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From Immigrant to Entrepreneur: How Rosa Acosta Hustled Her Way to Being Her Own Boss

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  1. PalesaRSA says:

    This interview is so powerful. I feel as though her words, her mind are some of the things I battle with so often yet I was unable to word them. More power, light and love to her!

  2. farfromhere says:

    shes pretty good luck to her

    1. Pierrea says:

      I read this thinking “Im glad im not alone.” I completely feel her on all that she said

      1. Kiah McBride says:

        Yeah a few other girls mentioned that they’ve had similar thoughts. So you’re definitely not alone!

  3. Marcia Hook says:

    Yasssssss love her!!!!

  4. Taj Charmed says:

    I’ve worked with her before, She’s very down to earth & humble

  5. Phuc Yu says:

    I remember a couple of years ago when some video vixen tried to shade Rosa by saying she didn’t own a pair of louboutin and had cheap shoes . Ya see where staying in your financial lane takes you?

  6. Note to self: You don’t need shoes.

  7. Taylor says:

    Great interview Kiah! I salute Rosa for bossing up and using one opportunity to create multiple streams on income and for financially prioritizing her life.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thanks! Yeah she’s definitely doing her thing!

  8. She seem like such a sweet spirited person.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      She’s really cool (at least from our convo lol)

  9. Nice article!! Good for her!!!

  10. I’ve always liked her. Mainly because she did ballet and so did I so when I found out a video model was doing ballet, it changes my perspective on her. Great article. I think she’s a very smart woman. A clothing store on Melrose? Doing it big! Congrats to her!

  11. Very inspirational you go girl!

  12. Chanel Heath says:

    My future goals I like her we need more women like her

  13. michelle says:

    This was a great article. Good luck to her. May God bless and keep her along her journey. 🙂

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thanks! I’m sure she will continue to do great things. =)

  14. CiCi says:

    This was very insightful! After reading this interview, I have a new-found respect for her. Go, Rosa!!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Appreciate that! She’s definitely doesn’t fit the “stereotype.”

  15. This was a great piece! Rosa is inspirational! Shout out to my fellow Caribbean!

  16. This was a GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Don’t live above your means trying to please others!

  17. I applaud her for what she’s doing. Great article!

  18. Jazii Jay says:

    that was great! I was enlightened reading things from her perspective.

  19. Ashley says:

    awesome article. this site is on top of things! everyday i find something else to inspire me. I love it. she’s very humble.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thank you we appreciate that. And she’s definitely super humble.

  20. Tia The Writer says:

    Very good read!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thank you!

  21. Eve says:

    As a 22 year old starting out into the world, I am truly inspired. I especially love that part about her and her best friend thinking of having babies together, hahah!, turns out my best friend and i are not the only ones thinking of that. Great article!!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Yeah that one surprised me! But I like how she described intimacy and taking it out of a sexual connotation.

  22. Empress SC says:

    I like how she knows her worth is beyond her pu$$y because many women and men think that’s it to life. I agree with her in not buying shoes and handbags but investing.

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Yeah she’s definitely smart! I love that she’s super focused on her business and her money and not just material things.

  23. Nesha Covet says:

    Omfg I thought that was Karrueche until I read it was Rosa lol

  24. PHILLY JAWN says:

    That’s wsup I remember seeing her on Keeping Up with The Kardashians and she had gotten preggo wit Rob baby but she seems to know her ish and that’s always a good look

    1. Necole says:

      That was fake and scripted.

  25. Growth!! I’m here for it!

  26. Carla Louis says:

    I wish more women would wake up to this realization

  27. Keyka Kabuki says:

    Good for her. Sounds like lovely young woman with a fantastic head on her shoulders. Much success doll

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Yeah she’s super dope. Definitely not one to be underestimated.

  28. Kae Stokes says:

    I see she dropped some pounds too,she looks radiant!!!

  29. roseinweeds says:

    wow – this was loonnngggggg (or so it seems frm my phone). best of luck to her!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Girl you should see the transcript! lmao. I wanted to add so much more but this piece was long enough already lol. But hey, quality over quantity. 😉

  30. Yeh says:

    Awesome read!!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thank you!

  31. lana sims says:

    Kudos to Rosa the Boss! She was nice to me on social media. Very beautiful and inspiring.. Blessings ALL

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      That’s dope! That shows she’s consistent and not just doing it for the “likes.” She’s really sweet.

  32. Jessy says:

    I’ve always liked her! I’ll have to check out her store. I feel good supporting women like her. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems very sweet and sincere. A lot of these Hollywood women (some that are even featured here) know how to say the right things to appear to be a certain way but real recognize real. Rosa seems to be the truth.

  33. Kenya says:

    Very dope read! Super inspiring and eye opening.

  34. Sabrina says:

    Awesome article. Who would’ve thought… Goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Awesome!!!

  35. Jpeezy says:

    Love rosa and I have more respect for her after reading this!

  36. NM says:

    Yet she is wearing Louboutins, with Channel bag and kissing Nikki Baby from Love & Hip Hop…
    And her face looks VERY different from these pics!
    Maybe a lot has has happened since January when this article was written.

  37. love life says:

    I bet a lot of the models that made fun of her. Wish they was in her shoes. Cause video modeling don’t pay much these days anywhere. You have to be a in demand model or one of the top models to even get up to $1,000 or have to be a legendary model like LisaRaye or melyssa ford to demand $2,000-$3,000 a vid . she was smart to invest her money. Cause now she don’t have to model

  38. love life says:

    Video modeling these days don’t even pay much anymore. And I bet all the ones that made fun of her. Probably wish they would have invested they money too

  39. Laura says:

    This article was insightful and I enjoyed reading it. It gave me an appreciation for what I do have and a realization once again that what I don’t have isn’t for me right now so stopping worrying about it. Plus it gave me a new perspective on Rosa Acosta.

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