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Balmain on a Budget: Why Balmain’s New H&M Line Is Causing Fandemonium

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  1. So ridiculous. Half of that stuff ends up right back in the store for post Christmas clearance.

  2. Ms. Smith says:

    Unfortunately, I was not afforded the luxury of getting my Balmain bc those savages to EVERYTHING😭😭😭😣😤😧

  3. Ms. Smith says:


  4. Lol, those people in the middle and back of the line had no chance. That stuff was scooped up by the early birds.

  5. I love the label, it’s one of my faves; BUT, no ma’am almost never will I ever stand on line for clothes unless the world was ending and I had for survival reasons. Lord have mercy .

    That being said that beaded black shirt and black n white blazer…I

  6. Your best bet is getting returns, check back with the store in upcoming days

  7. Torontoliving says:

    The third pic is is Sinait Gidey. I went to high school with her. The name you have isn’t correct

  8. Sooooo it’s safe to say it’s not just black folks

    1. Right…the media loves to throw shade our way like we are the only ones spending frivolous but I’ve know we are no alone a long time ago

    2. True! Because if I believed what the media told us, black people behave this way because we are uncivilized animals. Even though we know that everybody else can act a fool too but only we are talked about.

  9. 4thewire says:


    Happy for everyone who supported this master designer.

    really great collection.

    Nice article.

  10. Kyla Ky says:

    It’s never this serious. I’m sure the majority of people there just wanted to say they were there or buy something to resell. You have to hope and pray you pick up the right size the way people were grabbing the clothing off the hooks.

    Even if I wanted an item from this collection, once I noticed the line I would’ve turned around and left.

  11. Donald Tai says:

    I don’t care who it is, Macy’s and other retail outlets have sales and closeout for a REASON: This stuff ain’t worth a cat or a dogfight. It’s not. You might have got a deal at $50.00 but when you see that seasonal sales rack post it for $15.99?!?!? You just got robbed.

  12. Curly Sue says:

    Oh goodness! I have no patience for such things. I like my sleep better lol. Maybe as a teenager I would have been waiting in line, but now, I have no interest. First of all, all these things will be on sale by black Friday. Besides the blazers, I don’t see anything classic. I learned through my “shopping addiction” to buy things that last for years or rather, that repeat themselves through fashion. I looked at how many clothes I donated every year, and although I’m glad to have been providing for the less needy, I couldn’t help but think how much money I could have saved if I didn’t buy so many frivolous things. Also, who wants to wear something that everyone has? I’m guessing I’ll see just about everybody on IG with the same clothes. Boring! Lol. I’m not hating tho. Live and let live! Good for the shoppers who scored the pieces that they wanted, better for the shoppers who are flipping them and selling them for triple the price and best, congratulations to Olivier for the success of the line.

  13. Jenny Jazzhands says:

    I love classic clothes that will always be in style. I feel like none of this will stand the test of time except maybe that white suit Jordan Dunn is wearing.

  14. Mimi says:

    It is not a bargain if I have to go to HM and spend over $300 on a single dress or over a $100 for shirt when I can grab a similar piece for $25 on the rack next to it. Labels are overrated and I will be damned if I give away my hard earned money just because someone stamped their name on the tag. I don’t care if celebrities pay 10g for it. Miss me on that.

  15. Tashia Reed says:

    Ppl are so stupid….I can’t!!!!

  16. MmmmHmmm says:

    Is it just me, or is Balmain being run in the ground? Reminds me of they hype surounding Herve Leger bandage dresses back in ’06.

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