says:

    Lol did Herbalife pay y’all to post this ? Wack

  18. Christie says:

    Love this article!! Being around Garrain will leave you with such a sense of empowerment and confidence within yourself to accomplish anything. The energy is taken to a whole new level when he is in the room, and he gives everything he has to each one of us. I am grateful for the changes he has motivated me to make!! There are those that continue to spread negativity and hate in this world and there are those that continue to inspire and help others. That is Garrain and that is Herbalife!!

  19. I’ve seen his journey over the past few years… He’s doing great with the Herbalife company!!! Very inspiring!!! Go ‘head…

    1. Max Smith says:

      This is great to see someone doing something. A friend of mine went through a lot then started his own business and has inspired me greatly. Check it out I love to see people changing and making a difference.

  20. vuli says:

    awesome read,inspired.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      thanks for reading =)

  21. Afria Gyamfi says:

    So good to see him doing well!!

  22. Kim says:

    Thanks for visiting us in Finland. I really think you made a difference.

  23. Ashley says:

    I am glad that he is doing amazing, but Herbalife people skeeve me out. They seem cult-ish. I have tried it and its good, but they way they recruit others makes me crazy. Didn’t he used to model or something like that as well?

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Yeah he did a little bit of everything lol.

  24. Happy Phantom says:

    Necole loves Steph Jones…he’s cute so I don’t blame her but I remember her article about him from Necole Bitchie…I’m happy to see he’s turned his life around…it’s crazy how you literally have to hit rock bottom to create the life of your dreams. Inspiring but crazy.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Yeah he’s a pretty lovable guy! Genuine spirit and really positive!

  25. Mario says:

    People do think Herbalife is a “scheme” but a pyramid scheme all you see is money going to the top with no value going back down. MLM (Muti level Marketing) like herbalife provides a huge return back down in the form of proven products and a great compensation plan. If it was a “scheme” (which are illegal) they wouldn’t be around for 36 years and be an openly traded company.

  26. Texas fan says:

    There will always be doubters – but there will also always be Champions! It’s up to us which we become. What you don’t know DOES hurt you! Thanks so much for writing this article about Garrain! He has been such an inspiration to me & 1000’s of others through out his Herbalife journey. It’s nice to see positive on the pages!

  27. Kasey says:

    Generally I can get over typos but can you pretty please fix the one about his “pubic” relationship with Jordin Sparks? That made me fully stop and reread. The others were normal typos that didn’t really detract from the article. 🙂

  28. Mark says:

    The sad thing is this article could actually convince someone to join herbalife and lose thousands of dollars to their pyramid scheme. Garrain “made it big” by recruiting people way more so than selling products, and convincing them to buy thousands of dollars of products (which gives him a commission) to get them to the supervisor level, where they can turn around and do the same thing. Nobody in the right mind pays $60 for a meal replacement shake with the 2nd ingredient as fructose sugar. The products disguise the pyramid scheme. Product based pyramid scheme. Look it up!

  29. Denny says:

    For those of you posting that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme I will simply say this…feel free to contact me, or any Herbalife distributor so that you can become educated. At no point does a distributor make any type of money from recruiting other individuals.

  30. Nitin GenH says:

    “Change your mindset, change your life”
    Is helped me to change 2 new levels of my life n herbalife I just upgradeing my life through this . . Thank you garrian for sharing this I am a biggest fan of u., and I pray all the time to meet you soon in the our events . .A Big Love from India!!

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