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DeVon Franklin Reveals He Was Celibate For 10 Years Before Marrying Meagan Good

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  1. Big Puss says:

    I’m like a bird, I wanna fly away.

      1. HunE916 says:

        To be really honest, he gives me a slight homosexual vibe. So, it kind of doesn’t surprise me.

        But anyway. Why does that dude behind them in the picture look like a cross-breed of Wale and Lil Duval!?

        1. mellow.yellow says:

          That is because he is in the closet….Necole may delete my comment but ask anyone in the entertainment industry in LA and you will have your answer.

        2. staytrue says:

          being homosexual doesn’t equate to being celibate.

        3. Big Puss says:

          Yeah, he looks like a bottom.

        4. circa-81 says:

          Yeah I didn’t want to say it.

        5. HunE916 says:

          @STAYTRUE… celibate from sleeping with WOMEN!

        6. ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS? says:

          When you have a black man, who has vaules, morals and respects himself and the woman that he is with, You get ‘oh he is a homosexual” This is all coming from bitter black woman, who have men who aren’t doing anything for themselves or them.

          I admire Megan and her husband so much, life isn’t all about sex , how -much you get or with whom. I wish I would have waited until marriage to have sex also, because the men I let pipe me down wasn’t worth it.

          We should be looking up to this couple not bringing them down, why is everyone always down for negativity but when you have something as positive such as this, you run from it? What is wrong with abstaining from sex? A lot of you need to , maybe then their wouldn’ t be so many STD’s , HIV and Baby mamas running rampant in our communities.


        7. HunE916 says:

          Who said that? Who said because he’s got morals and values he’s gay!? That’s an ignorant comment in itself. And I’m reading mess about “Oh because he isn’t hood or swaged out he got to be gay!?” or “because he’s an upstanding man you think he’s gay”. No one said anything about that. I have plenty of gay friends, both “HOOD” and what you may refer to as “UPSTANDING”. No one (well at least I don’t) thinks gay looks ONE way.

          This guy has certain qualities to his demeanor and other mannerisms and the things he’s said that gives ME a certain vibe about HIM, not all men with a moral character. I don’t lump everyone in one category.

        8. imtalkinyoulisten says:

          He said he couldn’t preach one thing and do another so surely being gay would be excluded. You people kill me always calling people gay the real undercover gays are the ones sleeping around with women trying to cover it up

        9. imtalkinyoulisten says:

          And I don’t want to stereotype but I don’t know anyone gay that is not promiscuous especially men. They can’t get married or impregnant each others and go from man to man show me a celibate gay and I would ask what’s the point unless it’s because of some disease.

        10. me says:

          women like you have no self respect and you let a good man pass for an immoral, thugging loser who does not respect you. then when he leaves you with a baby and no love, you wanna complain that there is no good man in the world.

          shame on u. i guess you have never dated a man with morals and like other hoodrats, you are used to dealing with no-good thugs that you cant accept a man with morals.

        11. bluepeas says:

          The issue isn’t that he gives out a gay vibe ..Some females just aren’t use to being around educated, respectful men.

        12. dc says:

          @ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?- Girl you better preach! Like I’ve said before, some( not all) women are NEVER satisfied, I am so proud of him and I hope he and Meagan have a long, happy and prosperous marriage. Sex is wonderful, but so many women confuse sex with REAL love and Intimacy.

        13. MzCali says:

          It’s nice everyone wants to believe the best BUT it was already known that this guy is not only gay but also in the DL brotherhood with will smith…it is also known that Ms. Good has a umm reputation…just ask floyd mayweather….so the fact that he would marry a woman that does threesomes with her own sister should be a big red flag alone….what this shows is how clueless black women are & why we are contracting HIV in high levels from…wait…you ready…DL MEN…you have to recognize the signs ladies!!!

        14. And So What? Get yo life...Bands a make her what??? says:

          LOL! at Lil Wayne/Wale Comment lmao!!

        15. tijarah08 says:

          HunE we all have a right to our opinion, but may I ask why you think he is gay? not trying to be facetious, I really want to know because I find it interesting how we construct who is gay and who is not because the men you least expect are usually the ones in the closet.

        16. Well.... says:

          Why because he doesn’t have hood *** swagger? Because this is what a real man looks like? Please, everybody is so quick to call men gay and it’s the thugs that are always calling me the Fbomb that you need to worry about. i have a friend who basically is transgendered, you know how many thugs he has turned out?? Let this man be.

        17. Ginger says:

          I swear, some of you heauxs were raised by FISH-DOGS (lmao)!!! I really do feel bad for some of you… never having a strong father figure or knowing how real men are supposed to act and never having a true representation of what it means to be a WOMAN… has some of you completely LOST! The same raggedy females that want to call this MAN a homosexual just because he loves the Lord and has a certain amount of self-control, are the SAME type of raggedy females you see trying to find their baby daddies on MAURY!

          For the rest of us, we can appreciate and respect a true MAN like this!

        18. leah james says:

          because he was celibate that makes him homosexual?!?!? really people?!? im sorry that the raggedy men of this poor world have left you with no faith in men, but some good ones do still remain. he is not the only man that is celibate, there are men who are even virgins. YES IT’S TRUE, MEN WHO ARE VIRGINS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT MARRIED, AND THEY ARE NOT GAY. some people actually do live by their faith, instead of some of us who talk one way but then walk another…

      2. lala says:

        hes cute…i bet they getting it in crazy now,,,,im surpised shes not knocked u up yet

        1. missnoturbestie says:

          IKR @LALA…all that pent up testosterone whooooo he either blew her back out the first night or got so excited he *cough* ‘arrived’ early.
          Sorry for being nasty, I just had to.

          Good for them no, nothng wrong with waiting and building their bond. I know I have mistaken good sex for good relationship before so I can see the value in how they did their thing.

      3. circa-81 says:

        Oh and for the record I’m joking. I don’t think he is on the DL at all ladies. I do think he is a snooze and a bore though. But he is a rich snooze and bore so which one of you wouldn’t want that, right? Your own little Stepford Husband. He’s predictable and you’ll never have to worry about him stepping out; heck he couldn’t even step out on himself for ten years. He’ll probably do whatever you want him to do BESIDES **** you really good. It’ll be repetitive and non-frequent. The flame will slowly flicker and die as you start to yearn for spontanaety and bravado THEN BAM before you know it you are in divorce court taking half his **** and ******* me. 😉

        1. HunE916 says:

          But CIRCA-81, he’s PERFECT! And if you don’t think THIS is the prefect man sent from GOD to be an example for all men to follow and every woman to aspire to, that means you have low self-esteem, are never happy, and only interested in Thugs and a baby daddy and AIDS!

          {side eye for daaaaaaayyyysssss}

          He ain’t my cup of (pinky held EXTRA high} tea neither.

        2. Sandiie says:

          Jealousy is a VERY UGLY disease. Get well soon and i pray you find a man with morals and respect that can love you, cuz hunny you sound like you’re in dire need to be loved

        3. Dede*Indigo says:

          @Hune916, Why do you feel the need to point out that a man gives you the “gay” vibe, and if he was?? So? Why TF do you care whose in between his sheets? What’s it to you? #themoderndayignorance

    1. dj0nes says:

      Whoooo 10 years???? Wow

      1. Just Wondering says:

        It’s possible. I’m 28 I have only had sex with 1 person and I have been celibate since 05. I don’t use toys are result to self help (trying to be PG 13 lol). Sometimes it’s hard but you think about the bigger picture.

        1. Deja says:


          I just want to say I am SO PROUD OF YOU @justwondering… good for you! I hope everything works out and you do it when you are ready and with a person who really values you and ure decision.

          I too have just started practicing celibacy…again…and I am dating someone who respects my wishes…It’s a beautiful feeling.

          Good for them both. I have heard rumours about him being gay. I don’t deal with all the speculation. if he is gay, whatever…if he’s not…whatever…

    2. I stay in moderation says:

      It’s sad people think it’s impossible for a man to be celibate & not just think about sex sex sex. Give the man props. All the diseases & baby mama drama that is going on now a days, celibate is the best form of protection. Yes, it’s rare to a hear a man speak like such but there are men out there that think w/ the head on their shoulders & not the head that’s between their legs. It doesn’t make him gay or nothing, it’s makes him smart. But everybody was in here like ‘Go Jessica White’ when she said she was celibate for a couple of minutes W.E.

      Meagen Good don’t mess this one up! He seems like a good guy

      1. JayCee says:


        I think what people are also missing is that he sacrificed what he “wanted” in order to get what he knew he would “need” later on in life. He also had to remember that he was living one way in a pulpit then he was outside of it. He had to hold himself accountable, which is RARE these days. He also finds a way to show that intimacy is real and rarely practiced, and if someone can look past the physical part and accept you for mind, body, and soul…you are winning. Maybe it took him 10 years to figure that out…and along the way he was able to focus on building a life for both he and his “future”. Sex is NOT everything, and it takes a few mistakes to realize that. Megan and He are very fortunate to have found that truth…they definitely get a #SALUTE from me.

        good stuff.

        1. Lena says:

          well all i know once he got up in Megan.. he prolly did not last a second lol..

          thumbs me down! LOL 🙂

      2. MzCali says:

        Do you know why black women have the highest percentage of new HIV rates in this country?? It’s because we continue to have relationships with GAY men or the DL brotha, it may be hard for you to believe BUT he’s gay & she is his beard, just like John Travolta’s wife, this is known in LA…but the fact that you are so oblivious to the signs is the exact reason black women stay getting HIV especially in places like atlanta…it’s the reason you all are handing your children over to pervs like eddie long, bet you didn’t think he was gay either or that other preacher out there giving aids to women he met on facebook…it would really behoove you to get you gaydar together because you are very FAR off…

        1. Shi says:

          Assuming that what you say is 100% true, why is that YOUR business though? And if it’s not your business than why are sharing it? What someone else does in the privacy of their own relationship has nothing to do with everyone else outside of it. You could be 100% right and you’d still be wrong for running your mouth. How about you mind your relationship and keep your mouth off other’s. Ratchet.

        2. SayWhaaaat says:

          Women that have UNPROTECTED SEX contract HIV……when women
          do these like that it’s like playing russian roulette with your health and

        3. SayWhaaaat says:


        4. Nina says:

          @Saywhat go talk to your doctor or just give the CDC a call, as we can see above DL men marry & have children with women, men that have sex with other men are the main reason for transmission of this disease…

        5. Ginger says:

          @MzCali I understand where you are coming from and respect it. You are absolutely right — part of why HIV is so prevelant in the black community is because of the lack of responsibility from homosexual and bisexual black men. As black women, it is in our nature to be too trusting. We want to believe in our man and will sometimes sell ourselves short for the sake of that man.

          @SHI HIV and how it is affecting our black community is EVERYBODY’S business, sweetheart. It’s called a discussion, and it’s necessary. Wake up!

          HOWEVER, DeVon Franklin is not gay. I understand WHY some black females may think that (again, blame it on our culture as a whole). DeVon attended a nationally renowned university, graduated with honors, has been in Hollywood for years and comes from a different background than most (blacks). He’s a disciplined, well-spoken, virtuous man with values… I know it may seem FOREIGN because alot of you females are use to saggy pants, gold chain wearing, dope slangin, baby daddies that barely made it out of high school… but this is a REAL BLACK MAN!

          Stop trying to dog him for being above everything you’ve probably been taught. This is what a black man SHOULD be… try to get use to it!

    3. Samantha says:

      Wow, what and upstanding man! May they both be blessed and their marriage too. I am really inspired by this love story. Bless them!

    4. Tammy says:

      I am really sorry because he seems like a really nice guy and it is not because he said he was celebate for 10 years i think that is great, I honestly do but I truly do get a homosexual vibe, this has nothing to do with him stating he was celibate but when i saw the picture of him and Will Smith i couldnt help but to think oh no not him too. Sorry my opinion but I have a feeling he is and i believe he was celibate from women for 10 years. Celiabate means abstaining from sex… he was abstaining from women for those 10 years. Good guy though just another one in the industry playing the part of a straight male and not being himself.

      1. Yeah. ok says:

        I like how u use an opinion statement to try to state that your facts about this man being gay….BOTTOM Line you dont know him enough and have never met him to make such an assumption about him. I have met and been aroung him and Megs….and he is a well spoken BLACK MAN.. and is nobodies GAY. people on these blogs are so ignorant.

    5. Pretty1908 says:

      i hate you

    6. Lovher says:

      And you wonder why black women stay losing black men? Just because he’s a decent looking successful man with morals you want to clown on him and call him a bottom. Because he’s not a thug type displaying his roughneck ways, he’s clearly a fairy, right? This coming from a happily married black woman.

    7. actingbetty says:

      this is really giving me hope in finding a good guy lol a disciplined man is very strong! And at 22 not sexually active in a world where all men want is sex..really gives me hope *sigh* Meagan got her a goot man goodness

    8. The D.A. says:

      I’m happy to say that I’m still celibate, not just because it’s right, but because I’m very VERY careful about who I want to get intimate with. Sex is a serious thing, and even thought there are those who treat it like it’s nothing, you have to always think about the consequences of having sex period. Even when you can avoid catching an STD, you still run the risk of getting someone pregnant, no matter what brand of condoms or contraceptives you use.

      Now here is something no one wants to think about when they decide to indulge in the act:

      1 child typically costs $160,000+ (an estimated $8,500 a year up to the age of 18), and that’s if your a single parent, You make LESS than $60,000 a year, your not paying for their college, and you live in the boonies (i.e. The Country….not the the suburbs).

      I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m being extra careful. I applaud him and Meagan waiting. It’s stuff like this that really makes me prefer someone who also is celibate or a virgin.

    9. Ginger says:

      And another thing… if you are a female and have NEVER experienced a virtuous man with similar morals, values, beliefs, aspirations… one that is educated, strong and believes in things others than “smashing”… you haven’t really lived.

      All black men are NOT broke, high school dropouts, drug dealers, baby makers, alcholics, women beaters, sex crazed, deadbeat fathers with no future. And just because the are ABOVE the norm, does not make them gay.

      Some of you females are convoluted and it’s no wonder you will only attract KNUCKLEHEADS!

    10. JRoc85 says:

      We need MORE God fearing men in the world. Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin are a GREAT example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rentho says:

    kudos, its hard(no pun intended), but it can be done i’ve been celibate for 8 years…..

    1. Necole Bitchie says:

      It’s been almost three years for me and I’ve noticed that abstaining definitely gives you a bit more focus and a little more clarity when it comes to different experiences in life. I don’t know if that makes sense but sex, especially casual sex, can leave you with some clouded judgement.

      1. rentho says:

        completely agree 🙂

      2. K.P says:

        its been 4 years for me too! my friends be like girlllll how you do it? i say, how do you have sex with people you’re not in love with? anywho good for him practicing what he preaches cause i know some pastors who cheat on their wives and it aint right..and plz stop calling evry guy thats not “hood” or “swagged out” gay.

        1. sepia says:

          I just find it hilarious that we are praising someone for doing something that WE ALL are supposed to be doing anyway. Not trying to take anything from him because that’s great that he decided to wait until marriage, but for those who claim to be religious (not just Christians) or have some connection to God, you know like I know that you’re supposed to wait until marriage ANYWAY!

          There are PLENTY of people out here waiting until marriage and abstaining from sex, you just don’t hear about it as much as we hear about the BBW’s and the other hoodrats who are out here slutting it up and being ********** for every nigga with a few g’s in his bank account. Granted, I realize that waiting is not the norm in our society, but at the same time, let’s not act as if he’s the only one who does it. ijs

        2. circa-81 says:

          Necole, are you serious? You ever heard of leasing? But, like I said to somebody else, baby, if you happy I’m happy for you. I like your site btw. Nice little thing you got going here.

        3. circ1984 says:

          @ Necole

          Lol @ the analogy. Chica I test drive all vehicles before purchase. I can’t be satisfied w/ a purchase until I’ve gotten behind the wheel and know what I’m working w/. But like I said, if abstaining works for you & your situation, that’s great. I just personally don’t think it’s normal or healthy-

      3. circa-81 says:

        Okay, Im going to keep it all the way 100. I think that people that go celibate with no religious reasoning are freaks. Just not GOOD freaks. Y’all are control freaks. Too uptight to let your hair down. Too prudish to have a good time. Heavily conservative type of personalities that take life far too seriously flock to go into chastity because they can’t get the response they want out of their “interests.” This is more of a theoretical opinion than an actual realistic analysis. But these are the common traits that I have observed from the women that I’ve come across in my life that felt they needed to abstain.

        1. oh please says:

          I am @ Circa-81 I rather be prudish, than a hoe, whore, or a woman who has sex just because, I rather b e prudish than walk around with a baby I can’t afford and a Std that I can’t get rid of. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SAYING NO TO SEX!!!!!

        2. Tammy says:

          Girl get your life, prudish? So i take it you have interviewed all women that are celibate. Anyhew it is harder for men to be celibate so if he really did stay that way for 10 years kudos for him, that is great.

        3. circa-81 says:

          @ Oh Please. If it works for you then do it, Luv. Be happy. I’m happy AND satisfied and my girl is too…..constantly.

        4. circ1984 says:


          I agree w/ your analysis. *slow hand clap* Lol. I don’t think people should be awarded for celibacy. There is nothing normal about abstaining. If it works for you, great. I just think of those priests who go w/ out sex and they’re urges are so repressed that they turn to children and other deviate sexual behavior. Folks that choose not to partake in celibacy, aren’t **** & they’re not ducking dodging stds, they just recognize that we are sexual beings and shouldn’t go w/ out fulfilling that desire.

        5. circa-81 says:

          @ Circ1984

          Well I think certain people are just not cut out for either extreme psychologically. Not every priest does this…. just the ones that can’t pyschologically handle abstinense. Happenstance, you have people that can’t psychologically handle being a responsible, sensible, sexually active adult; MAN OR WOMAN, they get them some good stuff and then they are in your face every day like a stalker. They can’t handle the rejection so then you get the same type of behavior that leads to irrational actions….just in the opposite spectrum. See I’m older and wiser now. There is a reason why people are the way that they choose to be so if a chick tells me she is abstinant I’m not going to give her the time of day. If I’m not looking for anything serious and I catch her at a weak moment and I ‘F’ her I wouldn’t be able to get rid of her for months….atleast not without smacking, screaming, and crying, and I don’t have time for that bull, Captain. I’m a General at this game now. I don’t have time for the b.s.

        6. circ1984 says:

          @ Circa-1981

          Lol that is hilarious. Yeah women do become needy after sex. It might be a psycological issue- feelings/fears of abandonment, feelings of being unloved and equating that w/ sex. I don’t know…but I don’t think abstainance should be the answer to those issues.

        7. Yeah....NO... says:

          Circ both of y’all sound like idiots… Sooo one of u just said women get needy and crazy after sex because of psychological issues within and the way to alieviate that is not to STOP AND EVALUATE THAT FEELING… But to go out and have s*ex with more men???? Oh ok… Who do y’all think y’all Talkin to???? I know u need to be talking to Jesus… Because y’all have clearly not had a discussion in a Loooooong time. And if u don’t believe in talking to him, I see why u feel like using women for their body even if your intention is to throw them away is an ACCEPTABLE THING!!!!

      4. Lulu says:

        been 2 years for me and it feels great,definatelt more focused..

        @ NB so those rumours about the married industry men aren’t true?

        1. BEANIEBABY3000 says:

          @lulu…..did you just do that?

        2. We come from 2 different that song! says:

          I like how you snuck that last line in LOL

      5. Yayacuntybunny says:

        I definately agree Nechole, yesterday a friend of mine tweeted “My new theory is me and a guy have to go on 5 dates before sex” and like me she has had a lot of ******** in her life that she saw potential in but he either wanted no more than “friends with benefits” or just wanted the kitty without even treating her to a nice meal, I replied how about NO sex at all until your in a committed relationship!! And that’s how m carrying it these days even if it takes 3 years, Congrats girl!!!

      6. dc says:

        Well said Necole.

      7. The D.A. says:

        I’m close to 2 years and counting. And you are so right Necole, sex does seem to cloud your judgement for the most part, becuase once you’ve had it it’s hard to not want to keep indulging. So I’d much rather do it with someone that I connect with on so many levels.

    2. Big Puss says:

      I was celibate for 11 months, I was trying to hit a year but gave into temptation. Still, I pat myself on the back for the 11 months haha!

      1. Kittykitkat says:

        Yh I was on 13 months till 2 weeks ago Loooooool very proud of myself 🙂

    3. Marisol L., PhD. says:

      BRAVO ladies. Wow, such a refreshing post. I commend you ladies for recognizing the fact that your body and everything that encompasses it is sacred and should be preserved. When I was celibate, I felt a serene sense of purity and I was at peace. Maybe this sounds crazy, but having sexual intercourse with multiple people isn’t invigorating nor is it rewarding. Who wants all of those different spirits and persons intertwined with their body? When it comes to sex and sexual partners, I’ve always said, “Less is best”. Refraining from sex also eases your mind from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Way to go girls. 🙂

      1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

        BRAVO ladies. Wow, such a refreshing post. I commend you ladies for recognizing the fact that your body and everything that encompasses it is sacred and should be preserved. When I was celibate, I felt a serene sense of purity and I was at peace. Maybe this sounds crazy, but having sexual intercourse with multiple people isn’t invigorating nor is it rewarding. Who wants all of those different spirits and persons intertwined with their body? When it comes to sex and sexual partners, I’ve always said, “Less is best”. Refraining from sex also eases your mind from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Way to go girls. 🙂

      2. circ1984 says:

        Just because you’re having *** doesn’t mean that you’re doing it w/ multiple men. And I really don’t understand what you prove by not having ***? I mean, if a wo(man) isn’t “worth it” withholding the kitty or the ***** isn’t going to separate them from others. I dated a dude for over a year- and when we did have ***- after a year- I didn’t feel as if he was different than the other men that I had had *** with-

        1. circ1984 says:

          so s(e)x is now bleeped?

        2. circa-81 says:

          LMAO at your ‘slow hand clap’ depiction, though. I responded to you up above btw.

        3. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          @Circ1984, I like you a lot. Please don’t fight with me.

        4. circ1984 says:

          @ Marisol

          lmao what?! hahaha is that a threat?

        5. Yeah....NO... says:

          Maybe I don’t need to prove ANYTHING to yoU or to the public… But maybe I am proving something to my God. Why can’t some idiots realize that what a person does with thier body is their business… Just because I go out with a man For ANY AMOUNT OF TIME DOES NOT GIVE HIM THE RIGHT TO ENTER MY BODY!!!! U takin me out on dates Does not mean I owe you my body in return… Who cares what anyone else thinks and if u have a problem with me holding my temple sacred before the lord as my man i will leave u right where I found u with no hesitation… I don’t have time for that and neither does Jesus sweetheart. Now have a nice day.

        6. I am Waiting For The Weave Lords To Save Tami says:

          @Circa 1984 and 1981 Thank you!! LOL

          I am a female and I honestly don’t get 95% of you females
          First, Necole kudos to you. I made a year and a half WHILE I WAS AWAY AT COLLEGE, so I feel you..especially when you are busy and working you dont even notice how much time has passed
          Now, just because you are having intercourse it doesn’t mean you are sleeping with multiple men, being a whore, catching STD’s or even getting pregnant and disrespecting your body
          Last I checked there is something called safe and smart intercourse
          You guys complain about double standards in society, but you guys place them on yourselves
          I have no issue with anyone choosing to be celibate, but a lot of you females choose to do it for the wrong reasons
          You want to be celibate because you want a man to respect you..well newsflash: ANYTHING A MAN IS GOING TO DO, HE WILL DO REGARDLESS IF YOU WAIT 2 HOURS, 2 DAYS, OR 2 YEARS
          You can abstain from sex from years, and still catch an STD or get pregnant by a man who does not want the baby
          And last I checked, the only people who get clouded judgement after intercourse are the females who think with their “you know what” instead of their mind
          Be abstinent for own real reasons, not just because you THINK it is going to bring a change to your love life because any foolishness that can happen will happen whether you are abstinent, practicing safe sex, or being overly promiscuous.

  3. Urban_Pop_Lover says:

    If celibacy gives you more insight into what intimacy can be, than that’s great! Intimacy with a partner is way more than just that. But sex itself is not a bad thing, nor is it bad to do it before you are married. Marital sex can be unhealthy and unsatisfying just as multiple partners can be.

    A good, loyal partner is what matters.

    1. oh please says:

      I am so sick and tired of people who try to act like marriage is a bad thing…..Having sex before marriage is a bad thing. Let’s stop acting like it’s okay to SIN

      1. lala says:

        Stop putting your religious beliefs on everyone else. Not everyone believes what you do. Not everyone practices christianity. Not everyone wants to get married. Get off of it.

        1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          I don’t marriage is necessarily a “bad” thing, but I do think that some married people think they’re “better” than single and unmarried couples. It’s like married people feel as though their relationship status supercedes everyone else’s who’s not married. While marriage can be beautiful given the right foundation and people, I think that some people yearn to be married because society has told them that at a certain period in their lives, they *have* to be married (and have children). Also, marriage doesn’t eradicate problems; it sometimes creates them.

        2. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          *I don’t think marriage is necessarily a “bad thing”*

        3. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          @Circa, I’m a grown woman. I’m in California.

        4. circa-81 says:

          Wowsers!! I love the way you answered that question Marisol. Nuff said. *smirks*

      2. Urban_Pop_Lover says:

        I think guilt tripping people isn’t the right thing to do. It’s missing the point. Touting marriage, rather than healthy relationships is just silly. Marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship with a supportive partner. It doesn’t guarantee fidelity, loyalty or a healthy sex life. You are putting the ‘cart before the horse’.

        Solving a lot of social problems come from being open, not dogmatic and stigmatizing people. Healthy relationships = healthy future marriages. I’m conservative about relationships because I think having a loyal, long-term partner is the optimal way to live (for intimacy, happiness & physical health), not because someone told me from birth that I needed to get MARRIED before I had SEX or I’d go to HELL.

        I can THINK for MYSELF, thank you very much!

        1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          @Urban Pop, I agree. Marriage is always perceived to be the BEST relationship status because of American/Westernized societal views. Little girls are taught from childhood that they must grow up and get married, hence the Cinderella-type films shown to small children. There’s nothing wrong with marriage, but how many married people can genuinely say that they’re happy? How many wives stay because of the money and/or complacency? How many wives hold alimony and child support over their husbands heads as a scare tactic? How many men stay because they don’t want to give half away? There are so many dynamics to marriages, but the point I’m trying to make is: If you’re (not you personally) married, please don’t think that your relationship is of a higher caliber than a single person or an unmarried couple. Lastly, how many marriages actually look like the wedding and reception pictures? To me, all of those events are for public consumption. And I’m married! But I see marriage for what it *really* is.

        2. circa-81 says:

          Wow, there are actual down-to-earth adults on this thread! I think you both ( Marisol L., PHD and Urban_Pop_Lover) are making very open minded and rational points. Do you mind if I ask your age and gender? I’m a guy / 31.

        3. Urban_Pop_Lover says:

          @ circa-81

          I’m a 22, and a woman.

        4. circa-81 says:

          SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! That’s just the age I like em’…..just playing ;-). You seem very grounded, Luv.

          When you have a good grip on social intimacy it allows you to focus on the things in life that are more enigmatic like achieving one’s goals. I don’t think many people understand that you can focus and not be distracted while living a healthy love life.

        5. Urban_Pop_Lover says:

          That’s true @ Marisol

          I don’t think most people see that a lot of the things they believe, they haven’t really examined, they just sort of accept what’s been thrown at them. I love that you actually are married, but *get it*.

          @ circa-81

          Thanks, you are awesome. Nice to see some people with their head on straight, that can make comments that are thoughtful!

  4. OBAMA 2012 AND U WILL DEAL!!! says:


  5. ifyouplayyourcardsright says:

    And let the church say……….AMEN!!! Welp Meagan you better hold on tight girl, cuz they don’t make em like him anymore.

    1. Stuart says:

      Firstly my concern which doesn’t seem to have been highlighted is that this is obviously a man who has something to hide as he spends every waking second justifying and proving himself as if he needs to do this to be who he is.
      I see an intelligent well groomed handsome successful black man. Yes it is obvious he is homosexual and refuses to be at peace with that but the worst sin of all is that he has married a woman. whether Good has agreed to this to keep his cover which makes her as big a hypocrite too or has he intentionally recruited this woman on his campaign of self adulation then he is not successfu,l he is not a fine example of a proud man, he is an example of narcissistic selfish greed and self indulgence to its most arrogant form and is missing out on his real life, his natural life which is the most precious gift from God.Denying Gods intention for him is the biggest sin of all. God is all things to everyone

  6. SEPTA Drivers Dont Uppercut Passengers says:

    I wanna believe him but the devil on my shoulder is saying GTFOHWTBS

    1. hellifknow says:

      I had to comment on both your name and your reply. I’m with you. I think he’s GAY. These people on here talking about bitter women are crazy. If you think that abstaining from sex is what makes a man a good man, then you need some help in the discernment area. An able-bodied man who is capable of having sex and in his prime sexing years is not going to be celibate for 10 years because of his religious beliefs unless he’s training for the Catholic priesthood (and we see how that worked out.) It’s because he’s fighting an attraction to men that his religious beliefs don’t believe is right. He is in denial and so is Meagan. Her so-called beliefs are belied by her demeanor and dress. These two are both trying to hide something essential about themselves and have figure out religion is the best way to remain above criticism. No one is saying men have to be dogs either. If he’d said he always had one woman and one relationship at a time. But none? As accomplished and successful as he is? In ten years? PLEASE.

      Now on where I don’t agree with you…when the Cleveland situation happened my first thought was I’m surprised that the uppercut did not happen on a SEPTA bus as that is the surliest bunch of angry Black men I’ve ever known. LOL

      1. lala says:

        Alot of people do use religion to hide something. That is very true.

        1. Yeah. ok says:


      2. SEPTA Drivers Dont Uppercut Passengers says:

        You took the words right outta my mouth HELLIFIKNOW I didn’t wanna even speak on the BIG PINK ELEPHANT in the room…… Me thinks Devon is not fessing up on his sexual preference.

        LOL @ SEPTA drivers comment the female drivers are worst than the male ones now those are some mean and surly heffas!!!

        1. circa-81 says:

          Where is the Septa driven?

        2. circa-81 says:

          I googled it. It’s in Pennsylvania. Everybody in Philly is angry.

      3. me says:

        women like you and the hoe above (who cant bliv there are guys out there who live for God or who claim every good man is gay) will end up bitter baby mamas with no respect from a man. you turn away good guys but then you will end up bitter and claiming “no man is good”

        1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          @ME, Wow. You dissed a woman on here, and called her a “hoe”, which I think you meant to say “ho”, because “hoe” is a tool used for gardening purposes, but anyway, after you called this woman a “hoe”, you proceeded get religious, and THEN proceeded to diss this woman again, calling her a future “baby mama”.

      4. legaleagle says:

        I agree with you 100%. I’m not saying that what he did is impossible but 10 years is a long time and any reasonable person would have a few weak moment here and there. Either he’s lying or he left out out some very important facts. As a man of God, he needs to understand that telling the full story would be very encouraging to those who want to embark on that journey. There’s absolutely no way he went 10 years straight with no kind of sex. I know peopel who are celibate but still perform oral s(e)x and dry hump. He needs to come better than that.

        1. Yeah....NO... says:

          I know that no one is perfect but it truly amazes me how people can push their own judgments and problems on other people to the point where u feel like no one else can do what YOU CAN’T DO…. You do realize there are some VERY RELIGIOUS AND DEVOUT CHRISTIAN people in this worLd???? How can anyone sit up here not knowing this man personall and tell what he CAN AND CAN NOT DO BECAUSE OF YOUR OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES??? If u don’t know him or hos walk with god keep your opinions of another persons walk to yourself… When u are at them Pearly gates u won’t have to answer to what Devon Franklin said on Necole bitchie so worry about yourself.

  7. Johnny G says:

    Something about this dude screams DL. It’s not the fact he claims he was celibate either. I saw that video of him and Meagan on the side of the rode in the traffic jam (remember that?) and it just seemed awkward.

  8. lodiddy says:

    That’s whatsup. It’s a mind thing…I wonder about Megan tho? Wouldn’t you want someone who is somewhat as pure as you?

    1. Big Puss says:

      He’s not pure, just took a break from the pun or bussy.

    2. PandaHoneyBooBooChild says:

      I think he just wanted a “Hollywood” type.
      Megan was (cough!) “celibate” already…
      And also lets be real it is “Megan Good” *rolling eyes*
      Hopefully she bathed in some holy water b4 the marriage! lol!

      1. Yeah....NO... says:

        She wasn’t marrying Jesus and even if she was no one needs to bathe in holy water…. We are all sinners sweetheart as no man is perfect… Just because this man is an avid follower of Christ does that mean he is not a man…. Who says someone is unworthy of another person… If u are loving Jesus then unare worthy of all he has to give u… No one follower is less worthy than another… Read a bible hun and stop the ignorance.

        1. dc says:

          @YEAH- THANK YOU

  9. PandaHoneyBooBooChild says:

    I am NOT surprised! In fact I thought he was a virgin…
    But thats wonderful! Thats how he was able to “make moves” and *stay covered.
    Sex can be a distraction and can create chaos in your life if not handled responsibly.
    Good for him that he was able to stay strong & focused…in HOLLYWOOD no less!

    1. PandaHoneyBooBooChild says:

      His episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on OWN is Awesome! A must see 🙂

  10. mellow.yellow says:

    Okay…Hey if he is lying that is on him.

  11. circa-81 says:

    Congrats, Sir. My drive however has me ******* nightly or jacking nightly. I remember I tried this whole abstinence thing some years ago as a single bachelor. I survived 48 hours. After my “big annoucement” to all my chicks 3 girls came pass my apartment that weekend. The one that stripped and stayed in her skeevies the entire day “won.” I liked her alot….she’s at home with our two children now LOL.

    1. hellifknow says:

      This is the funniest comment on this thread today….

    2. JBlue says:

      Ur a hot mess!!!!!!!!!! Too funny lol!!!

    3. WHAT'S THE 411? says:


    4. Jernero94 says:

      LMAO and SMH @ the same damn time!

    5. Deja says:


  12. Angeleyes says:

    Good for him!!! I personally know it takes a lot of discipline and prayer especially when you got a bevy a fineness trying to seduce you

  13. circa-81 says:

    I hope everydude in the world goes celibate so I can have it all. *I’m serious* 🙂

  14. Pretty is as pretty does says:

    God Bless them both!

  15. speechless says:

    You females kill me with that ” I think he’s gay/ DL” ********. You see an upstanding, respectable man like devon whose smart and has his life in order and you wanna scream gay?? What the hell is wrong with some of yall??


      Its because they are so used to dealing with no good scum that they can’t respect an upstanding, respectable, god fearing and god loving man.

      Oh well, y’all can have those hood scum, I’ll take a good man with morals and respect any day!

    2. ifyouplayyourcardsright says:

      Its called community D***!!! When you witness too much those( the Maury show )and not enough Devon’s you have a hard time believing that MEN like him exist!!! But they do ladies you just have to stop giving time to these little boys.

    3. Tammy says:

      I disagree with that, I am so proud of this black man and I am not saying because he does not have that “thug demenor” he is gay. Heck most men with those thug personas a.k.a rappers like Lil Wayne are gay. My best friend is a gay male, hang around him, go to is clubs and in these clubs I see men who are married to women with there wedding rings in the clubs dancing on other men and it truly disgusts me but they sneak out to these clubs and they look like the everyday guy, thug, brother and friend. To the point I can’t hang around him to these clubs anymore because they **** me off and I am just saying he reminds me of the men i see, his demenor, the way he carries himself he reminds me of some of the men i see. Trying really hard to act like something he is not, it is easy for me to see but others look at me like girl you think all men are gay and than it comes out I am right. Sorry to say it because he seems like a great guy.

  16. KrazyBoo says:

    Celibate for 10 years…
    I personally wouldn’t trust a man’s sexuality if he would abstain from sex for more than 10 years. I find it sad that people would completly avoid such a natural act just because some random person in a church told you it was “wrong”. As long as you are of age to know what you are doing, that you respect yourself and you are respected by the other person, there is nothing wrong with sex. Why do you need the government’s liscense to give you “permission”?


      It’s a promise to GOD!

      Sex is supposed to be a gift from GOD for Husband and Wife….

      It has nothing to do with the government, please invest time and dedication in the BIBLE

      1. Shelley says:

        Bhahahahaha, now pick your face up baby.

        1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

          @I Will Usher You To A Whole Row Of Seats, Ok, but are you following EVERYTHING the Bible says though? Let’s not pick, choose and rank sins to try and shade another person. Are you a virgin? Ever lied? Cheated? Stole? Gossiped? Being a “convenient Christian” is NOT what’s up. Peace.

    2. circa-81 says:

      @ Krazyboo. Actually there are men out that in fact will practice celibacy successfully and fit into th mold of what alot of women on this board would consider the “good man.” Now if you are into guys that are actually fun to be around then these type of men probably wouldn’t be for you. How do I know these guys are not fun??? Well, as a man when I’m about to go hang-out with the fella’s I definitely am not dialing certain certain people….their just not fun to be around. Who knows they might be ‘”Alpha Male 2.0″ for their girls but yeah I doubt it.

      1. Yeah....NO... says:

        What does what another person do in the confines of they bedroom equate to you having fun in the bar with them… Some of them same dudes ur laughing at the game with might be gettin it in the bootie from men on then dl… But because they lyin and Talkin about women to your face they fun???? O ok… I’m just trying to get it straight why you believe someone is so truthful and trustworthy because they can tell u they smashing a million women??? When everyone can lie sweetheart.. .. I abstain and have for years but I don’t need to go around preachin it or tellin all my friends cus that is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!

  17. ldubb007 says:

    I bet he tore that ish UP!!!

    1. Jernero94 says:


    2. hahaha says:

      Nah I bet he didn’t

      1. Yeah....NO... says:

        She tell u that??? Oh.

  18. Jernero94 says:

    I don’t understand how being celibate makes a man gay. Some people actually have morals and beliefs. You’d be surprised by how many men are VIRGINS until marriage.

    1. Hatyeo says:

      I don’t understand how being celibate makes a man have more morals and beliefs.

      1. Yeah....NO... says:

        I don’t understand why it matters what someone else does with their body…How they act is how they act… A man having sex with you should not equate to him loving or being a better man than someone who is not.

    2. binks says:

      Right! But people wonder what happen to values and morals, because of you do what you are supposed to do you are either gay,lying or prudish you can’t win for losing. Good for him he sounds like an upstanding brotha.

  19. ldubb007 says:

    By the way, HE SO DOES NOT LOOK OR HAVE MANNERISMS OF A GAY MAN!!!! Y’all trippin… He just looks and sounds intelligent.

    1. impressingempress says:

      Exactly he comes across as one of those dudes that can help you with your bio chemistry homework but gay or dl not hardly

    2. Hatyeo says:

      That wasn’t the best response to gay rumours.

  20. Shelley says:

    Can god send me a DeVon Franklin? In jesus name I pray. AMEN !!!!

    1. Maythetruthprevail says:

      ITs funny because plenty of women like you are praying for this type of man and the men praying are never attracted to the more spiritually grown female… If anybody has seen the most recent pictures of Black Girl Rock… Megan Good is spread out ON THE FLOOR might I add like a strait up whore. (just super thirsty) , wearing a black mini midriff and sheer black skirt…. You have your Christian Husband . doing interviews BOUT waiting 10 YEARS for sex and CONCICRATING marriage and she makes a dumb move like that? She just come off soo ratchet and thirsty bird who doesn’t want to make a change of who she really is org ( perfect Samson and Delilah story) But God told Samson to stay away and we all know how the story ends lol.. (if not google it 🙂 )

  21. Nelly says:

    Im still a virgin and being celibate has helped me to see which guys only want me for the sex.but its gets hard though at times,but i remember the promise i made to God.

    1. African Queen says:

      same here girl 🙂 I’m 18 , still a virgin and waiting until marriage. It’s def hard at times, but I believe god will help me through it 🙂

  22. SheSays says:

    You guys with the negative comments are so pathetic. This is exactly why women (especially black women) have a problem with finding a good man. Because they’re right in front of your sorry faces!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no, because he’s celibate & his presentation and demeanor is calm, he’s gay ?! SMDH. Y’all are the main ones saying n—-s ain’t s—-. You can’t recognize a good man but love the goons that treat u like ****.

  23. Wanda says:

    Nothing for woman to be celibate not unreasonable at all but this is highly suspect and definitely is odd. I think he set himself up with this revelation. If he is a gay man who married a former very active sexual woman we all know Megan’s history, she will never be happy with him and will leave for sex.

    1. Yeah....NO... says:

      Ummmm how do you know meagans history…. I’m sorry do you know her personally???? Pictures of her at clubs and with boyfriends at events does not equate to knowing someone’s history hun unless u lived in her house, her *****, or her bed…I see why celebs stay so guarded… People like you create a life from pictures on the dam Internet.

  24. @MsMsWest says:

    That’s very admirable of him. Many ppl have so much passion for things that they believe in until it inconveniences their life or hinders something that they really wanna do. It is NOT EASY TO REMAIN CELIBATE. If u are a person who believes in God & what the bible, his basic instructions for living, teaches and you are not married then celibacy or abstinence is a MUST. Its Bible.

    Kudos to him for being a preacher that actually practices what they preach as opposed to being in the pulpit teaching from the bible yet ur sleeping w/ every woman in the church or some other ungodly sin that is too often preached about but not practiced.

    May God continue to bless their union. He is well spoken & seems very intelligent. Oh & yes I am PROUDLY CELIBATE until marriage. I believe God will honor that and send the right man into me & my daughters life.

    Thanks for this post NB 😀

  25. TallGyal7 says:

    I don’t understand the negative or gay comments about this man. I applaud what he did. I wish the both of them the best in their marriage. He has grown strong in his faith and that is very admirable.

  26. hahaha says:

    So then what do you do if the sex is wack when you finally get it? I have seen marriages break up over bad sex.

    1. Brittany says:

      practice! LOL and communicate what you want and how you want it done.

      1. I call b.s. says:

        No you can’t teach somebody how to f***. If they don’t know how to do it you will just be unhappy & start looking elsewhere. Practice? Yeah right..Affairs occur every day for this exact reason.

        1. Hatyeo says:

          Affairs happen because the guy who knows how to ___ wants to share his talents in the art of ____ing.

  27. Stariesha says:

    My ex has been celibate for 10 years and he’s not gay, he just feels like he rather be in a relationship than have casual sex. It’s possible. I don’t know how he does it but its possible. It’s been two months for me and I’m going crazy!

  28. Ms. B says:

    Great catch for Meagan. Devon, do you have any brothers??? lol, wish there were more good men out here like him. I haven’t ran across any yet.

  29. Brittany says:

    After reading alot of the comments I realized that a few people mentioned Meagan’s sexual past. The characters that she has played in movies and tv shows throughtout the years have been overtly sexual; however, who has Meagan good been linked too?!?! Did I miss something??

    1. Jade says:

      Only a bf that she dated for years and had his name tatted on her yet some of these folks done slept around and gave yet to have someone seriously date them **yep i said it** boop

  30. Geena says:

    Good for him and any man who have the discipline, sex isn’t everything to some people.

    1. Marisol L., PhD. says:

      It’s overrated and short-lived.

  31. Jade says:

    You are entitled to ur opinion but pls ppl b openminded if course a sexually active person is gonna feel some type of way when someone who is now celibate getsall preachy on them. My thing is do what makes u happy but that doesnt mean it right however the guidelines i follow may not be what u follow. I may sin in a whole diff area than u so no one is perfect. I am however sick of the sexually active thinking “prude, judgemental or anything thing else that comes to mind just bc i choose to not do as u. U want me to understand and accept u but unwilling to accept my decision to abstain as if i dont have to same urges as u and trust once u declare urself celibate it gets harder u always want what u cant have!

  32. me says:

    dont argue with the hoodrats who dont wait for a good man but settle for thugs and losers. when they meet a good man, they let him pass coz they think he is boring or ugly or gay or “has no streeet cred” and then when they are left with five kids and no ring, they wanna claim “No good man in the world”

  33. Portia says:

    As a catholic school girl, I always felt religion was a way to oppress women. But after living a little I totally understand why you shouldn’t have sex prior to marriage. The more sexual partners you have, the more exposed you are to all types of sex and fetishes. People get accustomed to this sex and expect all new mates to engage in these acts. Women become pressured to so call please their mates, or someone else will. Then you have weak chicks doing threesomes and tossing salads and they don’t even like it. If you had one partner you wouldn’t know all of that and if you guys stumbled on to something it would be together.
    I feel the same way about (p)(o)(r)(n).

  34. whyumad4 says:

    he should tell her to be celibate on her eyebrows.

  35. BrooklynHippie says:

    He’s lying!

  36. Nina says:


  37. RAH RAH says:

    I bet you he wasn’t celibate to that right hand, though.

    1. K'yla says:

      LMFAO!! *Cryinnnggg*

  38. K'yla says:

    KUDOS to them. I like them as a couple.

    Anywho, I’ve been reading some comments anddd… I’m a very spiritual person with a close connection to God and although I’ve been celibate for over a year (& I’m 19 and it’s harder when you’re this age IMO) – although I didn’t have it much before that- I can’t guarantee I won’t have it again w/ the guy I love before marriage.POINT BEING.. Y’all have to remember exactly what a marriage is in GOD’S eyes for y’all who are claiming to be “Christians”… signing a paper means NOTHING. It’s the commitment, the loyal partner, and the LOVE that counts. Signing a paper was a MAN MADE IDEA and is used so that partners can receive certain BENEFITS. So don’t go judging people because they have sex before marriage… you don’t know how deep in love they are or how long they have been together. They may have a better relationship than a married couple.. and technically be “married” in each other’s eyes, even if not LEGALLY. A commitment is a commitment and signing a paper is just that… SIGNING A PAPER.

    Some people who marry just do it for the glitz and glam or do it because they are being forced to… Don’t believe the hype. Get married and have sex on your own terms, but have some MORALS and RESERVE YOUR TEMPLE for someone WORTH IT. That is all that matters.

  39. Jason says:

    70% of the women who commented here would likely never date this guy, yet they complain about their struggle to find a “good man”.

    1. JayCee says:

      *throws offering at altar* #PREACH

      1. RandomBlogReader(RBR) says:


  40. Shawn says:

    HE A 10 YEAR LIE!! He been dipping in SOMETHING dang it. He wasn’t just handling his own business all them years. If he had, his hand would have fallen off by now and his thang would be RAW. I’m all for the celibacy thing before getting married if that’s your thing, but 10 YEARS?? It ain’t NEVER that serious. I also think about if that made him a minute man on his wedding night or not since he hadn’t had some in so long?? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! LOL.

  41. isola says:

    I have been abstinent for 4 years now. I buy batteries in bulk.

  42. Gwadalife says:

    why dont y’all believe him ???? 10 years sex abstinence !!!!! I really applaud him , it’s so hard to do not have sex for a days but 10 years wow! !!! that’s a thing !!!!

  43. sheila says:

    i know for a fact that meagan good was NOT celibate for years. she was having sex in 2010-2011 w/an older man. I know that for a FACT!

  44. Daisy says:

    Beautiful couple and love story 🙂

    SMH at the suspect/DL comments *sighs*

  45. Meghan.. RUN RUN says:

    as fast as you can. No man is celibate by choice for 10 years!!!!!

  46. RandomBlogReader(RBR) says:

    He’s Gay because he’s celibate and has morals but then married Megan Good! You know how many of us men are crazy about this woman? You women are hilarious now day and this is the reason most of you “black women” will forever be single. You are never satisfied, and don’t want a good dude, trust me! Yall would rather have a man who whoops that ass on the regular because all you black women won’t is drama! You spend all day rolling your eyes and necks, ******** about everything known to mankind, while keeping your noses in your homegirls relationships!

    1. lala says:


      1. RandomBlogReader(RBR) says:

        You’re single because you wanna be, It’s that simple. Us brothers aren’t the reason. I bet you think i’m white don’t you? Try again, I’m a brother, but i’m just not into black women that much anymore. It’s always attitude with you, and most of us guys are just over it. I don’t think black women are stupid, ignorant, etc. I just think you bring too much drama into relationships, that’s all! Just look at most of your comments above, it shows! Most black women bring their past drama filled relationships into new ones, opening doors for disappointments, which in the end leaves them with the misconception that “all me are dogs”! When in reality they are the dogs, claiming to be independent, ” I don’t need a nigga” but stick around and never seem to know your place in a relationship. Refuse to let a man take care of them because they would rather run everything as a way of showing their independence or so called, “superiority” when it’s really not that serious. Get at me!

        1. RandomBlogReader(RBR) says:


        2. dc says:

          Whether you admit it or not, based on your hateful and ignorant comment about “all” black women, I won’t even try to have a thoughtful or intelligent interaction with you, BLACK men like you get hurt and then think ALL black women are skum, smh, gee, that sounds just like the “all men are dogs” anthem that some (not all) women who have been hurt like to spew. I feel sorry for you, and I have a serious question for you, since you said that ALL BLACK WOMEN roll their eyes, roll their necks, have attitude problems and are always starting drama, does that mean that your mother is included in that, because I’m assuming she’s black. Feel free to continue to try and flip the script on ALL black women, smh, it’s not working, because anyone with half a brain can see that your projecting your own issues onto ALL BLACK WOMEN, smh, and calling me outta my name won’t phase me, LOL. You have a blessed night, I’ll say a prayer for you, SMH.

        3. RANDOMBLOGREADER(RBR) says:

          @DC, When did I call u out of your name? And you’re right momz does it all the time.lmao! I just laugh and learn from it. I love her though and I still love black women. I just don’t really date them anymore. And ofcourse I have issues, don’t we all? Sorry if I offended you or black women in general, I did come off as a little ignorant for saying” all black women” . To protect your feelings ill just say majority, 75-80%. But you can’t get mad because I prefer other races. Asian, to be exact! I still got love for ya. You also mentioned my past relationships. You are correct, they play a major role in why I’m not dating black women at the moment, being that most were in fact black women. That explains why I would try something different. I encourage others to do the same because it actually works. You will be surprised. I once though us African Americans had to put up with each others mess, but nope. Not in 2012! Had to add a little asian/ brazillian in the mix. An what are you talking about you wouldn’t interact with me. Were online, you haven’t seen me. I could pull u quick in real life being that i’m so smooth.lmao! But really my bad with the disrespect, and thanks for the prayer!# Peace

        4. RANDOMBLOGREADER(RBR) says:

          @DC, When did I call u out of your name? And you’re right momz does it all the time. lmao! I just laugh and learn from it. I love her though and I still love black women. I just don’t really date them anymore. And of course I have issues, don’t we all? Sorry if I offended you or black women in general, I did come off as a little ignorant for saying” all black women” . To protect your feelings ill just say majority, 75-80%. But you can’t get mad because I prefer other races. Asian, to be exact! I still got love for ya. You also mentioned my past relationships. You are correct; they play a major role in why I’m not dating black women at the moment, being that most were in fact black women. That explains why I would try something different. I encourage others to do the same because it actually works. You will be surprised. I once though we African Americans had to put up with each others mess, but nope. Not in 2012! I had to add a little Asian/ Brazilian in the mix. An what are you talking about you wouldn’t interact with me. Were online, you haven’t seen me. I could pull u quick in real life being that I’m so smooth. ha! But really my bad with the disrespect, and thanks for the prayer!# Peace

    2. Geena says:

      You can’t be serious

  47. Just Another Commenter says:

    I don’t believe it. And, I wish folks would stop acting like sex is not a basic NEED.

    1. Yeah. ok says:

      LMAOOOOO SO you mean to tell me its a basic NEED for you to live for someone to stick a d*** in you and in your mouth…O OK. So when u dont have a boyfriend you go up to random men and tell them to f* you or you will die??

      Wow….All I thought i needed was food and water to live. Girl have a whole stadium of seats…

  48. JP says:

    The ones who are bashing him and calling him gay are the ones who are in either abusive relationships or in relationships where their significant other isn’t showing the love the way they are supposed to!! I tell you, jealousy and envy will get you know where!!! Much love to both DeVon and Megan on their prosperous and positive marriage and image and don’t pay any attention to all of the haters!!!

  49. SHARON says:


  50. Ms.Leo816&Mr.Aries416 says:

    I’m just glad someone took Meg off the track and out of those horrible movies/ out of those dirty leggings/ and off da track!

  51. Hmm….I don’t know. The first thing that popped into my head was that he’s gay, and this is coming from a gay guy. However, giving it some time, I do have to give him his props if he truly was celibate for 10 years. Personally, I don’t know how that’s possible for a fellow male. A year or two, fine; three to four years, pretty tough, but feasible; but a whole decade? Jeez.

    I skimmed through the majority of the comments, and most people say we should be celibate. Eh, not necessarily. We’re primal creatures that need food, sex, and companionship. Period. If taken to a religious standpoint (which I, usually, avoid referencing), being celibate is going against the fundamental request in the first chapters of Genesis: be fruitful and multiply. I co-sign the idea of test driving before buying. I think that would save a lot of time for anyone, but I can also empathize with saving yourself for the person you hope to spend your life with. It makes the moment even more “cherish-able”. However, be wary that the length of the celibacy can backfire (in terms of one individual feeling more empowered and wanting to explore this renewed sense of sexuality), and it can backfire horribly for men (erectile issues, which may lead to some psychological issues).

    When it’s all said and done, I give props to anyone who is responsible about their sexual activities. As long as they’re responsible, promoting safety, and they aren’t hurting themselves or anyone else, I have no place to judge anyone. More power to them. (Though, I just hope Meagan Good gets some other roles besides being the pretty girlfriend.)

    ~Rev the Cool Nerd~

  52. Uche says:

    is not easy to celibate for 10yrs ………….am sorry for Megan on their wedding night cos the dude definitely laid down that pipe like an Lion ousssssssssshhhhhhh hat **** do hurt ………….i havent have sex in my life due to guys i meet always centre our conversation on sex that makes me hate sex but i do pray i see a guy that will love without sexually attached am in my 20s though i know everything about sex but i dont practice it …………it aint food kudos Devon

  53. JB says:

    Um he doesn’t seem gay to me or on the downlow, and I have a pretty good gaydar, I don’t get that vibe at all from him. This is a MOG, and I applaud him for living the stand up life.

  54. bibi93 says:

    Good guy

  55. EbonyLolita says:

    Listen I don’t want a THUG, Liar nor a a DL Man. He said Celibate including ************ b/c chileeeeeee I’ve been w/o actual male interaction for a YEAR but I **********. God would NOT approve I know but I ain’t gone lie. **** gets real sometimes *Shrugs*

  56. EbonyLolita says:

    wait Necole censored Mas Ter bate?! REALLY??

  57. Anonymous says:

    He comes across as gay to you because he is well mannered and doesn’t want to be prideful or accept the fact that girls really admired him? 1) He is a preacher and a devout Christian and so he isn’t trying to be prideful or show-offish. Also he was recently married in this interview which I think was about 3yrs ago. If you know anything about being a true christian you know it’s not about going around flaunting your looks or whatever materialistic things the world classifies as important and also he has to do everything to remain humble and not sexually perverse as a good example to those he ministers to. All I see here is a good well mannered godly man accepting compliments softly and humbly. ✌?️

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