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Beyoncé’s CFDA Speech Included These 4 Major Keys

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  1. And they still don’t want to dress black, country, curvy girls if they money aint right.. And who in the group was “curvy!” Oprah Winfrey is black, country, and very curvy and they will gladly dress her….

    1. Yea I’m trying to figure out who was curvy lol. They were all super small.

    2. You know the Hollywood standard size is 00 . I at least I think that’s what she means.

    3. They where curvy for their ages, they where teenage girls not grown women.

    4. Shay Daley says:

      Curvy is anything over a size 4 (to the W’s lmaoo) so i guess bey was considered the curvy one. She’s always been hippy.

      The rest of them were definitely slim though.

    5. Shay Daley says:

      I was surprised when i found out that I’d be considered plus sized (to the W’s) and I bounce between a size 6 and 8.

    6. They were curvy for Hollywood.

    7. I’ve worked for a high end designer store and anything over a size 2 is curvy. Kelly might have been the only one that could fit designers back then. However, they were still country, nameless, young girls. The design world is very snooty. Hence, why I don’t understand why so many people are going broke to buy these labels that think so low of the average person.

    8. Dee Adeenah says:

      And Oprah was shaded and if I recall correctly she was refused service in a high end store overseas.

    9. Dee Adeenah you’re right! A store in Europe didn’t want to show her a bag because they didn’t think she could afford it. Smh

    10. Being Black automatically equates broke to some folks

  2. I fe like the stylists should win these awards not the muse.

    1. Ladies that’s true, but the great thing about it is that the stylist will be more in demand, which will increase his or her income ultimately!!😄

  3. Ashley Wise says:

    Lol beautiful just beautiful she love saying “y’all”

  4. Omg! I love this blog!

  5. Elle Bennett says:

    You know what I love about her? No matter how big she gets, how much she travels, how much world she conquers, she still sounds like she’s sitting on a porch in Houston sippin sweet tea and waving at neighbors. It’s just indicative of how connected to her roots she’s chosen to remain……I just love that.

    1. DeAnna Smith says:

      A good old around the way girl 😀

  6. I loved reading all of this! I actually knew most of the design history, but it definitely gives you a deeper appreciation for Beyonce’s mother and grandmother’s impact on her foundation as a fashion icon and trendsetter. It’s amazing when you think of the big picture…

  7. 4thewire says:



  8. Maya Perry says:

    Well now she doesn’t wanna dress curvy girls. Ivy park only goes up to a size 10/12 from what I saw love me some bey but that was so disappointing.

    1. Lisa Jones says:

      She goes to 16-18. Prob is it sells out fast.

    2. That still puts me out of supporting her line then, outside of bottoms, Sorry Beyoncé!

  9. Well you go on Mrs. Carter….filthy rich, a husband to make money with and more money and more money and more money with (talk about no lowering standards for the sake of saying she has a husband but married someone on her level) making sure her daughter’s future is very secure, and still has a career and stopped in the middle of her tour to accept her award….very nice speech…..

  10. so sweet loved her speech

  11. Though “curvy” in recent years has come to be used interchangeably with the terms “plus size” and “full-figured”, many still use it to describe a woman with a curvaceous, hourglass figure regardless of her dress size. Not all curvaceous/curvy women are plus size and not all plus size women are curvaceous/curvy.

  12. Ra says:

    “So to my mother, my grandmother, my uncle […] Thank you for showing me that having presence is about far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty.” B

    B gets it, and that’s the main reason why she is a Fashion Icon. The clothes are cool; nonetheless, they are not the primary reason why someone is a Fashion Icon. Pressence takes precedence. That’s why it matters less if two people wear the same dress. So what? It’s mainly about who owns it.

    I love 💘 that B is very openly proud that her mom designed her major milestone dresses from prom, wedding, 1st Grammy dress, and so on. Mommy’s little girl.

  13. Netiva Heard says:

    Wow #4 is powerful, love it!

  14. Tobi says:

    I love that she is fully covered..: that itself is a statement… Being an icon isn’t just about the clothe you wear it’s about the presence and confidence you exude…. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  15. On her Erica Badu tip!

  16. If anything this is why Black designers should be sought out and utilized. Why wear their clothes when you amass wealth knowing they didn’t want you in them from the start. Wear those Black designers and make them sought after! Turning them down when you know you don’t need them is the ultimate clap back!

  17. Sophya says:

    Those Destiny’s Child days, I’m looking at Beyonce thinking “Damn, Blue look just like her mama”

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