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  1. Sophia Hoyte says:

    Oh, the hairs are lovely. If only he can teach the rest of the world so that she will not encounter the evil minds.

  2. That’s how it should be.

  3. To be fair, he never said he was a good dude. He said he’s trying to raise a confident woman.

  4. I don’t know him and don’t know if he deserves accolades or not. I simply stated the article wasn’t really about him so much as it was about how he hopes to raise the child.

  5. love life says:

    Leading by example

  6. He should not be kissing his daughter on the lips!

    1. I’m 30+ and both my father and mother both give me big duck lipped puckers on the lips. People over sexualize affection far to often.

    2. Now why is kissing your own child on the lips a problem? There’s something internally wrong if you find that sexual. There is a big difference between a grown man and woman kissing compared to a parent kissing there child on the lips. Smh!

  7. Jas Parker says:

    Black n beautiful

  8. He’s lacking the core character traits and necessary behavior to raise a confident woman. That’s all you get out of me. But that is only a small piece of this whole debacle that makes me sick. Don’t idolize or dish accolades or respect out to this man. And with respect to you all- im checking out of this convo (yes I know I started it) because it’s upsetting my day. Have a good one ladies! Praise the good ones you actually know and love. They’re the ones who deserve it today. ✌

  9. All of the educators in this group, please tell me im not the only person who has issues with this picture…we gotta call it how we see it…in real life, dont interact with my child like that…i have questions…smh

    1. Nothing wrong with this photo reserve that issue you have for YOUR PERSONAL household.

    2. There is something wrong with you if you feel like a parent kissing his child is wrong. That’s their child your opinion is not valid when it comes to a love a parent gives there child. ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼💯

    3. Charlene Llb says:

      I can’t lie, that kinda crossed my mind. I guess some fathers are a lot more affectionate to their daughters than I am comfortable with. But it’s their thing, if he ain’t touching her inappropriately then each to their own.

  10. Vpprinces01 says:

    Their hair and bond is everything!! Aaawww!
    It really sucks that so many us are used to not having providing, protecting men around. His mom, grandmothers, aunts all used to not having male helpmates. What does that do to a woman’s psyche? To essentially be someone’s commode generation after generation? Good enough for a lay but not good enough to stay? It’s destructive.

  11. Nicka Bro says:

    i don’t think i appreciate what i see, there are ways of teaching your daughter values about love etc ,that should not at any time give an impression that some moral values are being compromised, this just look like incest,at first when i saw the picture i thought it was 2 lovers trying to kiss each other

  12. I kissed my dad on the lips.

  13. I always thought his daughter was the show stopper. She looks like a brown barbie in every pic. Just gorgeous!

  14. Vuli says:

    I love the post ,very emotional for me because I had a present father growing up but he was never present emotionally. we need more black men like him.🙌

  15. Piper Daniel says:

    The intimacy of the photo makes people uncomfortable, why? Is the father daughter relationship not supposed to be? Would it be wrong if it were son and mother?

  16. The problem with social media is, we become spectators with opinions to every picture or video. Sadly, some pictures and or videos may not appear right, which may lead to much misunderstanding. Case in point: this picture.

  17. CaribbeanQueen says:

    Great post and message. Not sure why he photoshops their hair/bodies though. Kinda weird

  18. The 29th day says:

    I am logging in for the first time on this sight to play devil’s advocate, I do not see anything wrong with the first picture, per se’, HOWEVER I think what is making others uncomfortable with the first picture, us not the kiss between father and daughter, it’s the other gestures like him holding her head and her caressing his cheek / hair. I can see why to some, that would be more of a “lover’s” pose. Maybe a better pose would be he holding her arms while sharing the kiss. If I was the photographer, that is what I would have done. Just have him holding her arms, but at any rate, no big deal. Just bad choice in posing, however his message should not be overlooked, because of that ONE awkward pose. Peace and love to all.

  19. roseinweeds says:

    i hv seen the photos on instagram. and its nice to hear the story behind the man. blessings to him n his family!

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