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Baby On Board: Does Angela Simmons Pregnancy Really Require An Explanation?

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  1. Kelley Woods says:

    this is interesting and touchy..
    *sips tea with extra stevia*

  2. She’s a grown woman and can make her choices. However, the fact that SHE made it the publics business and spoke out PERSONALLY to young women preaching virginity and stressed that to them, they are looking at her sideways now for an explanation. Simply why I always say to stop looking at celebs as role models because they are human like us and make mistakes.

    1. Mere Mere says:

      Damn! How long does she suppose to stay a virgin?

    2. Jane Luna says:

      rreminds me of bristol palin…

    3. She doesn’t have to be a virgin it’s HER business, just keep it to yourself instead of out here preaching abstinence before marriage.

    4. Tanya Ridley says:

      Ms. (not yet a Mrs.) Simmons was preaching abstinence and judging women who have babies out of wedlock. Hopefully being an unwed mother will humble her.

    5. Exactly! Don’t preach what you’re not practicing clearly, she was JUST on the radio a few months ago saying it.

    6. Exactly but she’s almost 30 so I’m sure she’s been having sex a minute

    7. Tanya Ridley says:

      Funny thing is, her Zodiac sign is Virgo. Not to start a riot but my Virgo sisters are notorious for pulling Angela type stunts. 😁

  3. No! She’s a grown woman with the right to change her mind. She’s engaged to be married and owes nobody an explanation. Just because she went a different way doesn’t mean you have to.

    1. Ashley Blue says:

      The engagement can easily fall threw just like Sarah Palin daughter. She had a image of being a good girl and she wanted to keep it. On a side note tho being pregnant and being engaged still means you are a single mother

    2. My issue is people give celebrities way too much power. It’s like, “oh since she’s doing it, I should follow” and then when the celebrity flips script, people act lost and want an explanation.

  4. Tanya Ridley says:

    Pure. Natural. Virgin. Vegan. Perfect. People can only scrutinize and criticize you for what you put out there. I know women who do a lot of grandstanding in posts. Then when something happens to force them down from their soap box, everyone is expected to just shut up and mind their business.

    1. Tish S Tate says:


    2. Stacey Gould says:

      Thank you for this. They fail to realize that she put it out there about saving herself for marriage while she know very well she fucking down the place. The man must be breed she for spite to call her out. I wouldnt be suprised cause she was going down dying with the lie

  5. No she do not have to apologize for being human!!

  6. No but she should’ve kept her sex life her personal business from jump. Don’t preach to young women about being a Virgin and saving yourself for marriage and then pop up pregnant 4 months later …unmarried. Next time just Shutup

    1. She is engaged and probably gonna wed before the baby is here

    2. That’s not the point Antonia. What I’m saying is she went and put it out there in January that she was a virgin and would not have sex before she is married. She is now probably about 4 months pregnant and she is not married. She contradicted everything she said.

    3. Nobody asked her to make an announcement about her sex life. Now she just looks silly

    4. And I would hope she won’t wed before the baby. She barely knows this man 😐 They’ve been dating for a year.

    5. Not only that, judging by his criminal background I hope he isn’t out to get her for her money. She better think wisely before she marries him lol

    6. Yep, should’ve just kept her mouth closed from jump 😒

  7. No she doesn’t owe anyone an apology but if you wanna be the poster child for “purity” please stick to your word.js….don’t come for me if I didn’t call for you am just stating an opinion.☺

  8. Janay Ruiz says:

    It makes her look like a liar when she was so vocal about abstaining from sex when she really wasn’t. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation but why be so vocal about something you are really not practicing?

  9. LaToya Parks says:

    Nope. She doesn’t owe anybody anything. Guess what, she’s a grown woman who is allowed to make her own decisions. And a lot of times women wait until they are past their first trimester before they announce that they are pregnant. So people should stop acting like she lied and his something from them.

    1. She did lie though. In January she said she was remaining a virgin until marriage on the Breakfast Club, now she’s pregnant before marriage

    2. LaToya Parks says:

      But who cares tho is my point. She shouldn’t have said anything because it’s not our business. Being a fan of a celebrity doesn’t make us privy to their personal lives. Yeah it’s entertaining to know what’s going on. But it’s not mandatory. So why care so much.

    3. I was just pointing out that she lied , she’s not paying my bills so I could care less about her pregnancy

    4. She did lie though and she also put everybody in her business so she can’t get mad that people are questioning her. You don’t wanna be judged then keep your business to yourself. She started all this by putting herself on a “virginity pedestal”.

  10. just here to see everyone’s opinion that isn’t a virgin lmao!

  11. A lot of celebrities put their personal business out there then are offended when people ask them questions. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology and people neef to understand that she is human.

  12. Tanea Lighty says:

    4 months ago exactly she was on the breakfast club saying she still doesn’t have sex, but to me she looks a good 4/5 months. To say she doesn’t owe the young girls who look up to her an explanation is BS! Don’t preach one thing to these young girls because you are an example but you do the opposite. She should haven ever tried to use that “virgin preacher daughter” image. It’s back fired

    1. Tanea Lighty says:

      Yup. The interview with her and Romeo in January. CThaGod asked her if a man ever tried to trap her with sex and her exact words were “I’m not having sex until I’m married”. She bold faced lied, for no reason lol

      1. JoEllen says:

        I don’t see it as a lie but definitely a slip up. I don’t think her intentions was to “trick” folks. I honestly believe shes in love and gave it up.

    2. Janay Ruiz says:

      Just lied all throughout that interview smh

    3. Tatiana Todd says:

      Lol! I remember that interview!

  13. She does; the pressure to stay celibate or give up celibacy is real. It’s hard and she does owe the girls who look up to her an explanation because she brought her honest pledge to their hearts and homes. Just like Ciara or Meagan Good would owe the public a response if they popped up pregnant after vowing celibacy until marriage. It’s a responsibility as a grown woman who knows who her audience is and how important being a leader with integrity is to them. She should say something to them to help them work through the feelings in their hearts about commitments we make to God and man. A statement would be sufficient and expected from her as a leader.

    1. Thank you for addressing this. I looked earlier while it was trending and not one media outlet addressed her pledge of virginity. It’s almost like they expected her to break it and felt it wasn’t important to address it.

  14. Angela Simmons does anything for attention. Baby included. Her sister had one so she decided that she wanted one too.

  15. Tanya Ridley says:

    Exactly. She went too hard with the virgin thing. It was uncalled for.

  16. I’m not offended .she is a grown woman

  17. MD_Trice says:

    She doesn’t owe anyone a public statement. With anything sometimes you set goals for yourself. Sometimes you’re very vocal with these goals not because you want to appear better but because your plan is to do as you say. I stated everywhere and to everybody how I was going to Medical school. I didn’t go and I don’t anyone anything.

    Sidebar: pregnancies can be very difficult. There are such things as high risk and people don’t want to discuss their business until they want.

    “He who without sin cast the first stone.” ….thought so

  18. Realistically she doesnt. Her life is her own and we should respect it.

    But she really made an issue out of it. Even on her show Growing Up Hip Hop, it was made into a big deal so naturally people are going to raise their eyebrows.

  19. She doesn’t owe anyone anything. Honestly she didn’t have to speak on her virginity either. We need to stop idolizing celebs and MAKING them role models. They have the right to make their mistakes just like us. Our children should look to us parents for examples, not the entertainment industry.

  20. She’s a grown ass women she owes no one an explanation but she shouldn’t have said one thing then do another its a bit hypocritical.

  21. I don’t think most people really cared. It’s just funny that in January she claimed she was waiting til marriage and now she a couple months pregnant lol. This is why you need to keep your sex life to yourself

  22. She owes no one a thing …it’s between her and God who’s to tell she might be married if not she’s figuring it out…congrats Angela

  23. Sean says:

    Yo Gotti stomach hurting fo real now. I knew all that virgin stuff was fictitious. She’s getting married because he got her pregnant first. I think she just needed someone to be in her life for attention from the public because of Vanessa getting the praise first for being pregnant. Hope the baby don’t have that droopy dog face she got.

  24. Nope she owes no one a explanation about nothing she does!!!! GROWN WOMAN!

  25. Ty Daniels says:

    I thought she was a virgin

  26. Beth Juan says:

    She is human. Humans sometimes don’t match their actions with what they say. All in all the baby is a blessing. Worrying about what Angela Simmons is doing isn’t going to put money in our pockets or peace in our hearts. She has to deal with side eyes and all the “Oh, I thought you…” Whatever she decides to do, be it acknowledge the speech & action not matching or not, God bless you and your baby, Angela Simmons.

  27. Tierra Coles says:

    Then she tried to hide it

  28. No she is human and has every right to not have to defend here choices or reasons. Her life she pays and answers for the choices she makes not anyone else

  29. Kay Dané says:

    Simply put. Her vagina is her business. It was her business when she was vocal about it years ago. It was her business yesterday when she announced her pregnancy. It’ll be her business today, tomorrow and years down the road. She can announce whatever she chooses to and whatever she does not choose to… because it’s her business. No explanation needed, but explain if you WANT to. People only share what they want the world to know after all. And with that said every one has an opinion… doesn’t really mean those opinions matter either.

    1. Definitely agree. Its her business.

  30. Joan Denise says:

    It ain’t no one business and no explanation is required. We’ve been so caught up in the Basketball wives/love and hip hop generation we forget this is how a family is created……..DRAMA FREE!!!!! Congratulations!

  31. This GROWN woman doesn’t owe the public nothing! If she’s made her peace with God who are we to comment on her life.

  32. Ashley Blue says:

    Honestly if she didn’t make the announcement about being a virgin I wouldn’t care what she do. She was obviously having sex and lying to the public

  33. She’s really pregnant?!?!

  34. I’m saying!! She is good and grown with her own businesses and money! She doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone!

  35. Sml Rivers says:

    She doesn’t owe anyone anything but she does look foolish and she better not try and further lie or look down on others.

  36. Ask sara palins daughter that…you know since she was getting paid not to have sex but has two kids now random daddies…

  37. Mela Dennis says:

    Angela that is your body your life half of these women on here judging her done preached and slept around secretly also. Get off of her.

  38. If this was her platform and she was using this message to speak to young girls then it would do her brand good to speak on it. But she doesn’t OWE anyone an explanation.

  39. Apple Smith says:

    No she’s grown and has the right to have sex at any time.

  40. There’s no explanation needed. I think it kinda makes her more human. I did admire her stance on remaining a virgin until she was married but life happens and things change. That doesn’t make her less of a role model and accomplished person. I was a lil shocked to hear she was engaged and then that she was pregnant lol but it’s her life and babies are blessings. I just hope her fiancé is a good dude cause I’ve heard some shady stuff about him

  41. *Young girls* is the key word. This is a grown woman. And the problem is allowing yourself to be viewed as Virginal and promoting that knowing that you’re not. We have to stop looking to celebrities as role models.

  42. She’s grown she takes care of herself and is successful in her own right. She doesn’t owe anyone anything that’s her choice. The girls that are looking up to her are being raised by their parents. Not Angela. Their example is in their household, not in how she lives her life. But you know how this society is they’ll look up to a “celebrity” before themselves. Of course whatever happens will be her fault, everyone falls short from glory. She’s just human to me.

  43. Nooooo it’s hard enough for her to deal with possibly letting herself down – now we want her to explain her situation to us She only needs to answer to God… Everybody else is just being nosey

  44. She doesn’t owe anyone anything, she also can’t get mad if someone ask her for an explanation do not put out what you can’t back up some things are meant to remain private because you never know what life will throw at you.

  45. No. She’s a grown woman who makes her own choices. Young women should have role models but staying a virgin should not depend on another’s choose to do so.

  46. Umm she aint been a virgin for sometime….she is married now so let her be…she is not the first and not going to be the last… Hope it works out, and prayers for a healthy baby. Congrats and blessings

    1. Mia Morgan says:

      She is not married

  47. Those same people would have judged her if she had an abortion. Let people live according to what makes them happy. Be your own dam role model.

  48. Khadi Brown says:

    Nobody have to owe an explanation to someone else, everybody have their own life and let her keep living hers, life is full of surprises ✌️

  49. Whether she was pushing virginity/saving yourself for marriage or not people need to stop allowing their child or children to let these celebrities be the so called blueprint of how their lives should or supposed to be. You as a parent is who your child sees everyday. You are who they should look up to and try to model their lives after. You set the example for them not a damn celebrity and this is the exact reason why! Angela Simmons can’t tell your kids a damn thing when times get hard or shit hits the fan. When times like that come up are you going to be there or are you gonna try to track down a celebrity to get their input on what you should do/teach your child. If my child can’t look up or turn to me then that’s a problem. You can like a celebrity, but trying to model your life after one, chile bye!

  50. Joi Barlow says:

    I just hope she is safe cause that dude criminal record is crazy

  51. Nope she got the ring And the baby she did exactly what she preached about

    1. Mia Morgan says:

      She preached hold out till ur married, she got the ring and the baby but she not married yet.

  52. Id say no….i wanted to wait until marriage and now i have a 2 yr old. Simply put temptation is real and we all have fallen short…im sure most aspire to stick to their personal convictions and more than a few have humbly had to acknowledge missing the mark. Her true repentance journey will be between her and Jesus. I think maybe even one day she may open up and talk about it. But at this point she needs to focus on having a stress free loving pregnancy, figuring out her new family structure with her child’s father and loving in herself. Its simply not the time to be stressing on what the world thinks is a failure on Her behalf. Carrying and delivering a child is serious business and in my opinion peace, and tranquillity are essential. I’m sending a prayer her way and excited about her gift from above. leaving the rest to God…

  53. Sundra Will says:

    She is the one who made her sex life so public, so I would say yes she does.

  54. Ummm young women should look up to her for being able to make her own decisions…deciding to be a virgin and deciding when she wanted to give that up!!!

  55. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation but at the same time if you go out of your way to consistently publically speak about purity then you should always tread carefully with your words. Exactly 4 months ago she was on breakfast club saying she was single and was waiting for marriage. She also stated she wouldn’t have a baby before marriage. She looks about 4-5 months pregnant to me so you do the math. I think she should have just kept her personal business private because now look people go back on everything you say forgetting your human.

  56. Just why lie? This isn’t the 90s/ early 00s when both Brittney and Justin were claiming their virginity. Lol it only looks bad because she was SO vocal!

  57. This is what happens when we demonize GROWN ass women for being sexually liberated. Why did she feel compelled to join the purity crusade? Why didn’t she make an announcement she parted her legs so when she became pregnant no one would shame her or ask if she felt shame?
    No she doesn’t need to address the obvious. She had sex, Been having sex, and enjoyed it to the point that one act of expression, and climax, resulted in life formation- OBVIOUSLY.
    She don’t owe nobody a damn thing.

  58. Kyla Ky says:

    I’ve been reading comments on Instagram and the annoying part about this is that people are calling her a liar in regards to her virginity. It doesn’t take years of having sex to get pregnant so for all we know, she could’ve been a virgin back in January when she said she wasn’t having sex until marriage on the Breakfast Club. She made it quite obvious though with the engagement and avoiding the questions, not that she owed anyone an explanation. Also, I don’t get the rush to get married. If I had a child out of wedlock and my man proposed I would probably say no.

    However, this is why I keep my business to myself.

  59. Bianca Moore says:

    If it weren’t for her Breakfast Club interview I don’t think anyone would care. Yes it’s her business but she flat out lied and now she’s being judged. But I agree with article celebs should take Kerry Washington road

  60. If you’re going to start something complete the journey to the end.

    There is nothing wrong with the intent on being a virgin until married and she was not wrong for sharing it.

    The issue is with continuity.Walk out the process with those you’ve opened up to.

    You missed the mark…ok…Now discuss the reality. Walk those you intended to lead THROUGH the process.

  61. Tee says:

    People look up to celebrities way too much. I’ve never looked to celebs for moral guidance, I just do not get it. Folks should just get to live their lives however they please as long as no one is hurt. As a personal goal, I’m working on keeping my opinions and judgements to myself unless they are warranted. I guess I’m learning to mind my own business!

  62. Lol she’s 30 or close to it. ..she owes no one an explanation

  63. She grown sometimes things don’t happen the way you want them to.

  64. No it’s her life she can do what she wants

  65. She’s grown, she ain’t gotta explain herself. Period.

  66. I feel like if you make a public stance on abstaining and staying a Virgin until marriage then yes you do owe an explaination. You chose to be a role model AND chose to make your celebrity and your sex life an example.

  67. What’s to explain she clearly is not waiting until marriage anymore. As long as she doesn’t mind people thinking she is a hypocrite not much to explain.

  68. She’s 28 she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation

  69. If she was taking birth control nobody would knew she was having sex not judging but since she knew she was preaching about being a virgin and now pregnant. But I didn’t know she was still saying she was I thought she been gave it up. Guess I was right but it’s her body so she can do what she please

  70. I know she grown and ishhhh happens!!!……smh

  71. Roger Smith says:

    Keep all personal business to your self

  72. That’s why parents should inform their children esp the girls NOT TO IDOLIZE PEOPLE WHOSE ON TV.. I don’t put her in the category of a celebrity.. She’s just Rev Run daughter who happen to be on TV making that “staying celibate until marriage”…and ppl on other sites stating at least she got a ring on her finger…hmmm a ring don’t mean nothing.. She’s wack

  73. Sarai Brown says:

    I don’t think so.. Isn’t she like almost 29.. She’s grown, she can do what she wants

  74. Koren Zuri K says:

    Not an explanation. However if she hadn’t of been so vocal about purity nobody would care. However since she made it a point to mention it in most interviews people are disappointed and confused. Why you keep saying this is happening when u know it’s not. We not stupid. It’s your body do what makes you happy and safe.

  75. Why are we looking at celebrities as role models and validations when we should be looking at ourselves and praying to God to speak to us.

  76. Oh okay from reading all the comments it seems like Ms Simmons put her foot in her mouth. Yikes! #footmouthdisease

  77. No wth she’s engaged ! And she’s grown not to mention her other siblings have children out of wedlock -_- she’s human like the rest of us

  78. That’s probably why she hurried and announced that engagement so it wouldn’t look so bad when baby pics leaked. She’s human, ain’t nobody perfect!

  79. Nope! It’s her decision, if she felt it was time to make that step it’s her choice. Just because she’s pregnant that doesn’t mean she’s not still a business woman, smart etc. she’s entering a new phase in her life so let her do her!

  80. Emari Vant says:

    Man, life changes. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone but God. I pray that she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  81. She is almost 30 she waited long enough

  82. Not at all…I just think our perception of who Angela Simmons threw all of us off.

  83. I though she said she waiting until marriage but hey she is in engaged so hey!

  84. Nobody should look up to any celebrity, that’s the problem with today’s generation. I think the role models need to be their parents, family, friends, basically realistic role models. Your children mirror the behavior they see in you.

  85. no that’s her business in a mj voice “ain’t nobodies business “

  86. People need to stop telling people they’re celibate or a virgin…. It’s no ones business. It’s everyone’s own personal journey.

  87. Crystal says:

    We women have to stop going out with men who are below us. I don’t mean looks, she is a beautiful successful business woman who is having a child by a felon. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with but you can also not put yourself in a position to fall for someone who is not of your caliber. I don’t know him but it’s obvious, look how she’s hidden this, She proffessed she was a virgin and also wore a purity ring. If he really loved her and saw she was serious with her faith he would of waited for marriage as well.

  88. Yes its no one's business. BUT YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE so.......... says:

    Though I could care less about any of these celebrities, people have to realize that these individuals are in the public eye. Yes, she doesn’t have to EXPLAIN her situation to anyone… but public ridicule is to be expected. To one day preach about saving herself for marriage, and then mysteriously become (and i must say very far along) pregnant… its almost as if she should’ve kept being a virgin to marriage to herself lol. I commend her for staying a virgin for this long, but public opinion is to be expected when your famous 😀 Congrats to her nevertheless.

  89. Juju says:

    I completely agree with the tone of the article. I thinks it’s more of people looking at her as a hypocrite more than anything else. If your gonna put your business out there for all to judge and scrutinize in the first place then you got to take all that comes with it (the good, bad, & the ugly). I don’t even know why she put herself out there to begin with; it was absolutely none of anyone’s business (until she made it everybody’s). When I was in high school I could rennet having a conversation with a guy that I liked (and I mentioned to him) that the first fuy I have sex with I want to marry….he laughed hysterically & I thought to myself “sheesh, that was harsh”. I ended up losing my virginity to my boyfriend (that I ended up marrying) although it wasn’t planned that way (I just wished it to be that way & God saw it fit to be that way). Although I only told one person, I was happy I didn’t broadcast it, so that if it didn’t happen the way that I had hoped, then everybody could say I told you so (people love a good I told u so)!! People also have a tendency to put others who strive for more than just the “societal-norm” on a pedestal and turn them into “infallible people”. Everybody makes mistakes, & things may not to go the way you want them to, it’s almost like the laws of human existence. It’s life!!! Moral of the story: “Never say never”!

  90. Latisha says:

    I been knew angela wasnt a virgin back when she was with BowWow.she didnt carry herself as a virgin.what’s done in the dark will come to the light. I try not to judge people.thats all im going to say. I vould say more but im not. Deuces

  91. Jas says:

    She’s a grown ass woman, I could care less that she’s pregnant. But Angela, ma, what’s the point in LYING about being a virgin as if having sex before marriage makes a woman no longer desireable or inferior?

    Nobody CARES she’s pregnant, but people have an opinion about her preaching about sex before marriage when she was very well lying.

    You ain’t gotta lie craig!

    If you choose to wait for marriage, good for you
    If you choose not to wait, good for you.

    But don’t put out a false image and be made when the lie comes to light. If she wasn’t preaching about being a virgin, not a damn person would have a comment.

  92. Harp says:

    When did she PREACH to anyone’s kids? Can someone answer what seminar she gave about abstinence? Otherwise, YOU felt some type of way that she said she was waiting for marriage. Making a statement and preaching are two totally different things. She is allowed to change her mind about what she wants for her body even if it’s right after she states she will prefer to wait. I think sometimes women get so upset seeing someone do something they never had the willpower to do so they take what people say as negative when they are just speaking on the choices they want for their own lives.

  93. lyn says:

    I just read that her fiancee is a convicted felon. She shuda chose the guy who sang it goes down on the dm.
    Ps never say always keep ur sexlife private.

  94. Stacey says:

    I totally don’t care. I like her. Didn’t know she was preaching to girls about virginity.

    They shouldn’t chastise her, everyone makes mistakes. The girls that stayed virgins, if they did, should feel strong, they did it. And the question is did they benefit from her message, if the answer is yes, then appreciate that instead if taking in the negativity that is judging other people.

  95. Leslie B. says:

    Teenagers get pregnant every day. Why everyone is up in arms because a grown woman got pregnant is beyond me. I didn’t know she was preaching to young women about virginity, but so what. Apparently, she isn’t a virgin anymore lol. Hell, i’m not a virgin and I tell all of my little cousins and other young girls that I meet to hold on to theirs until their married. More women need to preach about value of virginity.

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