TV Host Zuri Hall On Winning An Emmy: ‘I Was Broke But Willing To Bet Money On Myself’ – xoNecole
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TV Host Zuri Hall On Winning An Emmy: ‘I Was Broke But Willing To Bet Money On Myself’

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  1. Carmool says:

    I adore Zuri. I was introduced to her via the Brilliant Idiots podcast and have followed her since. She’s an abundance of positive energy!

  2. Mimi Oladapo says:

    Love Zurich and Mettin. ..being following her blogs for years Def inspiring.

    1. Me too! Excited for her

  3. Youguyz... says:

    I have seen her & her bae on YouTube and they are awesome. Best of luck to Zuri

  4. Rosxoxo says:

    I first discovered Zuri on the “brilliant idiots” podcast earlier this year or maybe last year. I started following her on IG then and I googled her. She’s always so positive and just real. I love her journey and I enjoyed reading this interview.

  5. Kissy Denise says:

    This was a pretty interesting piece.

  6. Loved her story!

  7. Biba Atta says:

    Gorgeous! #thatmelanindoe Great post too! Loving the new site.

  8. I loved reading this. #inspired

  9. Alana says:

    Found her randomly on YouTube. Lucky sista. I can’t help but say, I wish it was me. Definitely happy for anyone who can “make it” out here in these streets aka the world lol!

  10. Stacey says:

    Loved this article and seeing people that look like me covering the news. I wasn’t familiar with her but after reading, I realized I’ve saw pics of her and her bae on my IG feed with #Relationshipgoals comments haha definitely will be a follower. She’ll be an addition to the other inspiring black women on my social media.

  11. ….This article is a ” Must READ ” for any & everyone !

    it covers all aspects of;
    self + esteem. love. respect. realization.

    ….Kudos to Necole & the team !

    ……stay the course

    Keep evolving.
    Keep pushing.

    1. Zon D'Amour says:

      CLYDE! Thanks so much for calling my article with Zuri a “Must Read”! I as well as the xoTeam appreciates it! 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  12. Charallday says:

    Saw her on YouTube with mettin. She’s awesome and so is he.

  13. Miss Daja says:

    DAMN this was so inspiring!
    I absolutely love her energy and confidence. She’s gained a new supporter. Thanks for sharing her story.

  14. Meline Rose says:

    Loved reading this. I too read “The Alchemist,” and I repeat that same quote everyday.

    No one can get in the way of your destiny.

  15. Sandria says:

    This was so perfect and so timely. Love it!

  16. Pierrea says:

    I started following Zuri after hearing her on the Brilliant Idiots podcast as well. I loved that she said Necole’s letter about her transition resonated with her b/c I felt the same way. My fav part was “not everybody will understand your 6 mth mark on your 5 year plan.” Your vision is just that…yours! Another great article on xoNecole as always. And she just inspired my tagline for my new campaign I’ve started promoting young women striving towards their dreams. One day xoNecole will be interviewing me!

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