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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

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  1. Absolutely love this post! All of them are so true!

  2. #1, #7 & #8 are my favorites of the 10; but I love this list! So true!

  3. Ebbey says:

    I absolutely loved this post. I recently traveled to Ireland, Italy and Sicily by myself and loved it. I met someone new each day and through conversing discovered that we are pretty much the same. I agree with meeting guardian angels on the trip because it was so weird that someone appeared or offered assistance exactly when I needed them. I even met an amazing guy, but I doubt it will go anywhere because I live in NY and he lives in Italy. I also spoke to my mother everyday and it felt good knowing someone, somewhere was genuinely concerned about me.

  4. Vpprinces01 says:

    Cool story

  5. vuk says:

    Sunset is in Kotor (Perast) , not in Budva

  6. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    Lol I think my favorite is #6! Because Momma has no time for your travel antics, she comes first! Great tips but I do think its important to trust your gut and use common sense. Yes there are plenty of good people in the world and it pays to say “yes” before you say no. But not everyone is good and sometimes its in your best interest to say no. Tourist often get drugged, pick-pocketed, and just taken advantage of while vacationing and living carefree. So I think it’s important to Be Aware and Travel Smart! Do your research on all of your travel destinations!

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