Mack Wilds On Relationship Balance: ‘You Can’t Be A Man If You Expect Your Woman To Be A Man’ – xoNecole

Mack Wilds On Relationship Balance: ‘You Can’t Be A Man If You Expect Your Woman To Be A Man’

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  1. loveamour. says:

    I love Tristan a.k.a Mack Wilds. Good interview. Yes, the game of dating has changed but what he said about leadership and men assuming the role, especially in a relationship “You can’t be the man if you expect your woman to be the man”. Place this all over social media, make a meme.

    I think guys these days are afraid to be men and lead. I’ve encountered guys who are only men in word but not actions. Have no pride and don’t mind if a woman treats him like an infant. Lost boys. I don’t think some know what a man is and they strive to be pimps instead.

  2. Kyla Ky says:

    I don’t know much about Tristan Wilds (I think I’ve only heard 1 or 2 of his songs and seen a couple things he’s been in) but I like what I’ve seen/read about him. He seems like my kinda guy – low key with a good head on his shoulders.

  3. Abbi says:

    Great piece!

  4. Fix it Jesus says:

    I love Tristan Wilds. Why “Mack Wilds”? To each is his own but I love the original Tristan, better known as Michael Lee from “The Wire”.

  5. Teja Foster says:

    Loveeee him! Such an inspiring young man

  6. Vonda Gaines says:

    I have loved him since ‘The Wire’ days! I knew he would make it!! #Salute

  7. Shan Elle says:

    Lol probably because let’s just be honest. A sad truth, many black men who are successful in any way aren’t looking for darker hues. Its so disgusting

    1. Vonda Gaines says:

      Honestly, that is what they want us to think. That is what is what is pushed into our psyche..and while there are those that automatically take that other route when them coins start changing, there are plenty who don’t and love us like no other……

    2. Most Successful Men we don’t hear about are Married to black women and our percentage of marrying is 83-85%

  8. Nicole Brown says:

    It’s a shame when a black man likes a black woman makes news! Lol

  9. I love him. Seems like a genuinely good guy

  10. Adeshola says:


  11. Johnta Gobio says:

    It’s meant to be!!!! ♡♡♡

  12. Ovo Chaka says:

    Which is why they snatched him to be Adele’s leading man ! I love him for this article. We need more like him.

  13. Johnta Gobio says:

    Okay, I actually read through the article now and I’m now even more in love!!! Le sighhhh

  14. When I thought I couldn’t love him more than I already do…

  15. I love his mind and he’s sexy lol

  16. MzAbraham says:

    He’s black and loves black women. This is what our world has come too?! So he’s not supposed to love black women cause he’s a black man?
    This is sad! Black men sometimes more often then none tick me off!!! Who decided that black women were not good enough for black men? My god! I can’t wait for all the living on Mars talk is not just talk but reality. I’ll be the first one there.

  17. Stacey says:

    He seems really cool. But not gonna be too quick to jump on the band wagon, I’ve been fooled before all to see the black male celeb end up with Becky or Rosa!

    It is great that he cherishes his mother though.

    Nothing wrong with these black men going outside the race, but a lot of them fake the funk to get their black female fans which is the majority of their fan base.

  18. Leslie B. says:

    Great interview! It definitely gives the readers a better sense of who he is. I think he’s even sweeter than before! I’d love to meet him in person….a girl can dream lol

  19. Leilani says:

    Mack is lying just to appeal to his fan base which is mostly made up of brown skin and dark skin women, just like the rest of these entertainers do, then you go on they social sites and they don’t even follow or date or even have friends that are dark skin! Don’t be fooled smh mack is just that a MACK! Comment above from Stacey is dead on!

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