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Why Being a Ride or Die Chick Ain’t Cute

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  1. If that’s a ride or die, then I’m out the game lol. To scary for jail ok.

  2. “Today, I’m a ride or die chick, only this time, I’m pouring everything I’ve got into putting myself and my needs first”

  3. Terrea Adams says:

    I agree.. I was one for 10 plus years and let’s just say he wasn’t ride or die for me

  4. Personally, I always thought that was common sense. But women love like no other I guess.

  5. Ride or Die is overrated…..I’m so over putting someone else’s needs before mine been there done that!

  6. I am riding or dying with nobody but GOD. I have stuff to do and jail is not one of them

  7. Thats that BS. I aint riding and I aint dying. Love shouldnt have you jacked up like that!

    1. Lol. For real. Say it again.

  8. Cookie was a ride or die and look how that’s working

  9. Charallday says:

    Wow!I see I’m not the only one who thinks that’s the dumbest ish EVER

  10. I have a question. Why is it that we never hear about a ride or die Ni99A or Ride or Die man, dude, BF. It’s always a ride or die chick.

    1. Probably cus no matter what the male species had always lived for self and females have always in their own minds and been taught they have to do the most to keep a man around.

  11. I was this silly. A real man ain’t gon allow you to put yourself in a cross for his ass. That’s what I’ve learned

  12. gray says:

    I was one of those chick’s almost 10 years ago as well. I’m glad I walked away from that mess and moved on to have a beautiful family. I’m now a ride or die chick for not only myself but mainly my kids.

  13. Ride or die is so 1999…One of us has to have same damn sense in a relationship….Tell me how it all went when you come back…

  14. Kyla Ky says:

    First of all, I’d be mad if a man I was with called me to tell me he shot someone and was laying low. You crazy? Now I’ma feel obligated to go to the police just so I can clear my name. I’d tell him he better find someone else to hide his clothes for him because I would never ride or die to this extent.

  15. Dalovely says:

    One of the worst things girls have been taught is to give unconditional love to a guy. Someone screwed up the female mentality and made her think that when she falls in love she must go deaf dumb and blind even at her own peril. Women are committing all sorts of heinous crimes for low life thugs or men who ain’t sh*t. And why? There’s not a man on the planet who would not throw his devoted girlfriend/wife under the bus if it meant he could be with the advantage.

  16. Isitjustme says:

    I remember that little documentary Mo’nique did regarding women in prison and most of them were in there because of a man whether it was being a “ride or die”, killing a man for beating the shit out of them, etc.

  17. HoneyButter says:

    Ride or die for Jesus…ONLY. Got me messed up. Too scary and pretty to be caught in the penal system. For a dude thats probably cheating on me with my coysin anyway…lol. Nah im good.

  18. Dom says:

    I’m so glad u put it out there! It’s NOT cute, it shouldn’t be glorified and it is very very dangerous and life altering. But in regards to empire, he dug up the body to kill the case. If the prosecutor’s only witness is proven to be dead..no case. That’s why they put the body so dramatically in her car.

  19. Anya Michelle says:

    God. Like Ronnie Wood’s (Rolling Stones) wife, or the wive/gfs of a lot of footballers and stuff.
    Ronnie Wood’s wife, well, EX-wife now, God, she use to have to resuscitate him when he was all drugged up. and call a cab for whichever side-chick had spent the night there.

    Wtf. So she divorced him. After like 30 years though! But omg the rock-n-roll ride-or-die chick ish is…NOT the good life. its not.

  20. Mzywo says:

    Back in my early 20’s, about 15 years ago, a guy that I had just met and was talking to asked me if I was a ride or die chick and that he wants a ride or die chick blah blah blah…. I hung up on him and never answered his calls again. Even back then I didn’t think it was cute.

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