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Anthony Hamilton: ‘It’s Okay For Men To Be Vulnerable And Embrace Romance’

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  1. Oenz says:

    I love me some Anthony Hamilton. His music has been a constant presence in my life, especially 08′ (after the passing of three family members)”Pass Me Over” and “Dear Life” were my safe heavens.

    “Sing it like I mean it,” he says. “People connect to that. They feel the energy when you’re putting your life into it. They start to need it, start to tell everybody else about it, and next thing you know you have this community of people who love this certain feeling from music and they become your fans from just telling the story and making it beautiful, or real and transparent.”

    Y’all don’t sleep on Gary Clark Jr. now. I saw him perform as one of D’Angelo’s opening acts, and he was AMAZING!!!

    Enjoyed this interview!

    Kiah, you have a knack for doing very thorough interviews. I always enjoy your storytelling leading up to the Q and As. Keep up the good work!

    1. Kiah McBride says:

      Thank you Oenz, I truly appreciate that! And good music can definitely get you through some situations. I’ll have to look into Gary Clark, jr. because I love me some D’Angelo too!

  2. Dee says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEE THIS WRITE UP! I’m a young hopeless romantic and it’s so refreshing to read about mean still wanting to be gentleman in 2016. I love Anthony Hamilton and can’t wait for his new music!!!!!

  3. Pink says:

    I love Anthony Hamilton… I remember the first time I heard “Charlene” that was when I was introduced to him. I love what he says about men and the fact its ok to be vulnerable. we need more men preaching that bc its okay to show that side. Us women need that side bc we have grown to be so emotionally disconnected for fear of being hurt

  4. Shydeia says:

    I really loved reading this article because I needed to hear advice/wisdom for a man who treats his lady right! This quote is so true “Some people have a fear of change–fear of being in a better place than where they are. Some people are scared of success.”

  5. Lunden G says:

    Great read. I smiled the whole time.

  6. Sana Gatling says:

    I’m still wondering did Charlene ever come back home

  7. I love me some Anthony Hamilton–and the advice sounds good—-but how the hell can he give marital advice and he didn’t even stay in his? Where was all this understanding and advice! So what, he learned after it was over? GTHOOH!

  8. Great article! I’ve always loved his music! Best of Me has been my anthem from the moment I heard it!

  9. Yes! and you can hear it when he sings he knows about vulnerability and romance

  10. Sophia Hoyte says:

    So now a days, it’s vulnerability to be a real man and treat the opposite sex with respect and decorum? In my time it was said by my brothers that it was because of “Slavery”. Guess that my people must always find a way to find an excuse not to step up to the plate(without reading the article) I tend to not read these things that I have experienced for two three generations, they keep repeating themselves every generation. Young people talk to your parents.

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