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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Before Job Hunting

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  1. pam says:

    Use an alias for personal pages. Set up a job friendly page that you can make public. Only post positive information. Use a different email on your resume so the two cannot be connected.

  2. Ms. Smith says:

    I agree with Pam, wholeheartedly. When looking for a job, especially government, use an alais name 4 ur email address and social media pages bc u don’t want one bad photo, post, or email subscription to ruin your job chances or reputation.

  3. Brittany Niccole says:

    Great post! A good tip I learned is to google yourself (by social media names, emails, etc) and see what pops up. That’ll give you an idea of what to fix first.

    I’d like to add, when privatizing your social media profiles, be mindful that many employers view it as you have something to hide, which can be equally as damaging. Clean up your personal pages as much as possible. Especially if going into a communications/media field. Employers want to see you understand the networks and are actively engaged.

  4. Brittani Hunter says:

    Great comments and pointers added. Thank you for reading and contributing your thoughts!

  5. Are companies able to access your page if it is private and only your friend list can see your activity?

  6. Early Mae says:

    Some great advice that I need to follow!!

  7. I don’t see how people don’t already know this.
    If you must post unsavoury things for your friends, have an account with a fake name or a nickname

  8. Sophia Hoyte says:

    I think that this is a bad move just cleaning up your social history is not good enough, you must clean up your entire bad habits, getting the job is just the beginning, you can be fired for bad habits.

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