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Gabrielle Union’s Relationship Do’s & Don’t’s: Forget About Having A “Type”

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  1. Oh pls says:

    Lmaoo. Ok

    1. MS.FANCY ( BEY STAN) bey got your fav shook says:

      DO stay with your cheating a** fiance even though he got his side chick pregnant while you are still together ):

      1. whyyyyy says:

        or in her words on a “brief break”

        1. Costaboo says:

          While I’m at it, I will like Wesley Snipes do my taxes lol

        2. Mimi says:

          So we are just gonna pretend like her man did not knock up his sidechick?

        3. R E A L L Y ? ? ? says:

          I understand everyone’s scrutiny of her and the situation she’s in but her personal advice seems like solid advice to me.
          My aunt was in a similar situation with my uncle years ago and they are still together. Relationships aren’t perfect and if sh’e willing to accept D. Wade’s “infidelity”, then power to her.
          I just know that wade is LUCKY that she loves him and their relationship enough to get over the fact that he got another woman pregnant. I’m not one to judge so I’ll just say good luck to them

        4. ChanelNumber5 says:

          Wow. Look at all these negative comments. Grown women laughing at the fact that a successful black woman just got betrayed. I applaud the people posting positive things about Gabby and Dwyane. I pray for her and her soon to be husband and their family.

          At the end of the day, she had to put a lot of pride aside to accept a proposal from this man and move forward. For some people, this would rip them apart. I’m sure a lot of us have been cheated on and betrayed and quite possibly that man may have even gotten another woman pregnant. So who are we to judge? Because she has gone through human things, she can’t give advice?

        5. Nevermind says:

          Guys don’t be too negative. Just because her man had a baby by another woman doesn’t invalidate some of the things she’s saying here. Some of the advice/pointers she’s given are super solid.
          And besides, that’s their mess. Dwayne is Gabby’s mess or message. If he’s the wrong one, let her learn by herself, if his the right one let her love and enjoy him. Quit the judging its her life, she’s the one living it.
          And just to know that people feed soo much on negativity and thrive on judging, if Dwayne had not had that baby, this post would not have a quarter of the comments it has right now, majority of which are negative. My two cents!

      2. Who needs talent? says:

        LMAO! @ Ms Fancy & @ WHYY
        Chile they kill me with the ” On break” stuff. Gabby is perfectly fine with Dwade cheating and even raw dogging his side chicks because see…she once was the side chick. So she understands it all and will forever now, with her hush ring. smh.

        1. DarkEmpress says:

          Damn the fall from grace is HARD! Honestly, she and Dwyane wouldn’t be getting so much push back if they hadn’t been trying so hard to sell their relationship to us. Now every time I see her new show Being Mary Jane, I’m laughing, like girl this is your life in reverse. She’s playing the home wrecker trying to get pregnant with a married man! The irony! Did she audition for he part or just tell the director her situation??? I wonder if Dwyane’s baby mama gave her any tips on how to play the role?

        2. Erika says:

          Well said!! Let me add she deserves all the negative Karma that comes her way…You reap what you sow.

      3. circ1984 says:


        1. JustMyThought says:

          Gabby looks at her life through rose-colored glasses.

          I hope that one day she can take them off but I doubt it. She’s too proud and competitive to recognize her own flaws.

      4. MynameisPeaches! says:

        Yup. Also it’s perfectly OK to start a relationship with a man whilst he is still married to someone else.

        1. SoWhat says:

          THANK YOU!! I’m sure this article was written BEFORE the news of the baby came out. Her advice is helpful and practical, but just not timely coming from her. I wonder if future interviews will mention how this latest development affects a relationship, especially with them being in the public eye. No, it’s none of our business; but if she’s never asked or chooses not to discuss it, this will only solidify how genuine she really is for me. As much as I’ve tried to like her (beautiful, smart, etc.), she just always comes off as fake to me.

      5. Jay says:

        I can’t stop laughing at this article.
        I think I’ll pass Miss Gabrielle. You’re the last person who should be giving relationship advice right now.

        1. Deneile says:

          If every woman that was cheated on had to stop giving any relationship advice girl talk would certainly be reduced to girl whisper. No matter what mistakes she has made you cannot take away from her life experience and wisdom attained from going through it all. It’s her opinions. No one has to follow it nor hate on it. I guess most prefer to ridicule people & just hate overall smh

      6. whatup says:

        This was Necole’s sly way of addressing the controversy w/o addressing the controversy. Staying on the right side of life, while the comment section goes HAM #Kudos

        1. Biyonsay says:

          Necole is so see though, doing a “positive” post but she knows damn well Gabrielle is gonna get dragged in the comments.

      7. BeaUtiful says:

        This is one of the things I don’t necessarily like about Gabrielle Union. She strikes me as a “know it all” kinda person even if she’s wrong. She wants to create this persona where everything is peaches & cream. Your man of some years just had a baby with another woman while yall was together and you wanna sit up here and tell women the Do’s & Don’t of a relationship? Like really? If you really knew what you were talking about, your man wouldn’t step out on you and cheat with another woman and get her pregnant. Not buyin it. Sit Gabby Sit!

        1. medschool says:

          She didn’t do this interview this week or last month – she sat down and said these things months ago; pre-engagement. Certainly, she knew of the pregnancy then and decided to insert that break story for when it did come out. Her “knowing what she is talking about” has nothing to do with her man stepping out on her and impregnating someone. There is NOTHING she could have done to prevent that. He cheats, naturally, and she knew this. The question now is if she values everything ELSE over infidelity? Because personally I’d say she is dating another immature jerk. Maybe she’s one of those women who thinks “all men cheat.”

        2. Bessy says:


          I completely agree. To say her values should be equivalent to ours is very self-centered. Not everyone believes that monogamy is realistic, especially in long distance relationships. Some women really believe that sex is an insignificant aspect of the relationship, and whether their partner has sex with someone else or not is not the deciding factor on whether its a good relationship.

          I hope, for Gabby’s sake though, that’s what she believes. I’d hate to see someone suffering in a relationship because she feels she can’t do any better. I know too many women who talk themselves into believing they are cool with certain things, or that they can really forgive someone, only to realize later on that they’ve been holding on to resentment and it’s been seeping out into all aspects of their lives.

          SN, all this controversy has really marred their engagement announcement. I’m still super disappointed in DWade. It’s my opinion, but we should really do our best to have our children with the same partner. Yes, people get divorced, but to have a baby with a jump off? Like, you have no idea about her parenting skills, or whether she believes in what you believe in. Geesh, babies are too easy to have, man.

        3. thatresident says:

          This is gonna sound so wrong but it must be a Nebraska thing. I’ve a gf from NE whose bf cheated on her and she proceeded with life just as gabby is. Took the hush ring and errrthing.

      8. IGuess says:

        You are dead on. Like where was that piece of advice since you did this interview knowing that news was coming out?! Also Necole, I love ya girl, but I’m trying to figure out why you are putting ludacris’ story out there, but you really aren’t speaking much on the d-wade baby… could just be me (shrug)

    2. Tiff says:

      Girl you tryna give us pointers when……..nvm

      1. Lisa says:

        I think her advice is good. Gabriel always struck me as a very smart woman, unfortunately she is going though it yall don’t let the cuteness fool you. She has to put on a smile and promote her new show, she has to face the public can you imagine what that must be like?

        She finally has a great tv role, this is a pivotal time in her career and the man she loved and trusted, even though they’re on a break knocked up a side chick. He had unprotected sex with a side chick that created a baby…. I know that she is devastated, I know she probably loves him deeply, but he’s humiliating her.

        If she can really forgive him and move past this then I wish her luck.

    3. Alia Li says:

      Sorry I cant take her SERIOUSLY!!! BYE GABBIE

    4. Kitty says:

      Naaaaaah, is this a joke?! What do you I look like taking advice from someone who has had multiple failed relationships, a divorce, slept with someone’s husband, then the person she cheats with has a baby by someone else!

      The only thing Gabby can teach me about is KARMA! Because that (*****) definitely came back for her, hmph….

      1. mesaj says:

        Welp kitty you just summed up everything I wanted to say lol and do pelple actually believe they were on a break because I sure in the heck dont. Lol. I dont always believe once a cheater always a cheater but in this case dwade really aint ish. Gabby is just….bless her heart :/

      2. Melessa says:

        Lawd! Lmao *waits for the comments*

      3. Murks ethugs says:

        Only if you knew these circumstances were stepping stones and full if wisdom. What have you done or been through lately?.

        1. Kitty B. says:

          @Murks, you can miss me that!! I guess sleeping with someone’s husband was a stepping stone and wisdom too, huh? Chile boo!

          And to answer your question, I’ve been through enough to know NOT to take advice from Gabriel Union, smh…

        2. Jay says:

          Well, I don’t want “wisdom” from her. My parents who have been together since 1973 give me much better advice and my dad didn’t have to knock anyone up for their advice to be solid.
          Girl bye!

      4. Murks ethugs says:

        @ Kitty B. There’s wisdom in everything boo boo. I wouldn’t agree with all her actions but this pandora box of life has many paradagims and you can’t really judge onesided. You don’t know what people went through to do what they have done. Or what lessons they have learned by there actions. Problems are answers and lots of successful people have made mistakes. It’s not what happens its what you do after it happens. I personally don’t know them so I couldn’t or wouldn’t judge them accordingly. We only have public knowledge. That’s a small percentage of the truth that we have access to. But you are definitely entitled to choose what you see fits for your life situation. I never said you were wrong.

      5. Murks ethugs says:

        Btw I find her advice useful. And I’m a man at that. She makes a lot of good points. Life isn’t always peaches and creams boo boo.

        1. Candy says:

          @murks…the only lesson in taking some back after them cheating and having a baby…which could mean they had unprotected sex is an STD….don’t want that lesson….just plain nasty….

    5. Sadie says:

      It’s already been proven they were together when he got ole girl pregnant, it really bothers me on how she’s taking up for a cheating man who didn’t bother to use a CONDOM and pregnated someone else I’m sorry a BREAK is NO EXCUSE!!! I wouldn’t dare use her advice because look where it got her, the baby oh I mean (BLESSING) later on down the line she’s always going to throw baby mama & baby in his face. I don’t care how much money or fame you have it can not keep a relationship together. KARMA got her good Gabrielle been walking around so long like D Wade is mine only but she’s been dead wrong. Messy & Sad situation Gabrielle because your career has finally got somewhere you don’t have to except less, you are beautiful and smart. IMPORTANT!!! Gabby need to hurry and have a baby 41 is really pushing it. GOD BLESS THEM!!

      1. Queen Esquire says:

        I was with you until the last part. Girl BYE! Get out her uterus.

      2. Melessa says:

        @Sadie, well people are speculating that she s pregnant as we speak. P.S this situation is getting more messy by the minute

      3. Suuzie says:

        If Gabby is really realistic, she knows this is not a long term relationship. She is trying to save face by getting engaged and neither one are serious about this engagement. Wade is a young man, I cannot see him with her long term. Two or three years her being the senior in the relationship , I could see that working, but not a ten year age difference. That age difference in every day life would not be realistic and in Hollywood she would never be able to hold onto this man and at this juncture she shouldn’t want to, not only the age difference, but the cheating and a baby makes it the ultimate deal breaker. She needs to cut her losses and move on. Her show could not have come at a better time.

        She should write the story line into her show and capitalize on this unfortunate situation.

    6. Bessy says:

      I’m sure she did this bit before that bit of news came out. Although, she’s fibbing about not having a type. Her ex-husband was an athlete.

    7. OhhhhNONono says:

      LOLOL so I’m glad I’m not the only one who read this like it was straight comedy,

      My thing with celebrities like her and other women like Eudoxie ( cus she’s definitely not a celebrity but in this day and age when you date someone famous people become in awe of you) is that they feel like they have to put on a tough face and say absolutely nothing at all and act like nothing is bothering them. To me, that doesn’t necessarily make you a strong woman. I believe they should speak on it, cus it’s their life too and most importantly these woman are the ones who are heartbroken and embarrassed, not their cheating boyfriends and definitely the women who just had these babies and now have 18 years of luxury ahead of them. A simple “I’m going through something right now, that we are working through as a couple” would just make them seem way more human, real, & relatable. But maybe that’s just me. I just don’t get why they are lying for these men like they were really on a break. I ain’t saying go Keyshia Cole crazy (lol lawddddd that situation is maybe), but at least Keyshia ain’t faking because of some standard she feels she should live up to!

      Okay let me sit m behind down, typing essays and ish. I just been thinking about it the last few weeks.

      1. OhhhhNONono says:

        Situation is messy*

    8. B says:

      Lol This is bad timing to be giving ANY type of relationship advice.

    9. Idris I have bowties at home. Bring Laz with you. says:

      Yes this is very comical isn’t it. Smh. I only take relatinship advice from couples who have been MARRIED 20 yrs or more. You’re only a girlfriend what can you teach me. I need that old school grandma advice. They are the ones who take their marriahes SERIOUSLY. Even then I only take the advice I can use. Every relationship is different. What works for your relationship may not work for mine. But this was cute Gab’s.

    10. Chloe says:

      In a previous post Necole did on Gabby last year about her changing a way I got lots of thumbs down because I said that Gabby’s persona comes off as one big acting role to me and this mess of an interview proved me just right. I would have respected her so much if her and D Wade just owned up to this mess and said that they are going to move past this. Yes they do not owe us any explanation to their relationship but her A S S needs to avoid bringing attention to her relationship when they won’t acknowledge the elephant in the room.

    11. Pretty girl says:

      Im loving all these comments! f ing horrible timing!

      1. Rita says:

        ……I’m Surprise, She’s Got 4 Million Views. She Didn’t Get Any of Mine. I Was Busy Watching…Shahs of Sunset. She Is “Mary Jane” In Real Life, Why I Need To Watch The Show…

    12. Biyonsay says:

      On another note; “Being Mary Jane” is BORING in my opinion.

    13. gina says:

      Finally, Karma has caught up with this “HomeWrecker”.

    14. TeTeNico says:


  2. brwngirl says:

    I truly hope this list was composed pre-Dwayne being exposed because if it wasn’t …. c’mon Gabby! LAY LOW and just promote “Being Mary Jane” – don’t give any advice on love to other women 🙁

    1. Kitty says:

      This was definitely months after she found out, she’s known for a while and trying to save face.

      1. Candy says:

        Sooo we r going to act like the tea was not spilled and the floor is a nasty mess…girl bye….I don’t care how clever her interview was..what D Wade did was embarrassing!!!!That why I don’t lust after no ones life because u never know what they r going though…I remember watching the last game of the NBA finals…seeing her trying to get his attention soooo bad….but she is giving woman relationship advice…I will pass…just my opinion #imentitledtothat

        1. Candy says:

          But your ex is the immature jerk though….girl bye…..side eyes

  3. lala says:

    welp. the advice does seems solid. i dunno why im so suprised. wade was on “break” for a little bit and lost his mind,,,,shame

    1. whyyy says:

      All it took was a “brief break” to get another woman pregnant, wow.

      1. HappybirthdayTOME!!! says:

        It just takes one act of intercourse to impregnate a woman! That’s how it works! I say, if Gabby and DWade like it, I love it!

        1. Who needs talent? says:

          Dont be so naive girl.

        2. Idris I have bowties at home. Bring Laz with you. says:

          D Wade been messing with this woman for several years. She’s not just some random chick. From what I hear she’s been around longer than Gabby. Oop and whats crazy is his side piece looks older just like Luda’s. ***** taking over. Lol just joking, don’t “come” for me people.

        3. Idris I have bowties at home. Bring Laz with you. says:

          I cant say the abbreviation for mom i’d like to you know what?

      2. Bessy says:

        They weren’t on no damn break! Any sensible person could figure that out, and we have her twitter account as evidence that they weren’t.

        1. Gem says:

          In my last relationship this happened to me….what’s more I didn’t find out until the DAY the baby was born smh and that was the day I walked too…..lawd I can’t understand for the life of me why this would be acceptable for anyone…I guess

    2. Tiff says:

      And “break” my behind. I understand forgiving someone for cheating, but to have a CHILD outside the relationship is where I draw the damn line. Ain’t no forgiveness in that, or it will take months of prayer and fasting to get to that point. Not only did you cheat, but you were cheating WITHOUT protection. Who knows what type of **** you could’ve brought into the relationship, putting Gabys health at risk. And now you brought an innocent baby into the mix. The whole situation is messy. Yeah they may be in love but think about it, for him to think so little of her to lay up with other women, UNPROTECTED, while he is supposedly committed to her is 28 red flags.

      1. Bammie says:

        That’s why it’s not your relationship. Every relationship has its cons and it takes people that actually give a damn about each other to weather the storm and stay together.

        It may seem foolish to some but sometimes, when you really love someone you try to move past their indiscretion. Marriage and Relationships are not toilet paper you should dispose after taking a bit of sheet. The good also comes with some bad.

        Ya’ll quit being judgemental!

        1. Bessy says:

          Uh, you can’t move past a CHILD. He will be a glaring reminder FOREVER that this man does NOT respect my body, his body or our relationship.

          But ay, you are right that its not our relationship, but theirs. Gabby knows what she can tolerate, and who am I to tell her what will make her happy> If monogamy is not priority on your list, don’t let me tell your otherwise.

        2. Miss T says:

          That might be good and true but I am speaking as someone who had this done to them. I am now divorced. I loved that man to death and I tried to stick it out, but I couldn’t deal. Cheating is one thing, but a baby and I’m not the mother?! She may have forgiven him but she will never forget. It will become a constant problem in the relationship, she will throw it in his face forever and that is going to cause resentment on both parts. Not only did he have a child, he had unprotected sex and opened her up to any number of diseases. No respect, no matter how you look at it. She can keep saying we were on a break to make herself feel better, but chile………

        3. Jade says:

          Girl, you are using rules associated with marriage and applying them to a regular relationships! Girl BYE! You definitely can throw a regular relationship away like toilet paper when indiscretions like this occur. Only in marriage is it for better or worse.

        4. Miss T says:

          She will never trust him. Ever. That is ruined and it may sound cliche, but once the trust is gone, it’s all downhill….

        5. Kitty B. says:

          @Miss T,, I too can relate, I wasn’t married but was in a long term relationship similar to Dwade and Gabby and let me tell everyone when you find out that kind of news, it’s a bullet to your heart! Nothing is the same after! So I’ve always wonder about the women who stay in these relationships (Eudoxie, Gabby) after the fact…is your self esteem that low or are you that desperate….

          Cheating is one thing, but a baby?! Chiiiiiiile

      2. Girlwith5names says:


      3. ShadyTea says:

        Agreed. This is how he gets down. It’s not new. She’s aware of who he is, his activities, etc. b/c of how she got him. When he was doing it with her, it was because Sio was a loon and he and the kids deserved better (i.e. Gabby). But, the reality is he’ll do that to anyone..proof = Aja and Xavier. This new baby mama has been a “friend” of his for years.

        If Gabby wants to sign up for it…that’s her business, but she can’t go on pretending that we buy it. And, it’s articles like this that have me SMH! I can’t.

  4. Mrs_Worldwild says:

    Ive always loved Gabby, but after these recent turn of events, i cant take anything she says seriously regarding a relationship. We’ve all taken back a cheater at one point or another, but i cant with this interview. Nothing seems genuine anymore.

    1. Bessy says:

      Uh, no we have NOT all taken back a cheater at one time or another, lol.

  5. welp says:

    that awkward moment when…

    1. Whoop says:

      … karma goes right back at you

  6. SamanthaJones says:

    Poor Gabby, no one is ever going to believe anything she says about a relationship; even though this is all solid advice.

    So it seems that her and DWades break was more work related than let’s take a break…so because the cat was away the mouse started playing MORE!!!

  7. kacey says:

    She seems like one of those ‘all about a man’ women, whose driving force in life to please her man above ALL else. Whether it be ditching friends, work, family, money, even her sanity. Over the damn top. That becomes tiring after a while, even for a man i think. But if it works for them…

    1. HappybirthdayTOME!!! says:

      Really? I didn’t get that vibe from her at all. If anything, she’s been more career oriented (hence her break up last year, plus she’s 40 or 41!!). She was wise and got her priorities in line and didn’t want to put her personal life & relationship in jeopardy. Smart woman. Family>>>>Career.

    2. Dominique says:

      I get the opposite from her. She seems like a woman who is more focused on her career. We’ve only heard about her being with two men, her ex husband and D. Wade. If she was one of those women that you speak of she would be constantly in a relationship.

    3. Med School says:

      She’s a Scorpio, like Ciara. That’s how they are. My two close friends are like this as well, beautiful lawyer and stylist and I’m just appalled by what they are willing to stand from their guy. If my reaction is a sigh or slick comment, they won’t talk about him for a week until bs pops off. Her comment about getting rid of friends did not surprise me, although I do agree some “friends” can be iffy.

  8. ItsKen_orwhateva says:

    She’s hilarious! I hope everything works out for her. Go Gabby!

  9. HappybirthdayTOME!!! says:

    Legitimately solid advice from the beautiful Gabby Union. I needed to read this TODAY. This post was right on time!!! God is faithful!

  10. Mandy says:

    I always find it funny when celebrities give relationsship advice. While you’re in the public eye and I respect the fact that you were willing to compromise your privacy to persue your craft, I have NO desire to want to know how manage and mantain a relationship. We live in different worlds, different circumstances – not everyone can buy their fiance 18k rocks to soothe them over baby drama. If I want advice on acting, I’ll give ya a call. Relationships – I think I got it. 9 years with someone makes me pretttyyyyy good at what I’m doing.

  11. Lefty Libra says:

    LOL. This post is such a setup. ha!!

    1. Miss T says:

      The shade of it all………

    2. OhhhhNONono says:

      LOL. Right! Necole play too much… But you know she had to do something sooner or later cus the commenters been thirsty to talk about this … Myself included lol.

  12. Do not run off with
    peoples husbands and then expect them to be faithful…

  13. MAC says:

    All of that is pretty solid advice personally. I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for posting.

  14. Advice? Is this a joke?

  15. Who? Me says:

    Gabby shush lol. Just shush. Your man has a new baby that didn’t come from your womb honey and you’re smiling around town (obviously for Mary Jane publicity). Shush up.

  16. EMPRESSIVE says:

    This interview was a bit funny. You gotta love Gabby’s quirky sense of humor. People of course are going to hate on their relationship because they themselves are lonely. I just hope they continue in their love and grow from the whole scandal. Btw Being Mary Jane rocks! Yeah

    1. mesa says:

      Lol. Dwade cheated on his long term girlfriend and got someone else knocked up why in the world would anybody be hating off that?! Lol. I cant believe you actually typed this out. I just cant. Lol. Bless your heart too. Lol.

  17. She is the last person I would take relationship advise from. I mean really? She is dreaming I wouldn´t even call it a joke coz its not.

  18. Why must this fool speak on relationships?

  19. Not the best thing to come out with right now Gabby (Fire your PR/Image team) smh

  20. WELL IM JUST SAYIN says:

    UMMMMMMM…. GABBY hunty this “relationship” advice has got to be a joke….and we are not laughing with you we are laughing at you…….I really hope the rumors aren’t true about the pregnancy especially if it was done as a miserable attempt to save face… whats it gonna be ‘on break baby’ vs ‘stay together baby’…. I mean im just saying.

    1. Earl Grey says:

      “so whats it gonna be ‘on break baby’ vs ‘stay together baby’…. I mean im just saying.” Oooo Weee!

  21. Kim MsMac says:

    Why would anyone want advice from this trash

  22. Lort… it´s a fiiire! I´d get advice from Sweet Brown before I´d ever consider it from her ass!

    “Ain´t nobody got time for that!”.

  23. Mirador Dor says:

    Shes the last person on earth to give advice about relationships.Gabrielle have a seat n shut up…

  24. *Snoozefest im sleep tho

  25. Maria Dimera says:

    Relationship advice also comes from failed attempts. Most of what she said is good advice but oo yall are quick to judge. But y´all sure love getting advice from your single friends.

    1. Pretty1908 says:

      married people don’t have all the answers either baby. being single isn’t a defect , its lifestyle and circumstance. a lot of single people want furfilling and happy relationships and many of them unlike most are actually comfortable with being single. being single is not being a leper or having cancer…. i was single for four years off and on and i did just fine

    2. Mrs. J says:

      No one else here will agree with you, but I completely do! The LAST person anyone should be rushing to take advice from is someone who has NO ONE. Additionally, most of us have learned life’s lessons through mistakes, trial, and error. If you haven’t made any mistakes, trials, or errors you can’t teach me a damn thing!

  26. De Anna says:

    Feven SMDH wrong person to be giving advice

  27. Wtf??? I mean really what qualifies her to all of a sudden to give relationship advice??? She need to take care of her own shit instead of running her mouf all over social media. Her boo had a baby with a broad while they were on a supposed “break” and then proposed marriage and her dumb ass accepted…the only thing she´s qualified to advise on is how to work your way thru the ranks to go from “side-piece” to “wifey”. She dumb AF cuz if he cheated on his wife to be with her then father a child with some random ass chick then what make her think he gon be faithful to her??? She´s deluding herself and settling which is fuckin pathetic. Rant over…*drops mic & walks off stage*

  28. No shade but she is the last person I would take dating advice from

  29. ummmm I really hope this Interview was before the whole Baby momma mess!! cuz she knows damn well she not right for saying all this in the position that she is in right now. But if she has decided to forgive him then good luck to them seriously that won’t be me.

  30. Have a seat v don´t nobody want your desperate advice!

  31. Megan Jerai says:

    Um. I´ll pass. The best advice is in the Bible.

  32. Dominique says:

    I’ll watch Being Mary Jane, but yeah taking advice from Gabby…….that’s dead.

  33. The timing was really bad for this advice..But I sure hate this is going with her because i look at her in a different light..were all human and go through things in our relationships but women of a certain age shouldn´t put themselves through this type of treatment..But I guess no age group is exempt..

  34. Jo Goode says:

    Her PR team should be fired for this ill timed bullshit lmfao

  35. Tracy Wright says:

    No thank you! I´ll pass on any relationship advice from her. Just stick to acting my dear.

  36. I hope she wrote this before all that bs happened, if not she looks dumb. She needs to just lay low for awhile. “On break” my ass, tmz and wendy williams sat here a showed us all the evidence. It was no break but Karma just hit her in the face now she is Mary Jane foreal!

  37. Rob Johnson says:

    *eating breakfast* waiting on the next post. Won´t even waste my time on anything Gabby.

  38. Bitch shut up wit cha fuckin married men ass lol … In da past anyway lol

  39. Brandi Jones says:

    Uhh how bout don´t get back in a relationship with a man that gets a girl pregnant while your on “break”.

  40. Necole posted this on purpose to c reactions lol

  41. I guess she´s still running with this “we were on a break” lie… By conveniently adding how they “broke up in 2013” in the interview

  42. Afia Grant says:

    Advice on relationships?

  43. Dominique says:

    I really like Gabby and her advice is on point. These are things you learn with age. Her business with D. Wade is just that, her business. If she was able to forgive him then so be it. Everyone has different levels of tolerance and she’s entitled to that. Perhaps his good outweighed his bad and if this all blows up in her face she’s the one that has to deal with the wreckage.

    1. Tricia says:

      Exactly..very well put

  44. Grace Cotera says:

    Ugh…..gimme a “break”

  45. Breaking bad says:

    I can only agree with one thing Gabby said about getting married out of fear. Now she just confirmed that she was dating Dwayne while he was still married “going through a divorce” he was clearly still married. Now im wondering if Sio accusations about Gabby doing sexual acts to Dwayne in front of the children are true, bc she said herself she is “chester the molester-y”. I think they are claiming they took a break just to save face bc he probably did cheat on her. Something about them doesn’t seem right. I’m not a fly on the wall when they are together, but I want to see how long this will last. I hear rumors of her being pregnant, I hope thats not true. I think Gabby looks like a fool right now, its not a good look that Dwayne has another child where there is smoke there is fire. Gabby really thinks she knows Dwayne, nobody knows Dwayne better than Sio his ex-wife. IDK about this situation, Gabby sounds desperate, i really want her to go on Wendy Williams bc Wendy will ask about this side-chick and the baby!

  46. Do NOT give advice when your fiancé just fathered a child on “break”! Lol

  47. Don´t be with anybody that EVERYBODY can have.

    1. Earl Grey says:

      I could not have said it better!

  48. Karma is a B says:

    I know she completed this interview before her mess was revealed but that makes this more disengenuine. No one believes they were on a break, funny how no one noticed the “break”, yet they started willingly putting it out there a few months ago knowing this mess was about to come out. Too many people have scoured their social media timelines which don’t reveal time a part until the new mama was a few months. So just like he was cheating on his wife with Gabby, and now she’s looking like the donkey of the day, they came up with this weak story to try to save face. Funny how she wants to talk about “their love”, during her recent interviews, but not his new love child. And just like she kept flaunting her relationship in the wife’s face, I hope this new chick puts that baby in a wade jersey and parades him everywhere.. Lol
    Whew Karma is a mean something!

  49. So many people act like they have no skeletons in their closets. I am glad to know everyone is perfect and your man never ever cheats. People crack me up. Meanwhile gabby has a hot show and a million dollar ring. Clearly she is sitting at home reading these post.

    1. Miss T says:

      gabby has a hot show and a million dollar ring

      And a broken heart……….

  50. Dawn Eubanks says:

    Girl Bye Lmfaoo, A No good Man is going to be just that you always want him and he always wanted someone else.

  51. Alisha Green says:

    *face palm* Ohhhh the comments, I´m scared. Gabby is trolling us, don´t do this girl, it´s too cold for this!

  52. Hmmm…pass (we all know but on a positive note I think they make a beautiful couple.

  53. Tricia says:

    I think everything she saying is good. I mean if nobody knew her situation nobody wouldn’t be side eyeing her. She honestly gave good advice…

    1. nothing but truth says:

      Agree 100%!!! Her advice is dead on point it’s just too bad she doesn’t take her own advice. I guess she forgot to say “do as I say!!!.. not as I do!!!…

  54. I would like to read it! How to go from a side chick to a wife and deal with the disrespect while still being successful. She is one of the most successful side pieces in history. A Must Read for dumb hoes that come out empty handed. IJS

  55. BlancaLatina says:

    Gabby believes in telling people to do what I say not what I do. She could have done so much better but she settled for less with a man who does not respect her.

  56. In a real relationship, shit happens. Doesn´t mean you throw out the trash. You stay and deal with the situation. This is what most of our grandparents did. All y´all dissing her probably are lonely chicks with no man. Not saying what he did was right but you don´t bail on a situation at the first sign of trouble!

    1. OSHH says:

      Some of our Grand folks Great Grands etc put up with EVERY kind of abuse, incest and everything else, not just outside kids and families. So really what is your point.?
      To have someone or any warm bodied male you lower your standards to zilch and pay with your self respect/dignity. I’d say a baby is more a than a sign of trouble too.

  57. Sheji Rivers says:

    Why is she giving advice when she obviously needs some advice…

  58. She said he was going through a divorce when they met!!!! He has said too so I´m walking off this post because she still gon be rich, still with him and could care less of what yall think. I don´t remember there being a fucking rule in life that says you´re not allowed to meet a man when they´re going through a divorce or that means you´re a side chick. Gtfoh

    1. Really Now says:

      Walk off then sweetie. Go find you a broke d.wade and do the side piece dance while u at it.


  59. Ya´ll act like she called Glamour and said hey I have some advice for you. I´m sure she was asked and she complied. I like Gabby and I wish her the best. Relationships are not perfect, not hers, not mine, and I´m sure not yours. I´m more concerned with single bitter chicks giving advice about relationships when they never have a man. If you wouldn´t have forgived him then so be it but she did so let her live.

  60. she cant give advice on a damn thing….she WAS the mistress and now she getting the karma back…..theres some advice…lol

  61. Tiki Carson says:

    I don´t care how rich and hot a man is. Cheating is cheating… But hey you teach people how to treat you! If she like, I love it. Much respect to her. But, I don´t want ANY of relationship & dating advice!

  62. Tenisha Kay says:

    Why did you post about ludacris “baby mama drama” but not Dwayne´s? We know you idol Gabrielle & all but don´t cover ludas story when Dwayne has the EXACT same issue. You don´t want to call them out so you post this so your readers can. Uhm hmmm.

  63. girlsbelike says:

    I was in a similar situation where my boyfriend of many years cheated on me with his daughter’s mother and got her pregnant for the second time. It’s hard to describe the hurt and pain that I experienced. I loved this man so much and wanted to try to make it work. I was called every name in the book for staying with him. We tried for months to make it work but once that baby was born and I watched him spending time with both his kids, I just couldn’t take it. It mentally drained me and I had no trust left in my heart. I worried every time he went to drop his kids off or even went to a doctor’s appointment. I just never trusted them being in the same room together. He cheated on me with a woman he told me he hated so much! They had so much drama in their parenting relationship with the first child I could not believe he world sleep with her again to produce another one. Well I did leave one month after the baby was born. God has blessed me by removing me from that toxic relationship. I can say now that I’m happily engaged to the love of my life. I hope Gabby finds the strength!

    1. Dominique says:

      I’ve been there too. Love is a very strong emotion and you NEVER know how you will react to something until you experience it. Like I said before everyone’s level for tolerance is different and she’s the one that has to deal with the aftermath. I try not to judge other women’s relationship especially when I’m on the outside looking in. After 32 years of living I have learned to never say never because no sooner that you say that you’ll find yourself in the same if not a worse situation. I’m going to say this and it’s from experience you NEVER know what your man is doing all the time even when you spend the majority of your time with him. There are ways, honey there are ways! LOL

      1. channelive says:

        Speak on it, I had to walk away recently and I know it was the right thing to do and there was no cheating but we were not equally yoked and I was taking care of multiple women’s children with none of my own and it was not appreciated.

      2. @girlsbelike @Dominique

        Yes to everything ya’ll said, I wish Gabby luck. I’m way to emotional do be able to deal with such a slap in the face by the man you love & to make matters worse there is a child involved, a constant reminder of his betrayal, utter disrespect, ring dont mean ******* without respect & compassion for the one you love!!

      3. Sasha says:


    2. breaking bad says:

      @ Girlsbelike,

      im glad you found strength to move on and i know it was hard! Sometimes the one talking all that **** about the baby momma be the ones laying right up with them. Toxic is right! but you moved on and now you have someone better. When we get so caught up in a guy that we think is the one, its hard to see whats going on forreal. congrats on your engagement! I cant wait for my turn…

    3. cole world says:

      I had a friend who had a situation just like this. It is just a sad situation all around. It is hard to leave someone you really love, so I can see why it is hard for Gabby, but it does take a toll on your self-esteem and drain you after a while. That’s why I’m not buying this “ride or die” and “we are good over here” front that they are putting on. I am glad you made the choice to move on.. everybody deserves inner peace and happiness- you cannot get that with somebody who has taken your trust and disrespected your love on many levels.

  64. Bianca Moore says:

    good advice bad timing good luck to her and her very messy man.

  65. Lotus Flower says:

    She is so right! Love Gabby!. 🙂

  66. Girl if you do not stfu and have a seat! says:

    Oh the shade. LOL

  67. LOL this was a set up to fail as soon as I read the title!

  68. I´m not sure when she gave this interview but it could´ve been a couple of months before this issue went to print which is also before everyone found out about his new baby. We don´t know when Gabby found out so who knows. If she accepts it that´s her burden to bear. I just know I wouldn´t be able to do it because to me that is the ultimate disrespect. You´re putting my life at risk by running around having unprotected sex with broads.

  69. Do not give someone a
    advice if you can´t take your own advice. Smh this girl really thinks people will actually take her serious? A joke!

  70. Nancy Evans says:

    actually great advice… Just… Bad timing Gabs

  71. Too Funny says:

    I like the talk about babies early paragraph. Did that mean babies between them or does that include “on a break babies”…

    And he admitted that he wasn’t on his own at 15, because his ex-wife’s mother took him in and took care of him until he left for Marquette.

    I think Gabby is gorgeous and I’m glad her show is doing well, but she should take a vow of silence on this relationship because it’s been messy since started dating the STILL MARRIED man.

    All I want to hear from her is her skin regimen, cause looks like she’s in her twenties 🙂

  72. Relationship advice??? Girl, stop it. Keep it between you and your man.

  73. Gravity says:

    No when she Met Wade He Was Married! This Gabfest was on the planes traveling to see him play and sometimes she was on the same planes.I Know this because my best friends brother is a sports writer who covered the heat. Her behavior as a Wife tormentor was horrendous including his. KARMA!

  74. Idella Moore says:

    She shouldnt be giving advice but besides that.You all are dumb.How can she run off with somebody who didnt want to run off with her?.Y O u all always blame the women.Just like a weak bitch would do.Blame the man.He should be as much responsible.If not more.He made the vows to his wife not Gabrielle.

    1. IDK says:

      Hell yeah he is responsible for the f****ery but he is also not giving relationship advice hence her getting leant on on the necole bitchie

  75. I was asking myself the same question @Tenisha Kay.

  76. I can´t take her seriously. But I will keep watching Being Mary Jane.

  77. Drunk in Love got me feenin' for my best friend, my confidant, my ex :( says:

    I cringed at a few lines of this interview and yeah, it was probably done months ago to coincide with the premiere of Being Mary Jane. That’s why she’s been on morning shows/talk shows this week.

    She must really love him. I wouldn’t even want to look at a man who raw dogged another woman while claiming to be committed to me. That’s repulsive. These men are fearless. They don’t care about STDS, about their fortunes that these opportunistic jump offs crave, about the families that they have already built or their reputations. He does not respect her. He does not value her feelings. He publicly humiliated her. He has lost nothing. She sees him as a best friend and lover and he talks about her as if she’s a ride or die. No matter what happens, I just hope for the sake of all of the children involved that there won’t be any more dysfunctional mess. Those kids have seen enough.

    1. HERES THE THING says:

      Here’s the thing….he didn’t strap up b/c he already knew that *****

  78. Who is her PR person? Giving relationship advice when your relationship is currently involved in a baby mama scandal is an invitation to give more life to an embarrassing story.

  79. Sandy Doux says:

    Advice?>??? no shade, but shade… you off all people I would never get advice from!/!!

  80. Dana Rann says:

    i´m just here to read the comments! LOL

  81. circ1984 says:

    You know, if I just closed my eyes and heard this interview, without knowing the interviewee, I would really appreciate the maturity and wisdom of her words. But then, I look up and see Gabby- beautiful, sexy, intelligent, successful- Gabby. Lmao smh. This woman is so ridiculous and pathetic. I just think about all those snide, snarky, and passive aggressive comments about Sio- then I think about the media circus that Dwade’s team fed to the public- she’s crazy, she’s deranged, and unfit mother- blah, blah, blah. Oh, how he’s struggled to juggle his nba career as a single father. That as hole. I hope Sio is somewhere drinking and table dancing on the chit load of karma pouring all over Gabby & Dwade’s head.

    1. lessa says:

      Personally, I never thought Siovaughn was crazy! This how society works today: if you are in a relationship and it ends and the man in the relationship is well know and like and the woman starts to speak about that well like (Dwayne Wade), she is deemed as crazy and insane because people did not want to believe Dwayne is nothing but a liar and cheater. I wish they would stop lying because everyone know he cheated on her ass. P.S Good luck to everyone involved in this situation. And does anyone know if Siovaughn get to see her sons.

  82. His wife cheated on him! It´s funny how most people don´t know the whole story but quick to defend her. His wife cheated on him…

  83. Courtney says:

    Lol @ Gabby. As much as i love her, there isnt anything she can tell me about relationships.Thanks but no thanks.

    *side note* What the hell kinda “breaks” do these people take?! Sheesh

    1. Dominique says:

      I agree about that break business. That’s just ridiculous.

  84. Jelisa Brown says:

    Who is her PR? Fire her? Why would she give any type of advice?? No thanks! She can´t even handle her own relationship.

  85. Jelisa Brown says:

    She was the sidekick when dwade was married to his ex wife. Now he gotta another side chick whom happen to get pregnant! #thesagacontinues

  86. Gabby need to sit her azz down with this foolery.. Ain´t nobody got time to be hearing nothing she got to say..

  87. 1st off no offense to her but she can NOT give relationship advice when you can´t keep a relationship and if you do it never ends with a life long commitment. People want to be committed forever not these on off play house relationships she seems to be a pro at. I believe she means well but trust me I don´t want to follow your footsteps.

  88. It´s actually sound advice tho. For what it´s worth.

  89. channelive says:

    I watched Gabbie’s OWN interview for the second time this weekend with Alfred Woodard, Viola Davis, Phylicia Rashad. I like Gabby more then I ever did because of the truth that she had with herself. I don’t know what I would do in her situation NOW. In my own situation recently minus all the money when paternal issues came up that were not due to cheating, (I am in my 30s and have no kids) I decided to walk. I called off my engagement on NYE. Did it suck, yes, did it hurt, hell yeah but I had to do it. I could not handle emotionally that much other baggage with multiple children and baby mother’s when I didn’t have any of my own. It was just too much for me. However, I will not judge Gabby but it is a reminder that we all regardless of money go through Life and we are all the same. Let’s not pass judgement but do what is best in our heart and what God tells you too. And only she knows that. I know what I think but you need to do what’s best for you.

    1. Really Now says:

      How do you have paternal issues without cheating??

      I’m confused? Please elaborate otherwise You sound like Gabby’s twin.

      1. Dominique says:

        Maybe he found out that someone he was in a relationship with prior to had his child?

      2. Channelive says:

        Thanks Dominque , correct. The child I found out about was after I met him during a wage garnishment. Apparently a 1 night stand , that he didn’t know resulted in a child. However I was already dealing with 2 other children I was playing Step Mom too. So I don’t know how that makes me gabby too, unnamed poster . However, like I stated I knew it was too much for me to handle , emotion wise and I knew I would later resent him. I was starting to now . Therefore , like I said I gave him his ring back. But my point was , judgement sucks but if consult with God and take a step back, you know what’s right . We all are human

        1. Channelive says:

          The child is 7 or 8 but I could not look into the eyes of another’s woman’s child and be supportive , it was too much for me when I have not parented children of my own yet. It would be unfair to them and me because I could not take anymore on , emotionally , for where I am in my life . And that is a choice . We all have them and best advice I ever got side note, was from my happily married guy , best friend, ” don’t act like your married when your not , don’t give up the benefits of a wife when your not”.

        2. Really Now says:

          Im not an unnamed poster miss, my name is Really Now. And everyone knows that.

          Wow, i was just joking when i said you sound like Gabby’s twin, but damn you may actually be. There are alot of similarities between you and her situation actually. She plays step mom to 2 children and so did you. And now ah third one crops up unannounced with wade’s side and apparently the same thing happened to you. Granted the child was 7 or 8, but still.

          But my thing is if he had 2 and did not stay with the mother of those children , what were the chances that he wasnt going to go off and make another one? I hope you weren’t too shocked.

  90. This is actually sound advice.

  91. Lisa says:

    I do think that Gabriel will eventually leave him, but what could be tugging at her heart are his boys, the boys that helped with the engagement, the boys that look to her as a mother figure. So while some are laughing at her like she’s a joke, you gotta know this can’t be easy.

  92. k.O.g. says:

    I never comment on here (just read & like certain comments) but I couldn’t resist on this. I am not sure about how much of G.U.’s real life characteristics mirror her Being Mary Jane characteristics but I was really hoping she had more sense than this. I too am a successful & professional woman (32 & fly) who knows God has placed me on this earth to be someone’s husband & mother. But I’ll be darned if I allow a man to DOG me like he has. Are you really that desperate G.U.? You have your pic of men w/o so much baggage. But it is up to you to allow yourself to see that. But then again, it is rumored that she was with D Wade when he was married. So if that is true, maybe this experience is a lesson. I wish her luck because I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  93. ItsjustL says:

    Aunty Gabby needs to chill a lil. I mean I like her and I think she’s a good actress and seems like a bubbly and fun person but this relationship advice couldn’t have come at a more awkward time. (And she gives great points) but Nobody is trying to hear it unfortunately. My only question is does Gabby think that D wade is the best she can do?! Because I don’t believe any woman has to stay or stand for this kind of disrespect. This “break” stuff they are feeding us with doesn’t make either of them look any better. Gabby accepted him with his baggage and he stepped out and got some more but with a diamond ring…. Goodbye!

  94. adub says:

    i really wish people would stop giving advice about other peoples relationships…there are so many dynamics to relationships…what works or worked for you just will not work for the next person because you don’t know the two people intimately like that..

  95. MynameisPeaches! says:

    I wouldn’t take relationship advice from a woman who began a relationship with a man whilst he was still married to somebody else and has just had a baby with another woman.

  96. cole world says:

    such a sad situation all around, especially for the children who will not be growing up with both parents in a household, that was taken away from them from the beginning. However, I would like to say that a lot of people thought siovaughn was crazy, I never thought she was crazy, I just believe she was hurting on the inside and wanted to do whatever it took to let it be known what was done to her. I personally think that shes is the one who made out lucky with this situation.

  97. Burgertown says:

    Gabby mentality is like a teenager. I couldnt get past her mentioning her friends and a vision board.

  98. Burgertown says:

    Honestly. Not being rude. But is this advice to her 20 year old self and young girls? What 40 year old woman refers to her man as dude or boy? What 30+ year old woman is going on Spring break? She is as bad as that damn Jennifer Anniston, Jennifers interviews are like listening to a pre-teen.

  99. CinCin says:

    Well, Well together time that we desperately needed I am not sure Gabby he needed it with you because he found it with someone else. This article timing is bad no one takes them seriously right now. So funny I read my old Essence article when Gabby talks about their brief break she say’s it was only a couple of days they took a break and they spoke everyday. Really is that a break or a clean one just admit it your man has proven he’s a dog. Sorry to tell you Gabby but again you’re with an immature jerk that has no morals or values and isn’t mature enough to know what monogamy is all about (definition the state or practice having one sexual partner during a period of time). This time you’re engaged to the jerk.

  100. Cha says:

    Its amazing how many of you women commenting sound mad like many of you havent forgiven someone who cheated on you or did you wrong. Its easy to sit here n say oh she stupid or oh she aint right herself. Man her situation aint perfect but she dealing with it publicly which many is hard in itself. I wish her nothing but the best.

    1. mar says:

      He cheated with a woman he had known for a while and had a BABY!!!! That makes a whole world of difference, that means he was comfortable with this woman which probably means he was doing this for a long while…

    2. CinCin says:

      If you forgave someone that cheated on you you are a better woman than me. I on the other hand know what my self worth is and don’t need a man to define it. Especially a no good one. No I never forgave someone than cheated on me. Really honey the other chick can have those problems. I have been with my husband for twenty one years boyfriend and girlfriend then my husband then the father of our kids. Never had a problem with other chick never made me feel I could not trust him and never heard crap from other people. Some men can keep their dick in their pants and don’t have to keep sharing. Hopefully you find that one day the cheaters are really overrated.

  101. Diana says:

    Gabby sweetie unless he have Bill Gates money why you sticking around a man who had a child with another woman whilst you were with him little break or not? He’s just not rich enough for this type of humuliation I don’t know if anyone is Gabby must be insecure

  102. Pretty1908 says:

    i rolled my hard so i almost feel asleep. Gabbie is like the friend we all have, the know it all who knows so much about men and relationships but her receipts don’t match her words. LOL

  103. Any-hoooo says:

    DO stop giving relationship advice.
    DO invest in a life coach and get yours.
    DO find some self-esteem and leave that sorry excuse for a fiancé and trade him in for someone that doesn’t run to the next warm place the minute you get too busy.
    Do learn your worth and live happily ever after with someone that respects it.

  104. causeisaidso says:

    Is that Steebie J. in your picture?

  105. The voice of reason... says:

    DO stop giving out relationship adive Gabs
    AND DO get yourself a clue and realize Dwayne’s resume looked bad and STILL looks bad if not worse as he fathered a child with a woman during a break period from you.
    AND DO, DO us all a favor and shut the hell up.

  106. HUNNAYBooBoo says:

    Never really cared for this relationship but my how the tables have turned…

    Hmmm now y’all care that he was still married to Siovaughn *sp* and side piecing Gabby but a couple months ago y’all was team GWade tho.

  107. Mo1421 says:

    Please people, every one knows right from wrong EVERYONE!! unless you are a mental case,The internal Battle to do the right thing is everyones daily Battle,some are better than others at it.I co-own a salon with my wife and the personal stories and gossip women will tell her, Young to OLD are crazy.Age or status doesnt protect you from knowing right but doing wrong, expecially when emotions are involved, things get even more clouded

  108. Really Now says:

    What is this??? Like i am not getting why a post on Luda having a child on the side gets aired on this blog??? But gabby breaking up a marriage, and then getting cheated on herself and a with a child on the side— is swept under the carpet in place of a ‘relationship advice’ post??? WTF???

    There are no degrees to a man spilling off in some broad and getting her knocked up while he is with another chick. Like what is your angle @necole!? Im so curious. Messy is Messy.

    Are you trying to suggest that d.wade and gabby’s situation is some how cuter? Or neater? Because he spilled off into aja but he is at least acknowledging the child and paying up???

    Messy is messy necole you are obviously being biased and if anything gabby looks even more stupid then EUodixee. She has alot more to lose and if anything you should have spared Luda’s girl the front page and posted the hell out of Gabby and her Lack of dignity. Im not impressed.

  109. Jay Rich says:

    This is good and realistic advice. Especially her line.. “Bottom line: If an issue’s a deal breaker, it’s a deal breaker. If your relationship isn’t something you’re willing to give up and you can compromise, do so.” Some of you women are ridiculous, talking about other relationships when you have put up with a whole lot worse situations with men who had much less to offer you. Yall let dudes that cant even help pay your rent cheat on you so I don’t know what makes yall think you so much better and smarter than the next chick

  110. MrsK says:

    …….oh.. *snickers*..okay.

  111. Slim says:

    Eh. I think she should keep her relationship details private.

  112. imsojazy says:

    At the end of the day DWade didn’t have to propose to Gabby. he choosed to do that. He has millions and could be single and be with any woman he wanted. Why do yall laugh at someone heartbreak? Maybe they where broken up when he got the other chick preggo. I read gabby say no kids without marriage so the other chick got 2 kids and Dwade’s baby makes 3 for her. Chicks kill me with thinking another person downfall is funny. yall dudes cheat on yall and they anit got nothing to offer.

    1. mar says:

      Umm, it’s already been established they weren’t “broken up” at the time…And no one is laughing at her heartbreak but she sure didn’t seem to care when Sio was expressing her heartbreak. Everyone thought Sio was crazy, she wasn’t. There was some truth to her stories..What Gabby is experiencing is what they call “what goes around comes around”…And it doesn’t really matter if he proposed, they aren’t married, yet…

  113. niaboo87 says:

    Nicole come on now you post this AFTER the drama that’s swirling with Dwayne? Nice try but we clock’d tea before it was even spilt!

  114. iamwomanheremeroar says:

    Hey necole I attend a HBCU and I am apart of one of the most well known black sororities. Me and several of my friends decided to boycott your site we will spread the word too. Your site is not empowering to black woman or atleast the ones you choose smdh

    1. webby says:

      No one is forcing you to come on this site honey boo boo.

  115. Okay let me roll the dice…This photo reminds me of a throwback phootshot for a Jordache commerical or something…

    Is there a pony on her jeans. Well you know Gabby thinks she’s the lil Barbie…Okay Skipper!

    Cleaning image squeaky clean…as America’s Sweetheart! LOL!!!

    And yeah she might’ve wrote that check to exhubby at the end of that marriage but she thought in the beginning of the marriage that she was going to be the one to cash out first…

    Hmmm….Happy New Years 2014 folks!!!

  116. Xislander says:

    So admire GU! What amazing tolerance to put up with such baggage. Bottom line, know when he is not worthy of your trust and respect (you’ll always luv him, that’s not the issue). Know your bottom line. Know your own bottom…You’re worth more.

  117. truth says:

    LOL poor gabby..

  118. Ashley says:

    I’m sorry. I used to love Gabby and thought she was just soo beautiful and strong.
    After all this mess, I just dont see it anymore. I still love Being Mary Jane because i still respect her as an actress, but thats about it.

  119. Geena says:

    I talked about this so much that now when a post finally pops up on here Im on empty. Since this interview might be old I’m going to go off recent interviews and recently pics that show she is still trying to plant that perfect pic. I cant do it and some of the comments seem funny. Like people been living under a rock or looking over the fact her fiance had a baby with another women.

  120. Sasha says:

    My opinion of Gabby is tainted. Let me start with saying shes a great comedic actress! She strikes me as I’ve said before as the woman in the neighborhood who wants someone’s hubby and won’t stop UNTIL she gets him. By any means necessary. She began “dating” Wade while he was still married. Granted, they were having problems but I recall his wife still attending games courtside and cheering him on. He was kinda up and coming talent at that time. Her attitude screams “You would be lucky to have me” and like she says, she was older and more Hollywood seasoned. She is beautiful and no doubt smart and I’m sure those are qualities he uses to his advantage and appreciates. He still seems a bit immature and having gotten out of a marriage with his high school sweetheart JUST to hop right back into another doesn’t seem like a wise move on HER part. He is a known playa. Discreet(well as of these latest developments-not so much…)but a playa nonetheless. She loves him and as a woman has gotten older and wants a husband(athlete-that’s her type) and seems willing to wait him out. I think she tries to use public image and endorsements as leverage to deter him from cheating, that will only work for so long. Many dont think there will be an actual marriage. The ring was to pacify her-and maintain his “family man” image. We’ll all see how this plays out. As my elder aunties say…YOU LOSE EM HOW YOU GET EM.

  121. Talk about pushing an agenda. “Miss Determined Cheerleader” who’s gonna win the competion or go wally wildflowers!

    Did you all see Gabby on tv her…interview on Live with Kelly and Michael… I’m going to need Regis to speak on this one…

    Gabby had her pom poms and said, “Give Me A Ring, Ring! R-I-N-G, Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go…” Lol!!! Kelly said, wait what about the baby? & Gabby replied, “I said my baby gave me the ultimate ring”! Michael jump in screaming “Score…free shot…Miss Union got that Champion smile”

    All jokes aside…what’s most important is the children…they are the innocent victims.

  122. CartoonsandCereal says:

    The timing… lol. I assume this was before all the alleged baby mama mess?

    I won’t hold this against her after what has happened, because it was solid advice. (Come on now)
    But I do think there’s another task to be added to the ‘to do’ list.

    1. DO the math.

  123. .... says:

    WOWZER! I never seen such hatred in my life. Now before I write a response to this post, I would like to address the women, all of you can put your 25 cents in and bam you think you know her and her situation. Now Gabs and I met while filming “Cadillac Records” ages ago and I was an extra, where I also met Beyoncé who is overly bashed on here as well but that’s a different story for a different day. Gabs is one of the greatest and funniest people I have ever met in my life. I looked to her as a big sister and she was also a mentor for me at one point to help me expand my acting career. Knowing Gabs and knowing D, they were and still are a great couple, I wouldn’t call it cheating because they were indeed on a break, they took some time off and with him being with the other lady he began to realize who is one true heart was and that was Gabby! I mean let’s face it, what can what’s her name “Aja” do for him anyway? Look at Gabby she’s gorgeous, has an AMAZING career , and brings way more to the table than she does. And to say she was the MISTRESS ! GIVE ME A BREAK. Half of you ladies messed with married men and were THE OTHER WOMAN, he was separated going through a divorce, last time I checked that’s not considered cheating. Know your facts before coming on some blog because you ladies have nothing else to do. Get a hobby or a job or enjoy life or A MAN, take the advice and use it for your advantage. I only came on here to see what my girl put up for relationship advice and somehow managed to read the catty comments. I had to speak out! I will not reveal my identity because I like being “low key” so I won’t end up on these blogs but just know you’ve seen me on screen before, Be BLESSED AND STOP BREAKING PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW DOWN. Peace. Love and Happiness

    1. towanda says:

      So if he gave her AIDS because he didnt strap up while “they were on a break” that would be ok too?

    2. HASHTAGthaTRUTH says:

      Thank you! These women are so bitter and judgemental. Not even knowing half of the half!

    3. Girl BYE says:

      PLEASE! Just because you “claim” you was on the set with her doesn’t mean you know her either, so please stop it!
      You must not be doing much of anything now if you are visiting blogs and leaving comments.

      Get Yo Life!

  124. oh please says:

    ok, I had to do a little research on this “baby momma before I posted up. I have known chicks like dwade’s baby momma my whole life and in my opinion the fact that she waited until now after all these years to get pregnant speaks VOLUMES!!! She knew her time was coming to an end andd sense she couldn’t make him chose her she decided to make one last ditch effort and chase off Gabby. I don’t know about the rest of you but under NO circumstances would I EVER let some Low Life Professional baby momma chase me off. ( and that’s what that whore is a professional baby’s mommas since she has 2 other kids by 2 other famous men she didn”t get a ring from either). I believe he was with both of them for a while and they both knew it. After his marriage came to an end he was probably in no hurry to settle down again and I can’t say that I blame him. Also, maybe Gabby wasn’t necesarily in a place where she wanted to get married and the relationship as it was met her needs so she rolled with it. I do beleive that eventually Gabby changed her mind, decided she was ready to marry and settlle down and told hiim he had to put a ring on it or keep it moving. He stuttered and they broke up, The professional baby momma saw this as her opportunity and got pregnant. ( let’s face it, as long as she’s been a **** she knows how to screw repeatedly without getting pregnant. This was CLEARLY an act of desperation) D wade came to his senses and made the right choice. He chose the woman he actually wants to build a life with and who actually brings something to the table.

    I’ve seen this happen before so that’s why I think it went down like this. The other chick was never any competittion and EVERYONE involved knew it.. That’s why the desperate act. Gabby didn’t sweat her then and doesn’t now.

    Congratts Gabby and D Wade. I love the show Gabby! I willl be watching every week.

  125. tawonda says:

    I only know one thing. AIDS KILLS!! Its one thing the jerk cheating on me, MAYBE MAYBE I could forgive that. But not wrapping it up??????
    That says everything to me, he doesn’t even care enough to protect ME while he is sleepign around. And with a “professional baby moma” at that!!!
    Sorry Gabby, you need to love yourself more. Not when you are on your death bed

    1. oh please says:

      We don’t know that she got pregnant because he didn’t wrap it up. For all we know she put pin pricks in the codon. I’m not prepared to look at the situation like that. If they where together for soooooo long as the professional baby momma claims then why a baby now? If he’s been putting in work for so long why now the oooops? I believe he was trying to make sure she didn’t get pregnant and slipped up once and bam. Gabby being a woman of a certain age was not about to elevate a non factor to the status of factor (and neither was D Wade) took her ring and will take D. All of his kids and live her life with her man and her fab life. The professional baby momma can enjoy yet another failed attempt to get a husband.

      If anyone here is pathetic it’s the professional baby mom. So stupid!

  126. HASHTAGthaTRUTH says:

    As a single 29 y.o African American female, I am appalled at the women on here. FIRST OF ALL, how do yall know when this interview was given? Perhaps, it was done at a time when she was secure and confident in her relationship. SECOND OF ALL, none of us bloggers have any idea WHAT Gabby is going to do about this situation, but because the media hasnt put out enough “tea” for yall, yall are automatically assuming shes stupid. Have any of yall ever been embarrassed but decided to still brave a smile in public? Have any of yall ever been so deeply in love that the love in your heart clouds the thoughts that would most likely be logical? I see why we as african AMERICAN women are the laughing stocks of this country…so many families have been through this same thing, and have made it work. Lots of us have grand parents who went through the same thing, and just because YOU dont know about it dont mean it didnt happen. Those are called FAMILY SECRETS and trust they are all up and through lots of our families history.

    Who are any of you to judge her ? Get out and live your lives. I guarantee yall dont know the HALF of what your own men are doing (if you even have a man) so just stop the judgements. I cant understand how easy it is for some of yall to come on here and throw so much shade at someone for standing by the man she loves.

    I think some of yall would be more satisfied if she was running around like a baffoon bashing her man, throwing shade on twitter, trying to fight the other chick, etc. This is a grown ass woman, and we ALL SETTLE at some point in the name of love. Just stop it, please. Its not your business to judge what you only know a portion of. And please stop calling this woman a homewrecker!! How tha hellll do any of yall know?? We are normjal 9-5 people who get let in to a portion of these peoples lives. And finally, she DID give pretty good advice. Shes not perfect, shes human. For all we know, she could be planning the Big Breakup but is waiting for the dust to settle…Whatever she decides, I think at 40 years old, she is confident in her decision. I hope they work through this, and I am all for love so I really hope they can get over this hump. It does take a strong woman to get through something like this.

  127. Come on says:

    Appalled by the amount of people who say that this is ok….see that’s why AIDs is running rampant in the black community…we love to turn our backs to this type of foolishness but we have to speak out on **** like this…it has to stop…children growing up with no father…not cool people…it’s bigger than me and you…you see his kids With Sio are acknowledged…but look at what this child has to go through. So sad..even in marriage if someone cheats the bible gives options to the offended party…even God knew that **** is a deal breaker…so if u r willing to take mess like this check ur own self esteem…just my humble opinion

    1. oh please says:

      @come on I agree with you a little but not entirely.. Aids is rampant in communities of color because people are haviing un protected sex. according to the professional baby”s momma they have been together for years. As long as he and Gabby. If that’s true why did she just pop up pregnant now? I don’t beleive the unprotected sex thing is something that happening the whole time the 3 of them where together ( especially on Gabby’s end because she has no children) I have known women to put stick pins through condoms ( that’ why i raised my son to bring his own or don’t do it. some women can be a trip). I’m not saying that she sabotaged the condom I wasn’t there, I’m just saying precautions where obviously being taken for years because he was a very busy boy yet he doesn’t have a whole tribe of kids. ( and we all know a lot of them do) In this day and age children to do not “just happen” if you are a woman over a certain age. There is too much birth control out there for that. This chick has 2 other kids. she knows how not to get pregnant..

      That baby momma is a bird pure and simple. She chose to once again have a baby out of wedlock hoping this time the man willl choose her. It was a desperate act by a desperate woman and Gabby paid it the atttention it deserved…NONE! Note to professsional baby mommas everywhere, If he didn’t want you before the child he most likely won’t want you after the baby either.

      That bird was never in Gabby’s Class. Gabby knew it, the professional knew it, and after a minute, D Wade figured it out too.

      Congrats Gabby and D. Wade, I hope you have a long happy marriage!

      1. Come on says:

        We have more babies and AIDs because no condoms were used..and Birth Control does not prevent aids…and if u think folks are always careful and use condoms that’s the prob.

  128. Come on says:

    D wade should have been smarter then…I don’t blame the woman who got pregnant…he isn’t married yet.

  129. Oh please says:

    I said its because we don’t where condoms. I also said I believe they he and gabby did. I believe he wore condoms with her too. I just think she’s tired. blame the girl because the pregnancy was clearly on purpose. She has been haing sex for to long to not know how to not get pregnant.

    She was out to get the man but will settle for a check. Pathetic!

  130. Kanye Shrug says:

    Umm okay, so now the baby is here & D Wade has to play Daddy to his long-term jump offs’ seed. He will have to visit the baby & mother & do daddy things with the child. It’s not just about money being given money for support but D Wade & Aja have been friends for years. So now Gabby thinks Aja just gonna go away. NOT! Aja & that baby is in D Wades life forever & Gabby chooose to deal with this embarrassing fact. I’m wondering will Gabby be with D Wade everytime he visits the baby/have family time? Aja & D Wade still have to co-parent and they obviously are good friends. It sucks to be Gabby b/c she proved she can be bought. Sad! From the way it looks, Gabby will still continue to get played & I wouldn’t be surprised if D Wade actually will now have a stronger & more open relationship with Aja due to the fact that Gabby, after a while won’t be able to deal with the constant humiliation. Money can’t buy everything & Gabby may have her own money but through this situation she lost everything else. Dummy!

  131. I bet this was done way before the Baby got here and whatever work for her or them Good luck

  132. Kelz says:

    Its hard to not think about her current situations while reading this. However, I will say all that she said here in this interview makes perfect sense to me. I’ve always like Gabby and I appreciate and applause her for the image she’s upheld in the limelight. I wish her the best.

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