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Draya Has Elevated Her Style Game …. And We Are Taking Notes

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  1. She looks good… “Hoeness deleted ” and all !!!! 🙂

  2. Ms. Smith says:

    You can not fault someone who realizes their growth! She looks good 👏👍👌

  3. She looks really nice. I’m hoping her attitude will match her new look. She always seemed so vain to me.

    1. I agree. Beauty from within outshines surface beauty. I hope she calms down her demeanor because her ego surpassed her beauty long ago.

    2. Yes…I still can’t not get past seeing and hearing the horrible things she said to Brandi about her cancer. Remember, she thought the cameras had stopped filming for the night. It didn’t get any lower and less vile than that … then later she layed it with more of her awful comments and attitude when her girlfriend Angel was begging her to apologize and asking her “you didn’t mean it did you ? you didn’t mean it that way ? …yet Draya stood firm in her ugliness. So the clothes are beautiful …but the soul and spirit of the woman, not so much.

    3. I think Brandi took wht she said the wrong way..as if she was saying “F-ck u & ur cancer, no one cares!”. When actually I think what she was trying to say was that ppl tune in to watch the drama on the show not to watch a sad storyline abt a woman w/cancer. Its sounds insensitive but honestly, did u tune in to watch her story? I knw I didnt. And its like she’s been using tht one thing[her cancer] for 2 or 3seasons now & it has gotten boring. The 1st season it was interesting, ya know, listening to her journey & everything but after a while its like listening to Charlie Browns teacher “whomp whomp whomp” while the violin is playing. I actually like Draya & understood y she didnt apologize. Brandi & Malaysia are def mean girls who can dish it but cant take it in return. Why apologize for having an opinion? Maybe she shouldnt have said it but she did , I agree with wht she said. It couldve bn explained or said in a diff way but it wasnt.

  4. She looks Lisa Bonet here.

    1. I thought it was Zoe at first lol

    2. Yeah ,either one …she looks great!

  5. I’ve always been here for Draya. I’m here for women who live life on their own terms and create opportunities for themselves and make their own money.

  6. There have been a few articles lately about ex-hoes transitioning into real functional women….
    I guess the point is no matter how Much hoe-ish you have done, you can always change.

    1. Toni Rand says:

      People can change! It comes with age and maturity.

  7. I do like her new style.

  8. Lady Gaga and Nikki MiNot did it first….next

  9. I really am not here for other women minding another woman’s vagina as is yours hasn’t seen a peen or 2,3,4,5 all that matters is she made a positive change give credit and proceed

    1. Marie Chio says:

      Lmao. People are always up in someone’s vagina aren’t they?

    2. Desiree King says:

      Yes.. that’s bae
      Chics need to worry about their own mileage lls.

      1. Corine says:

        Can we please stop referring to how much sex a woman has or how many partners as mileage? Idk if you realize how extremely derogatory it is to refer to a woman as cars that can be used up. And it’s crazy because I hear mostly women say this. Our vaginas are more than just objects to be taken for a ride.

    3. Thank you, I never understood the concept of speaking about another woman vagina. What she does have nothing to do with me.

  10. Shes trying and I appreciate it

  11. Sixx Gates says:

    When she start going out less and wearing more

  12. H Ace Wall says:

    The cover photo where multiple cultures threw up traditional garb on her, is super contrived. Still can’t respect a woman who treated their child as she’s done in her clamor for exposure. One of a kind gown or dental floss thong, idgaf, you don’t do your child like that.

  13. Todd Patrick says:

    Hey I made the skirt Draya is wearing and thanks for the lovely review!!!! Ahhh ❤️

  14. Attitude still stinks sooooooo…..

    1. It sure does!
      Not to mention how she treated her son. Smh some women will sell their souls to buy some attention (in my wale voice lol)

  15. I’m here for the new classier look and tasteful style, I hope her values and morals also improved. #Growthisnotjustaboutoutwardappearance

  16. Yvonne Bryan says:

    Step up, class never goes out of style. Good for you Draya.

  17. Vanessa Cruz says:

    LOL , she’s trying but some of her looks are a total snooze fest. She needs a stylist asap !

  18. Todd Patrick says:

    Lol it’s not a Stello gown though but love the review of my tulle skirt.

  19. I like the new classier look on her.

  20. love it. and that jetson like sweater has been on my wish list. i have the boots already

  21. Hate her attitude.. She is such an ugly person in the inside.

  22. Toni Rand says:

    Good for her! She is just mature

  23. Jessica Blake says:

    Wow I mean the Women that you write articles about and promote shows how lost our generation really is…… Black media and the women they promote is so disgusting. On the show its so funny because she actually thought she was better than the browner ladies unless she needed protection. It was so tragic at best and this is who you choose to promote. lol

  24. Tassara Tassara says:

    I think you guys are forgetting that the shows are taped then edited; which is then aired approximately 4 to 6 mos later. Someone can change alot during a few months. So to judge her now may not be the best move. Draya is very beautiful and I think that her new look is very classy and sophisticated. She has come a long way so let’s wait for next taping to make the attitude judgement. If during the next season she displays negative interactions then i stand corrected but give her a chance and if she fails us, remember she is only human too. Have an awesome week!

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